Caught Sniffing Inlaws’Panties.

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Caught Sniffing Inlaws’Panties.I am a Pantie sniffing,loving addict and will never stop my love for it.The fresh scent fills my nasal glands like a crack addict fills his lungs.Since I saw my first pussy I have grown over the years to realise I am not the only one.My current partner fully understands and loves the fact they are the first item I reach for when we she goes to the shower after a long day.She lets me gather the panties crutch area and slide them till they’re under my nostrils so I can smell them while we fuck.I am truly blessed to have her.We have been together for 15yrs and I have been around her sister and mother for most of it.On many occasions I would go take a shower after her mum or sister.As soon as I close the door I would lock it then head straight for the laundry basket.As soon as the lid comes off I am captivated by her sisters thong or her mums’satin panties.I quickly turn the shower on then lay towells on the floor, make myself comfortable then reach in and grab the first set of panties which just happen to be her mums.She always has satin lacy ones in black with red trim or white with lace edges but the best is when I unfold them to reveal the crutch area which has a slight lemon colour right where her hairy cunt lips rub against all day.By then I am stroking my fast erecting black cock getting worked up for the grand finale,raising them to my nostrils and take in that first whiff of her pussy aroma,OMG!!!I bayraklı escort am totally intoxicated and just enjoying her scent as I fantasise just what it would be like to lay her down,lift her skirt up,open her legs then lean forward and smell her pussy through her panties just before I slide my cock up and deep into her cunt.Next I’m blowing my load all over the place.I cheekily wipe up most of my cum with the crutch of her panties,shower then go fuck my partner thinking about what I had just done.It was pretty much the same with her sister except she wore thongs and lots of them.She would constantly change them which I found out later but wasn’t surprised,her BF had just fucked her or she was in her room masturbating.(I found her dildo stashed in a shoe box under her bed).Well her sister and I ended up on our own as my girl,her mum and dad left to go latenight shopping so were gone for at least 2 hours.No sooner had they left her sister and I got some alcohol and laid on the floor talking while looking at the tv every now and then.Her shorts became open as she lay on her stomach with her legs in the air open right in my view.I could clearly see the red thong string trapped between her cunt lips which were nice n thick and very exposed.My cock was damn near busting out of my boardies so I reached in and began to rub myself while taking in this private show her sister was giving me.She then stood up after bayraklı escort bayan about 7-8 minutes of torchering me and slowly turned and announced she needed a shower.She saw my hand hiding in my boardies giggled then sped off to the shower.Fuck I needed to hurry and blow my load asap.So I went down the hallway to my room when her sister came out of the bathroom with just a towel on and explained she wants to use her mum and dads.As soon as she left I went straight for the shower and saw her red thong panties laying in the middle of the bathroom floor where she took them off.As if to say here a present enjoy!So I thought well their was no one else around accept her sister but she was in the other shower so I never thought to lock the door which I always made sure.I pulled my boardies off layed on the towel grabbed my raging cock as I raised the crutch of those red thongs to my nostrils and breathed in all that heavenly glory.Fuck she smelt good but it was wet with her obvious cum juice!I just visualised crawling over to her on the floor pulling her shorts off,parting her legs wide open then going in to smell her crutch ,licking her cuntlips before finally lining my cock up to her cunt then ploughing in all the way to her vital organs then pounding the fuck out of her.I was 5 seconds from having a massive orgasm when the fucking door opened and their was Courtney standing their in a pair of white lacy thongs escort bayraklı staring straight at my now cum blowing cock!Before I could began to explain she knelt down and began licking off all my cum from my hand,chest and eventually my cock.I could not beleive this was happening but it was.My cock shot back to attention as she just sucked my cock for 10 long minutes till she grabbed my hand and led me in to my room and said ‘now fuck me in your bed like you fuck my sister’.With that I pushed her on the bed pulled her panties down ,wrapped them round my nostrils then guided my cock in to her hot juicy wet pussy.Fuck she was tight and she screamed as I shoved the rest of my cock inside her cunt.I fucked her hard and fast while smelling her panties and telling her how much I fuck her sister.I told her about my pantie addiction and she told me she new I was blowing my loads on her panties because often she would go in after me and find her panties had been moved so she put one and one together.I fucked her mouth,pussy and arse till I was totally fucked.And we had just cleaned up when the car rolled in the drive.I went out to help and my partner reaches down to the front of my trousers and squeezes my cock leans up to my ear and tells me how some hot guy came on to her while she was looking at some lingerie and that she was almost tempted to fuck him in the changing rooms but now all the way home she wondred what it would been like to come home to me with a cunt full of some guys cum.With that we naturally went straight to our room and fucked like never before.What a woman,what a family.I’m pretty sure her sister in the room next to us got a earful from our room that night.