Club X – Part 2

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Club X – Part 2You help me down off the stage and I collect my things as you guide me over to an area where there are large sectional sofas. We sit and I begin to put my shoes back on and as I grab for the dress you rip it from my hands and say you won’t need this anymore… this was just to get from the car to here…. And you toss it beside you. You place your hand on my waist and pull me in close kissing me long and passionately. You grab me by the hips and pull me up onto your lap, straddling your waist and wrap your arms around me. I teasingly grind against you as you move down my beck nibbling and kissing and biting all the way down to the base of my neck. My head falls back as you make your way down my chest into my cleavage and I see a sweet young girl watching rather intently… I smile and motion for her to come over. You are so intent on what you are doing you don’t even notice. As she comes over I nod her around the back of you and her hands suddenly fall on your shoulders as she gently massages them and lets out a little sigh… your head snaps up and around as you see her standing there… a petite but curvy frame with wavy red hair and a sweet innocent face looks back at you. You look to me and I smile…“Care to join us,” I asked her and a big giddy smile filled her face. I shifted my self to straddle just one of your thick legs and patted the other. She came bouncing around trabzon escort the sofa and hopped up in your lap by my side.You just sat there a moment one hand on each of our hips as you looked at us she had a bikini top that just barely held back her large round breasts and tight black booty shorts just barely covering her and was barefoot. “I don’t know if you would remember me, but I know you! She says” I have been a fan of your forever online! I blushed and she looked over to you “both of yours actually!” “I have always wanted to meet you guys out somewhere and see if you would take me home!” “o really,” I said? “And what would you hope to happen?” She turned red and she said “I don’t know… but I know it would be amazing whatever it was!”I leaned in and brushed the hair out of her face and let me hand wander down her shoulder and arm a bit, I could tell by her reaction she was desperate for more. So I bent down and kissed her, now exposed, neck gently. She practically squealed as her eyes lit up. She was young…maybe 25 and full of excitement and energy. I took your hand from my hip and placed it on her thigh as you squeezed lightly and felt your way up and down it. “is this ok? “ I asked her “more than ok, it is a dream!” I began to kiss her again on the lips this time as you continue to stroke up and down her thighs…. Your other hand now running up her side and down again… escort trabzon I whisper in her ear and she grins big and bright as you wonder what I am up to….We both wiggle free of your lap she moves in beside you on kneeling on the sofa as she pulls your shirt up over your head all the while I am on my knees in front of you undoing your belt and peeling away your jeans…. You now sit there in your tight boxer briefs as she runs her hands up and down your chest nibbling on your neck……I lean in and bite down hard on your inner thigh then kiss my way up to the leg of your shorts. Taking her by the hand I guide her down off the sofa to sit right next to me once again now on the floor in front of you… “are you ready?” I ask and she nods as she pulls the waistband of your shorts out and springs out of them toward us. Hard and thick and dripping already in anticipation…We both lean in and taking the base of your cock in my grip I lean it toward her as she runs her wide flat tongue up your shaft. I let her take you in and enjoy you a moment as I watch her masterfully take in every inch… as she does I run my hands up and down your shaft in a swirling motion up as she pulls away and down again to let her devour you…. After a few minutes of her full attention on you, I lean in further and join her… now taking turns swallowing you whole and intermittently sharing as we both look up trabzon escort bayan toward you both licking up your shaft at the same time … you groan deep and loud as you try hard to hold backI can feel you starting to tremble in my hands and know you are getting close so I motion for her to back up for a moment… I lay you down on the sofa and pull her up onto your hips as she glides down effortlessly over your shaft then I take my place over your face she and I facing in toward one another she reaches out and pulls my breasts out of the top of my corset and then pulls hers free of her top as well…you can tell how much I am loving sharing you with this sweet young girl by the creamy wetness dripping down your lips as I grind back and forth over your face our hands are all over each other’s soft skin as I grope and pinch and squeeze her amazing perky nipples I can’t help but taste them… dying to see what is happening you try hard to pull your head away, but it is no use as I am pinning you down hard…. This just makes it hotter to you and you can’t hold back any longer as you groan deep inside of me I see your body tense up as you cum hard filling her with your thick hot load…We both slide off and set you free again as I push her onto her back and throw her legs up over my shoulders… “time to clean you up, my dear” I say as I move in to taste her…. But it is familiar… and now I know exactly who she is… I pull back and look her in the eyes…. It was you up there on the stage, wasn’t it??? You and her both smile and begin to laugh… I delve back in and clean up every last drop of both of you until she is screaming for mercy.