Collection of “Jobs”

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Collection of “Jobs”I thought it would be a little bit of a treat to talk about all the jobs I have received, actually it will be a “first” for each little “Job” that I mention. Enjoy!Hand JobWe all know of the infamous Hand Job, a staple of foreplay among everyone whose anyone. It gives power to the one holding and pleasure to the one receiving. I won’t mention my age, but I recall the time my girlfriend had been turned on one day. She told me she wanted to give me a Handjob because she has never done anything sexual ever and was extremely curious. I was to for I had only been slightly subjected to these things at the time. To cut some time, I wound up at her house the next day. We started by kissing and before I knew it her small slender soft hands were wrapped around my dick. It felt amazing, I fell back unable to think properly the pleasure was so intense. It was my first hand job and she was memorized by the simple sight of my seven inch long cock throbbing in her hands. Her eyes grew wider as she sped up her hand movements. The pleasure was so great I could barely open my eyes, I felt her pussy and felt how wet she was becoming. I slid my fingers into her pussy and fingered her. ısparta escort She moaned with euphoria and stopped stroking my dick. I seized the moment and told her she should lick the top of my dick with her tongue. She was so lost in the moment she went down on me, I moaned with extreme pleasure. It felt incredible to be inside of her mouth, she pulled it out and jerked me off faster and faster, I moaned her name and then erupted in a explosion of cum. It was all over her hands, she looked at it with astonishment knowing that she had caused this. She licked every drop off her hands and even the cum that was still pouring out.Blow JobAnother amazing “Job”. I had always wanted a Blow Job for obvious reasons. It was late one night and my girlfriend wanted to come over. Little did I know she was extremely horny. She came to my house, it was raining so she was a little wet. We ran up stairs to my bedroom to dry her off. Before I knew it her clothes were off and her hands were on my belt, unfastening before I could even say anything. I blinked and we were both in my bed, naked making out with that incredible euphoria racking our brains. She moved downward kissing and licking ısparta escort bayan my chest than my abs. She wrapped her right hand around my now throbbing cock and licked it from top to bottom, she stopped and licked her lips. She blew on my dick as I let out a soft moan. She had loved the taste of my dick and now wanted more. She trusted my dick into her mouth and bobbed up and down on it, her tongue slowly wrapping around every inch of it. It was so wet and hot, I was throbbing uncontrollably in her mouth. The sounds she made sucking me off were a turn on in its own entirety. I tried to hold backing cumming for so long, after ten whole minutes to my amazement she was still blowing me and the pleasure was to great and I came all over her face and in her mouth. She loved it and continued sucking it as I was done. I had to get her to stop because it was extremely sensitive afterward. She was beginning to love my dick and I had no problem with that.Foot JobI have a huge foot fetish, I’ve dreamed of getting hundreds. She had amazing size six feet. Her toes were curved and painted with bright blue nail polish. Her soles were always soft and I loved playing with them all escort ısparta of the time. I cannot remember exactly when it happened but we had taken a shower together and I was insanely hard. She grabbed me by the dick and dragged me into her room. I was speechless to see her lay me and down on her bed and position her feet around my cock. I was moaning with incredible pleasure. I had wanted this from her for so long, and now it was finally happening. She rubbed her feet up and down my throbbing dick for what seemed like hours, her feet were wet and wrinkled and I was in heaven. She sat back smiling and asphyxiated on my junk and couldn’t look away. She began moving her feet faster and faster, her toes wrapped around the very tip of my pulsating cock. I was moaning like crazy and now she was sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy. I told her to keep going I was so close to cumming. She went faster and faster until finally I came all over her feet, I was gasping for air the pleasure was so great, I felt this extreme tingle across my cock, she was sliding her soles over it to get the cum off. It was both painful and pleasure to allow her to do that. But I love her feet. She moved her feet toward her face and licked all over to get the cum off. I learned that day that she absolutely loves my cum.Well that’s it for all the “Job’s” that I have received. Next time My jobs continued ! And the “Job’s” I’ve given !See ya next time guys.