Christening our New Caavan

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Christening our New CaavanChristening Our New Caravan.Same room, full wife swap, MFMFopus_pistorum@yahoo.comThe old caravan had been a good introduction to the fraternity and a great step up from our trusty old tent but being a second hand (and probably several previous owners) was showing it’s age and it found a new home with a couple who like us were wanting to try the caravan lifestyle without incurring too much cost. We however considered ourselves committed to the convenience of a van and treated ourselves to a brand new van, the smallest model with a fixed bed – at last now we wouldn’t have to unmake and re-make the bed in the sitting are of the van, the only drawback being that the seating area was a little less than generous!A couple of trial runs out and we were getting the hang of it so planned to head off to a friend’s farm on the South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire border, he running a naturist caravan site in a lovely peaceful setting. We had visited several times in the old van and liked the relaxed atmosphere there and had also had a few good swing sessions with like-minded people and were optimistic that we might do the same this time.Fortuitously w week or so before we got chatting to a couple via a contact site who were first timers and wanted to swap partners for the first time. We seemed to hit it off well enough via e-mail and a few “messenger” chats and though they were not naturists were happy to try that as well so the arrangement was made that they should join us and see how it went.We got down on the Friday night as arranged and they arrived on the Saturday morning, se we were well set up and my wife being the only black woman on the small site we were easily identified and güvenilir bahis şirketleri soon they were sitting, nude on towels in our van and chatting away. I could see that Frank was very taken by my wife Bernice but his wife Den’, plump blonde, was equally obviously very nervous – understandable for a first timer – but all seemed to be progressing well despite them being a good deal more “well padded” than in their photographs and older than their profile suggested! Never people to let a small detail like that get in the way we continued to chat and the subject of their wanting to try swinging was soon being discussed. We exchanged a few of our experiences in contrast to their total lack of such but they now in their later muddle age wanted to explore this lifestyle.After catching my wife’s eye and receiving a nod I felt that it was now or never – we could sit chatting all day and never get to the sex (that has happened to many times before!) so I made the suggestion that we go to the rear of the van and get on the bed. Bernice drew the curtains – I never do as I like people to get the occasional glimpse – and there we were: Frank and Den, Bernice and I – the two women in the middle – and we started stroking and kissing our own partners – I then slid down and started to lick my wife’s shaven pussy and after a few minutes slid my hand up Den’s leg. She jumped as I did so but made no attempt to stop me and I swiftly progressed up to her hairy cunt, already well fingered by her husband. I stood up and indicated to Frank to move across to the other side of the bed and took his place – the scene was now all set for the full swap to take place and I lay next to Den stroking canlı bahis her, full tongue kissing her on the mouth and feeling her massive breasts – her breasts, plump body and such different shape (apart from colour) was a total contrast to my wife and though no-where near as attractive I was enjoying the experience of exploring her intimately. Denise in contrast was still clearly no such inhibition and was exploring my wife with sloppy enthusiasm!Given Den’s obvious nervousness I was a little more cautious in my stimulation of her and she did start to relax and I was rewarded by an obviously responsive wetting of her pussy and I took this further by reversing position so my cock was near her face and exploring her clitoris with my tongue – Denise took the hint and was soon wanking and sucking my cock with an ever growing confidence – my tactic had worked!I kept an eye on Bernice and Frank, in part as I always enjoy seeing my wife with another man but also anxious to let him in particular set the pace, though I very much wanted to slide my cock up the hairy hole of his now relaxed wife. The opportunity came when Den heaved himself to his feet and positioned himself between my wife open thighs, his cock, though relatively small pointed at her wet slit, her legs dangling over the edge of the fixed bed. He scuttled forward and in a single jerk impaled himself in Bernice his heavy body blocking the view but the thrusts of his ample buttocks indicating an energetic assault upon her cunt – an impression reinforced by my wife’s appreciative noises – she does like cock ! Taking this a cue and without any further ado or request I slid back to bring my face back to Den’ and before she could güvenilir bahis say anything had placed my cock at the entrance to her hairy slit Teasing apart the outer lips with my bell end I paused deliberately to allow the full impost of what was about to happen to be fully appreciated by her: after a lifetime of fidelity and her husband’s cock another man was about to enter her body and moreover another man with a considerably larger cock! Denise shielded her eyes with her arm as I did so and submitted to what was about to happen.I slid forward and felt the wetness of her hole envelop my penis and continued my slow but determined progress until I was up to my balls, then nudged myself even deeper pressing down upon the well covered pubic bone – then out again, a pattern repeated but with a steadily increasing rhythm. Frank by this time was clearly enjoying his thrusting and I realised that at that rate he wasn’t going to last long and gathered pace in my fucking of his wife nuzzling her large breasts and nipples as I did so determined to enjoy the novelty of this big woman while I could, worried that if Frank came precipitately she would want me to stop. Suddenly, and despite her shyness Denise started to orgasm and did so with a scream that will have been heard all over the camp-site! Frank in unison started to cum and that sent Bernice off yet again – she had already cum several times I knew.This was it – I needed to complete the full act or lose the opportunity if Denise suddenly had a fit of post-orgasmic regret so pumping more determinedly into her plump belly I emptied my balls deep inside her, filling her with my semen, the first time she had been so filled with a man other than her husband.The caravan was duly christened and we had introduced another couple to the swinging lifestyle. They left the following morning, Frank calling round to say their goodbyes and both Bernice and I did wonder id Denise would partake again – but it had been fun!