daddy bill finally inside me

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daddy bill finally inside meI was wearing silky pink dress-like pajammas that were short and just barely covered my ass. I had removed my panties and thrown them somewhere once I had decided to go to town on my clitoris while I fingered myself to orgasm. It was so hot, rubbing my silky pajamas in my pussy juices and over my wet pussy lips while thinking about the several hot times I’d had with my stepdad. I imagined his hands all over me, squeezing my large C cups and pinching my nipples. I remembered the times he fingered me and licked my pussy until I came. Thinking about the time I gave him head and he came on me made me very hot. Listening to him moan and my scream while the bed springs creaked with their motion made me fantasize about his hard cock being rubbed over my pussy and eventually entering inside of me. I wanted it so bad. I knew he enjoyed it rough and came to the thought of him spanking me and pulling my hair while he moaned nasty things in my ear and fucked me endlessly. After a typical night of masturbating while intently listening to my mom and stepdad, Bill, fuck, I easily fell asleep. It seemed like several hours but must’ve been only several minutes when I felt a draft play over my erect nipples. I awoke but didn’t open my eyes, I just listened and could hear a faint heavy breathing mixed with an occasional moan. I knew that breathing and felt a tingle between my legs. I opened my eyes and in the half light coming through my window, looked up to see Bill standing over me, his eyes glued to my tits encased in my silky nightie. His right hand was rubbing over a very erect cock and held the pair of pink panties I had thrown across the room. “You’re so fucking sexy.” he said güngören escort when he noticed me watching him. I smiled and raised my hand to his cock, taking over his stroking.”Were you listening to me fuck Mommy?” I nodded and grinned. “You dirty little bitch. You’re going to get it tonight.” I giggled and propped myself onto my elbow, stuck out my tongue and tasted the tip of his cock. He put his hand on the back of my head, silently urging me to take more. I opened my mouth and put his tip into my mouth, sucking and rubbing it with my tongue.He moaned.”Yeah, baby girl, please Daddy”He put his hand inside my pajama top and fondled my breasts.I took more and more of him in my mouth, coating his cock with my saliva. His grip on my head tighted and eventually he took a handful of my hair. He continued to moan, play with my tits, and from time to time would give me instructions; make me suck his balls or not use my hands or to take more down my throat. He was getting more and more horny by the moment. He made me change positions so I was lying on my back, my head hanging over the end of the bed. He fed me his hot cock and thrust himself down my throat, calling me a dirty slut and telling me how I belonged to him. His controlling voice and dominant attitude made my pussy dripping wet. I wanted to please my daddy and to make him cum all over me. I wanted him to use my body for his pleasure and fuck me roughly into my twin sized mattress.He pulled himself out of my mouth and turned me so my head was lying properly on my pillow. I knew this was the moment. Finally, my stepdad’s cock was going to fill my sweet, waiting pussy. He climbed between my legs and laid on top of me, guiding his erection escort güngören to my dripping hole. I spread my legs farther as he pushed the first inch into me. I was so tight, he had push harder and finally the tip popped into my tight hole. Bill moaned as he entered me.”Oh fuck. You’re so fucking tight.” He pulled out and then pushed more of himself into me.”Oh Bill” I moaned as he entered me a third time. He stopped and grabbed my head, forcing me to look at him.”What the fuck did you call me?” He pulled out and shoved himself harder into me, forcing over half himself into my horny puss.”You call me Daddy when i’m in your pussy, you got it””Yes Daddy” I moaned loudly as he again shoved himself into me, his horniness growing. Each thrust was harder than the last and was accompanied by dirty talk about my body and how good my teenage pussy felt around his shaft. He held my head and fucked me hard, pulled my hair as he moaned in my ear, and then lifted my ankles up to his shoulders fucked my pussy deep. Our fucking lasted well into the morning and my stepdaddy pushed and pulled me into every position imaginable. My favorite was being flat on my stomach with him on top of me, pushing his cock roughly into me while he held me down on the mattress or lifted me up slightly so he could play with my nipples. It was in this position that he slowed down his pace after fucking me deep and fast for several minutes. He slowly teased me with his cock, pulling himself slowly out and then shoving back into me when I least expected it. He laughed at how bad I wanted him to fuck me and then slowed himself down even more. He began to massage my ass cheeks and I relaxed while his thumbs trailed over my güngören escort bayan crack and past my ass hole. “How many boys have you fucked, Simone?””Just one, Daddy””Mmmm that’s nice, sweetie.” He pushed his dick into me again slowly and his thumb stopped at my little brown hole. He pushed on my hole and i started with surprise.”Shhh, baby, relax” His voice was sweet and coaxing. I took a breath and relaxed into the pillow and Bill pushed in again and moved his thumb in circles, entering my hole. He made a moan of pleasure and slid his cock further into my pussy and his thumb further into my hole.”Anybody ever touched you back here, sugar?””No””No, what?” He insisted, the authoritarian tone coming back into his voice along with the horniness.”No Daddy” I said, my pussy tingling again.He moaned again in pleasure and pulled out his cock and pushed it inside of me again. “Get on your knees” he said and pulled me to my knees with his free hand, his other hand busy with my asshole. He left his finger inside my ass as he thrust his cock in and out of me. I love doggy style and was quickly close to cumming again. His finger moved in and out of my asshole and I found myself enjoying it more and more. His index finger replaced his thumb and sunk deeper into my ass. As bill’s cock picked up pace, he took a handful of my hair his free hand which sent me over the edge. As I came, Daddy pushed another finger into my ass and told me what a slut I was.”Cum on Daddy’s cock,baby” As soon as I was done, he picked up his pace and told me it was his turn to cum. Over and over again he roughly fucked my pussy and pushed me into the mattress. He squeezed my tits and held them to steady me while he fucked me as hard as he could. Finally removing his cock from my pussy and fingers from my ass, he had me kneel down in front of him. He pushed his cock down my throat a few times while he jacked his shaft and finally released him cum all over my face and tits.