Clare Continued 4

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Clare Continued 4Please read the first Clare story or this will make no sense to you. AND PLEASE LEAVE US A COMMENT WHETHER YOU ENJOYED IT OR NOT.Peter:………… Clare was going away for 10 days to see friends abroad, she told me that she was flying to Malta on Tuesday, she also told me that hubby was staying at home, I could not resist the opportunity to spend some real quality time together. I turned up at the airport and actually managed to get on the plane without Clare, or her hubby who came to see her off, spotting me! When we boarded the plane I could not believe my luck as I was seated directly behind Clare, I hid behind a magazine and my baseball cap as she sat down. after the plane took off and the seatbelt signs were turned off I leant forward and whispered in your ear……Fancy joining the mile high club?… I think you nearly jumped out of your skin! Spinning around in your seat you could not believe your eyes!! What are you doing here!!!???? I thought you might like some company I said moving around to sit in the empty seat next to you. “Oh my god we will have a whole ten days together!!!!!” I think I am in heaven. It was not long before we were kissing passionately and your hand was resting on my now familiar bulge. I ran my hand up under your short skirt and found your panty less wet pussy, I thought, ‘this is going to be risky but we have got to fuck now!’. The plane is nearly full but I tell you to go to the bathroom and wait I will follow shortly and give a special knock. 30 seconds later I am following you to the bathroom, after letting me in we have a fast and frantic stand up fuck right there and then in the planes bathroom at 35,000 feet, we are now official members of the mile high club. After hurriedly getting re dressed I open the door to return back to our seat and half the people on the plane are clapping, we laugh and run back to our seats hand in hand………………………Clare’s friends met her at the airport so I made myself scarce, fortunately I did manage to book my room at the same hotel as Clare and I knew we would meet up there later. Sure enough later that night I was sat at the bar when you walked in, I was blown away as you had changed into a tight top and short skirt, I was almost drooling as I ordered you your drink, I could not take my eyes off you, as far as I was concerned we were the only two in the hotel that night, I also knew we would be able to snatch another full night in each others arms. After we had spent a delightful hour or so giggling and chatting like lovers we headed up to your room. Once inside we kissed as I held you to me, running my hands over your sexy bottom, I slowly ran my hands all over your body making the most of your tight smooth clothing, slowly we began to undress each other still stood just inside the room. We seemed to know that we had all night and there was no rush, it was so loving to take things really slow. As you undone my shirt and slipped it from my shoulders I slipped your top over your head and once again pulled you to me, I could feel your lovely breasts against my chest as I slowly stroked and tickled your back. Your skirt slipped easily from your slim hips as I felt you undo the last button on my trousers and I kicked them to one side. As usual you had my cock straining for release and I didn’t have to wait long as I felt your hands on the waistband of my pants, I joined you by removing your panties at the same time and as we stood there naked in each others arms I relished the feel of you against me, I loved your smell, your soft skin, your warmth. I loved the feel of your hand as it slipped between us to cup my balls and lightly stroke my aching shaft, your fingers felt so good, cool and smooth. I slowly stroked you all over, every part I could reach. I felt your stomach tighten as I ran my fingers across the top of your sex, taking your hand I lead you to the bed, I sit on the edge as you stand in front of me, holding your hips I lightly kiss your stomach, breasts and nipples, I cant resist stroking your beautiful sex and sliding two fingers deep inside you. I slowly finger fuck your tight pussy while my thumb massages your sensitive clit, removing my fingers I pull you towards me so that you are sat on my lap facing me, lifting yourself up on your knees you sink down on my incredibly thick and stiff cock, feeling it filling you up your breath stops as the sensation takes over your brain. I can’t believe how warm and wet you feel, my cock feels like it is trapped in a velvet vice like grip. We sit facing each other cuddling, your breasts squashed against my chest as we kiss and hold each other tight, revealing in the feeling of just having each other and being as one. We had not moved for ten minutes but my cock was just getting harder and harder, I could feel your pussy start to spasm upon me, gripping my shaft even harder………………………..You let out a long low moan as you started to move again, I could feel your love juice run down my shaft and over my balls as you withdrew my cock from deep within you, your movements were fast and urgent aching for release, I looked down and saw your stomach contract as you came in a long shuddering orgasm. The sight of you in absolute ecstasy soon pushed me over the edge and I held you tightly as my cock bucked and spilled its seed deep inside you. I laid back on the bed behind me and looking up at you marvelled at what a…a…I couldn’t find any better words, what a great fuck you were it just seemed to gel perfectly between us. You were looking down at me with a lovely satisfied smile as you stroked my smooth chest. A little while later after a quick pleasant shower we were in bed cuddling, kissing and stroking each other, still feeling the new unfamiliar shapes and lines of each others bodies, we both knew our partners so well but this was and felt different and exciting. We stayed that way, lazily stroking and kissing until we finally fell asleep in each others arms. I woke up first and could not believe we were still cuddled up in the same position, I slid free of your embrace and slowly pulled back the thin cover, your body looked fantastic stretched out on the white sheet I could not stop myself from wanting you again. I decided to return the favour that you had done for me at Russ’s when you woke me up by sucking me. As you lay there still asleep I slipped between your legs and kissed your smooth soft sex, I heard a soft moan from you then silence again, I lowly slid my tongue inside you and you let out an appreciative “Oooo” and slowly it dawned on you that this was not a lovely dream it was real! I felt your hands on my head holding me just where you wanted me, I worked away at your delicious pussy, lapping your juice as it cascaded from you. Then you pulled me on top of you and I felt my already hard member bump the entrance to your hole, with one long slow push I was inside you once more, I loved that feeling of you gripping me inside I never wanted it to end, holding your bottom just muğla escort off the bed allowed me to penetrate just a little further and I started fucking you with long hard strokes. The bed was making a bit of noise but we didn’t care, I looked down and saw you watching yourself getting fucked in the long dressing table mirror next to the bed, it looked just like watching yourself in a porn film, getting hammered by the leading actor, you could clearly see my cock powering in and out of you, the shaft glistening in the morning sun streaming through the windows. We were really fucking now, I was hammering in and out of you, pulling you into me on every stroke, you were moaning loudly and urging me to fuck you harder and faster, then the bad girl came out to play! ….Fuck me!……Fuck me harder…..Oh God I love your cock in me…..I can feel you so deep…Fuck me hard and fill me with cum!…I loved hearing you talk dirty, it was so out of character that I knew your a****l instinct was rising within you and you were stepping free of the inhibitions and restrictions that chained you at home. I fucked you furiously as you came time and time again, I was so horny my cock felt like an iron bar, I couldn’t believe it the harder I fucked you the harder you wanted it! …..Cum for me!…cum deep inside me….fill me with your nasty cum… My cock was starting to pulse and buck as I shot what seemed like gallons of cum deep inside your pussy, I did not want it to ever end but eventually we both collapsed breathing hard and totally sated. I looked at your face, flushed with your hair plastered with sweat and I just wanted to kiss you…………………………….After a long sensual kiss it was time to shower and go our separate ways. I knew you would be with your friends most of the day so I hired a car and done some exploring until it was time to pick you up. I picked you up from the hotel after your friends had dropped you off thinking you were going for an early night! Once in the car we sped off to a lovely beach side restaurant I had found earlier. The food was superb and the atmosphere was lovely and the company was divine. After watching the sun set across the water we left the restaurant and drove to another place I had found, a beautiful secluded cove, the road led straight to the beach and we parked up looking out over the sea as the full moon rose behind us. I pushed a button on the dash and the car roof lifted up and folded away in the boot, the evening was perfect, warm, bright and quiet. During the drive there I could not keep my hands to myself and had taken full advantage of the left hand drive car leaving my right hand free to stroke and play with you, although I could not believe it when you put your feet on the dashboard opened your legs to reveal your lovely pussy to me! By the time we reached the beach we were both hot and not being a fan of getting sand on my bits I suggested we jump in the back. As I shed my trousers and sat in the back seat you jumped over and almost landed straight on my pole! I was back in heaven as you sank slowly down the length of my shaft. We were still almost fully clothed and from outside the car nothing could be seen, just as well because just then three local guys turned up on scooters and parked near the car as they removed their helmets you said “oh they’re handsome” and I felt your pussy twitch on my cock. Just then one of the guys came over, I could not believe it, I was sat there with my cock well and truly buried within you, barely concealed by your short skirt and a guy is asking us for a light! I apologised and said we don’t smoke, he then asked to use the cigarette lighter in the car! Without waiting for an answer he lent in the open car and pressed the cigarette lighter in the front as he turned to look up that’s when he noticed I had no trousers on! He shouted to his friends who also came over, Just when I thought we maybe in a spot of trouble one of them asked if they could watch? Unbeknown to us we had picked a local dogging spot and the lads came down frequently to watch lovers doing there thing! I looked at you and saw the confusion on your face. I reached up and slipped off your top, right in front of three complete strangers! As you sat there with nothing but a very short skirt covering our modesty, the guys whipped out three of the nicest cocks you had ever seen, my cock felt your excitement, I popped the clasp on the side of your skirt and pulled that off too, now you were sat there naked impaled on my cock in front of three horny young men who were slowly masturbating to the sight of you. As you slowly got your confidence I felt you start to ride me, I could see the excitement in your eyes as you fucked me in front of an audience. The guys were appreciating it too as they watched your breasts jiggling up and down with your excited nipples stiff in the fresh air, they beat their hard cocks even faster. Just then one approached the side of the car and held his cock out for you, I couldn’t believe it but you reached out and took him in your hand, slowly wanking him as you rode me. Next a second guy walked round the other side of the car and did the same, again you reached out with your other hand and was now slowly jerking two big meaty cocks with a third, mine inside your over heated pussy. The third guy was feeling left out so he climbed in to the car behind you and offered his cock, I could see this was going to be awkward. In one deft move you stood up turned round and sat straight back down on my shaft, now you was riding me reverse cowgirl style which now allowed you full access to all four cocks! One in each hand, one working its way down your throat and mine buried deep inside you. It truly was an unbelievable sight, and your coordination was expert, each cock getting a share of your rhythmic movements and you were on fire, four cocks using your body to reach their mutual pleasure and you were loving the attention! Too soon though the guy in your expert mouth pulled out and sprayed your boobs with his cum and there was a lot of it! Now as you concentrated on the next guy he too began to spurt hot seed all over your pre soaked tits, then the third added his wad, you were soaked in cum, it was running down your chest and dripping from your nipples. We came together as you pounded up and down on my slippery shaft. We just sat there a while as the three guys rode off into the moonlight and I said that maybe a swim might be a good idea? You agreed and we raced each other into the water…………………….. As we ran into the surf the water felt great, warm, refreshing, cleansing. We were completely alone in this idyllic secluded cove. I swam up to you and opened my arms wrapping them around you I could feel your body heat as I held you against me, you felt great, really great, I held you tighter and kissed you full on the lips as the moon light shimmered on the water around us….Perfect! It was getting late now so we headed back to the hotel, although I didn’t have escort muğla to get up the next day, your friends had a full program lined up for you, soon we were in each others arms again, snuggled up in bed, there was no need for sex this time we were just very content together. Waking up in the morning I looked down on you sleeping and lightly kissed your cheek and you smiled softly, you looked so cute in the morning, I wanted to make love to you properly, slowly and sensually but it would have to wait, your friends would be here soon and I had to disappear. We agreed to meet later in the bar. I spent the day touring around again, seeing the sights and experiencing the local culture and generally enjoying myself. Later that night I was waiting in the bar and watched as one of your girlfriends dropped you off and drove away. I had your favourite drink waiting for you and apparently it was just what the doctor ordered. As we were kissing I felt you tense up and guessed something was wrong, I turned around and saw your friend stood there with her mouth open looking at us. Uh oh….busted! “Oh my god it’s Suzanne you almost whispered, she came over and explained that she forgot to tell you the pick up time for the wedding and had returned to do just that! “Oh my god Clare…….Your having and affair?…..I can’t….I can’t…Oh god that is so unlike you!!” I thought Suzanne was going to faint, then she shocked both of us, “Clare, you are so lucky…I have dreamt of having an affair for years, I was hoping to find a young sexy man whilst I was out here away from my husband but it just hasn’t happened! Are you going to say anything Suzanne? “No way, I just have to find a man” Why you said, we have one right here and grabbed my arm smiling. I looked at Suzanne, she was very attractive, long brown hair, dark eyes, slim with very kissable lips. Would you like to join us Suzanne? “Oh, err, I, err, yes, yes why not, I have dreamed of doing something really naughty for years and what you have in mind Clare sounds very naughty indeed” Ok I think we best take this bottle up to the room with us and get to know each other a little better I said smiling…………………..As we travelled up in the lift I ran my hand up the back of your skirt and caress your bottom without any one else noticing, you felt great and I wanted you there and then but held myself in check wondering what the evening would bring. On entering your room I popped the cork on the bottle I had brought up with us and pored us all a drink to break the ice. I could not believe what you did next, right in front of your friend you stood up kissed me and rubbed my bulging cock through my trousers! Suzanne’s eyes nearly popped out “Oh god I’ve not seen a bulge like that for years!” she said, watch this then you said unzipping my fly and tugging my cock free “Oh my god!” was all Suzanne said as she came over and popped the head of my shaft into her mouth with a muffled moan, I kissed you deeply as my cock was sliding down your friends throat! I felt you stiffen and catch your breath but I didn’t know why? Then Suzanne stood up and popped her fingers in my mouth and I immediately twigged what had happened, they had the taste of your sex on them!! I could not believe this woman she was just as bad as you!! And that was saying something after what we had done over the last few days! We all undressed hurriedly and climbed on the bed. I was glad that you were comfortable enough with our relationship to offer me to your friend as I was offering you to Russell.  As you fell back naked on the bed Suzanne knelt between your lovely legs and lightly kissed around your sex as I stood behind her, I saw your back arch and your eyes close. I wondered if your complete acceptance of this situation was down to the fact that we had explored this possibility with your friend Emma in our virtual world and now it was happening for real there was no apprehension or inhibition, in fact we all seemed completely relaxed and ready for what ever the evening would bring. I stood there with my cock brushing Suzanne’s pussy lips, just marvelling at the sight before me. I had never been with two women before, not in real life anyway and I was certainly going to make the most of this. I saw your eyes open and you looked up, I looked deep into your lust filled eyes as I ran my hands down Suzanne’s back and around to cup her breasts, wow they were nice, not more than a handful and tipped with bullet hard dark nipples, my mouth watered just stroking them! I saw your eyes widen and I guessed Suzanne was working her magic on your sex, I reached back and ran my fingers over her pussy, she was wet, in fact she was soaked! I think Suzanne possibly had a thing for you and this may be a dream come true for her, I had to smile at that thought as I thought of her trying her hardest to please you. She was not too pre occupied as to forget me though and she reached back through her parted thighs and held my throbbing cock in her open hand, slowly she slid my flared head up and down the outside of her dripping sex, then without missing a beat with her tongue on you she slipped the head of my cock into her. I started fucking in and out of her slowly, all the while watching the ecstasy on your face as she bumped against you from my slow thrusts……………….. ………..I saw a mischievous grin appear on your face and I knew you had something in mind but I didn’t expect what came next. You pulled away from Suzanne’s expert tongue and swivelled around so you and her were in a 69 position, I could see you between her legs just beneath my cock, then I felt your tongue on my shaft as it withdrew and slid back into Suzanne, it felt mind blowing! I felt you tongue flick my balls as they swung back and forth I had never felt something so erotic, I had Suzanne’s tight pussy gripping me and your tongue and lips caressing me as I moved, it was incredible. At one point I withdrew completely and fed my cock down your throat, allowing you to taste the other woman straight from my shaft! You held me and guided my cock back into Suzanne’s hungry sex and as I continued to stroke in and out you started to work on Suzanne’s extremely tasty pussy and occasionally run your tongue along me as I withdrew. Next I felt you push me out of Suzanne and looking up from between her legs you said I want you inside me and I thought it would be great for you to feel what Suzanne had just been feeling so you swapped places and I was glad to be back inside you, I don’t know what it was about you but we just seemed to fit, it was as if my cock had been made for you and you alone?It was now your turn to have your mind blown. Suzanne slowly liked and kissed your sex from below as I stroked in and out of you from behind, between Suzanne and I we were obviously hitting the right buttons because it really didn’t take long before I felt you cumming hard on my throbbing cock and collapse on top of Suzanne. As you slumped forward in post orgasmic bliss I fed my bulging shaft muğla escort bayan into Suzanne’s hungry mouth, lent forward and held you tight as you came down from what ever planet you had been to. As I cuddled you from behind I couldn’t believe the sensations Suzanne’s mouth was creating on my cock, I was very near to climax and trying to hold back, then you turned round again and joined Suzanne in tonguing my cock, well with two gorgeous ladies working on me I stood no chance, my cum shot out in long ropes showering both of you in hot slippery seed. As I was getting my mind back together I watched you and Suzanne kiss, it was like nothing I had seen before! So soft, so sensual, I was extremely jealous……………..I walked into the bathroom, leaving you and Suzanne in your loving embrace, I knew time was running out for Suzanne who had to get back so I started the shower and stepped in. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back letting the warm water run over my face, what a sight greeted me when I re opened them, you and Suzanne stood in the open doorway, naked, with your arms around each others waist’s, “mind if we join you?” you said, I would love for you to join me I said, my cock already growing at the sight of you both. I was in heaven stood in the shower with a beautiful naked girl either side of me sliding their soapy hands all over me and each other. I can’t describe how wonderful it felt to have two pairs of soapy hands on my cock and balls, even though I had just cum my cock was ready to burst again! I took hold of the soap and lathered my hands up before sliding them down to two hot pussy’s and it felt so good to pleasure both of you at the same time, sliding my slippery fingers through your lips and to hear both of you moan at the same time as I slid my fingers up inside you both. We all kissed together as we enjoyed our mutual finger play and it did not take long for you both to bring me to orgasm with your wet soapy hands, arching my back as I shot my seed into the running water as my fingers brought you and Suzanne to a beautiful combined orgasm. Sadly it was time for Suzanne to go, we towelled her dry, kissing and petting her as we did, she then dressed and left, thanking us for one of the best nights of her life. I thought I had just had one of the best nights of my life too! And it was not over yet I smiled. We dried of but stayed naked and slipped into bed. It was so nice to just hold you tight and feel your naked warmth against me, we talked about what had just happened and what an experience it was! We slowly drifted off in each others arms dreaming of what was to come……………….The next evening was different, I had to leave early so I would be travelling back home the next day, Clare managed to get away from her friends a little earlier and I decided to treat her. I arranged for a taxi to pick us up from the hotel and we were called from the bar and sat arm in arm as we were taken down to the beach, the taxi dropped us about a mile from the restaurant where I had booked us a table for two. It was almost idyllic as we walked hand in hand along the beach, our shoes in our other hands as we walked in the surf, the evening was warm as the last rays of sun followed us along the beach. It was so nice to talk freely as we walked, we swapped life stories and I learnt all about each other, our lives, loves and dislikes. As the sun settled on the sea we had reached the end of our walk and before we headed up to the restaurant, we kissed, a tender loving kiss not with passion but a deep respectful love. I held you at arms length, my hands around your slim waist, we looked deep into each others eyes wondering what next? It was time to eat! As we entered the restaurant we were shown to a small secluded alcove and sat opposite each other. The food and wine were superb, as was the company, finding out we had more in common that just great sex was uplifting and for now I was enjoying being able to give you my total and undivided attention, I was able to hold your hand across the table, share our food, laugh, it really was turning out to be a very special evening. As we finished our meal I suggested we take a walk through the small town so I paid and we left hand in hand. The town was quiet and the air was warm. Walking down the backstreets we found a little local bar and popped in for a night cap. The bar keep offered us a shot of the local spirit, I was a little hesitant as spirits are not normally my favourite, this stuff however tasted divine two seconds later we were asking for another two shots, shortly followed by a third. You admitted that you don’t normally drink that much and I could tell we were getting a little tipsy, time to go. We decided to forgo the taxi ride and walk back to the hotel, as we walked we talked and laughed. I couldn’t help myself stroking your lovely bottom through your light skirt, but although we stopped several times on the way back to kiss, stroke and love each other we did not make love, even back at the hotel we just kissed and stoked each other until you fell asleep with your head on my shoulder and your arms around me. The next morning when you awoke I was gone, my flight was 5 am and I managed to leave without waking you. I flew back to England and waited patiently for you to return and contact me…………Clare:It was a wonderful surprise when Peter joined me in Malta and I know I was certainly not going to to have 10 days of celibacy while he was around.I had recently had an abundance of various sex with Peter and friends and it had certainly changed my outlook on it and wondered what I would do without it while in Malta. He was the best lover that any woman could meet and he never failed to bring me to orgasm and satisfaction and even my friend Suzanne commented that he had been the best she had ever had and it was another amazing experience watching him giving what she described as “The best fuck in her life” and were all English guys equipped like he was. I laughed and told her “If only” and that he was way above average in size plus performance. She told me how lucky I was to have had Peter on a regular basis and that he was willing to share me with her. Suzanne had also been a wonderful girly experience and I had never thought that I would enjoy the time I had spent with her and that another woman would taste so nice and can’t believe how intimate we had been and I even loved the kissing and I have to admit that I had fell slightly in love with her. Peter had to return to the Uk and I still had a few days before I returned and all I could do was girly play with myself and was enjoying that in some ways but it certainly wasn’t the same as Peter being inside me and “fucking me” so hard. I had a couple of guys chatting me up but resisted the temptation but I did have another lovely girly session with Suzanne and promised her that I would invite her over to stay with me sometime and that I am sure Peter and friends would have her like a shot again…………….Please remember this story has just been cut and pasted from emails, there is no editing and we are not professional writers, please rate our story and comment if you can, the story is still on going and your comments would be both helpful and exciting.