Delightfully Evil, Part 6 (The End)

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Delightfully Evil, Part 6 (The End)He left the cell door open. And I was chained to the bed. A simple, large, metal cuff on each ankle, each wrist, with a heavy chain going to each post on the luxurious bed.The blouse I had been wearing was gone…skirt, still in the main dungeon…not even wearing the stockings anymore. Just naked, chained, with his tie as a gag in my mouth.I didn’t want to move. I felt lethargic, depressed…I watched the camera…but it wasn’t moving…caressing me like it was doing before. Even though the room was lit, it seemed very sterile; the life had just left it. Was my weekend done? Did I get to go home? Will something awful happen to me now? Somehow that last question didn’t seem to matter…I heard footsteps coming towards the cell door. He came back in, looking positively dejected. He was carrying a box.I turned my head to watch. Still gagged. I looked at the box and then at him as if to ask what was in the box.He shook his head and opened it slightly. He rummaged through his pockets,…talk to me…He pulled out a key. A large, iron one. He knlet by the bed and undid my ankles. Each time, gently rubbing them. Then he unlocked one wrist, leaving the other chained.He leaned over me, face hovering over mine, uncertain. The he pulled the gag out, his tie flopping onto my neck….say something, please say something…He caressed my cheek, “Anythng, Suzy. All you that you want. everything you want to give up, everything that I can give you, tha Samantha and I can give you. The life you want. Never being lonely, never being judged for what you like, what you desire. Just give yourself to me…please, give yourself to me…”The roller coaster of emmotions went through me again. I kept open and closing my mouth, my eyes misted up….I want it, I do, I do, I truly do…”Say something, Suzy…please say that you will be mine to have, please…”My voice was shaky and scared, “Say…say my name…my real name…say it…you have to say it…”He shook his head, closed his eyes, and pressed his forehead to mine, “Only if you become mine…that will be the real you…this isn’t the real you. right now you’re-“I finished it for him, “Just Suzy.”He leaned back and sat on the side of the bed, “Yes. Just Suzy.”I barely felt the tears come down my face, I was angry, frustrated, “Say my name!””Please, I will eryaman escort if only-“”Say my name! Say. My. Name.”…can’t you see that you are hurting me, killing me, say my name…PLEASE…”Suzy-“”THAT’S NOT MY NAME!!!!”My scream took us both aback. My face was hot with tears and completely flushed. I put into the crook of my arm and sobbed. And I hated it. So frustrated and hating it. I felt his hand on my head and I batted it away with my free hand. He just sat there and let me cry.I don’t how long it was until I stopped. I looked up at him. Sadness in his face. he put the key next to my tiny, clenched fist. He cleared his throat and looked at the box on the floor, “Your things are in there. I’ll leave and give you a few minutes to put on your clothes.”He stood, “Time is up and…I’ll let you go. We’ll drive you to the corner where your arpartment is. You will be blindfolded and cuffed until we get there.”I waited until he left the cell. I grabbed the key and put it into the lock….I want to go home…I turned the key and heard the click of the releasing lock….I want to stay…I closed my eyes and curled up into a fetal position….he won’t say my name…I wanted to cry, but there just wasn’t anything left.I put my black ao dai back on. Slipped the heels on. Looked at myself in the mirror, eyes puffy and red. Looked at the open door. Missing the cuffs on my ankles and wrists. Impulsively, I stuffed his tie into my little purse.I walked out into the dungeon, looking at the crosstie. He held out his hands; I was to cuff myself, hands in front of me. I didn’t notice Samantha behind me. I saw a silk scarf come down in front of me. I closed my eyes and felt it coolness come over them. The blindfold was secured, I was in darkness.I felt her arms come around me, press me up against her, smelling that lovely lavender, “Please…please stay with us…”I don’t remember much after that. Being lead up the stairs and outside. gently placed into the backseat of a car. Feeling him next to me. The car moving. And just like that, the car stopped.I heard the car door open and close. Then the door on my right opened. I felt his hands on my wrists, uncuffing me. The blindfold came off. He led me out of the car. He just looked at me for a moment.He grabbed me and held me. I didn’t resist. I didn’t want to. I finally looked escort eryaman up into his face, his hand cupping my cheek, he said very quietly:*Je suis allé au marché aux oiseauxEt j’ai acheté des oiseauxPour toiMon amourJe suis allé au marché aux fleursEt j’ai acheté des fleursPour toiMon amourJe suis allé au marché à la ferrailleEt j’ai acheté des chaînesDe lourdes chaînesPour toiMon amourEt je suis allé au marché aux esclavesEt je t’ai cherchéeMais je ne t’ai pas trouvéeMon amour*I went up on my tiptoes, one hand clutching his lapel, the other his neck, pulling myself up to him, surprising him, kissing him. I let myself loose on his mouth, wanting his taste, his lips, his tongue, his body, everything…I shoved him back, breathing heavily. He stepped towards me, a small smile that I love. Reaching for me, arms outstretched…I slapped him.Anger, so much anger, “Y-you…c-c-c-couldn’t…”He took a step towards me again, I slapped him again. My hand stung.”..even…”Slap.”…say…”Slap.”…my name!”Slap.My hands were on his chest. His face red with my handprints. He held his arms out. The tears wouldn’t stop running down my face. I spoke softly.”Why didn’t you save me?”I turned and ran to my building. Running past everyone, getting on the elevator. Running down the hall, trying not to scream and sob. Finally got into my apartment.I tore at my purse, shook everything out of it. I collapsed on my bed, face down and screamed into a pillow before the uncontrollable sobbing that I can never seem to stop came over me, yet again.I woke up hours later, clutching his tie.2 weeks laterI had stopped going to the cafe. He tried emailing me. i didn’t answer. I spent the first week just recovering. it sucked. Bad enough that I was told to take a long weekend from work. And I did.I hardly went online. I responeded to family and friends, but my fellow fetishers were left wodnering where I was. I just didn’t have it in me. I was too tired…I managed to read the whole Hunger Games trilogy. Then knocked out the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series (watched all the movies and fell in love with the actress, Noomi Rapace). Finally…I wound up talking to my fetish friends.I didn’t elaborate, but I think most knew I went through something. After a few days…I was talked into doing an unlocked door session again.I kept it simple. eryaman escort bayan Tee, panites, ankle socks. Soft ankle and wrist cuffs. My red ball gag in my mouth. before cuffing my wrists, I put the chat room on open and waited for as many people as possible before starting. i watched the requests and icons show up.His wasn’t one of them.I looked at my wrists and and took the soft cuffs off. I reached over to my gear bag and got out metal cuffs. Not the quick release, the ones you had to have keys for. I dug further and pulled out his tie. I placed it next to my laptop, where I could see it.I tightened the gag. I took the cuffs key and threw it down the hall savagely. I would have to work getting loose. I entered the chat room, and for once, tuned on the camera, after a few words of hello, I cuffed my hands behind me.I let them see me squirm, mmmpphhiing into the gag. Responding to comments like how much of a slut I was, what they wanted to do to me, I acted out terror, enjoyment, everything…but my eyes kept coming back to the tie. I’d look at the screen and notice that his avatar wasn’t there…Exhausted, I leaned back against the wall. Too tired. Had nothing left. And he wasn’t even there…watching me…The door opened. I immediately brought my knees up. Scared, my eyes wide as the door opened wider. The chatroom was suddenly alive with questions.The man quickly strode in and knelt in front of me. He was wearing a skimask. I was shaking my head and saying “no” into my gag over and over. He placed himself in front of the lap top, his back to it, and took off his skimask.It was him.He quickly undid my ball gag and held my face in his hands. His face scared, unsure, looking into my eyes…Saying my name. My real name. Over and over.I blinked away my tears. He kissed me softly. Again and again and again.I looked up into his face, “Take me home. Save me. Please save me…””He nodded and put the gag back in. Sealing it with a kiss. Right before we left, he put the mask back on and turned to the laptop.”Sorry, folks, but she belongs to me now!”He cut the power, slung me over his shoulder and quickly made our way out. Samantha was waiting downstairs otuside the service elevator, car running. The trunk was open and in I went. Before shutting the trunk, Samantha leaned in and kissed my cheek.She whispered into my ear, “You’re safe now.”Finally…I was saved….THE END!(Ok, this took waaay too long to finish, sorry! I honestly did not know how to end it! Anyway, the french poem is “Pour Toi, Mon Amour” by Jacques Prevert, hope you enjoyed the ending!)