Deep in the Stacks, Part One

4 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Deep in the Stacks, Part OneI was doing my regular shift at the Circulation Desk. It was a normal Saturday, quiet and nearly empty except for a couple of Grad students studying like crazy in the Reference area. I busied myself with my normal check-in and cataloging activities. About 11am, he walked in. I’d seen him before and we usually chatted pleasantly as he checked out books or browsed the stacks. He was incredibly attractive with dark hair and eyes, square jaw, and broad shoulders. There was an accent detectable when he spoke, but I couldn’t place it. I enjoyed seeing him and talking, but since he’d never asked me out I assumed he wasn’t interested. I smiled and greeted him as he came through the doors. He smiled back as he came over to the desk.”How can I help you today?” karaman escort In my head I was thinking about how he could help me. His smile all but dazzled as he asked me about a particular book, leaning against the counter with his head cocked at just the right angle to look up at me through those long, thick lashes.I looked up the book in the online catalog and told him the call number. He asked if I would go with him, claiming he got totally lost last time he was up there – “The call numbers, they confuse me.” There was that grin again and the sexy way he pronounced “call numbers.” I smiled again and told him to follow me. I could feel his eyes on me as we headed up the stairs to the second floor. Was he merely following and I only hoped he was checking me out escort karaman or were his eyes on my rear? There was no way to know without turning to face him, so I kept walking (adding a little extra hip wiggle to my steps, just in case).He opened the door for me, “After you, my dear.” As I brushed past him I got the faint whiff of aftershave and soap, but also an indefinable scent that was his underlying natural scent. My knees almost buckled, but I maintained my stride.The book he wanted was in the far, dark corner, away from the door and windows. When I reached up to take the book from the shelf, I felt him move close behind me … he put his lips to my ear and breathed, “I’ve wanted to get you up here since first I saw you.” A shiver went through me and my breath karaman escort bayan caught as I felt his on my neck. My head went back a little and he planted a light kiss on my ear. I turned to face him and he drew me into his arms – it felt like we were made for each other. With one hand on my back, his other snaked up to my head to pull me into the most sensually delicious kiss I have ever experienced.He pulled back then and looked into my eyes, “Is okay?” All I could do is nod and say, “Mmm hmm …” We kissed some more – his lips were so soft and demanding, nibbling my lips and sucking my tongue. He kissed along my jawline and nuzzled my neck, then back to my lips. I could hardly catch a breath; I was lightheaded and dizzy. His hands caressed my back and mine his … he moved his lower to cup my ass through my skirt – he squeezed and I moaned into his mouth. He groaned back and I could feel his cock starting to grow against me, so tight was our embrace. I had a fleeting thought of how far I would allow this to go …