Caught by my sweet cousin

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Caught by my sweet cousinI come from a large family that is spread out to about five states. Every once in a while my family and me will go on a trip to see some cousins or uncles and aunts. Me, and my parents were staying the weekend at my dad’s cousin’s house. He was a nice guy and taught me a lot about cars. That is why I told my parents I liked staying at his house, but the real reason is his daughter Clair. Clair is three years older then me and we spent a lot of time together growing up. It wasn’t until I hit puberty that my older cousin was not just this cool girl I liked to hang out with, but she was a hot piece of ass. I can’t tell you how many times I have jacked off to thoughts of her. She is thin, tall with long brown hair and a great figure. I was sixteen and convinced my parents that I was capable of making the trip to my cousin’s house safely. I was looking forward to seeing Clair, I hadn’t seen her in a while and I wanted to show her how adult I looked. I had recently lost my baby fat and started toning up for basketball season. I got to the house all right and spent some time talking to my dad’s cousin about school and sports and cars blah blah blah. I ask him about Clair and he tells me that she isn’t back from college yet and won’t be until a few days after I leave. I hide it but I was so pissed. I had been working out especially hard the past few weeks not to mention begging my mom to let me stay over for the holiday weekend, and she wasn’t even going to be there. The only good news he gave me was that I could stay in her room instead of the guest room. When I heard that I thought of my consolation prize. Sure I wouldn’t be able to fuck her, but I could look through her stuff and find something worth keeping. I told him I was tired from the trip and went into Clair’s room to, “sleep.” When the door was closed and I was sure he was gone I went through her stuff. I started with the drawers, then under her bed and the closet. I ended up with a sexy pair of thongs a lace bra and some pictures of her at the beach in a bikini. I took some tissues from her dresser and went to town on myself.That night I wacked off three times while I looked at her picture and imagined taking her thong and bra off. After I had let lose my third monster load of cum into a tissue I drifted off to sleep with thoughts her running through my head.I woke up the next morning and see a pair of beautiful brown eyes looking down at me. At first I thought it was a dream or maybe I was looking at another picture but after my eyes adjusted to the light I realized çorum escort that it was my cousin looking at me. That wouldn’t have been too bad except for the fact that I still had her thong, bra and picture next to me, and a cum filled tissue on my stomach. By the look on her face I figured she was able to put the pieces together to figure out what I was doing last night. I was mortified. I tried to throw the tissue out and hide the evidence but she just smiled at me.In a sweet, non-judgmental voice se said, “So my dad said you would be staying over for the next couple of days.”Trying to joke with her and lighten the mood, “and he told me you were away at school for the next week.”“My test got canceled so I came home early.”She just looked at me for a long time as if she was waiting for me to confess. So I did, “I know this looks bad but I was just…”In the same lovely voice, “I bet I can guess what you were doing.”“Well, I mean I didn’t mean for you to see this.”“But I didn’t get to see anything. Would you show me what you were doing last night?”I figured this had to be a trap, “but me and your dad have to…”“Dad had some things to take care of today, he won’t be back for hours. Besides he told me to watch you while he was gone, and I just want to watch you.”I will admit I kind of got scared, even though I had wanted something like this to happen for years, now that it was happening I didn’t know what to do. “I don’t know if we should be doing this.”She then reached down and put her hand on the bulge in my boxers. I have gotten head and had sex before but never had my dick gotten so hard from just a touch. She could not take her eyes off my tent. “Come on, I know you were jacking off to my stuff, and I know it wasn’t your first time. I used to spy on you while you masturbated and you would call my name and be looking at a picture of me.”“You would watch as I masturbated?” part of me felt violated and exposed, but another part of me felt turned on.“oh yes, and then I would have to sneak off and masturbate too. Do you want to know what I would think about when I got myself off? It would be you. I thought of me jerking you off and you fucking me with your hard cock.”She then reached into my shorts and pulled my dick out and started stroking it. Slowly at first just feeling it as she let it move in her hand. “Is this what you were doing last night, jerking your big dick?”I couldn’t express how amazing I felt at that point. I found some courage and decided to take this further, “I also had your panties on my face so I could smell your pussy.” escort çorum She knew exactly what I wanted her to do and she did it. She got up on the bed and put her pussy right over my face, so we were 69ing. “Is this what you were doing?”I just mumbled as I stuck my head deep into her pussy. She smelled and tasted wonderful. I was eating her out while she sucked me off for a while before she got up off the bed and turned to me. “That was great, but that is not what your were imagining last night was it?”“Well, I had imagined us doing something else.”“Tell me what you wanted to do to me.”“I was imagining I was fucking you.” She climbed on top of him pushing his head into her breasts. “Oh yes is that you wanted then do it. Fuck me like you want to.” It took me a few seconds to register what she was saying. That and I was too busy burying my face in her tits to hear that the hottest girl in the world was telling me to fuck her. It wasn’t until the time she asked, “Chuck stop teasing me and fuck me, please fuck me already.”That time I heard and processed what she wanted. While I continued to lick and lightly bite her nipples I reached down with one hand and moved my dick position. I gave one hard thrust upward and I was in. she gave a little gasp and started to breathe harder and harder as I continued to fuck her. I pulled my head out of her beautiful chest, “Is this what you wanted me to do to you?”She didn’t say any thing; she just pulled me in for a long passionate kiss. I was so focused on our tongues that I almost forgot to keep pumping. She took me for a turn so that I was now on top of her. This was heaven, I was fucking the girl I had had a hard on for years and she was completely in to me. I grabbed her bouncing tits and squeezed hard, using them as a handle to hold on to. She then turned around again so that we were doing it doggie style. I kept a hold on her tits but then moved to grab her hair. I pulled it back as I felt my dick go deep into her. We stayed in that position for a while; I kept pulling her hair or tits as I fucked her. She let lose on orgasm after another, squeezing my dick and covering it with her juices. She would let out laud moans as her body would tense up and the climax took control of her body. After her third orgasm in the last hour of our furious fuck session I felt my own orgasm building up inside my nuts. “Oh shit baby I’m gonna cum.”When she heard that she started to move her hips and grind against my hips. “Finally, I was wondering how long it would take before you gave me your baby juice. Don’t stop till çorum escort bayan you fill me with your seed. Oh yes keep going just like that.” I kept humping into her gyrating hips until she had another orgasm, when I heard her moan and felt her coat me in her liquid I let lose my own. Every time I trusted forward I not only gave her the length of my dick but also a healthy load of seamen. She screamed in joy at her gift, “Yes, keep going, fill my pussy, just like you always dreamt of.” After five or six loads my balls were empty, but my dick was still hard and my hips kept going. I could feel both our liquids mixing and making a lube that helped keep my tool going fast and strong in and out of her tight hole. My dick was very sensitive though so after two minutes of fucking I came again. It was not as big a load as before but it was enough to satisfy both of us of our lusts for each other. We collapsed and just lay there in the bed not able to move a muscle. I just looked at her in her after glow as she lay there in my arms. I started to catch my breath and was closing my eyes when a voice from the door way put me on full alert. It was my cousin’s mom standing in the doorway in her nightgown. She was starring right at us. I was so scared, there I was with my older cousin, we were both naked and I am sure she heard us fucking from no matter what room of the house she was in. I knew we were caught and there would be hell to pay.In a calm and gentle tone, kind of like the one Clair gave me when she woke me up, “You two can’t be spent already, I had a whole day planned out.” She walked in and closed the door behind her. She let her nightgown fall to the floor revealing her sexy body. It was not as shapely as her daughter’s, but it was still nice enough to get my dick hard and ready for another round, or should I say another ten rounds.We spent the entire day fucking. I fucked Shannon, Clair’s mom, a few times, and then I would fuck Clair. Then the two women would fuck each other while I rested and watched. They would ride me and then I would ride them. After one of the women reach an orgasm the other would push her off and insist it was her turn for a ride. When I came they would take it all, either in their pussies or their mouths. They would fight over my dick and cum like it was their first glimpse of food in weeks. Not a single drop was wasted. I started fucking Clair at seven in the morning and her, Shannon and I were fucking, sucking, licking, kissing, fingering and cumming until midnight when my dad’s cousin finally came home. He saw me sitting on the couch, half dead from exhaustion. He put a hand on my shoulder and said, “So did the girls show you a good time today while I was gone.” He flashed me a huge smile and went up to his bedroom. God I love my family!