Cheerleader Panties – 2

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Cheerleader Panties – 2This is a made up story based on several suggestions for more panty boy stories. If you don’t like stories about men wearing women’s panties you may want to search elsewhere. In this second chapter our hero, Larry, gets to know the girls’ real well and they know all about his panty fetish.My cock had a mind of its own, once my orgasm started there was no stopping it. My thick creamy cum spurted so hard that it formed a pile of cum on the surface to my sister’s old panties. And before the second spurt left the tip of my cock I heard Amber say “woops” and she was watching as my cock pumped spurt after spurt through the thin fabric.I had no way to stop my cock and it seemed she had no way to turn away as my cock surged with my pent up cum. This cheerleader that I had met a couple hours ago was a guest in my parent’s home and now she had witnessed me cumming in a panty. As I said, “I should have been embarrassed,” yet I wasn’t. In fact I think my cum was stronger and longer with her watching and her giggle as she closed the adjoining bathroom door seemed to be an expression of the interest she had shown in my spurting cock.I had no thought that the sight of a male college junior cumming in panties would be reported to my parents. Amber was a guest and I doubt that she would feel comfortable reporting the scene beyond to her fellow cheer leader Stephanie. They had been gone when I explored their luggage and fortunately I had chosen my older sisters panties left behind when she went to college.I loved the feeling of cummy panties and rubbed the slimy cum all over the front of the panty making them almost completely transparent. I headed the toilet flush in the adjoining bathroom and then the door to the girls room open and close. So I got out of bed and slowly opened the door. The bathroom was empty and I cleaned up my mess and washed out the panties I was wearing.Since I was feeling a little out of control with this entire event I hung the pretty panty on the shower rod to dry. I knew the girls would need to move it to shower and I really didn’t feel any concern. My mother had prepared dinner with Dad on the pool deck grilling steaks. It was a bit awkward when I first joined my parents and the cheer leaders. Amber kept glancing my way and on several occasions I saw her looking at my crotch.Well she would have to look pretty close; I was wearing a pretty Bali Skimp Skamp panty that held my little guy close to my body and only minor panty lines. Mom suggested that I show the girls the pool so we walked out in the late afternoon sunshine. “Do you girls like to swim?” I asked.“Sure,” answered Stephanie, “It looks real private with the big fence so there is no worry about some perv snooping on us while we are sunning ourselves,” she said and then blushed. I am sure she had made this statement with no thought of the number one perv, which was me.The girls both enjoyed the meal but said they were tired from the long trip and retired to their room. I did as well and heard plenty of hushed conversation and giggling. I stripped to my panties and lay on the bed enjoying the freedom of a hard cock in delicate panties that accented every detail of my cock. I heard the shower in the adjoining bathroom and wondered which girl was first and what she did with my panties.Then there was some more muffled conversation and giggling before the second shower. Now I was curious, two girls, two showers, one panty hanging on the shower rod. I eased into the bathroom and stood in shocked disbelief. My sister’s panty was missing but hanging from the rod were the two panties I had messed with that afternoon. Neither was wet as if washed, they were simply hanging there like cheese on a mouse trap.Well I took the bait and pulled down Amber’s lavender panty and took Stephanie’s panty with me as well. I went back to my room to have my way with their panties. I loved the fit and feel of Amber’s panties and noticed neither of them had been washed out. “So did they notice my marks on them or just pick them to bait a trap?” I wondered as I rubbed my hand over my hard cock in Amber’s panty.I rubbed Stephanie’s over my body enjoying the slick feel of the nylon fabric. I imagined what it would be like to be with both girls at the same time. We would all three be wearing panties and enjoy the feel of each other’s bodies. I slid my hand inside Amber’s panties and began slowly stroking my cock.I was lost in my pleasure and unsure how long I had been jerking off. “Stephanie’s baby blue panty was going to get my full load,” I whispered to myself as I felt my cum rising. I groaned as I felt myself at the edge of my cum and pulled Amber’s pretty lavender panty down and blew my load into Stephanie’s wadded up panty.Even though I had cum earlier in the day this one was no less powerful. My college roommate in the dorm never left so I didn’t get much of a chance for a full panty cum shot and I loved filling that soft nylon full of my hot spunk. My mind was filled with Amber’s round ass and boobs that bounced so seductively. Even though I was loading Stephanie’s panties at this moment it was Amber that was in my mind.I imagined she was setting on me and I was shooting my wad into her as her big boobs swayed in my face. “Uhhhh, Amber I am going to fill you full of my hot spunk,” I whispered to myself. And even though I was lost in my lust I heard a muffled giggle and the bathroom door shut. “FUCK,” I thought as my cock spewed its last shot into the soft baby blue nylon, “I should have locked that door on my side,” I thought.It was quiet in the bathroom and I decided I needed to make sure before stepping into the bathroom with osmaniye escort Stephanie’s panty stuffed against my leaking cock. I had pushed it inside Amber’s panty and needed to clean both of them up. I listened at the door, there was not a sound inside so I opened it a crack and it was dark.I stepped in and clicked the lock on their door and then breathed a sigh of relief. I pulled both panties off and saw what a mess I had made. I threw them in the sink and started the water while I took a pee to clean myself out. My heart was racing, my mind had been so filled with my image of Amber riding my cock while I enjoy the sensual feel of her panties against my cock and balls that I had lost all good sense.This was just the first day of a two week summer camp for the cheerleaders, “what the fuck will I do with this temptation all around me?” I asked in my head. I cleaned both panties in the sink until I knew my cum stains were removed and then hung them on the shower rod. I made sure that they were turned inside out and in reverse order on the rod. I didn’t know if they peeked in on me or just heard me but I wanted them to know their panties had been used.I returned to my room and dug deep in my bag and found a fresh panty. It was one I had taken from a washing machine at the dorm. I had no idea who it belonged to, it was just a pretty little hip hugger style with lace elastic around the waist. I loved the way my erect cock would stick out the top of it. But with two orgasms in a matter of 6 hours I knew I wouldn’t be hard until morning.I fell into my bed and slept so soundly with the release of my pent up cum. I woke about 9:00 AM to the quietness that I had hoped for this summer. No noisy hall clatter and chatter, no roommate smacking his morning cereal in the room, just me in my room. I ran my hand down to my hard cock and felt my tip sticking out of the lacey elastic. I resisted the urge to jerk off, I needed to take a pee instead.I looked at the clock and realized the girls would be gone so went to the bathroom in just my panties and as I finished and turned around I saw that both of the girls panties were removed from the shower rod but the one of my sisters had not been returned. I tried their door and found it locked, “Hmm, they must not want me to play in their room today?” I thought.I spent a lazy day getting unpacked and organized in my room. I wanted my secret stash of panties to remain a secret so checked out the compartment in my closet, it was still there just like when I was young. There was this door, actually an access panel, to the back side of the bathtub pipes and there was room for my stash.I laid out beside the pool again enjoying the quiet. Mom and Dad were at work so the house was mine. As much as I wanted to jerk off to the girls panties again a lazy day by the pool seemed better. So I set up a chair with my music and a cold drink. I stripped out of my clothes down to the lacey panties I wore to bed. The thin nylon let my cock show through and I knew I’d get hard and let my tip poke out later.I lounged in the shade and was lost in my music as I thought of those girls. Amber was just thick enough to make her so arousing. I wanted to run my hands over her body and then instead of my cock in her panties be inside of her. The music droned on in my ears and the summer breeze made it feel like a dream world of Amber’s image in my head.I heard the sound of the bus out front and was jolted back to reality. I must have dozed off in the lounger and looked at the clock on the house wall, it was nearly 5:00 PM. I heard voices in the house and had no time to get dressed. I pulled a towel over my panty covered erection just as I heard the sliding door open. It was the girls dressed in their cheerleader outfits.“Oh it is so beautiful out here,” Stephanie said to Amber, we need to enjoy some of this after a hot sweaty day at camp.“Oh, it’s you,” Amber said in surprise as she saw me setting in my lounge chair with a towel over my panty coved middle. “Is it okay if we join you?” She asked.“Sure,” I said, “grab a chair.”I watched as the girls pulled a couple lounge chairs into the shade and as Amber bent over and I was staring right at her ass with the short little cheerleader skirt rose up. She was wearing my sister’s pink and yellow striped panties that she had taken from the bathroom! If my cock hadn’t been hard before this moment it would have certainly popped right out of my panties.Amber adjusted her chair and cushion far longer than was needed while Stephanie fussed with her for just a minute. A gentle breeze blew her little cheerleader skirt up to reveal she was wearing what had to be Amber’s lavender panty that I had worn last night and left in the bathroom. I knew she did not have a single panty in her bag that matched it.I lusted after her ass in those panties and thought my cock would explode hidden under the towel. I knew it was so hard it would have lifted the elastic lace waistband above my shaved pubic area. Stephanie was the first to turn and set in the lounge chair. As she did she put a foot on each side of the lounge and spread her legs adjusting the cushion under her cute ass.And to my surprise, and yes shock, she appeared to have a cock in her panties. Then I realized it had to be Amber’s cock shaped dildo because no cock has a square bottom when panties stretch across it. “This is a fucking set-up” I screamed in my head as I tried to pry my eyes off that 19 year old up skirt shot. Her cubby legs were white and the lavender panty fit a bit loose but the rubber cock in them stretched it the same way mine was in my panties.Amber turned to set down and looking escort osmaniye right at me said, “Gee it is so hot. Hope you two don’t mind,” and crossed her arms and pulled her cheerleader crop top off revealing her magnificent boobs in a bra that would never be used as a sports bra. It was sheer and I could clearly see her nipples but the bra obscured her areolas from view.“That’s better,” she said as she got into the lounge chair. Now both girls were facing me with their legs parted enough to give me nice up skirt crotch shots. I saw Stephanie as she laid her arm over the arm of her chair and take Amber’s hand. It was not even the least bit subtle, she was letting me know they were an item and I loved it. One of my fantasies is watching lesbians go at it and if I didn’t misread what was happening here I’d play some part in it.“So when do your Mom and Dad get home?” Amber asked, and then said, “Oh that’s right your Mom said they had a dinner meeting tonight, something to do with your Dad’s work. Guess it is just us three tonight.”I had totally forgotten their dinner meeting and now here we were three young people in a sexually charged setting. It didn’t take much for me to vision how this would end up. “Let’s go for a swim,” Stephanie said crawling out of the chair in less than a lady like way. I could clearly see the rubber cock in her panties and she didn’t make any attempt to mask it as she got out of the chair.Amber grinned from ear to ear, “Lets,” she said and got out of her chair and pulled off the little skirt from cheerleading camp. She now was standing not 8 feet in front of me in my sister’s cute panties and the pink mesh bra that she had teased me with. She tugged at the panty producing a perfect camel toe that drove me to distraction. Stephanie pulled her crop top off and had a matching bra and at that point I knew this was all planned. There was no way they would have spent the day at camp dressed like this.Stephanie turned her back to me and dropped her skirt. The lavender panties were a bit loose on her but her beautiful ass made up for the improper fit. She ran and jumped into the pool without letting me see the rubber cock in her panties. Amber, on the other hand, did what can only be described as a erotic runway style walk to the pool. She turned, her large tits sagging seductively in the bra, “joining us Larry?” And she slipped into the water keeping her head above the clear blue pool water.They splashed around in the pool acting as if they were just 10 year olds. My cock was straining to get out and I wanted to jerk off right now. Then both girls came to the edge of the pool and stood waist deep in the water. Amber’s tits were so magnificent in that sheer bra that now was so transparent I could see every bit of them. Her nipples were hard from light breeze blowing across them.Stephanie stood as well and her nipples were not only hard and sticking straight out a half inch but they were wide and begged to be sucked. “Oh come on Larry, what are you hiding under that towel?” Stephanie asked in a sing song voice. “You show us yours and we’ll show you ours,” she finished with a giggle.“Fuck it,” I thought and threw the towel aside. My hard cock tip was clearly sticking above the lace elastic as I stood and walked to the pool. “Oh my,” Amber said, those are such pretty panties, maybe we should trade, I love the lace.”Stephanie waded around Amber and was now only up to her knees in the water and the rubber cock in her panties made my small cock look nonexistent. “Well Larry,” Stephanie said in a mocking tone, “I think I win. My cock is 8 inches compared to yours. What is that 4 or 5 inches?” She laughed out loud and Amber smiled without laughing.“Oh stop it Stephanie, I love his cock in those panties. And look, I think he is shaved; don’t you just love a shaved cock? Come on in the water,” Amber suggested, “We promise you will love it, don’t be so shy.”Amber waded past Stephanie towards the shallow end of the pool where there were steps. She held out her hand and coaxed me into the water, “Come on Larry let’s all three get wet.” She emphasized wet and I knew what she meant and loved thinking I would find out how wet she was between her legs.I looked at her perfect boobs in the sheer pink bra and the pink and yellow striped panties that clung to what I could now see was her shaved pussy. There were no secrets between us three as I joined them in the pool. Amber pulled me close to her and hugged me. Her tits mashed against my chest and I pressed my panty covered cock against her.Amber pressed her lips to my ear and whispered, “We know you wore our panties last night. That is so sexy. I wore yours all night and I had lots of fun in them but now the pool has cleaned that mess up. Will you help me mess them up again?” I could barely control my lust as I felt her lips on mine and my tongue met hers half way. She inhaled sharply through her nose and I felt her grind her pussy against mine as our lustful kiss came to an end.“Hey no fair,” Stephanie said as Amber continued holding me. “I want some of that,” she said and pushed between us. Instead of turning towards me she held Amber closely and kissed her. At first just a light peck and then the two of them were kissing just like I did with Amber. I watched as the two of them became as one holding each closely. As they broke the kiss Amber said, “I love your cock Stephanie but there is another one here and I think we should use it before we run out of time.”“I agree,” Stephanie said, “but I’m first, I want him all girly,” she said and turned to me and ran her hand down across my semi-exposed cock. “We need this tucked into your osmaniye escort bayan panties sister,” she said and manipulated my cock until it was fully encased in my panties. Now that is a girly look she said and ground her rubber cock against me as she kissed me. Like when I kissed Amber, our tongues met as we kissed and any thought that she was strictly a lesbian went right of my mind. I could feel her grinding that rubber cock against me and wondered what it would feel like if it was on and vibrating between us.I felt her push me back towards the edge of the pool. She pushed until I sat down and she spread my legs wide apart, “Now I am going to fuck you properly girl,” she said and reached inside her panty and pulled that long rubber cock out. She turned it on and slid it along my panty covered cock as I leaned back on my elbows and watched her work. The vibrations were beyond what I would imagine and she played it along the length of my cock. When she got to my tip covered in the panty she circled it sending vibrations through my entire body.She smiled, “you see Sweetie girls like to have fun with a cock as well.” As she said this she pulled the vibrating cock down and pressed it under my balls with the crotch of my panties guarding my ass. If I had been naked I know she would have pushed it inside of me. I felt the tip of the cock slide up across my balls and then she slipped it into the panty leg opening and I felt that huger rubber cock slide across mine. My cock pushed up and out of the panty again and she bent and licked the underside of my tip.My cock twitched and then I knew I had lost all control as she licked again and I felt the first spurt of hot thick cum shoot out as I laid down on my back and felt the cum land on my belly. “Oh yeah, I love seeing that, you have such a sweet clit babe,” she said as she ran the vibrating tip of her rubber cock up against the tip of my cock and I exploded again. Before I shot the third time she had my cock in her hand and pointed it at my face, “can you give yourself a facial?” she said with a giggle and my cock spurted again but not far enough to hit my face.When I finished I was a mess of cum from my cock to my nipples. “I just love seeing this too,” Stephanie said as she smeared the cum all over my chest, “Such a sexy little bitch,” she hissed as she continued rubbing cum all over me and then sucked her cum covered fingers. “Have you ever tasted your cum?” she asked and pressed two fingers into my mouth as her panty covered pussy rubbed against my hyper sensitive cock tip. “Awww Steph,” Amber complained, “now he is all done, what about me?” she finished making a pouty face with her lower lip stuck out like a 5 year old girl trying to get her way.“I have plenty of battery left in this,” Stephanie said as she waved the big rubber cock in Amber’s face, with some of my cum stuck to the tip of the 8 inch cock “but first someone is going to eat my pussy because I need to cum.”I sat up and then pushed myself in the water to get the cum cleaned off of me. When I surfaced I saw Stephanie get out of the water and grab a towel. She laid down on it with her head towards the pool and peeled the panties off of herself. “Well who is going to get me off?” she said and giggled.I didn’t wait for Amber, as much as I wanted to see the two of them go at it I owed her for the outstanding orgasm she had given me. I got out of the water and moved between her legs, her manicured pussy had a bit of a landing strip while the rest of it was shaved bare. I ran my hands up her legs that were as soft as silk and bent to plant small kisses around her smooth pubic area. She raised her head and smiled as I looked up at her.“Nice and slow,” Stephanie said as my tongue slid along her slit. I could clearly see the lines her panties left on her skin and traced the lines with my fingers as I put my mouth around her clit and flicked my tongue across it. She jerked with pleasure and moaned, “Fuck yeah Larry, I think he knows what he’s doing Amber.”I felt her move her legs apart to give me better access. I lowered myself onto my stomach and put her legs over my shoulders. My first pass up her slit tasted like chlorine from the pool and the second pass brought her fluids to the surface. She had thick discharge that felt so heavy on my tongue and as I pressed my tongue down her slit I could feel her heat that told me she had gotten pretty worked up fucking me with the dildo. “She tries to play the part of a tough lesbian,” I thought to myself, “but inside that façade she still loved the touch of a man.I felt her hands on my head as I continued sliding my tongue up and down her sopping wet pussy. “Use your fingers Larry,” she begged, “I need them inside of me.” I looked up with my lips covered with her arousal and as I looked down I could see clear fluid seeping out between her tight camel toe. I did as she asked inserting two fingers inside her slick hole and it didn’t take but a couple minutes and she stiffened clamping my head between her legs and started to cum. She moaned as the pleasure ran through her body and her hands pulled my mouth hard against her swollen clit. I knew I got her there faster than she wanted so kept flicking my tongue to make sure her orgasm lasted as long as possible.Then suddenly she pushed my head away, “Stop Larry, damn please stop.” She said.“Did I hurt you?” I asked.“No, it felt so good you need to stop, damn you know how to make it feel good. Amber you have got to let him eat you out.” She said. I looked at Amber, she had removed her sheer bra and her huge tits were lying on the pool edge as if on a serving tray. I knew we were not done. I know now why I couldn’t see her areolas, they were as pale as the surrounding skin but little bumps and her nipple made this so arousing.“I think it is time to take this party in the house,” Amber said. “Let’s all get a shower and then decide how to finish in a big way.”