Catch a view!

3 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Catch a view!Some more years ago we went to a restaurant of a oarsman’s club at our river. I said to my wife, please wear that black leather costume with garter, lace stockings and black boots. She put her black white striped bra under the jacket and no pants under the very short skirt. She looked fantastic. With every step her skirt moved round her thighs and her ass. The lace of the stockings look out and you could see the closure amasya escort of the garter. Hot view. So we went into the restaurant. There was a heightened podest with some tables and tables on the deeper place. We sat down at a table on the higher place. Some guys were sitting downside. And they all looked as would they have seen the first time a female person… it was funny. Their mouths were open and their eyes escort amasya came out their heads… hahaha. We ordered something to eat and to drink. My wife was sitting on her chair and crossed her legs and always when she opened her legs we could see that the guys beneath us, tried to catch a look under her skirt where, I think, one could see a bit of her naked shaved pussy. So we both talked some time and ate and amasya escort bayan drank and so on… and I said to my wife she should not sit with crossed legs, she should sit normally, so that the boys can take a look of her nice pussy. That was the point, all of the guys looked with wide opened eyes up to our table and I must laugh inside myself… it’s really so easy to make the boys hot. So we played this game a few times until we finished our meal and paid our bill and went outside to our car. On the way home I let my hands wander between my wifes legs and felt her warm shaved pussy… and I knew I would have done the same as the guys in the restaurant… catch a view!