California Road Trip Pt. 1

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California Road Trip Pt. 1(This is my first attempt at writing a long story)I was taking a trip to California with some friends, kind of a spur of the moment type thing. It was Me, Dez, Charlie and Mack. We wanted to head out to the west coast beaches for spring break and see all the hotties. None of them knew i was bisexual, so i would have to get my own room at the hotel. We had been driving for about 4 hours and decided to stop for gas at this little run down station. I got out and headed straight for the restroom, and found it locked when i got there. I knocked on the door, but i got no response. I knocked again, and this time i heard two voices simultaneously say “occupied”. Thinking that was a little strange, I waited by the door for a chance to see who was in there. About 5 minutes later, the door flew open and a huge man stumbled out, buttoning his pants as he walked away. I looked inside and saw another, much smaller, sexier, guy by the sink with his shirt off washing his face. I pretended to clear my throat to get his attention. He slowly looked over, and i shot him a wink and asked him how things were going. hatay escort He started to tell me that he was the attendant for the bathroom, but i thought that was strange for a gas station. I walked in, and over to the urinal and unzipped my pants. Out flopped my 5 inch dick. I know, I know, small, but I’ve never had a complaint. He looked over at me and stared as i relieved myself. He snickered as i was finishing, so I turned around with my dick still out and he looked down at it and said “thats the smallest dick I’ve ever seen in my life”. Just for that, i thought, i will teach him a lesson. I took my pants off as he stared at me, and walked over to him and pushed him against the sink. I told him he will regret that. I ripped his pants off, leaving him completely naked. I went over and locked the door, and scurried back over to him as he was getting on his knees. He knew what was about to happen, and appeared to like the thought. I slapped him hard in the face with my now stiff cock. He started to say something, but couldn’t finish as i shoved my throbbing dick in his mouth and proceeded to face fuck him harder hatay escort bayan than i ever have in my life. He gagged and choked on it as i was thrusting back and forth. It felt so fucking great i almost popped then. He put his hands on my ass and was pushing me back and forth, practically begging me to fuck his throat harder and harder. I reached down and put one hand on the back of his head and pushed one last time, as hard as i could. I then pushed him off my dick and onto the ground, and told him to get on his hands and knees. He did it faster than i could get ready, and i was surprised at how willing he had been so far. I looked around for something to use as lube, but couldn’t find anything, so i just spit on my hand, and told him to get ready. I got my dick a little wet before i shoved it in him hard and fast, giving him no time to prepare. He didn’t say anything, just winced a little out of shock i guess. I was fucking him now and It felt so great. I hadn’t fucked anyone in about 3 weeks now, and had been saving my huge load for a situation just like this. He was begging me to fuck him harder, escort hatay so i agreed. I spit on my hand and reached around and started pulling on his flacid cock. It was huge, even without a hard on. He was moving his ass back and forth, fucking my hand. I smacked his ass hard a couple times, turning it bright red. He loved it. At this point we were both close to cumming, and i was burying my cock as deep as i could in his tight little asshole. He started dripping pre-cum in my hand and was moaning louder and louder as i was fucking him harder and harder. I let out a loud grunt as i filled him up with my huge load of hot cum that i had been saving up for all that time. Both of our bodies were writhing in pleasure as he came in my hand. No words were exchanged as i got dressed and washed up at the sink. He was still laying on the floor, dripping with sweat, completely naked. I walked over to the door, turned back to him, said thank you, and unlocked it. As i opened it, i saw a man standing there, smiling at me as he looked over to the naked body i had left lying on the floor. He looked back at me and said “my turn.” I walked back over to my car, got in and drove away, thinking about how many times that man was gonna be used that day. We hadn’t even made it half way to California, and i had already had my first sexual escapade of the trip.To Be Continued