Daddy’s Intro

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Daddy’s IntroThis is just a roleplay between me and another 😉 EnjoyINTRO OF DADDYSugar_DaddyHey slut!Having a hot time tonight?Big_titty_fuckerno just home and horny for a big dick daddy to fuck meSugar_DaddyLove your pics of you in the “boing boing” topyour tits are so big the bikini doesn’t quite cover them!Very sexy!Big_titty_fuckerhaha thanks. does daddy like how big my tits have gotten for him?Sugar_DaddyOh yeah, I love it!love to put my big cock between themlove to fuck your big tittiesSliding my cock up between them and into your cute little mouthBig_titty_fuckerhaving me push my huge tits together. letting your cock disappear between them. sticking out my tongue licking your cock as it peaks outSugar_DaddyOh yeah!I’d fuck your tits the other way too.Straddling your head so that my big swolen balls would be slapping your chinYou’d see nothing but my ass and you could stick your toung out and lick it while I fuck your titsBig_titty_fuckeri would love to take your big balls in my mouth ass you tit fuck me. i love it long as you lick and fuck my ass afterwards :)Sugar_DaddyAll in good time, my dear!Next step, I’d put the head of my big cock to your lipsYou are lying on the bed with your head slightly over the edge – head tilted slightly back – so your throat is in a straight line with my cockI push my cock in – slowlybut deeplyAll your saliva is coating my dickI burry my face in your wet pussylicking deeply into your slitsucking on your clitall the while fucking your mouth steadily with my cockI hear feel you squirmI hear you gagI taste your pussy get wetter and wetterBig_titty_fuckeri want to swallow you cock so bad. feeling you all the way down my throat. your big balls pressed against my lips as i gag on your huge cockSugar_DaddyDo you like that?Do you like getting your pussy eaten while I fuck your mouth?My cock is so hard and wet my balls tight and full of sperm just wanting to shoot out and down your throatBut you have two hole left for me to exploreBig_titty_fuckerplease daddy. i dont mind if you shoot your huge load into my mouth. i would love to taste every drop of you and then have you fuck me some more. let you feast on my huge tits to get you hard again. i love your mouth on my pussy. fuck its so goodSugar_DaddyYes, I love to hear that slutty talk when I take my dick out of your mouthI rub my slimy cock all aver your face as you continue to ask for my cum in your mouthyour face is a slimy mess and you are talking like a total çankırı escort whoreI sit my ass back over your mouth while I stroke my rock-hard wet cock. “Lick my ass! Stick your tongue in my ass!”Big_titty_fuckeryes daddy. i love licking your butt.knowing how much pleasure it brings youplease dddy. im so fucking horny. i want your cum. cum inmy mouth daddy. just fuck my mouth and hold and grope my big titties till you cum in my mouth. yes daddy. slap my face with your wet hard cockSugar_DaddyI can feel my orgasm rising within my ballsI shove my cock back into your mouthI grab your tits roughly while i fuck your throat with annimal lustyou gag as my cock pennetrates the depths of your throat and my slimy balls slap against your slimy faceLike a jolt of electricity, like a volcano, I feel my orgasm rip through my body. I remove all but the head of my cock so that you can savor my cum, and a huge burst of jism erupts from my cock filling your mouthBig_titty_fuckeri start to squirm as you force you cock into my throat. my hands wrap around you holding onto your ass. as i feel you balls jump repeatedly against my face as you start to cumi gulp your cum as fast as possible. making sure none of it wscapes my sweet lips. mmmmm you taste so goodSugar_DaddyAs jolt after jolt of cum shoots into your mouth, I resume thrusting into your throat. My cock interrupts your swallowing and you cough. The cum is now dripping over your face as my cock displaces it in your mouthBig_titty_fuckeri gulp your cum as fast as possible. making sure none of it wscapes my sweet lips. mmmmm you taste so goodfuck yes. use me daddy as your cum loving whore. please play with my tits. i need you to grope them please. im so wet right now as you face fuck me againSugar_Daddymy sperm is now in your stomach, your mouth all over my cock, and dripping from your face. You are a beautiful sight!!!As I grope your tits I rub my still hard and slimy cock over your faceBig_titty_fuckeri love being your slutgod it feels so good to have you wet cock rubbing against my face. making it wet and slimmy from my spit and your cumplease tell me what to do next. i want soooooo much moreSugar_DaddyI roll you over on the bedYour ass is now sticking upmy mouth goes back to your pussyI lick your soaking pussy in deep stokes of my tongueBig_titty_fuckeroooo but daddy. i want to play with you tooSugar_DaddyI start to lick higher and higher toward your puckered ass hole, leaving a slimy trail of your abbundant escort çankırı pussy juice along the wayBig_titty_fuckergod you =r tongue feels so good. please just stick that fat cock in memy eyes start to roll back in pure extacy as you lick me.Sugar_DaddyNow that your ass is fully lubed with your pussy juice I gently pennetrate it with my tongueMoving back up to your head, I stick my tongue out and you suck it into your mouth fresh from your assBig_titty_fuckeri love making out with you. please please please let me have your cock. im tired of begging daddyplease fuck your busty slutSugar_DaddyI move behind you, my cock once again hard and ready for actionI rub my cock over your pussy and clitWatching you squirmrubbing the head around between your swolen pussy lipsBig_titty_fuckerim dripping wet. please let me feel your thick cock penetrate my tight young pussySugar_DaddyPutting it between the big cheaks of your ass and squeexing them together around my cock”What do you want?” I askI continue rubbing the veiny ribbed shaft across your wet clit.Still teasing”Do you want my cock in your pussy”?Big_titty_fuckeri want daddys big fucking cock to split my pussy in two.Sugar_DaddyThats it, I like to hear you talking wile a whorelike a total cock hungry little slut!Big_titty_fuckeri am daddy. please fuck your busty sluts brains outim gonna cum so hard just from you entering my little pussySugar_Daddy”Are you Daddy’s little whore”? I ask as i insert the head of my cock into your pussyBig_titty_fuckeryesssssssss!!!!!! im your whore. im daddys little fuck slut. daddys pleasure toy. god daddy im gonna cum. you made me like this. ive been so pent up this whole time.o god yes im cummmming!Sugar_DaddyAlready with just the head in I can tell that your young pussy is tight. “Tell Daddy that his little whore needs him to fuck her tight little pussy”!Big_titty_fuckeryou feel my pussy clamp shut tight around your cock as i start orgasmingSugar_DaddyI thrust my cock in hard.You are so wet that it slides right in and I bottom out with my head hitting against your cervixBig_titty_fuckeri need you daddy. your the only man who gets to fuck your busty slut of a daughter unless you say other wise. ineed your cock daddy. its so fucking big and thickahhhhh daddy. too soon. you have to let me get used to your size. youre too bigSugar_DaddyI hear you blabbering as your orgasm overcomes you.I feel your wetness increase.I pound against the gate to your wombBig_titty_fuckerjust çankırı escort bayan pound me daddy. do you like seeing my huge tits hang underneath me. swaying back and forth as you pound my big round perfect ass?Sugar_Daddy”Dont tell me to slow down! Your Daddy’s little fuck slut and I will fuck your young pussy raw!” You reach back to push try to get me to go gentler, but I just grab your arms and pin them behind your back.I press your torso down hard onto the bed, your arms pinned against your back, your face pressed into the bed.Could it be that my cock is growing even bigger and harder in your hot cult? It feels like it!Big_titty_fuckero god yes. (secretly loving this so much)im sorry daddy. im sorry for telling you to go slower. fuck my pussy raw daddy. i love it when you force me to take your huge cock. do you love how big your sluts tits are. please daddy i wanna knoSugar_Daddy”You are Daddy’s little whore, and this cunt belongs to Daddy”!I piston my cock harder into your tight pussy and batter to opening to your womb.I slap you ass hard with my free hand, then grab your hair in my fist and pull it with each stroke of my cock!You scream. In pain or pleasure or some combination, I don’t know. I reach across your shoulder with my arm and grab onto one of your big tits.I love your big tits. I love to touch them, especially when I have just cum over them.Big_titty_fuckerfuck yes. use me daddy. i love it daddy so fucking much. im your slut. please cum all over my huge tits daddygod i love how hard you pound my tight young pussySugar_DaddyIn this position I can go even deeper. Pounding right into your cervix. opening it up so that my head can pour my cum directly into your wombBig_titty_fuckerdo you want to knock up you busty daughter daddy?Sugar_DaddyYou scream and I put my thumb into your mouth as I fuck you hardBig_titty_fuckero god i swear your cock just keeps getting bigger and bigger as you fuck meSugar_Daddy”Do you want Daddy to give you a baby, or do you want him to cum all over your big tits?”Big_titty_fuckerits such a hard choice daddy. you decide. after all i am your slut. use me however you like daddySugar_DaddyMy precum is already leaking into your pussy.I’m nearing my own orgasm. Ready to fill your womb up with my sperm.”UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH” I scream as I grasp your tits hard.The spasms rocking through my body but centered on my cock and ballsOne last thrust and my cock enters your womb and it pumps it full of my cumYour cunt is totally full of my milky spermAs I withdraw my cock, a big glob of cum leaks from your swollen pussyYou’ve just been knocked up by Daddy!Big_titty_fuckerO I love it daddy. Was I a good little fuck slut?Sugar_DaddyDaddy loved fucking his little slut