Bruised Knees

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Bruised KneesBruised KneesBy: Londebaaz Chohan Damn fantasies; they can play havoc and tricks with our mind. A case and a point: It was after the divorce of our parents; my mother also chose to go away with her new boyfriend and dad had already left home. Now I, Henry and my sister Veronica were the only two left alone in the house. We lived in a very small village with no more than 200 homes at the most. I had to quit the school but Vero had had already finished the school and she was good at many things other than cooking. She could sew very well and started making decent money with this from the village people. I was kind of fully responsible for the cattle and the farm land which took most of my day time. I usually left home early morning and returned home late; tired and exhausted from working all day. Vero also had a long work day. She prepared breakfast, first thing in the morning and then sat down with her sewing machine till the noon time, when she had to get up and worry about the lunch and the dinner. Mostly my lunch was carried to me by one of the neighbor aunty Helen, whose farm land was also next to ours where I was all day.Coming home at night, I had no energy left in me but to take a shower, enjoy the dinner and go to bed till early next morning to rush to the farm and cattle for another busy day. I was using the master bedroom and Vero used the separate room for sleeping. I was at the verge of an age where my body parts were growing and certain desires and needs were very obvious. One night as I was unable to sleep because my brain was busy thinking of some naughty desires and my cock had been erect to its new length and width. I had no choice but to go to the secret hiding place, I had discovered and I am sure, my dad had created. It was not the place for him to hide and do some nasty stuff but just for the stash of his secrets. There were mostly some pictures of the women; he might have fucked in his days, some letters along with the articles and some newspaper cuttings, he might have found interesting to save.Among all this, only one thing that interested me was a book of cartoons but this was no ordinary book of cartoons. It was a rendition of the sex book of ancient times known as Kamasutra but it was all pencil drawn pictures of many positions and poses of sex act, showing men and the women in fucking moods and modes. I had not taken this book out of the secret hiding place thinking that it was safe there because if my mother has seen all that; she might had burnt all of the stash. After fingering through the pages every night before sleeping for the obvious reasons, I carefully hid the book at the bottom under most of the other papers but more than once, I found the book moved and not at its place, where I had left it last time. There was no doubt in my mind that Veronica had also found this secret place and the secret items because there was nobody else at home or had the excess to the home other than her. She was home, working, cleaning, making beds and doing a lot else in my room to give her time to look around. I felt violated to put it mildly. I was not sure but definitely hard to believe that she did not know about this secret book in there.Whenever I looked through the book, I fantasized about experiencing some of those positions with someone at some time in coming days. The village being too small and most women being married, there was hardly a possibility plus they were too old, I thought. Aunt Helen was one of the possibility. She was a widow and hardly 35 or maximum 40. The only one young and attractive possibility in the village was Veronica, my sister. She was almost 3 years my senior and very clever to get some magazine or the newspapers from the village shop to copy the next outfits she would sow and even the hairdos’ or other beauty tips she would use on herself to make her look very beautiful and getting to be known as a beautician as well in the village, other than the dressmaker.Now knowing that the secret was no longer mine alone and she shared it with me; looking at the same pictures, I looked and fantasized about the various fucking positions was a bit hard to take. To me Veronica must be fantasizing about the same positions but from her point of view. I even thought that now I had someone to practice those positions with though, she was my own elder sister and that was a problem.If I fantasized to the position, where the man was standing behind the women, being on her fours like a bitch, close to the edge of the bed and my cock so gracefully ready to fuck her only an inch away from her fuck hole to make her smile spread wider; in my thoughts, I was the man. It was I and my hands grabbing her hips, it was my butts tightening when the man gathered his energies to the middle of his body and ready to thrust and propel forward in one mighty leap. In the same pose, my Vero would be imagining herself to be that woman, almost ready to be spiked by the colossal man standing behind her with a cock that was blessed to him and only few others by nature with the length, girth and the strength beyond the human size.In a different position and in her point of view if my sister took fancy to the position where the man was lying on his back in the bed, while the woman was to straddle him lowering herself on top of his huge cock wrapping his sex dong in the secrecies of her innards; in her imagination, she was to be the woman coming down upon the man, allowing his weapon in the depths of her pussy and in my thoughts, I was the man to be playing and fondling with her breasts and nipples, enjoying the bliss of being immersed in the warm, wet and the wonderful folds of joy. When I was the live man entering the cartoon woman; in my Vero’s mind, she must be the live woman, that cartoon man was entering. In any and all scenarios, I was entering the pussy and my sister’s pussy was being entered in, therefore I was entering my sister anyway.The arousal as well as the guilt, those thoughts brought to me was just huge. I was not supposed to be doing that with my sister but at the same time the pleasure of entering my real sister, seemed far stronger than any other woman like Helen aunty. The joy of fucking a young, vibrant and the beautiful woman like Veronica was beyond thoughts than to fuck a middle-aged woman like Helen aunty or even my mom. The guilt that was attached to the fantasies was tremendous since I had always fantasized those positions with no special or particular woman but now it was all different and I had to find some quick solution. In the view of my lower head, if I put the face of aunty Helen on the body of my sister Veronica, the guilt was drastically less.Now in my fantasy, looking at the woman lying in bed on her side, with her one leg raised in the air; I was the man between her crossed legs. The leg under me belonged to my sister, the body on the bed belonged yozgat escort to my sister but the face and the pussy belonged to aunt Helen. Far more of the thrill without the guilt. Even when I sat in the chair and she knelt in front of me in worship of my cock, holding it in her mouth and lustily looking in my eyes, the body there was of Veronica but the mouth taking my cock and consuming my release was of aunt Helen. While fucking in missionary position, Veronica’s legs were wrapped around my waist or raised onto my shoulders but my cock was in aunt Helen’s pussy. While I touched and caressed my sister, I fucked aunty Helen. A very different and great scene formed by my fantasy creating mind to get rid of the mother fucking guilt. What a shame; I could touch my sister but I could not fuck her. At times if I tried to fuck aunty Helen’s pussy and put my sister’s head on it, I simply could not look into her eyes without the guilt. Soon, I did not even need aunty Helen’s head. I could visualize my Vero’s body with a silhouette on top of it. This was much better because now I was having my fantasy sex with my sister without involving aunty Helen. The face under the silhouette could be my sister but it did not matter at all. So much so that from then on, whenever my sister flashed a sexy smile in my mind, towards me, I felt no guilt at all. I was now seeing my sister in an entirely different light. Well aware that she looked at the same pictures as I did and perhaps, also fantasized herself to be the part of those poses; exactly as I did, I was almost obsessed to know, which position was her preferred or the favorite one. To have my fantasies more focused and also more strength in it; it was necessary to know this, so I could concentrate more on that position as compared to others but I just could not simply ask her. As a truth, we were not even supposed to know if the other knew this secret. As I was sure that she had gone through the book, she also must know that I too did so but we could not acknowledge this to each other. Some subtle way, I had to know or get some hint for her favorite position and without any communications, the task was enormous. As the purpose of the fantasy without the suitable partner is almost slim to none; I was also wondering to know, who she fantasized with; along with her favorite position of sexing. Task one was enormous but task two was impossible.Then it suddenly dawned on me that we did have a direct communication and that was the book itself. Now, I was dying to be sure that she read the book and not hope or guess only. If she saw and read whatever was in the book just as vehemently as I did and what if I sent her a very refined and very modest message through the book. Shall she pick it up and would she respond. It shall be a move on my part but how successful was the million-dollar question but still it was a move towards getting some sense into the fantasies. I was not thinking that my partner was my sister; I was only wanting to know, what my partner liked the most to satisfy her the best. My arousal peaked by thinking about doing what she liked than by thinking of her doing what I liked. If she was tuned to me as much as I was to her; she would instantly know the message, I was sending and also respond with no hesitation. On the other hand, if she did not respond, even after picking up on my message, that would mean for me to stay off. With the shaking hands and the trembling heart, I took a pencil and made a star next to my favorite pose, basically telling her my favorite position, expecting her to see the star and understand the communication it conveyed. I was essentially opening the dialogue, saying that it was my favorite position and hoping that she would respond by marking next to her favorite position. In a very non- committal way, we were expressing our preference, without being responsible; in case the other did not like this kind of act. Next evening, when I picked up the book; my hands were shaking, my breathing was uncontrolled and my blood was gushing through the veins and creating some sounds like a storm was approaching. I was aroused to the umpteenth degree; my eyes were out of focus as I went through the book page by page looking for a mark made by her. There was none. The disappointment it created was deep and heavy. I flipped the pages again, slowly this time with a tamed enthusiasm. I was really sad and even depressed. I had put too much hope into getting her response and not getting it, was a big dejection making me miserable. Even after the repeated looking, I found no mark, no hint what so ever. I assumed that maybe she was busy and did not look through the book that day. While it lifted my spirits a little but the disappointment loomed large for many more days. I checked the book daily but no response came through.After about a week, I gave up thinking that it was not the subject to be discussed between us. End of the story. I calmed down and went with my other fantasies and I mostly went with aunty Helen’s face and the body. It was not working as well but I had no choice. After little over 2 weeks of putting a star in the book; next to my favorite position, I almost missed a check mark next to another position on another page. My heart jumped into my throat and surely missed a beat as well. I had chosen the position, with the woman on all fours; close to the edge of the bed and the man behind her, holding her hips and his erect cock at the ready to poke and skewer her on his length, as my favorite. Her favorite position was the man in the middle of the bed with his both legs stretched in front of him, while the woman sat in his lap with her legs around his waist and she leaning back to hold his knees. His swollen cock was fully inside her and his hands were fondling her breasts and pulling on her nipples while her arms were around his neck and both locked in a very lusty, passionate kiss. The position she opted was of a very gentle pose of lovemaking while I had picked a position of power fucking.I was too thrilled and elated at her response and to me the connection had really completed. Maybe she was in her room at that very moment snugged on the bed, with her hand on her extremely wet and hot pussy folds, thinking of me discovering her response and visualizing my reply to it. I was concerned to know, what took her so long to respond. Now, the only thing going in mind was my sister Veronica, sitting in my lap, my gigantic manhood completely disappeared in her pussy while I fondled her amazing breasts and we were locked in a never ending and a very passionate kiss. The scene was awesome. My naked sister sitting in my naked lap, her naked ass bubbles were pressed against my naked thighs, my arms extended to fondle her naked breasts and her arms hallowed at my neck. We had opened the message channel for sending the questions escort yozgat and receiving the response, subtle way. Now the communication was to be continued to avoid the whole effort going to waste but my thoughts were frozen and did not have much clues of what should be done next. Next morning when I saw her, I did not notice any difference in her demeanor and if there was something, she hid it the best. I had an intuition that she knew well of we having had communicated about our preferred and favored sexual positions. Did it infer to anything or did it mean anything special, was not comprehended by me? I was only aroused to the new heights with the thoughts of knowing, how my sister preferred to have sex and I wanted to be her partner. I was very aware not to masturbate too often to lose the touch of intensity and wanted to be on fire and at least touch her, if not fuck her as soon as possible. I wanted to feel the satin of her skin to give some reality to my fantasy. I honestly wanted to touch her, hug her, caress her, kiss her, crush her under me and fuck her. My sperm had rushed to my brain and whenever I saw Veronica, my eyes were seeing nothing but a woman with awesome butt that would feel so wonderful on my naked hairy thighs. I was only seeing a woman with breasts, I could suck for the rest of my life. I saw a woman with such a luscious body that I had to be in her cunt for the completion of my life.It took me over a week to come up with the solution for the new situation. I imagined both of us dear brother and sister looking at the book together and having some conversation in words instead of only having communications with marks and signals. If it were the words, so far; my star must have said to her that I loved this position. Obviously she responded that she liked this one a different position or maybe that her favorite position was that one on the different page. Now, it was my turn to respond to her communication. If we were having a real conversation, I might had said that I liked that position as well. More I thought, more I agreed that my response was, “yes, it was a great position” but now I had to think of some symbol instead of a mark, so she could get the exact legit of what I was saying. First I thought of putting a star next to her mark, as if I was saying that I like this position too but I was not saying that or that was not all I had wanted to say. Finally, I decided to put a question mark next to the check mark she had put, saying that I liked this position too but…..!!This time she responded quick. Next evening, I saw an arrow drawn, that pointed to my question mark but at the tail of the arrow, there was another question mark. I could hear her say, “But what”? Now, I had to give her a bit involved answer which was not possible with a symbol or a mark but only with words but writing something would take all of this communication to an entirely different level with some maybe serious consequences. So far it was nothing but only drawing of the meaningless marks and symbols only but now I was almost at the brink of nothing but a shameless sexual connotation. Could she be experiencing the same feelings to understand me or not; I wondered. In normal conditions, I might had said nothing but with the exceeding and the toxic levels of semen in my blood, I resorted to respond with the drawing of an arrow away from her question mark and wrote a number next to it, saying to go to the page number mentioned. On that page the pair was in a slightly varied missionary position. The man had inserted all of his length in her pussy, one of his hand was hard gripping her big nipple while with other behind her neck; they were kissing wildly and her legs were locked at his back. I placed another star there and literally wrote the words, ‘deeper penetration’. I had gone ahead and told my Vero that I liked her suggested position as well but the picture on the page number so and so was great for the deeper penetration.For a preferred sexual position, I had put words to my thoughts for the open conversation but did not know how shall she respond to this of my openness. Once again her response was very quick. She put a page number along with an arrow, next to my words. On the indicated page, the man was standing with his pelvis thrusted forward, his manhood was totally inside the woman sitting on his cock; his hands were holding her butt and pulling her into himself trying to go even deeper. Her body a bit arched and stretched backwards, away from him, hung from his powerful neck by her arms and her feet were resting on his vast chest. My lovely Veronica, also wrote, ‘Even deeper, probably the deepest penetration’. Of course, now holds were barred now. In our daily routines, we still acted very nonchalant, pretending as if we had nothing going on between us. There was no set decorum to bring all this conversation in the open because of the sexual content it contained and also the sexual feelings that were considered fine to imagine but sin to do. What a dichotomy. This night, when we had exchanged our views about the deepest penetration, I penetrated and fucked Veronica in my dream and my orgasm made me completely dowsed in my thick and velvety cum. Now I knew that this exchange was extremely arousing for me but I was still unaware, how much aroused she was with it or was it just academic to her without much feelings like mine.I simply could not wait and had to know. A thousand phrases came to mind for asking the question but all were too open and too direct to be acceptable. To me subtlety was the core, it was the key and I had to figure out a way to learn, how all this had affected her without making her timid or cautious to give me the answer. I had a very strange idea. I had taken all the first steps, so far. What if I were to stop and let her do her part now and take some step to continue our communication going. I knew, it was extremely hard to tolerate with my cock being even harder and at the verge of breaking off my groin, but either few other options were coming to mind or seemed so doable. I was kind of excited to the idea of her asking me the next question. I decided to say nothing. Only a day or two later, while I was having dinner, she asked me if I was alright. I half-heartedly replied that I was only tired and having some lingering headache. Later she came to my room with a glass of water and a pill, saying that it helped her headache. I asked her to put it on the side table; thinking that was her headache similar to mine or not. Next morning, I stayed in the bed a bit longer. She came to my room, sat just next to me and asked if I felt better. I told that I felt the same. She touched my forehead and said that at least I did not have fever and there was nothing to worry about. Her hand felt warm and very soft. This was a physical contact after a long time and I felt yozgat escort bayan the enjoyment of a different level; it was so refreshing. Her side was touching my upper calf and the thigh area and I was feeling aroused and did not want to end the talk or did not want her to go. I wanted to tell her that our communications were arousing the hell out of me and did not know how she was affected at all or not at all. I wanted to tell her that I was going crazy with the wild sexual fantasies about her and ask her, if she had the same feelings about me? I wanted to tell her that I was getting the urges to get into the various, different sexual positions with her, I wanted to fuck her and it was on my mind, all the times. I told her that I was not sleeping well. That evening, while I was trying to go to sleep, she came in with a glass of warm milk and said, “Here, this will help you sleep”. I sat up in the bed to take the glass from her as she sat down next to me. It was absolutely unintentional but I noticed that I was sitting in her favorite position. I do not know if she noticed as well. Part of her upper thigh and butt was very lightly touching mine making me feel warm. She saw the tiny drops of sweat on my forehead and reached to wipe them with her bare hand. Still the barriers were tremendous but luckily they all came down with the equally absurd ease. It was a very hot afternoon and I came home earlier, unable to take the heat of the sun. After a quick shower, I went into the room where we had a ceiling fan. Veronica was also there, sitting on the floor already with the barely minimum clothes to keep her cool. She was in a very thin and weak blouse. Her skirt was short and pulled above her knees to allow the most amount of air to touch her body. She had a comb in her hand but she was not combing her hair, only making the moves. As her arms stretched over and behind her head, the sexy nipples on the rounded breasts pushed out looking like an army soldier attention on guard at the border. Due to heat, she had no bra on. Her flimsy blouse was shifting around because of the fan air showing various views of her cleavage. I simply do not know, how or what made me do this but I sat behind her and took the comb from her and began using it on her. Not only, she showed no resistance at all; I felt her back pressing against my knees. It was electrifying. Soon she relaxed, closed her eyes and just let me run the comb leisurely through her hair. Only a few minutes passed like that with her body leaning towards me, her legs stretched away from her and my hands playing with her hair. Then she suddenly jumped and left the room. The way she dashed out, made me feel very guilty and also told me of lot going on in her mind. Disappointed, I got up and went into my room and was stunned to see her sitting there on the floor. I was so very mesmerized and the comb was still in my hand. She gave me a big smile. I took a hint and pulled a chair to sit behind her but she pushed the chair away. I sat behind her on the rug assuming the position. She, once again was leaning backwards to get her head in my reach and I restarted to comb her hair. Veronica closed her eyes and snuggled much tighter into my legs. I could feel her calves and taut thigh muscles on my inner thighs. Her ankles were rubbing my ankles. We had progressed to the next level. I was able to feel her body against mine which was great but still much more was desired. I wanted to feel her shoulders, caress her back and cup her supple breasts and nipples too but there was no way for me to advance without getting an ok hint from her. We kept on teasing each other, considering it the acceptable level of the sexual contact but anything more blatant beyond that had to be a skill and I knew nothing that could qualify as such. I think, she was also thinking on the same lines and knew some ways to increase the contact.Next moment, she placed her hands on each of my thigh and leaned back to make her breast push forward as a result. I was feeling her warmth on the inside of my thighs. It was now or never. With heavy breathing, I reached and placed my hands on her firm breasts. She did not resist at all but rather held that position. I gently cupped and began fondling her tits. She only cooed a little like in appreciation. I was encouraged and put my hands under her blouse and began feeling her naked breasts in my palms. This skin to skin contact catapulting my breath and making my heart to skip beats. The naked breasts in my hands was creating an incredible feeling in my body.It did not take long for her blouse and my shirt to come off. We both got on our knees and hugged each other close. Her breasts felt million times better on my chest. Our hungry mouths began kissing and sucking our tongues causing the bruised lips. We were rolling on the floor in an attempt to be on the top of each other. Our fondling was reaching a feverish pitch and we were almost biting each other’s tongues and the lips. Our fantasies were held for so long that only kissing, sucking the tongues and fondling the breasts was not enough and we needed a much more violent way to express our true emotions and get a relief. Her skirt came off relatively easier than my pants. By the time I was naked, she was spread eagle on the rug like a true cock whore, her legs parted wide and her hands were stretched to welcome my cock inside her pussy and guide it to propel inside her. I was hard as a rock and horny as fuck and made into her with the speed of a bullet train.I forced myself deep inside her cooze and buried myself as deep as it was physically allowed by her pussy.Gentle full shaft fucking quickly changed into wild pumping into her pussy. I fucked Veronica hard, I fucked her deep, I fucked her rough, I fucked her long. I fucked like there was no tomorrow. I did feel her pussy shrinking tight and flexing, relaxing but did not realize that she was climaxing or orgasming. I fucked her really brutal and did not count, how many times, she came but I took a while to ejaculate. I fully enjoyed fucking my sister and relishing the rubbing sensation of her inner pussy muscles on my shaft. Her juices soaked my cock wet, while her pussy writhed under me and around my unbelievable fat cock length. Finally, I erupted very violently, pumping as hard as I could and released at least a gallon of my liquid seed inside her. I remember convulsing with painful pleasure for at least a minute or longer while she held me in her for dear life. We lay there exhausted, lifeless, breathless and completely spent. She caressed my back all along, holding me between her legs to bring me back, down to earth.I truly do not remember if we fucked more that night but then it became a routine. We experienced every position shown in the book and even created some of our own. I do remember, my knees were bruised for over a week with the rug burns and always fucking on the bed or the chair after that lucky night. Oh, we always ended up fucking in one or the both favorite positions we had indicated some time back.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan December 19, 2019.