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CAROL – I HAVE BEEN A BAD CATdeleted CAROL – I HAVE BEEN A BAD CATHun are you awake , yes, I want to go out and be a very bad cat, then come back to you and be punished , anything goes , yes anything , are you sure now, once I start I am not going to turn back, , Yes.Hun , yes , I went out last night while you were asleep, I did not where anything except a short dress and heals, I drove out of town to one of those bars along the highway by that truck stop, There is a repair shop behind the gas station part, there were three men siting against the wall by the entrance having a smoke, they were dirty, they close had grease all over them, I went up to them and told them I wanted to be treated like a complete slut and they could do anything they wanted to me. One of the said they are on break but they will be off in about a hour and to meet them at the sex shop down the street. I was to take off everything and stand by the back door.The cat did as told. when the back door opened a man grabbed me by my wrist brought me in and put me in a room, the room had hole on one side and a urinal on the other. The place was filthe, there was cum on the floor and stuck to the wall under the hole. I just went down to my knees in a pool of cum and piss and waited, the light in the room was a bulb hanging from the ceiling and was covered with dirt that made it dim. In a short time I herd a man come down the hall and a cuck came through the hole, It smeld, it was very long a fat with a big head on it. A rough voice said suck it. which trabzon escort I did. When he came, shooting the cum into my mouth I just let to go out of my mouth, around the cuck and into the puddle I was kneeling in. Then two men came in and placed me on a work horse and tied me around the wast to it. the top board on the horse was narrow and separated my hanging tits and legs, and put weight on my klit. Then they pushed me up to the hole. They squirted something on my cunt and into my ass. They pulled my long hair back and tying a rope sto a hook that was placed in my ass hole, they tightened the rope so that my mouth was pressed against the hole. They made it so someone fucking me could hold onto the hook. My feet could barely touch the floor. When they left me they opened some door, I do not know where and a sound of a women cuming and men growing came through, I think it was a movie house. There was a lot on men talking, sometimes louder then the mover they were watching. As the men got worked up they would come into were I was and aether go to the hole or just come into my room, piss into a wall urinal, then fuck me holding onto the hook, my cunt started tightened and my clit, which was taking the weight of my body being pressed down on the top board of the horse started to react. I needed to piss and just did. I was fucked and cucks cum into my open mouth for what seemed like hours. Some would just come in and masturbate on me. I never climaxed but remained wanting to. The cum started to get so escort trabzon deep on my back and in my cunt that it went down the inside of my legs and off my feet. they then they took me back to my car and through me in it. I drove home naked. Hun, I have been a very bad cat and deserve a very harsh punishment. I agree cat and I am going to make it one that you will never forget. Hun are you awake , yes , the cat is ready for her punishment , It will happen tomarow night. Ready, this is your last chance , punish me , Since we have been marid I have known that your brother in law has wanted to fuck you. Him and I have talked a number of times, slowly telling him more and more about his sister. He is a cuckold and his wife likes to cuck him with other men, She also plays with women. I called him and told him what I am going to do and asked if he is interested, he sad yes and if his wife can come along, I said yes. , Please not that Please , the cat has got to learn. I will be telling your more just before it accrues. Now get ready.Where am I, I contacted the three men you were with that night. One of them owns that open barn you are looking at. He has contacted twenty five men that are in that barn waiting for you. There is a ten foot wood wall in the center with a hole in it. On aether side there are bleacher seats, you will be placed on the wooden horse the same way you were the other night. Mouth tight to the hole, this time a device will be connected to your clit which you will not have a choice weather trabzon escort bayan to cum or not. Your brother in law and his wife will be seated to your left, there will also be someone you know on your right. The rest of the seating will be the men ready to dump their cum in your cunt, around the hook or on your back, above the hole is a one way glass that can be changed to two way, I would say with all those there your punishment will take about five hours afterward it will be up to you. now put on this mask and get out of the car. I will walk you to the wood horse.Well, I never stopped cuming, some of the men were huge both in my mouth and in my cunt, The hook in my ass was a diameter and after it was stretched you must be able to look in me. My brother in law fucking me, and his wifes tung around the hook, my mind was totally out of control, my clit said I will cum, another part of my mind on who was fucking me. Then when my mouth was filled with one of the largest cucks, slowly injecting cum down my through, the one way glass changing, I looked up and the look at my Father in laws face while he was shooting cum into me I cant enplane, we locked eyes together and I completed and piss ran down my legs. I was socked in cum. When all those men and part of family had emptied all the cum they had, the rope from around my wast was removed I just lead there, I loved it , We will see how long you will remember this fucking while wearing a Chastity belt for the next two weeks. Your time can be reduced, for every seven hours servicing a glory hole, is one day off the the punishment cat. And for you to understand, you are being punished for not protecting yourself by taking along several of the men you are fucking as guards to prevent you from being hurt.