cuckold realisation

4 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


cuckold realisationThought I would post my/our confession for your enjoyment but also to reveal ourselves in the company of similiarly open minded people. Our cuckold experience is something that has, we feel, developed naturally over a period of time and is something that has just happened as part of a whole lot of composite circumstances rather than a conscious decision to embark on such a lifestyle.We have been married for 6yrs and have settled into a tolerance of each of our sexual “activities”. During our courtship and early marriage I have to confess I was not the most attentive boyfriend/husband, out with the lads, playing football at weekends and yes, behaving like antalya escort a selfish prick. My lovely girlfriend/wife tried, bless her heart, to make/keep us a couple, she now realises I still had to mature at the time and I must have driven her wild with my continuing singleton approach to life, although sexually loyal to her I seldom recognised our union insomuch as drinking, football, etc came first. We were to my mind at the time, fine. She never really complained and seemed to accept our relationship. Boy, was I in for a shock! During our courtship I discovered she had been unfaithful with a guy who we both knew, he was a local taxi driver who very often had escort antalya ferried us around town, I was devastated and she and I spent several weeks repairing our relationship, She told me she loved me but that she needed me to show some responsibility. I propossed to her there and then, promising to “grow up”. Thankfully she accepted and we married in the spring of 2006. initially I did conform to married life and all was wonderful, however, soon I returned to my old ways and must have so disappointed her.Some 4yrs into our marriage we attended a christening of a niece followed by a rather boozy celebration, we naturally got a taxi home. As my dear wife was antalya escort bayan paying for our ride outside our house I in my drunken haze saw her lean over and kiss then snog the driver. I was in no condition to accuse or protest and my wife later told me she thought I was drunkenly oblivious to her actions. It turns out that she had proceeded to get my drunken ass to bed and the taxi man had returned and fucked her in the living room. She confessed all of this some 4 days later after I had recieved several “wrong number” or silent phone calls. Again I promised to conform and to a certain extent I have but had to confess to my wife I found something very intriguing, if not arousing by the fact other men were fucking her. Our compromise has now become obvious! I having grown up to “marriage” yet still have the capacity for immaturity whilst my dear wife still has the capacity for fucking other men yet loves me.