Date Night – Movies at Home

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Date Night – Movies at HomeDate Night – Movies at Home My wife and I have been married now for over 15 years, and dated for 2 years before that. So, keeping our sex life lively and exciting can sometimes take a back seat to raising our k**s. My wife, with the best intentions in the world, tends to focus more on the family responsibilities, so I have to take the lead on our sex life, although I must say that when I can get her attention, she is a very talented lover.On this particular Saturday night, I had made reservations at a restaurant about 45 minutes away from our home and after dropping the k**s off, we headed to dinner. The drive gave us a chance to talk, laugh, and relax a little after a long, stressful week. We were able to reconnect a little, and really enjoyed each other’s company. We arrived at dinner, and we were seated within minutes, so it was shaping up to be a nice evening. My wife is a beautiful brunette, 5’6” tall, with an average to thin build. She is very beautiful with a gorgeous figure and turns heads when we go out on the town. She has the darkest black hair, cut just past her shoulders, and she has very light, smooth skin. She has an almost perfect hour-glass figure with a very narrow waist, shapely hips, nice long legs, and very perky 34 A/B breasts. She thinks her breasts are too small, but I think they are perfect, and look like the breasts of a 20 year old. Her nipples are large, and when erect are ½” long, and about as big around as my little pinky-finger. I love her breasts and nipples, and love to lick and suck them whenever I get a chance. Well, our Dinner was just about perfect. The service was great, and our dinner came quickly. My wife had a dish she enjoyed very much, and I had a steak that was just perfect as well. We had nice conversation, a couple drinks, and just had a great time. We talked and laughed and made a connection we hadn’t had in a long time. The check came, and we were ready to leave. When we got into the car, I asked what she would like to do next. She suggested we rent a movie and go home to relax and watch it. Normally this means she will watch the movie for a while, and fall asleep in the middle. I didn’t want the evening to end so early, so I had to think fast. I had an idea, and I agreed that movies at home it would be! We headed back to our home town, and chatted along the way.Arriving in town, I pulled into the parking lot of the video store, and she started to get out of the car. I grabbed her wrist, and announced I would be renting some “adult” movies in the back-room of the store, and if she wanted to help me pick them out, she was welcome. As I suspected, she declined and told me to go ahead. She would sit in the car until I returned. I agreed, and went into the store. I think the time alone in the car was actually helpful, as it gave her some time to think about what was going to happen later in the evening. She is not a person to think about sex, so perhaps this was a good thing to help her ease into the sexual events of the evening. We had never watched adult movies together iskenderun hatay before, so this was going to be something new for us as a couple. I went into the store, and returned about 20 minutes later with 2 movies. We proceeded home, and went into the house. While she went upstairs to “slip into something more comfortable”, I pulled all the shades in the house, turned up the heat in the house, turned on the gas fireplace, got out some pillows, and spread some blankets on the family room floor. I gathered some of our favorite sex toys, poured us each a glass of wine, and put a movie into the DVD player. We have a large 50 inch large-screen TV, so this was going to be just like going to the movies! Stripped to my underwear, I wrapped myself in a blanket, and waited for my bride to come down. She soon came down in a robe, and on peeking, I discovered she was naked underneath, so all of my favorite parts of her body were going to be easy to get to! She joined me under the blanket, and I started the movie “Spin the Bottle”, and we began to watch. After the credits the first scene began quickly with a thin, pretty, short-haired blonde sucking and stroking a man’s long cock in a building stairway. She was a very good cock-sucker, and was able to take his cock deep in her throat, sucking and stroking his slippery rod in and out of her mouth. She had nice firm, large breasts with nice perky nipples. They were obviously fake tits, since few natural breasts are that large and high on a woman’s chest, and they barely moved as she sucked his cock. One thing I liked was that she looked up at the man while she sucked his cock with big eyes, and looked like she enjoyed what she was doing. I looked over at my wife, and she was watching the scene on the TV intently. I enjoyed the look on her face, and I also turned my attention to the scene and enjoyed it as well. As I watched, my cock soon hardened, and I reached down under the blanket to slowly stroke it. The scene progressed from the woman sucking the man’s cock, to stroking it fast with her hands, finally causing him to come in several long spurts all over her breasts. The scene on the TV had changed to a group scene, and we realized it was a group of adults playing spin-the-bottle, with the winner picking the sexual scene they wanted to play out with others they picked at the party. The scene switched to a HOT lesbian scene as a pretty brunette won the spin, and picked another brunette to have sex with in front of the group. As the scene quickly developed, the winning brunette with glasses stripped her prize naked, and began to lick and suck her pussy, stopping occasionally to suck her clit in and out of her mouth. After watching the movie and the sexual activities on the screen for a few minutes, my wife casually reached under the blanket and took over stroking my cock. I leaned back, and enjoyed both the scenes on the TV, and the sensations my wife was giving me as she stroked my cock. She is very good at this, and she had me close to orgasm pretty quickly, so I I took her hand to slow escort iskenderun her down, as I wanted the evening to last. As she slowed, but continued to stroke my cock, we watched the screen for a few more minutes as the lesbians continued to suck each other pussies, and finger each other. My wife commented that the girl being fingered should come already! About this time, I reached over between my wife’s legs, and began to lightly stroke her pussy hair, lightly running my fingers up and down her pussy lips. She spread her legs willingly, and her pussy lips opened to welcome my fingers attentions. Her pussy was very wet and slippery, and she was obviously turned on by watching the scenes on the TV. We both watched the TV for a while she stroked my hard, slippery cock and I ran my fingers up and down her pussy lips, stopping occasionally to dip in a little deeper, and then circle my finger-tip around her erect clit. My wife is lucky to produce adequate juices when she is aroused, and tonight was no exception. Her pussy was dripping with her arousal. On the TV, the female couple were now in a “69” position, alternatively sucking and fingering each other’s pussies with enthusiasm. Both girls were very hot, and I love to watch lesbian’s pleasuring each other. As I watched, my wife bent over my lap, and began to suck my cock. While she makes it clear that this is not her favorite activity, she knows I love it, and tonight she was horny enough to give me a treat. She is actually a great cock-sucker, and knows very well how to suck me to orgasm. She does not swallow, but does let me come in her mouth, so I get the better of the two choices! As she was sucking on my cock, I moved to a standing position in front of her to allow her better access, and she could watch the TV behind me as she sucked my cock. She sucked me for several long minutes, and it was everything I could do not to come in her mouth. She was especially good a sucking my cock tonight, and I finally had to pull my cock out of her mouth and stop her. I told her a really wanted to give her a good fucking, and she agreed. Of all the things she likes during sex, being fucked hard and fast is probably her favorite although she doesn’t orgasm when we fuck. Knowing this, and wanting to give an orgasm before I fucked her, I reached under a pillow, and got out an 8” dildo that is exactly the same size as my cock. I leaned her back so she could still watch the TV, and I slowly began to work the dildo into her pussy. I ran the head up and down her wet pussy lips, both teasing her with it, and working out some additional lubrication because I planned to fuck her hard and fast with it as she watched the show. By now, the scene had shifted to a Guy/Guy/Girl 3-some, with 2 well-hung studs taking a hot, thin, big-breasted brunette girl into a bed room. My wife though she should fuck them in front of the crowd. I laughed at this. The woman on the screen took her time to suck off each of the two men, and then they took turns fucking her hard and fast with their thick, log cocks. They iskenderun escort bayan fucked her standing up over a dresser, while she was sucking the other guys cock. Then, they laid her down while one guy fucker her pussy, and the other fucked her face. It was amazing how deep she took his cock in her throat. While my wife watched this scene, I was fucking her with the dildo, pushing it in, and pulling it out, over and over. She pretends to not like the dildo, but the look on her face gives away her pleasure when I fuck her with it. I know she likes the way it fills her, and the way I can fuck her long and hard with it without her worrying about me coming too soon. As she watched the 3-some scene, and I fucked her with the dildo, I knelt down alongside her, and began to lick and suck her clit. She responded to this, and began to lift her hips in rhythm to my fucking and sucking motions. This is a sign that she is close to orgasm, and I had to decide to let her come, or hold her off longer. I decided to let her come, so I intensified my sucking and fucking, sucking hard on her clit, sucking it in and out between my lips as I slid the pick dildo in and out of her pussy. Soon, she pushed her hips up hard, and she came hard, moaning and groaning in pleasure. I kept sucking her clit, prolonging the pleasure until she pulled my head away from her pussy and said she’d had enough. Well, I was now ready to fuck my beautiful wife, so I spread her legs wide as she laid reclined back on the edge of the couch, slid between her legs, and began to fuck her with my cock. I slipped in easily since she was stimulated from her orgasm. Her pussy lips were all swollen from the blood that had rushed to her pussy, and I pushed my cock in all the way on the first thrust. I thrust in and out for a little while I enjoyed the sight of her beautiful breasts, and hard nipples. I cupped them, and squeezed them gently, lightly pinching her nipples to make them even more erect. I moved my hands down to her hips, using them as handles to hold as I pulled her up and down on my cock, fucking her hard and fast. I love to watch her breasts bounce up and down as I fuck her, and tonight they were bouncing nicely as I fucked her. We both had lost track of the TV, and were now focused on our lovemaking.After a few minutes of fucking while kneeling and her on her back, I pulled out my cock with a slurp, and pulled her off the couch, and into a kneeling position in front of the TV. I grabbed her hips again, and drove my cock into her pussy to the hilt, and she moaned with pleasure. We both love to fuck in the doggy position, but the position hits just the right spot on the underside of my cock, so I cannot usually fuck for long in this position. Tonight, I was able to hold back, and I fucked my wife long and hard from behind, so long she accused me of using pills to maintain my erection. While this wasn’t the case, the position finally got the better of me, and I finally came hard, groaning, my cock deep into her beautiful pussy. I was finally spent, and we lay there for a while recovering and catching our breath. This had been one of our better lovemaking sessions in a while, and I made a mental note to get some porn videos available for future sessions. We gathered up our clothes, and went to bed, fully satisfied and spent. What a night!!!!