Dancin the Night Away

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Dancin the Night AwayWe’d been going to this swingers club since last August now, and we’d both gained more confidence with every visit. Teresa’s dress code had gone from very conservative, to sexy to down right hot. Even Mr. Muscle had said “Heeelllo!” to her though I’m sure she didn’t tell me this till the following day. On our third visit she’d even danced with another guy, something I hope she’ll do again sooooon especially as the curtain remains up for a while now when the smoochies start, and even if it comes down and she’s enjoying the attention so long as she tries to remain in view I’d get really turned on, so long as he’s not too handsome!This time we’d arrange to go on a Friday again. After dropping the c***dren off at Teresa’s mums we rushed home to have some tea and get ready. I was going to wear my new leatherette trousers and my muscle shirt with the shoulders laced. Tree had on her own, decided to wear her spider web tie-top, her plastic skirt, fishnets with the laces at the top and her boots.After tea I went for my shower and shave first so that Teresa could have the bathroom to herself. She was going to have a soak with a glittery fizz bomb. She’d done this before and her skin looked great under the club lights especially when wearing something as open as her top.After we were both happy with our appearances and that nobody would see us getting into the car we set off. We had probably the best drive yet, and arrived at the club just after ten. We put our bottles behind the bar and started on water as it was relatively early and the club hadn’t got going yet. After about an hour the place was starting to buzz, we’d had glass of wine each were loosening up a little now, As usual I was having to make frequent trips to the loo especially after drinking that bottle of water I don’t know what it is with me when I’m out. I wasn’t long so decided to watch Teresa from the other side of the dance floor for a minute or two. I was glad I did. I saw her half turn towards the slot-machine and smile I could also see that by the way she was standing the slit in her skirt would be revealing a considerable amount of stocking top as the material fell either side of her thigh. She looked great, really confident and really sexy. Then it all fell into place as I saw this tall guy walk from the blind side of the machine towards her.Damn I wish I had my glasses on!I could see him carrying a glass and a bottle of wine. I could only see their lips move and only guess what they might be saying to each other. He gestured the bottle of wine and Teresa finished her drink and let him refresh her glass. He leaned nearer to talk into her ear, after a few seconds they laughed and stood back looking at each other. Teresa continued the conversation talking into his ear and holding onto his shoulder as if to steady her. All the signs were that she was enjoying herself. I strolled back and said hello to him.“Steve, I’d like you to meet Anteros, Anteros this is Steve, my husband”. Tree said.“He’s from Italy his name is taken from the Roman God of Love that was specifically the mutual god of love and would punish those who would not return love”.“Well we don’t want to upset him then do we, that’s a long way to come” I said jokingly, “Nessun no, I’m over in your country as a session dancer in a show at the Birmingham Hippodrome” he said smiling. “Your wife is look very sexy”.“Thanks” I said “Glad you think so, have you told her?”“Yes I have at least three times in the past minute” he replied with a grin. “Very sexy”.“It’s a bit noisy here shall we go into the dungeon where it’s quieter?” Tree offered.“Good idea, I’ll just get another drink, are you both OK?” I offered.“Yes” they both said showing me their full glasses.As I made my way to the bar they went to the dungeon, I caught up with them about three minutes later they were already relaxed and chatting fluently, though his Italian accent and gestures did add a little Non Conosco Che Cosa, which I’m sure Teresa found sexy.I sat next to Anteros and opposite Tree. The lighting was better in the dungeon area and I got to see what Tree found fascinating about him. I already knew he was about 4 inches taller than she was, he looked smooth and muscular in his open black shirt that contrasted well with his olive skin colour, his trousers stretched around his thighs and bum and flowed around his angles, just what one would expect from a dancer really. His hair was dark and just starting to curl at the ends at the back. Tree sat crossed legged, I could see her stocking top and about an inch of flesh, and so could he. Her chest sparkled with glitter when she moved and her neck looked lovely as she sipped at her wine and giggled at his sexy quips.“Would you disapprove if I asked your lovely wife for dance?” he politely enquired.“I’ve no objections if she hasn’t” I replied, hoping ataşehir escort she’d say yes.Tree had already placed her drink on the table in anticipation of the offer.As he turned towards her Teresa stood up, gave me a kiss, as if to say don’t worry, and took his hand and walked to the dance floor.I hadn’t noticed that the smoochies had started.Not wanting to look like I’d been abandoned I followed them into the main part of the club after a safe couple of minutes.I managed to catch them between the curtains from time to time.I could see his hands caressing her arse, it did look like a peach wrapped in that shiny plastic skirt. One could tell that he new how to move his body and how to hold a woman.I spotted Tree, her palms were roaming over his hairless chest; she must have undone a couple more buttons on his shirt in order to rub his pecks and nipples like she was. This was like giving him the green light; in no time at all I could make out his hands up her back, under the semi-transparent material of her top. But I could only make out one hand. Where was his other? I could only guess it was fondling her breast. I moved around the perimeter of the dance floor trying to get a better look at my wife and her dance partner. As they swayed from side to side in time with the slow music I could see her hand move slowly between his legs. It wasn’t long before it settled into a stroking motion, up and down. I presume she’d found his stiff cock, why wouldn’t it be stiff? Mine was!Tree told me later how sexily he danced, how he stood and took the lead, the way he held her, firmly but gentle and the way his muscular thigh pressed against hers parting her legs just enough as if to say “Hi”, she said, “I could tell I was dancing with no ordinary guy. It was exciting; being touch by a complete stranger, it was naughty, forbidden but the eroticism was immense, I felt a power over him having something he desired and at the same time helpless to the thrill, my whole body tingled at his touch”.Just then I heard a voice, “Wouldn’t you rather be out there?” said this woman.Startled, I turned around and pointed out that I was watching my wife dancing with another guy in an effort to prove I wasn’t a pervert.She looked nice a tad smaller than me, wearing a very short skirt that showed her hold ups and a low cut top that just kept her boobs from escaping the confines.“Which one is she?” She enquired.I duly pointed her and Anteros out.“Looks like she’s in another world” she added.“So am I” I told her.“So I can see, you’re gonna rip them trousers soon” she commented.I looked down to see the outline of what must have been the biggest hard on I’d had in ages between my legs.I felt good.“Have I done that or your wife?” she asked“My wife” I replied “but you’re helping to maintain it” I enthused.“It looks like it could get even bigger; He’s kissing her boobs now”I looked to see him gently kissing and sucking on Teresa’s nipples while he cupped her breasts to his mouth. Her top was completely undone and wasted at her sides. Her eyes were shut tight and her right hand tightly gripped his groin in an effort to hold onto the real world or was it in an attempt to hold onto her fantasy world a little longer.“Looks like she’s having all the fun while you just watch” my new friend said.“I don’t mind it turns me on, as you have noticed by the size of my bulge” I said“My name’s Lisa, what’s yours?” she asked“Steve” I replied”“Fancy a dance….Steve?” Lisa said, “It’ll get you closer to them if you want?”“Go on then”I placed my hand in the small of her back, it landed on the soft flesh between her corset and her mini. We turned towards each other and rocked in time to the music. She wasted no time in exploring my excitement maintained by her powerful cleavage nestled just inches below my chin.But despite all the distractions it was the thought of Tree that kept me solid. Especially when I caught her sensually pull the zip of his tight jeans down and slide her hand through its metal teeth to grab hold of his rock hard COCK that she had shaped.Lisa must have felt me grow another inch at least in her hand (well that’s what it felt like) as she squeezed me harder, but it was Tree and Anteros I was watching, they were lost in their own world of ecstasy. Not wanting to totally ignore Lisa I let my hands drift over her slim waste and over her small skirt, she felt the rush and hugged me closer.I spotted Anteros and Tree leave the floor. It was difficult to make my excuses and had to let them go. Dissatisfied with my prowess on the dance floor Lisa stood back and loosened the straps that restrained her bosom in an effort to maintain my interest in her. She gave me a shy look and backed onto my groin my hand naturally cupped her ample breasts. But, before long the rhythm changed and the curtain went up. I thanked Lisa for the escort ataşehir dance and made my excuses and went back to the dungeon. Anteros and Teresa were sitting where we last were.I said I’d just been to the loo. I didn’t want Anteros to think I’d been spying on them, Tree knew it was my fantasy, seeing her dance with other guys.We talked about Italy and just about everything else it seemed. When I thought the conversation was loosing some of its spark I suggested we all go in the Tradis as the dungeon was just about empty it seemed harmless enough. Anteros smiled.Tree laughed, “I’m not going in there with you two”, she said firmly.I could feel our hearts sink.“You can both stay on the outside while I’m in there”. She finished.Tree gulped the last of her wine, took a deep breath and with tongue in cheek sexily swaggered towards the Tardis. Anteros and I followed closely behind. I could feel my erection getting harder again. When Teresa had shut herself in I gestured to Anteros that we both roll our sleeves up in an effort to remain anonymous.We held back for a minute to build the suspense and anticipation. Before long Tree’s hands appeared through two holes on two sides beckoning us. We deliberately went in opposite directions and different walls to where her hands were coming from.I felt Tree jump into my probing hand, Anteros must have made contact. I could reach her hips and feel her skirt and the cold metal belt that hung around her tight arse, but I was stretched to the limit, she was nearer the other side. I continued stroking her hips when I felt the light fabric of her top fall over my wrist, her top was undone, again.I peeped through one of the holes and could make out Tree’s silhouette facing Anteros with her hands on her head; well out of the way, her knees were slightly bent so that her tits fell nicely into his open palms.I withdrew and changed my position. I was adjacent to Anteros now and could feel Teresa a lot easier. I ran my hand up her slightly arced back and down again a few times before I rubbed her lovely flat tummy. I could see that Anteros had both arms inside the Tardis but I hadn’t come into contact with them. As I began to rub higher up her front I felt Anteros’s wrists, he was still caressing both her boobs. It didn’t seem to bother him that I was there. I decided to try lower down. I slipped my hand through the slit in her skirt and over her stocking top, I massaged her inner thigh before slipping a couple of fingers into her knickers, I felt Teresa push her pussy onto them as I stroked her, her juices ran out of her like I’d never felt before and all this time Anteros was entertaining her breasts, her nipples must have been rigid. Then Tree re-adjusted her position and I lost contact. I Had to take another peep, I was glad I did, Tree had her back to the wall and was guiding Anteros’ hands over her upper body; now and again she’d allow him a feel of her legs and suspenders. As I watched transfixed I saw her pull his excited cock through the one of the holes and play with it with such fervour.I thought she was going to pull him through the aperture. She’d got to have known it wasn’t me that was exciting her so much.I couldn’t get within eight inches of the booth such was my erection.I didn’t notice another guy try to crash in on our party but Teresa felt one more left hand than there should be and broke away. She re-appeared after a few seconds with a great grin on her face and still checking her top to make sure she’d done it up OK in the dark. I could see glitter all over Anteros’s hands.He suggested we go in the tiny room at the back of the dungeon and draw the curtain.“It would be very sexy” he added.Tree nodded knowing that she would always have the last word.“Molte grazie” He said, “I get another bottle and see you there”.As Anteros trotted off to get a fresh bottle of wine we turned and made our way to the back of the dungeon. Once on the bed Tree drew the curtains and bounced herself into a comfy position.“Are you enjoying tonight?” I asked.“Yes, it’s the best yet, are you?” she answered.I gave her a kiss and told her I loved her.“I love you to”Before long Anteros arrived with a new bottle and three plastic cups, he poured the drinks and handed one to Teresa first and then me.“In senso ascendente!” he said gesturing with his wine.“Pardon?” I said, stopping him in mid toast.“Erh how you say….bottom up?”We all laughed, there was no ice to break but we were all feeling relaxed and merry by now.Anteros put his drink down and softly ran his palm up the back of Trees calf. Her knee bent in reaction allowing him more access to the back of her knee, her thigh was now at 45 degrees to the bed and her leather suspender belt was in full view as her skirt opened either side of her slim leg.Tree let him run his hand high enough to feel the leather ataşehir escort bayan straps holding her stockings up. When he tried to go high Tree grabbed his hand and pulled it to her waist.He grinned, and took the signal well.I watched him kiss her tummy as his hands explored her fishnet clad legs. I was getting so hard I had to undo my trousers and release my throbbing shaft.She leaned over and began kissing me.“Looks like we’re all enjoying ourselves?” she whispered into my ear, her hot breath causing my shoulder to shiver, “I’ve never seen you this big”. I said nothing but leaned across and tugged the knot on her top.“Ahh beautiful” Anteros commented as her tits were exposed. He began kissing and licking them both. He was lying between her legs and his hard on must have been pressing against Trees legs.“Time for a drink” she said and broke away from beneath him.He sat up and we all took a quick drink before we lost the atmosphere.Then Tree sat between us and started to play with my hard on, soon she was kissing and sucking on it like never before, it must have had something to do with the fact that Anteros was fondling her from behind. He continually switched from her boobs to her bum.I patted Tree on her back and pointed out that our guest was getting neglected. She took the hint and turned to face him. As she gently kissed him she slipped the button on his jeans undone and forced the zip open as her hand grasped his hard rubinetto.He was about an inch & half bigger than me, and I was at my biggest. She pulled his foreskin back and forth over his inflamed end. He fell onto his back as she slowly teased him with little kisses on his neck and chest. She began working her way down his chest to his tummy button. This was where the head of his rubinetto was, Tree unrelentingly massaged it with professionalism I’d only seen in videos. While she was careful never to touch him with her lips her hot breath was torturing his thick hard shaft as her strokes began to quicken and get longer. His legs twitched spasmodically as he tried to hold back for as long as he could.Tree felt his shaft thicken and suddenly stopped and said she needed another drink.“Maledizione che prendate in giro” he gasped, “Sto andando venire” She laughed and took a swig of wine and replaced her drink, “Was you now?”He laughed back.“Well I’d better finish what I started then, hadn’t I?” she continued as she kneeled astride his chest facing his erect pole.I lay facing them both, playing with my modest manhood.“Hey I could dance round this” she enthused and set to work again stroking, twisting and wanking the pole its whole 10” with both hands.Anteros reached up and toyed with her hard nipples and juggled her bouncing breasts“Compessione esso, per favour” he gritted “ciò è esso”. Tree covered the shiny swollen head of his cock with one of he her palms and tightened her grip around his girth as he began to release his load. He shook and jerked erratically with pleasure.Tree pulled back his foreskin as far back as it would go, and squoze his balls as if to get all his cum out of him. He was still twitching when she climbed off him and crawled over to me.“Can’t ignore any of my clients” she said softly and began to play with me again.Tree pulled her thong to one side.“I need you to fuck me in front of him….now”.She straddled me and I drove my cock as far up into her as far as I could.She looked over her shoulder at Anteros as she sensually rose up and down me. Maybe she was imagining him thrusting into her. I didn’t mind the thought was driving me wild, doing and imagining are two different things entirely.Teresa’s love juices lubricated my pole and heightened my sensitivity around my glands, it felt fantastic.Anteros moved next to me so he could watch Teresa take my pole. Her tits bounced around randomly as she upped the pace, then she’d tease by slowing again. This let Anteros and I know SHE was the one in control. I knew Teresa was getting off on the idea of someone watching us make love. As she got nearer one of her orgasms she leaned forward and started kissing me but her hands roamed around Anteros’s body frantically. Her legs clasped against mine as I exploded. As my spasms shook deep inside her, orgasms ran through her entire body one after another. It seemed to go on for ages. Finally Tree shuddered as she slowly raised herself off my still hard shaft. She leaned across Anteros and let her tits sexily brush over his chest “We’ve got to go now”, she said, and she gave him a kiss on the cheek.We all straightened ourselves up and returned to the club which was nearly empty we must have been in there about an hour and a half. We walked out and never looked back to see where Anteros had gone.Once on the way home I asked Tree if she fancied going to a show at the Birmingham Hippodrome. Again we laughed and reminisced on what had been an excellent night for us both.“I think he like my boobs” she said, “he never stopped playing with them!”What I liked was the way Tree explored our fantasies together and kept coming back to re-assure me and enjoyed herself. ArrivederciFino alla volta prossima