Controlled by Aunt 7

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Controlled by Aunt 7I ran up to my bedroom and looked out the window as Charles sat in his truck stroking his semi-hard cock whilst looking up at my window.I looked at his cock and body and just wanted to let him have my body and fuck me for the rest of my life, just then My aunt and Uncle pulled into the driveway and got out and walked over to Charles. My uncle looked up towards my window and could see my naked body moving back into the shadows.They spoke to Charles them my aunt moved away and made her way into the house. I could see my uncle talking to Charles trying to clam him down as the door to my bedroom crashed open and my aunt stormed in. I turned towards her begging her not to hurt me, but she just pulled me away from the window and told me I was in real trouble now and she would not be able to protect me from Charles. She told me she would be sending me back to my mother by the end of the week.She then turned and walked out of the room. I fell to the bed and started crying, I must have been crying for around 5 minutes when I felt the hands of my uncle stroking and holding my body. I turned towards him and noticed his cock was semi-hard and stretching out the front of his jeans. He told me it was for the best that they sent me back home now that Charles had set his sights on fucking me and making me his little slut.I begged him to speak with my aunt and ask her to allow me to stay, he just stood and moved away from me making sure he got a good look at my naked body for as long as he could before he walked out of sight.The next morning I heard my aunt on the phone to my mother explaining how I was out of control and needed to go back home before I was taken and used by half of the men in the village. My aunt then went down got into the truck and drove off down the drive. I could see my uncle down at the bottom of the field working in the barn. I thought this is my chance to speak with him on my own and get him to stop my aunt from sending me home.I just pulled on some little shorts and a vest top and ran across the field towards the barn. I was only halfway there when I heard my aunt pull up outside the barn in the truck. I couldn’t fully see what was going on but I started to run as fast as I could towards the barn. I got within 20 feet of it as I noticed the truck driving off over the ridge with my aunt and uncle in the cab.I slowed down to walking pace as I entered the barn, how did he not hear or see me coming down the field towards him. I was out of breath and my chest was raising and lowering at a very fast rate. The sweat was running down my legs and body as I turned to walk back towards the farmhouse.I heard a noise from my left but it was too late for me, as I turned to look, the large black arms lifted me off the floor and carried me into the barn. Charles was telling me how he was going to make me his bitch and breed me like the good sakarya escort little slut I was, then when my tight little pussy was all worn and stretched he would rent me out to his friends for his beer money.I screamed and struggled but this just seemed to make his cock grow even bigger as I felt it push up and into the crack of my ass as he carried me over to the workbench in the corner of the barn. He ripped my shorts and vest off as he carried me in one arm whilst groping me with his other.I was now naked and being bent over the workbench by the biggest most powerful black man I had ever seen. My pussy was leaking juice as it throbbed knowing, at last, it was going to be fucked, and fucked by a real cock. I felt him press down on my back as he lifted his cock and started to rub it over my juiced-up pussy.Charles leaned down next to my ear and told me he was now going to breed my little white virgin pussy and turn me into his sex slave. I begged him to fuck me and use my virgin pussy for his pleasure, this made him turn me around and kiss me whilst lifting me into his arms and looking into my face. He laughed and said you really are a nasty little slut.Charles dropped me to the floor and turned to walk away. I ran after him grabbing onto his leg begging him not to leave me and to fuck my little white virgin pussy and breed me with his c***dren. Charles lifted me up and carried me back to the workbench, he bent me over and started to rub his big cock all over my lips to get it moist to help it fit.He then stepped back and told me I needed to suck it and get it all wet so he could fit it into me. I turned and dropped to my knees taking his BBC into my mouth whilst working his cock with both my hands to make him want me. I looked up into his eyes and begged him to fuck me right here right now.Charles just gripped my head and face fucked me until he shot his load deep into my mouth. I tried to swallow all of it but it leaked out and dripped down onto my tits, legs and pussy lips. Charles then grabbed me by the hair and dragged my naked ass out of the barn and up towards my aunt and uncles farmhouse. When we got nearly there my aunt and uncle pulled up in the truck and both jumped out and came towards us.My aunt shouted at Charles saying you promised me you wouldn’t fuck her, she cried out loud and dropped to her knees sobbing as we got closer, my uncle was looking at my naked body covered in cum and sweat as Charles dragged me behind him. I noticed my uncle’s cock sticking out the front of his jeans as he allowed his eyes to take in my sexy body under the control of a large black man.Charles laughed and said what makes you think I fucked this little slut, my aunt raised her head and looked between my legs, she smiled and jumped up running towards us, she jumped into Charleses arms and kissed him saying thank you, Charles, thank you. My uncle grabbed escort sakarya me and dragged me off into the house whilst my aunt asked what had happened. Charles explained how he was about to fuck me when I started to beg him to fuck me and breed me, he said that made him smile and think I was too much of a dirty little slut, and it would punish me more if he didn’t fuck me just yet.My aunt was hugging Charles as my uncle dragged me into the house and closed the door, he half carried half dragged me to the stairs, I could feel his hands groping my ass and tits every chance he got to make out he was moving my body out of the way of the furniture. I really needed cock and just about would have done anything to get it.I grabbed my uncles cock and started wanking him through his jeans as we got to the bottom of the stairs. I dropped forward and pushed my ass back at him begging him to fuck my ass quickly before my aunt came in. My uncle stopped and looked at my ass and pussy all open and inviting ready for him to fuck me right there on the stairs. I pulled at his belt and freed his cock from his pants. I pulled it into my mouth and sucked him and he tried to lift me up and push me up the stairs.I had his cock in my mouth and was working his balls as he started to pinch my nipples and grope my tits, he then turned me around and shoved his cock deep into my ass with one strong deep thrust. I screamed out loud as my first orgasm gripped my body and caused me to jerk and spasm as I lost control. I could feel him really banging into me giving me the full thrust of his cock as he ploughed into my ass. I begged him to slow down then reached behind me and tickled his balls. I could feel him getting into a nice rhythm and then just as I thought he was about to cum I slipped his cock out my ass and thrust it into my virgin pussy. I felt a slight pain as he popped my cherry and slammed deep into my virgin pussy. My uncle knew what I had done but because he was on the vinegar stroked he was unable to stop until he had filled my delicate little pussy with his cum. I was bathing in the afterglow of being fucked by my uncle when my aunt and Charles walked into the room. My aunt noticed the slight trail of blood running down my inner thigh mixed in with the cum leaking from my overfilled pussy. She screamed and ran towards us pulling my uncle off me and slapping his face hard, she then turned to me and said what have you done you dirty little slut. My aunt grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over to Charles, she dropped me at his feet and said here you are she is all yours now fuck her hard. Before I knew what was going on Charles had lifted me up bent me over the table and was getting ready to slam his big cock deep into my tight little pussy. I looked into the mirror and could see my aunt and uncle kissing as they watched Charles work his BBC into my delicate sakarya escort bayan little pussy. I begged him to fuck me and make me his slut, he just told me to shut the fuck up and slid the head of his cock into me.There were only about 3 inches inside me, but already my pussy felt really full and as if it was being stretched beyond its limits. I pushed back as hard as I could trying to get more of his cock deep into my pussy. He reached around and started to grope and squeeze my tits and nipples. I looked into the mirror and watched as my uncle bent my aunt over a chair and started to fuck her as they both watched Charles fuck my little pussy.I begged him to fuck me, but he just slow stroked me allowing inch after inch of his black meat to slide into my pussy. The pressure from inside my pussy as he stretched it beyond its capacity sent me into another mind-bending orgasm. I dropped down onto the table as my body went weak as he continued to fuck me with the full length of his cock. I didn’t think anything could make me feel this good, but my whole body felt like it was coursing with static electricity. The slightest touch sent me over the edge into another orgasm. I must have passed out because when I came round I was in the bath with my aunt washing my body. I opened my eyes looked into her eyes and started to cry. I told her I was sorry and that I just couldn’t help myself I needed to be fucked. She just smiled and rubbed her fingers in and around my pussy with a soft cloth as if she was trying to get all the cum out. She smiled and said you need to relax and have a good nights sleep, then we will have a talk in the morning, your body needs time to repair, you have been fucked by a 12-inch cock today and filled to the brim with his cum. He will want you again any time he wants, with that she reached up and twisted my nipples and said and so will my husband you dirty little slut.She explained how she had sent the video of me being fucked by Charles to my parents who have now disowned all of us, so my life would be with them from now on. My aunt then stood up and walked out the door leaving the door open, my uncle slapped her ass as she walked past him, he then walked into the bathroom and walked over and bent down to kiss me, he allowed his hands to slip down between my pussy lips and start to work my clitoris. I noticed my aunt walking in behind him and expected her to shout and go mad, but all she did was reach around and pull his cock out and start to wank it whilst pointing it towards my mouth. I opened and allowed her to feed me her husband’s cock as she lowered her head to suck my tits.They lifted me out the bath dried my body then carried me into their bedroom. I was informed this would be my bed from now on as they slipped into bed either side of me and as my aunt fed me her large erect nipples her hubby sucked on my smaller tighter ones. I tried to pull my uncles cock into my pussy, but they stopped me and said my body needed time to recover and there would be no sex for a day or so, we all drifted off to sleep me with my aunts large nipple in my mouth as if I was being breast fed.