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CaptiveShe swims back to consciousness, aware of the large gap in her memory. What DID happen after she passed out? Carol remembered only the pleasant-voiced older man who had caught her seconds before she blacked out. Her vision seemed as hazy as her memory, but she was increasingly aware of the peculiar position of her limbs. Perhaps she had broken both legs, for they seemed to be propped far above her as she lay on the bed, as if she were in traction. Her arms were pinned above her, and a gentle tug did not free her wrists from whatever force held them there. Carol shook her head, puzzled. Her ankles were propped so high that her ass was off the bed, and the small of her back swung above the sheets. What kind of hospital put its patients in such strange positions? And what had happened to put her in the hospital, anyway?She now became aware of the tight belt that cinched her already-small waist in several inches. When she tried to squirm from side to side, it held her somehow, as if it might be fastened to something. Just as she began to panic at her continued inability to clear her vision, she heard approaching footsteps, and then the room sprang into brilliance! The lights had been dimmed, and she now discovered, a soft scarf d****d over a framework above her face to delay her recognition of her surroundings.She could see through the scarf, in a blurred fashion, and she saw two men enter the room. She also discovered, to her shock and dismay, that she was naked! Her ankles were fastened wide-spread to the bottom finials of a tall four-poster bed, and her wrists closer to the bed on the top posts. A wide black leather strap bit into the up-tilted curve of her waist, and a cord led from each side of the cinch to the bottom posts of the bed. The men stopped at the bottom of the bed, just to her left. One she could see was the older gentleman from earlier in the evening, the other was a younger man, tall and spare of flesh, whom she had never seen before. Why were they here? Why was she? Carol felt the raw edge of panic in her again, and fought to keep it down. She would need all her wits to keep from going insane. The older man spoke, not to her, but to the other man. “You see, Charles, this position provides access to all the appropriate areas, except, of course, the back. She is entirely vulnerable to anything, from fucking to…” Charles chuckled softly. “So when do we begin?” The older man smiled. “So impatient – and there is no need. She is not going anywhere, are you, my dear?” His hand stroked gently down the inside of her thigh, just below the knee. Carol tried to squirm away from his touch, but was able only to twist her shoulders and head about on the bed. “You see what I mean, Charles? A perfect blackboard for the teacher.” And he and Charles laughed again, the kind of laugh that portends no amusement for anyone but those laughing. “I’m looking forward to these lessons, Ray,” said the younger man. “When do we begin?” “We already have.” came the quiet answer, as the man’s hand continued to stroke the woman’s leg in the same intimate way.”The key to sensual pain is timing.” Ray’s hand never ceased its gentle strokes. Carol gasped in fright nonetheless – what in heaven were they planning? “You see, her apprehensions have awakened,” the older man continued. “This is essential – once the fear comes in, the senses are aroused to their fullest. THAT is the key to her passion!” Even through the scarf, Carol could see that the man’s expression was not cruel, but his words were terrifying! With no way to escape, adrenalin was making her shake and her heart thump alarmingly. Her fright merely increased as she saw the thin strip of plastic Ray now raised. The thing was about two feet long, and approximately the width of a pencil. It was slightly flattened, however. “This is a very useful cane,” said Ray. “It’s the material used for boning bras and such now, very whippy and light, but impossible to break.” And without any further words, he cracked the thin strip against the thigh he had been stroking! Carol shrieked, and jerked against her bonds helplessly, unable to escape the pain. She could see the white slash of flesh turning red as the whip-mark developed. “Now, the novice would hit her again, right away – probably on the other thigh. Isn’t that what you would do?” Charles shook his head. “That’s a sucker question! You just told me no – now tell me why not.” “Timing, as I said before. What you want to do is wait until her breathing slows, and the skin has a chance to recover from the blow. THEN!” and a second blow landed just below the mark of the first, on the same thigh. “then, she will feel ALL of the next stroke, and move that much closer to her translation. Carol struggled desperately for breath, not really hearing the man’s words. Her panic filled her, but it had no avenue except her throat. She thrashed her head back and forth, and fought the confinements of her bonds, to no avail.The lesson continued until Carol hung limp in the ropes, and the insides of both thighs were criss-crossed with red marks. Such was the expertise of the older man, though, that she was still conscious and fearful, awaiting the next “lesson”.Carol’s thighs seemed to be on fire. She gasped as the older man, Ray, stroked the heated flesh gently. “You see, Charles, all the nerves are awake now. She thinks what she feels here is pain, but that will change.” He continued the soothing stroking motion, and gradually, despite her fear and the pain in her skin, Carol began to feel the tickling of arousal. “Now you will see the advantages of this position more clearly, because I think it is time for some fucking.” Ray’s casual statement caused Carol’s thighs to tighten in protest, sending a new wash of pain over her – but also increasing her excitement. She was dismayed to feel the lubrication start in her pussy.Charles looked at the older man uncertainly. “Which one of us is going to fuck her?” “Oh, both of us eventually – but you will start us off tonight.” The sound of the two men discussing her casually over her bound and helpless body made Carol feel more frightened, and at the same time, more aroused. She was as helpless to understand these new feelings as she was to escape her bonds. Still, she tried, succeeding only in creating a feeling of discomfort in her wide-spread, whipped thighs, and a fresh flow of juices in her vulnerable twat.Charles began to remove his trousers, but was halted by Ray. “Leave the pants on – just unzip the fly and haul out your cock.” “Why?” wondered the younger man. “There’s a certain element of mastery in your being totally dressed and her being totally exposed as she is.” The words awakened a quivering sense of humiliation in Carol that somehow heightened her excitement. She watched dimly through the scarf as Charles hauled an enormous-seeming prick out of his trousers. Despite that, she was unprepared for the sensation of its swollen head pressing against her labia. She began to fight the bonds again, shrieking in protest if not in pain, but of course her struggles had no outcome – the man’s cock sank deep into her, and the coarse weave of the cloth (and probably the zipper teeth as well) ground against her sensitized flesh. What she felt was definitely pain – but the swelling of her labia, and the copious moisture inside her testified to other sensations as well. Somehow, Carol was being turned on. With no other outlet for her adrenalin, she was feeling more aroused than she ever had before. The excitement of struggle and fear had been translated to sexual excitement, and she felt her struggles changing, too. Now she strove to grind her flaming pussy harder against the man’s groin as he fucked her. In this, she was no more successful than in her earlier attempts to escape.Carol had in common with her fellow females a need for extensive arousal before she would orgasm. It was not surprising that Charles came in her before her own spasm could build. The withdrawal of the now-spent man came as a shock almost as painful as the earlier whipping. She screamed her protest. Ray was nodding his head approvingly. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to pull you off – that’s a critical part of her training, you know, sexual arousal, then denial. She’s come a long way tonight – not ALL the way, but quite far. We’ll let her rest now, and you and I will go have a drink. You look like you could use one.” And the two men left the room, snapping off the light as they went.Carol was wild with need, and her bondage did not permit even the slightest relief. She could only hang limp in the cords and wish with all her heart that the men would return. She did not realize, but that was the purpose of the lesson she had just been through.I unlocked the door to my hotel suite and walked in. The cool of the air conditioning was a welcome relief from the sticky heat of the city streets. I poured myself a drink, kicked off my shoes, and settled into an arm chair with the load of magazine that I’d bought.I’m not the sort of guy who frequents a fancy downtown hotel like this. In fact this was my first visit here and, in fact, to this city. I’d taken second place in a sales contest at work and had won a “Second Honeymoon Weekend for Two” at this hotel out a hundred miles from my hometown. Since I’m not married, the gang at the office k**ded me about the wild time I would have with some “pretty young thing.” Of course I would never admit it to them but, after breaking up with my wife a year ago, I’d usually dated very little.I’d gotten quickly bored with the pick-up scene. Or maybe, more honestly, I”d felt that an almost-middle-aged guy like myself couldn’t compete with all the young studs in the bars. Not that I consider myself over the hill or anything; I’m only thirty seven and work out regularly to keep in top shape. It just all seemed at times to be too much bother. Anyway, after some thought, I decided to use my prize. I deserved some time off and besides could find some use for the $500 in spending money included. The accommodations were certainly first-class. It was a two-room suite; a sitting room with a twelfth-floor balcony affording a beautiful view of the waterfront. There also was a separate bedroom with a king size bed. Amenities included a well-stocked bar and a jacuzzi in the bathroom. It had been a nice summer day for the drive and I’d arrived early enough to avoid the crush of rush hour traffic. After freshening up I went for a stroll to get my bearings, had a few drinks in a nearby bar, and stuff myself with a steak dinner. On my way back to the hotel, I’d stopped by a magazine stand.Sipping my Jack Daniels and water, I flipped disinterestedly through the pages. I lit up one of the supply of joints I’d rolled for the weekend and let the warmth of the gentle buzz seep into my brain. I quickly got bored with the usual sports and political stuff and instead turned to the free tabloid paper I’d grabbed from a street rack. It was a fairly typical “adult entertainment” rag and I made mental notes about some of the nearby strip joints advertised. For some reason, a small ad near the back aught my eye. “QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE DISCRIMINATING GENTLEMAN” was all it said, listing a phone number. For the hell of it I reached for the phone and dialed.After a few rings a deep female voice answered with simply a soft ‘Hello’. I mentioned seeing the ad and asked about what kinds of ‘services’ they offered. She must have sensed my sarcasm and responded with a small laugh. “We offer a wide variety of services’ and we have a variety of attractive ‘service technicians’ available. We offer premium quality at a premium price. What kind of ‘service’ are you interested in ?”The last time I’d used a hooker was years ago while in the service. Maybe the booze and smoke had melted my reserve. I had the prize money in my pocket and I was in the city to have a good time so I decided to go for it. “I was wondering if one of your ladies could visit me in my hotel room.” “If you’ll tell me a little bit about what you desire,” she replied, “I’ll be glad to have one of our agents call you. You can work out the details with him or her. He or she will collect our referral fee if you decide to get together.”Her easy-going manner had put me at ease. “I’m interested in a ‘she’. Someone tall and slim, but with a nice figure. A woman of class, with brains as well as a body. Someone self-assured and confident.” I hesitated; then blurted out, “A woman not afraid to take charge… I mean… to take control… I mean…” “I understand,” she said, interrupting my embarrassment, “I think Carol is available this evening. I’m sure she’ll suit your tastes. If you like, I’ll have her give you a call.” Feeling my cock grow slightly in my slacks, I gave her my first name and phone number.I went to the bar and freshened my drink. Settling once again in my chair, my mind raced. Rich fantasies that I had buried deep within my subconscious now bubbled to the surface. Visions of being helplessly bound before a tall, beautiful goddess… commanded to serve and to do unmentionable things… being stripped of my masculinity and forced to wear feminine clothes… The last thought sent a shiver of guilt and excitement down my spine. I took a healthy gulp from my drink in a effort to calm my now pounding heart. I toyed with the idea of another joint to settle me down but decided that I needed to keep my wits about me.The sudden explosion of sound from the phone made me jerk and spill my drink in my lap. I made a half-hearted effort at wiping up the mess before grabbing the ringing phone. My ear was met with a husky, yet very feminine, voice. “Hello, John… this is Carol. How are you doing tonight ?” “F-f- fine,” I finally managed to blurt out, “H-h-how are you ?” I felt like an idiot; as if I were a teenager asking for his first date. “I’m doing just fine,” Carol replied. “The agency said you karaman escort called. What can I do for you ?” I again started stammering. “W-w-well, I thought you could join me at my hotel for a few drinks or a joint a-a-and…” “That’s O.K.,” she interjected soothingly, “I know that you’re excited about getting together. Why don’t I tell you a little about myself to help break the ice.”She went on to described herself in a manner that made my crotch swell against my now-soaked slacks. She said she was twenty-eight, 5′ 10”, with brown eyes and long brown hair. “And I’ve been told a rather nice body,” she continued with a twinkle in her voice. “I’m especially proud of my tight little ass and my long legs. How does that sound to you ?” The last remark sent another tingle through my cock. I’m a leg man from way back. “It sounds great !” I responded with enthusiasm. “Good,” she cooed, ” now tell me about what sort of things you’ve been fantasizing about before I called.”Somehow her straight-forward yet gentle manner eased the tension. I poured out my desires of bondage and domination; my voice quickening and my descriptions becoming more graphic as I went. Carol responded with an almost bubbly enthusiasm; encouragin me to fill in any details that I might have forgotten. Finally, I summoned my courage and added, “…and I’d love to be forced to wear women’s clothes.” She purred softly in response, “Now THAT sounds delicious.”She asked for a brief description of myself. She murmured in approval as I related my 5’10, 180 lb., muscular build. “Mmmm a big boy… or should I say a big ‘girl’. I like that.” She quickly covered the business end of things; the agency’s and her fee. It was a lot but I was far beyond caring by now. I gave her the hotel name and my room number. “I got to gather a few things and grab a cab; but I should be there in about a half-hour. Now I want you to behave yourself until then. Don’t even touch that little cock of yours before I arrive.” The last was delivered in the same husky, bubbly voice. But it bore into the core of my soul very much as a command.I was about to hang up when a sudden thought struck me. “I forgot to ask. What sort of things are you interested in ?” There was a pause and the same murmur, this time with a slight edge of a growl. “”Mmmm… you find out soon enough. Lets just say that I like to be in command.”I sat there stunned, the receiver frozen to my ear. I never heard the click; it took the dial tone to shock me back to reality. As I hung up the phone I instinctively reached down to relieve the burning desire between my legs. Suddenly, as if by remote control, my hand came to a stop inches from my crotch. I sat and stared at it as it quivered nervously; suspended in mid- air.Part III don’t know how long I sat there before suddenly coming back to my senses. Shaken, I decided to have that second joint to calm me. I lit it and took several deep drags. Exhaling slowly, I felt a dizzy airiness waft through my head. Quickly peeling my clothes off, I headed to the shower. As I stepped under the spray, my cock swayed in front of me. It seemed larger and harder that I ever remembered it, the skin on its head stretched taut and shiny. I turned the water all the way to cold in a attempt to quell the aching need to beat off. The relief, if any, and short-lived. Toweling off, I was forced to pat my crotch as gently as possible lest the rough terrycloth trigger a forbidden orgasm. Even though in my present feverish state I felt my erection would quickly return; I was sure that Carol would somehow know that I had disobeyed.Finishing the joint as I went, I slipped into a fresh pair of briefs; stretching the waistband to the limit and bending forward in order to capture my cock without any forbidden touch. As I fumbled with my slacks and sport shirt, my mind strayed frequently. Snapping back to reality to discover myself sitting on the bed with one sock on, I realized that I had gone far beyond a light buzz. I was totally wrecked. Panic struck me; would I be able to keep my wits sufficiently about me? Struggling to concentrate on the tasks at hand, I somehow managed to put the required money on the end table in an envelope. I wandered around the suite in a haphazard attempt at tidying things up. I was about to refill my drink from the bar when a loud knock at the door startled me.I shuffled to the door and opened it. There stood Carol. Her brief phone description did not begin to do her justice. She was not at all as I had imagined. A broad smile spread across her face; brilliant white teeth framed her soft red lips shining w h a wet-look gloss. She had her long hair pulled back into a casual pony tail. This, along with the moderate makeup and her casual outfit, gave her more the appearance of a coed than a hooker. She wore a jean jacket over a leotard and a matching denim skirt. The latter was fashionably short, cut several inches above the knee. It featured her legs wonderfully. She had been most modest about them. Deeply tanned, they looked lovely without stockings. So smooth and slim, and they seemed to extend forever. I followed them down with my eyes until they disappeared into her red pumps. I stared numbly at the four inch spike heels.”May I come in, John ?” The soft huskiness of her voice caused me to jerk my head upwards. Too dazed to respond, I stepped back and allowed her to enter. She strolled in, dropping a large tote bag in a chair as she went. I locked the door and turned to see her move through the suite. The fabric of her skirt stretched tight as her firm ass swayed from side to side as she glided toward the bedroom. Just as I started to follow after her, she reappeared. “Nice. Very nice,” she offered. Taking a deep breath she remarked, “Seems like you started the party without me. Got any more ?” Finding my voice I replied “Sure,” and quickly lighted another joint. Offering it to her I noticed that the heels gave her several inches over me.”A drink ?” I asked, mad at myself for mumbling in monosyllables. “Please. Scotch on the rocks if you have it.” “Coming right up,” I said moving to the bar. As it had on the phone, her easy going manner had again put me at ease. I poured one for myself and moved to the couch where she had seated herself. I felt my face redden as I noticed her looking straight at my bulging zipper as I approached. Embarrassed, I handed her drink and took a seat in the armchair next to the couch and painfully tried to cross my legs. This brought a small grin in response.Carol made small talk about the traffic and weather as we sat and sipped our drinks. I tried to keep my eyes moving; alternately staring at the swell of her firm breasts peeking out from beneath her jacket, the expanse of her trim thighs exposed as she crossed her legs, and the gentle swaying of her slim high heels. I certainly didn’t need the additional booze and grass. Both my inhibitions and my self-control were fading rapidly. I lapsed into silence and found myself staring at her long sculptured nails as she passed the end of the joint. They were the same shiny soft red as her lips. I found myself intrigued by them. Somehow they seemed both seductive and threatening at the same time. Suddenly, the familiar sound of a soft, growl-like murmur brought my eyes upwards.Until now I had subconsciously avoided direct eye contact. Now I knew why. Her overall appearance of innocence was betrayed by something deep within those eyes; Large brown pools that penetrated so. I felt myself being drawn in. They seemed to bore deep into my soul. I was unable to avert my gaze; trapped like a deer in a car’s headlights. A shiver of panic and pleasure went through me as a soft “Time to begin,” echoed in my ears.”Stand up,” Carol ordered and I obeyed. “Get undressed,” came another soft command. Responding almost mechanically, I removed my clothes. The lay on the floor around me where they fell. My eyes admired those incredibly long legs as Carol, now standing, turned away from me and rummaged through the tote bag. My body hair seemed to ruffle in the cool breeze of the air conditioning as I stood there naked. Carol turned and approached. In my stoned state she seemed to be moving underwater. The few steps between us took forever. My mind was jarred momentarily by the sight that I beheld; until now I had not realized that she had removed her jacket. Her braless breasts swayed slightly under the sleeveless leotard. They stood firm and proud; the deep vee of the neckline hinting at the soft valley between them. The taut shiny fabric highlighted their full roundness and prominent nipples.”Turn around.” Carol now stood inches from me. I had to look up slightly to reach those mysterious brown eyes. A devilish grin had transformed her face from cute to cunning. “Turn around,” she said again. The barest hint of roughness in her voice created more urgency than if she had yelled. I shuffled around. My wrists were pulled firmly behind me. A wide band of leather circled them. The strap tightened sharply. My hands, suddenly released, fell against my bare ass. My wrists felt welded together when I tested them. A surge of panic and arousal swept through me. My already straining cock twitched up and down in front of me. I sensed Carol moving behind me but I was afraid to turn without permission.After a few moments she reappeared. Slowly she dropped to her knees in front of me. My cock jumped again. “Lift your foot,” came the soft command. Looking down, I watched as she drew a pair of tights over my raised foot. I shifted my pose as she did he other. They were an opaque flesh color and finished with a high gloss. I watched in fascination as my hairy limbs became sleek as she glided the shiny nylon upward. My flesh tingled as their firm caress enveloped them. She moved deliberately; using both hands to smooth the fabric upwards. As she approached my groin, my cock quivered anew and my eyes closed in anticipation. They jerked open and I yelped as the waistband snapped painfully around my middle.Carol again disappeared behind me. I took the opportunity to examine my new limbs as I twisted and turned them. They seemed somehow slimmer and more attractive then before. The soft reflection of the room lights shimmered and sparkled on the shiny material. My cock, now imprisoned against my stomach, was tantalized by the soft yet unyielding cloth. Carol returned to view, holding something behind her. She had now removed her skirt and I was allowed for the first time to admire the entire length of those wondrous legs. Incredibly smooth and flawlessly tan, they extended from the red pumps in gentle curves. The high french cut of the shiny leotard framed her long, firm thighs, round hips, and half exposed the tight globes of her well- rounded ass. The garment fit like a layer of skin over her flat stomach and narrow waist. The faintest outline of her cunt lips was visible where her legs met.My enjoyment was short-lived. Bringing her hand into view she held a pair of scissors menacingly before my crotch. Light flashed off the silvery blades as she opened and closed them. In horror, I tugged at my bonds and began to edge away. “Hold still” she said as she pulled me back by the waistband of my tights. I froze breathlessly as she carefully cut a small hole in the nylon. Suddenly free, my cock leaped outward. She squeezed it just behind the engorged head with two fingers. Her firm grasp stopped my impending orgasm just short of release. She pulled my balls through the hole and arranged the edge of the nylon around them. I caught a lump in my throat as she toyed with me by slowly running her long fingernails along the length of my cock. I groaned, my pleasure grew maddeningly; denied relief by her squeeze.Without releasing her grip, Carol again ordered me to raise each foot in turn. It took a few moments for me to regain enough composure to realize what she was doing. She pulled a pair of briefs up my nyloned legs. The were made of thin latex in the same bright red as her high heels. The most bizarre part was the crotch piece. It formed into a pouch and narrow tube that matched the shape of my swollen genitals. On the inside of the open tube, small straps fastened with snaps behind my balls and in several places along the length of my cock. The last of these was around the base of my cockhead, replacing the grip of her fingers. Once these were firmly in place, Carol pulled the closed end of the tube over the swollen head. Then she began to lace the top edges of the tube shut. Beginning at the outer end, she worked slowly; carefully smoothing the thin rubber and tugging the laces tight. The lacing continued to the base of my cock, then up to the top edge of the briefs. She pulled the waistband extra snug and finished it with a double knot. As a final measure, there were several attached straps of heavier latex. These she buckled tightly around the top of my ball sac, behind my balls against my abdomen, and around the base of the head of my cock.Carol stepped back and, placing her hands at her narrow waist, surveyed her handiwork. I looked down in amazement at my trapped genitals. They were totally enclosed in the bright red rubber and stood pointing straight ahead from my crotch. Carol walked around me, rubbing her hands over the briefs. My ass cheeks were cupped and lifted by the stretchy material. Teasingly, she stroked and squeezed my encased cock and balls. The combination of the tight straps and lacing prevented any subsiding or expansion of my raging erection. I could feel her caress through the thin rubber and my passion grew. Yet I was held firmly just short orgasmic release. I moaned involuntarily as my arousal expanded in to a dull, pleasurable ache deep within me. In addition, the latex captured my body heat and perspiration; further adding to my discomfort.”So far, so good,” remarked Carol as she once again turned to the tote bag, “Now to work escort karaman on the rest of you. This will give you nice curves,” She held up a formidable-looking waist cincher. It was made of the same red latex, although in a much heavier grade, and was heavily boned. She looped the garment around me. As she did so she rose on her toes slightly and came down straddling my imprisoned penis. She grounded her hips in a circular motion, which elicited another moan of frustration. With a giggle at my helplessness, she stepped back, hooked the corset in place, and began lacing it. Beginning at the bottom and working up, she tugged and pulled until I was gasping for breath. Laughing at my discomfort, she gave me a playful slap on my stomach which as now reduced several inches. “Ah… the price we women pay for fashion,” she chuckled. My midsection felt like in was in a vise. I tried, with no luck, to ease the restraint by wiggling. But the boning was unyielding and I was forced to take shallow breaths to relieve the pressure on my ribcage.”Now for your titties,” Carol said, moving behind me. While lacing the waist cinch she had carefully squeezed any available flesh upwards. Now she fastened a series of straps around my well developed pectorals. The thin straps formed the outline of a bra, but without the cups. As she pulled and adjusted the straps she leaned against and over me. I enjoy greatly the brief brushes of her soft thighs and warm crotch against my bound hands.After some time she was finally satisfied with the results. Looking down, I was amazed. The corset and the harness had combined to form breasts. They were not large; somewhat less than a B cup at best. But they were well formed and quite realistic looking. She ran her hands over and over them, testing their bounce and arousing my tiny nipples. The constraint of the straps made them quite engorged and sensitive and I winced as she tweaked them with her long nails.Carol again stepped back to examine me. She nodded and grinned in approval. For my part, I stood there silently blushing; savoring the delicious sensations of my attire and relishing my helplessness. Carol looked briefly around the suite. “Follow me,” she said using my latex-encased penis as a leash. Given my condition, I had no choice but to follow as quickly as I could.She led me over to the writing desk across the room. Pulling out the large swivel chair, which was on wheels, she commanded, “Sit.” I complied as quickly as I could given the limitations the corset put on my movements. As Carol returned to her bag, I took the opportunity to rub my nyloned thighs together and enjoy the jiggle of my new “breasts” as I bounced up and down it the seat. I felt my confined cock throb within the bondage briefs. I was turned-on to a level I had never imagined and looked forward to an impending release of the lust pent up in my groin. Little did I know that the evening had barely begun.Carol returned with several lengths of rope. “Time to make you a little more secure,” she announced. Moving behind me, she pulled my bound wrists behind the chair back. She attached a rope to the strap and then wound it several times around my midsection and the chair back. She tied it tightly each time; forcing me to sit back flush to the chair. Dropping to one knee, she next tied another rope to one of my ankles. Drawing it back and looping it around the base of the chair beneath the seat, she drew her foot off the floor and up towards the back of the chair. She tied it in place and repeated the process with the other leg. She gave a final check; tightening a line here, retying a knot there. When she was done I was lashed firmly to the seat with my legs spread and pulled back beneath me. As if to test her work, she gave the chair a spin.I rotated helplessly in a circle. Between the ropes and the bonds I could do little more than wiggle a few inches in place. The corset and ropes were slightly uncomfortable but I felt no pain other than the dull ache as the blood pulsed through my throbbing cock. It stood out obscenely from my groin, begging for release. Carol gave the chair a harder spin, this time sending me on several revolutions. The room continued to move after I finally came to a rest. The dizziness added to the lightheadedness already felt.As if enjoying a new toy, Carol spun me again and again. The room flashed by in a blur. On each rotation I caught a brief glimpse of Carol, standing with her hands on her hips. Her hoarse laughter echoed; fading in and out as I turned. I closed my eyes as my head spun around. Only when I sensed that I had finally stopped did I reopen them. The room seem to continue to move wildly. Finally I was able to blink it to a stop.Carol towered over me. Her full lips were spread in a sinister grin. She captured my eyes with hers. I stared upwards, enrapt in her beauty. “Welcome to the world of Revlon,” she said, reaching towards me. Holding my chin in one hand, she proceeded to color my lips with a thick coating of lipstick. The taste was sweet to my tongue. Holding out a tissue she motioned with her own moist lips for me to blot. Smiling, she then held up the tissue for me to see. There, in the same shiny color as her own, was the red imprint of my lips.This was too much. A surge of lust shot from deep within my loins that caused me to jerk against my bonds. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and tears welled up in my eyes. I finally found my voice. Babbling excitedly I pleaded to be allow to come. Carol’s laugh became louder and more diabolical and reverberated through my skull. Patting me gently on the head, she cooed softly, “Oh no, not yet little girl…. We’re going to have a party first.”Part IIIStill grinning at my helplessness, Carol sat in the chair by the phone. She picked up the receiver and began to dial. “What are you doing,” I shouted. “Silly girl, she laughed and continued dialing, “We can’t have a party without guests.” I was shocked and indignant. “What do you mean ‘guests’. You didn’t say anything about this on the phone.” I raised my voice some more, trying to camouflage my growing fear as anger. “This is enough,” I yelled, tugging at the straps that held me to the chair. “I think it’s time that you go.”Carol hung up the phone and stood slowly. Hands on hips, she sauntered very casually over to me. She looked down on me and shook her head slowly. Maybe you’re right,” she said folding her arms across her firm breasts, “Maybe I should leave right now. I’m sure if you keep up the racket someone will eventually come and find you.” She turned and began putting on her skirt.Wild panic surged through me. “NO… DON’T… ” I twisted and pulled against my bonds. “Please… I beg of you,” I pleaded more softly. Finally I fell silent. Carol drop the skirt and turned towards me. She had a look of triumph on her face that sent a chill down my spine. She had me, but good, and we both knew it. Returning to her seat, she picked up the phone and began dialing again.I sat there drained, barely hearing her talking on the phone. My arousal turned to embarrassment. I pictured how I must look in these shiny tights; with my narrow corseted waist and my pseudo-breasts jiggling. And worst of all; with my still-throbbing cock jutting prominently out in front of me. My face felt warm and flushed. What had I gotten myself into? I was trapped and totally at her mercy; with no way to escape. A different kind of tears began to fill my eyes. Involuntarily, I began to whimper.Hanging up the phone, Carol again towered over me. My head hung low; I was unable to face her. “Such a poor baby,” she giggled as she gently patted me on the head. I reddened even more in shame. “Here’s something to keep you content,” she cooed, lifting my chin. I pulled back in amazement. There, inches from my eyes, was a rubber cock. It was flesh-colored and looked enormous. Attached to it was a thick leather strap. “Wrap you big red lips around this, you little cocksucker,” Carol said. Her voice was now a cruel snarl.”No,” I screamed, jerking my head away in repulsion. I shook my head from side to side, my eyes glued on the thickly-veined cock head. I clamped my jaw tightly shut. With a evil smile Carol reached down and slowly fondled my right ‘breast’. In spite of myself I felt a warm flood of arousal. Suddenly she pinched the engorged nipple between two of her long fingernails and twisted it sharply. My mouth flew open with a yelp of pain. In an instant the gag was against my lips. With a shove she jammed it deep into my mouth.My eyes bugged out as the obscene object violated me. It filled my mouth completely, almost touching the back of my throat. The sudden impulse to gag caused my struggles to cease. I froze as Carol buckled it firmly behind my head. Once her hands released the strap I was again seized by panic. I shook my head and strained my tongue in a vain effort to expel it. I began to hyperventilate in a frenzied effort to breathe. As I gasped in air I discovered that a narrow hole through the center of the gag allowed air to enter fairly easily. Gradually my frenzy subsided and my breathing became more regular.”That’s it,” Carol instructed, “Work on that big hard cock with your sweet little mouth. You’ll need the practice.” The last remark sent a shiver down my spine and into my own loins. I tried to cry out but my protest was muffled. All that came out wa low guttural sounds and loud sucking noises. I tried to tear myself from the unyielding ropes. Carol gave the chair another spin. As I swung around her laughter rang in my ears.By the time I stopped revolving and my vision returned to normal, Carol has poured herself another drink. She stood in front of me sipping it, her purse tucked under her arm. Looking up, I surveyed her shapely form in her revealing outfit. Another flood of passion caused my cock to swell against its rubber prison. As our eyes met I noted her smug satisfaction at my heightened frustration.”Well, our guests will be arriving soon. We’d better make you a little more presentable. Don’t you think?,” she said in mock inquiry. Taking my muffled objection as if it were agreement, she nodded, “Good.” She stepped forward, and straddling the chair, sat on my lap. She nestled in, reaching down to adjust my rubber clad groin into her crotch. My cock was pressed against her flat stomach. The touch of her hand, even through the rubber, was delightful.”Let’s see if we can improve these eyes,” she said, blotting the traces of my tears with a tissue. Rummaging in her purse, she brought out an eyebrow pencil. Tilting up my chin, she started filling and shaping my brows with short, feathery strokes. Occasionally she would stop and use a tweezers to remove a few errant hairs. I winced at the loss of each one; both from pain and from the fear of future embarrassment. Unable to protest, I could only pray that she wasn’t altering my appearance permanently. Finally, satisfied with her work, she went back into her purse.Her firm breasts rested inches from my face. The tanned flesh jiggled in front of my eyes as Carol moved. I wished my mouth were free so that I could suck on those hard nipples that stretched the shiny black nylon spandex of her leotard. Instead I was forced to be content with the hard phallus in my mouth. Carol noticed my attention and gave her breasts a playful shake. I groaned in frustration.”Looks like we’ll have to help you with your posture so that you’ll keep your head up,” she scolded. She stood and retrieved something from the tote bag. Stepping behind me, she wrapped a heavy leather collar around my neck. It was about four inches wide and padded with foam on the inside. As she fastened the buckle my chin was forced up rigidly. She tightened it just short of the point where it might inhibit my breathing. Not only couldn’t I lower my head; I couldn’t turn it either. To look to the sides I would have to twist my entire torso. Which, of course, was impossible while bound as I was to the chair.She returned to my lap and her work. With my head immobilized, she proceeded quickly. Brown eyeshadow was smoothed onto my lids and a hint of blush brushed onto my cheeks. She spent considerable time on my lashes, thickening them and exaggerating the length with mascara. Through it all I sat rigidly, opening and closing my eyes as ordered. I was acutely conscious of her breasts rubbing into mine and her firm thighs sliding on my nyloned legs. I could even feel the heat of her crotch through the rubber briefs. My balls seemed near bursting as they swelled in the locked pouch. My eyes studied her moist lips and the tip of her tongue as it peeked out of the corner of her mouth as she carefully applied eyeliner on me. I was reminded that my own mouth now matched the shiny red color of hers. The realization made me suck the rubber cock more earnestly; enjoying the sweet taste of my lipstick as I did.Carol leaned back and studied my face carefully. “That looks a lot better,” she announced. I could feel my long lashes fluttering as I blinked. After returning the make-up to her purse she stood. “Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing,” she said, reopening the purse. Removing a small perfume atomizer, she sprayed me liberally behind my ears, along my neck, and down my “cleavage”. She was about to close the bottle when, with a playful grin, she gave a final spritz between my legs. “Enjoy,” she teased as she spun the chair again.I whipped around rapidly, my eyes closing reflexively to minimize the dizziness. A sweet cloud swirled about me. The heavy, flowery scent magnified the fog I already was experiencing from all the pot. My mind drifted as I spun; wandering from embarrassment to erotic excitement. At times my consciousness seemed to focus on the sleek feel of the tights, the tight compression of the corset, or the new fleshiness of my chest. Then my body seemed to melt into a mass of sexual arousal centered on an karaman escort bayan intense pulsating somewhere deep within my groin.I don’t know when I stopped turning or how long my eyes remained shut. A loud knocking suddenly snapped me into crystal clear consciousness. “Company!” Carol announce cheerfully. As I watched her firm ass sway across the room I struggled desperately against the ropes and straps. I begged her to stop through my gag. Her hand touched the doorknob and a sinking sensation hit my stomach. I hunched my shoulders and averted my eyes; trying to somehow make myself smaller.”Kathy,” Carol exclaimed as she opened the door. I looked up; my curiosity overcoming my fear. All I could see was Carol’s shapely back in the doorway as she clenched in what was obviously a passionate embrace. All that was visible of our visitor was her arms as they wrapped themselves around Carol. I noted the long pink sculptured nails as they fondled and squeezed that sweet ass that I craved so. I felt my arousal growing anew at the soft sound of their murmuring as they kissed.Finally they broke apart and entered the suite. I enjoyed my first look at Kathy. She was slightly shorter than Carol and of medium build but full- figured. Her blonde hair was cut to medium length, framing her dramatically (but not overly) made-up face. Like Carol, she had striking eyes. At times they seemed emerald green; in other light they flashed a deepest blue.What was most dramatic about her appearance was her attire. In contrast to Carol’s almost innocent first impression, Kathy signaled danger and sensuality. Above was a silk-knit tank top that caressed, but barely contained, her large braless breasts. Below was a pair of the tightest leather jeans I had ever seen. The thin black hide shaped and molded her every curve; from her well rounded ass and hips to her shapely calves and thighs. It flexed and contracted like a layer of her own skin as she moved. And as she sat with Carol on the couch and I could hear the faint sounds of the stretching and rubbing leather.It wasn’t until she crossed her legs that I noticed her boots. I realized that I was wrong about her height. She was shorter than Carol by several inches. It was the boots that made the difference. The heels were among the highest I’d ever seen; at least five inches and pencil thin. The result was an extreme arch ending in similarly menacing pointed toes. I watched the light reflect off their shiny black surface as she swung her foot. I shudder with both excitement and terror. There was obviously no fooling with this woman.The women sat and chatted among themselves; oblivious to me. At one point Carol went to the bar and poured drinks. She walked around me going both ways without as much as a look or word. It was as if I didn’t exist or was merely a piece of furniture. I resented their indifference to me and attempted to gain their attention through the gag. They ignored my muffled pleas.Finally, after they had finished their drinks and Carol had lit one of my joints, they stood and approached me. I found myself staring at Kathy’s skysc****r heels as she neared. She must have noticed my attention because she lifted her right foot onto the front edge of my chair. The polished toe of her boot pushed forward into my rubber-encased balls. “So this is our entertainment,” she remarked. I followed the taut leather trail up her leg and past her crotch. She stood there casually, elbow on her raised knee, smoking the joint. She looked down at me with a look of bemused pity. “Kinda cute,” she remarked patting me on the head. Then tracing a figure-eight over my chest with a fingernail she added, “But pretty flat-chested.”Taking a deep drag on the joint, Kathy straddled my lap. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she gave me a mock kiss. She blew the smoke through the hole in the penis gag and deep into my lungs. Unable to pull away, the acrid smoke seared my throat and lungs. I fought desperately the urge to cough. I tried to concentrate on slowly exhaling trough my nose. I succeeded for the most part with only minimal choking. The women took turns, one on my lap giving me smoke ‘kisses’; the other teasing my bound body with her hands. Carol enjoyed rubbing my nyloned legs. Kathy would vigorously pump my cock. The rubber harness prevented an orgasm. and my midsection began cramping with intense pleasure/pain. All the while the pot was getting me higher and higher. My every nerve ending felt intensified to their touch. I became almost delirious with arousal; a total prisoner unable to even mentally resist.”There seems to be something missing,” Carol observed dreamily, as she finished the last of the joint. “Maybe she could use some earrings. She dug into her purse and dangled two red plastic teardrops. “I have a better idea,” Kathy announced. Returning to my lap, she rubbed her ample breasts into mine. The delicious softness caused my nipples to stiffen. Then taking one of the earrings she snapped the clasp onto my enlarged nipple. I jerked and screamed into the gag. Pain seared into my chest. Quickly she attached the other one the same way. I wailed, bucking so strongly against the ropes that the whole chair jumped. Kathy leapt to her feet, laughing gleefully at my discomfort. As I twisted from side to side the earrings bounced and danced across my chest, magnifying my agony. Tears streaming from my eyes, I yelled and twitched uncontrollably. After several minutes (an eternity to me) Kathy stopped laughing and grew angry. “Enough already, or you’ll really be punished.” The pain and my own anger were s great that I was unable to force myself to sit still. I was determined to protest as much as my unfortunate circumstances would allow.”Okay, if that’s your choice,” Kathy barked, “you were warned. You’ll have to sit out the party.” She nodded to Carol, who now stood behind me. Suddenly, a thick scarf was pulled across my eyes and knotted behind my head. I was plunged into absolute darkness. My growing panic now turned to shear terror. I yelled into the gag with renewed vigor. I tore at my bonds, oblivious to the pain I was causing in the process. The chair was spun again. This time was much faster than before as both women flung me around at increasing speed. The wheels began to rock off the floor and I feared that it would tip over. Bound as I was there would be no way for me to break my fall. I was trapped in a wild, swirling blackness.I don’t know when the physical spinning stopped but the sensations in my mind continued a lot longer. Eventually I became aware of a different movement. The chair was being dragged backward across the carpeting. Then it stopped and I heard the unmistakable sound of the sliding glass door to the balcony sliding open. My muffled screams of protest now turned to pleas for mercy. Despite the tight collar, I tried in vain to shake my head ‘NO’. I apologized; I begged; I prayed. Of course all this came out garbled moaning. Carol and Kathy didn’t understand and obviously didn’t care. There was a final jerk and a heavy jolt as I cleared the threshold and rolled onto the balcony. My next sensations were of the slamming of the door behind me and the cool nigh air. Both left me shivering uncontrollably.Part IVI was paralyzed with fear. Despite the cool breeze on my scantily-clad body I was sweating heavily. My mind raced. Because of the blindfold I didn’t even know how much daylight remained. Could people on the street below see me? What about on the other balconies? Would someone call the hotel desk (or worse yet, the police) to report seeing a bound and gagged man in women’s clothes?Bound and blinded, my other senses were magnified. My hearing seemed particularly acute. From inside the suite, I heard the muffled sounds of music and voices. From below came the noise of cars passing on the streets. Somewhere there was faint laughter. Was it directed at me? I again pulled at my bounds, hoping against hope that the movement of the chair had somehow loosened them. But they held as firm as before, allowing only an inch or two of movement. But my efforts caused the chair to roll across he smooth concrete of the balcony. “Where on the balcony was I?” I wondered. Out of fear and to minimize the chances of being spotted, I sat still.After a few minutes the suffering caused by the earrings abated somewhat. Yet I was acutely aware of the two throbbing points on my chest and I sucked vigorously on the rubber cock, trying to catch my breath. Almost against my will, my thoughts again turned to arousal as I did so. Maybe it was the pot or something deep within my psyche, but I began revelling in my degradation. I began wriggling anew, this time to enjoy the slick feel of the nylon on my legs. I imagined how I must appear with my narrow waist and little titties. I shook my chest and thrilled at their jiggling. Even the pain of the earrings now had an erotic edge to it. My bonds felt less frightening; my utter helplessness caused a warm glow within me. My cock, in its rubber prison, throbbed with a new intensity. With enthusiasm, I sucked the rubber cock in time with the pulsations in my groin. I drifted timelessly through the wildest of sexual fantasies; all of which ended in the ultimate satisfaction that the rubber pants denied me.I have no idea how long I was lost in my thoughts. My condition had robbed me of all perception of the passage of time. I flinched at the sudden sound of the balcony door sliding open. I bolted upright and pleaded desperately into the gag. In my fever pitched state of passion I was begging more for sexual release than from my bondage. The chair was again dragged backwards, bumping me rudely over the threshold. The door slid shut again.In contrast, the room air felt almost uncomfortably warm. A dreadful fear of the unknown again seeped into my soul. I had to force myself to breathe. When I did so I was almost overwhelmed with a heady mixture of smells. There was pot smoke and sweat and perfume. But unmistakable under it all was the powerful aroma of sexual arousal. It triggered something deep inside my primal brain and I moaned desperately for relief.I sensed the movement of many people around me. I attempted to turn my head to follow the sounds. Unseen hands began to untie the ropes that bound me to the chair. When my feet were released, they fell to the floor. Bent under the chair for so long, they had become numb. I felt something being attached to the collar that held my neck rigid. Suddenly, I was jerked from the chair by the leash at my neck. I attempted to stand but my lifeless legs buckled beneath me. With my hands still bound behind me, I itched forward with no way to break my fall. At the last instant, hands on my shoulders brought me upright. I was pushed into an kneeling position.I knelt there in total darkness, my erect posture enforced by the boned corset and stiff collar. I felt fingers working at the lacing of my rubber briefs. I was thrilled in anticipation of finally achieving sexual release. Slowly the tight red shorts were peeled from my sweaty loins. So feverish was my arousal that I thought merely the air hitting my cock would cause me to explode. But, as Carol had done before, fingers grasped my organ just below the cock head; quelling my orgasm.I was frozen there, hanging on the brink of eruption. I pulled frantically at the strap holding my wrists. I pleaded anew into my gag. Tears began to soak my blindfold. I felt completely lost; any shreds of self- will gone after hours of helpless frustration. Now utterly defeated; I slumped against my restraining garments and bonds.Almost as if in a dream, the strap holding the penis gag in place was released. The rubber phallus was pulled from my mouth with a loud popping noise. I started to move and stretch my aching jaw muscles. Before I could find my voice to speak, my head was jerked forward by the leash. For an instant I felt an object pressed against my lips. Then it shoved forward; filling my mouth.The thick shape was familiar. It was round and long and rubbery. But this time warm and resilient. My mind exploded in shock. It was a REAL COCK!! In reflex, I tried to pull away. But firm hands on the back of my head pulled me forward. The cock slid forward and back into my face. At the same time I felt the earrings on my breasts being removed. They were replaced my warm hands massaging the hypersensitized nipples. At my groin, more unseen fingers fondled my swollen balls. Waves of passion crashed through me. I began to tongue and suck the cock for all I was worth. I pictured myself: my budding tits quivering under their caress; my feminine waist neatly defined; my body constrained and tied. I was a helpless slut, shamelessly servicing my unseen master. And I loved it!I worked my lips in an abandoned frenzy. The cock seemed to grow still larger in my mouth. Its heat almost searing my tongue. Someone below my own cock was now being pumped. But the sensation was now deep inside me. An incredible pressure built within my loins. My head was forced forward. I eagerly took in more of the cock. I wanted it all now. I felt a heavy ball sack slapping at my chin. I slavered and sucked with all my remaining strength as I felt a hot stream gush down my throat.At that instant, the grip on my cock head was released. A flash of light filled my blinded eyes. I wanted to scream as ecstasy tore through me. My groin exploded violently. My total existence blasted through my cock. The limp cock slid from my lips. All the energy from my muscles seemed to drain from my cock in an unending torrent. I slumped to the floor.Later, I was barely aware of being lifted. Gently, I was placed on the bed. I lay there lifeless. My hands were freed and I was stripped of my clothing. I felt a soft kiss on my forehead; then, in the distance, the sound of a closing door. When my heart stopped pounding and my breathing became more regular, I reached up and removed my blindfold. My eyes snapped shut in response to the sudden brightness. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. When my vision returned I stared for the longest time at he whiteness smeared on my fingers….The