brother and sis at a party

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brother and sis at a partyWhen my sister Ren, short for Lauren, told me she was going to a party, I didn’t think twice that it might be the same party I was going to. I had been invited by one of my crazy friends to this function he was throwing that he promised would be absolutely the most talked about party ever. He was a rich k** and I knew he was probably right. I was only nineteen, but I had already been to a few beer bashes at his place. I never got drunk but I thoroughly enjoyed watching other idiots make fools out of themselves. I had kinda forgotten about it so when Ren mentioned it to me weeks later, I just shrugged it off. We had partied together before, but I certainly didn’t want my eighteen year old sister to be at this type of party. I didn’t know what was gonna happen there but I thought she was too young to be in that crowd. I promptly forgot about it and figured once she found out none of her usual friends would be there, she would just bail out. When I arrived to my crazy friend’s house the night of the party, I was shocked to say the least. Remember, this was a rich k**, trying to be crazy for crazy’s sake. The little shit had hired professional body artists to paint everyone like a certain a****l. There were at least thirty people there, and by the time I arrived half of them were already sprayed down in leopard spots or tiger stripes or other weird stuff. Completely naked, by the way, wearing only full body paint. I couldn’t believe people were doing it, but when I tracked down my stupid friend, who by the way was not painted yet, he said it was a requirement to stay at the party. Apparently a few guys and girls had backed out and left already. Now I wasn’t known for doing stuff like this, but my buddy pleaded with me to stay and do it. Guess I was considered popular to some, including him. I would’ve never done it, except I saw a group of girls through his living room window walking around naked and painted and just looking gorgeous and exotic in their decorated designs, so I grudgingly agreed and was thankful to have a decent sized package that would be on display for all to see. Seeing all the other young people enjoying themselves and not getting hung up on their nudity helped as I stood naked while some guy with a long beard and an airbrush went over every inch of me with white spray paint followed by orange zigzag stripes. Oddly, once I was covered with paint, I didn’t feel naked anymore. I noticed he left my nads alone but blended the paint into my pubic hair a bit. I felt like I was at the doctor’s. My friend’s parents weren’t home, obviously, so there was beer flowing freely. It started to get dark and since everyone was painted to look like something, it gave the party a sort of anonymity. Everyone was buzzed and starting to get real friendly. Girls, naked girls remember, were flirting viciously and teasing the guys mercilessly. Practically all of the guys sitting with them had hard-ons, and that only fueled the teasing. Young people naked together, with booze, makes for a very horny time. No one was embarrassed, though. It was all open and free. That was kinda nice, since those of us just watching were getting excited too. The scene in the den was getting really wild. Guys were getting felt up and downright jacked off, while their hands were all over the girls’ bodies. It was only a few couples really, and one couple with another girl touching them both. I had a nice big erection watching it all happen. It was all a bit overwhelming at first, at everyone was at least eighteen, which my friend said he made sure of, and all our clothes were safe in his room available for anyone who wanted to leave. I loved it, and happily noticed that I was one of the more well-endowed guys there. I had never thought about that stuff before, but it gave me the confidence to let myself swing free while I watched people practically have sex. But then something happened that kinda brought me back to earth… ”Tommy?” came a shocked sounding voice behind me. I turned around to see this absolutely stunning, sexy girl painted with leopard spots that made her mouth-watering rack stand out. It took me a good few seconds to recognize her. ”Ren?!” I choked. I couldn’t believe it… We just stood there staring at each other. She couldn’t help but gawk at my raging penis bobbing up and down as it twitched. We didn’t make any effort to cover up, and I hoped no one saw us there together. Of course everyone was too busy watching the living porno in the den. I had to sneak a glance down her tight stomach to her snatch, which was painted white over what was visible. She had a small strip of hair which kinda turned me on. ”What the hell are you doing here?” I said, trying to distract myself. ”I was invited, but I didn’t know you’d be here.” ”God, this is weird…” We stood together awkwardly for a bit, and continued to exchange blatant stares. I was very embarrassed though since I had an erection. But then I figured she was naked too and must have been watching the show as well. ”You ever been to a party like this?” I asked finally. Ren smiled, feeling the tension break. ”Not this wild.” We both went back to watching the group in the den. One of the girls was blowing a guy now, who I knew wasn’t her boyfriend. This seemed to break whatever barrier had been in place, and I could tell a full blown sex show was going to break out. As hot as that was, I certainly didn’t feel comfortable watching it with my sister. She was fidgeting a bit, I could tell. ”I can’t believe you came to something like this,” I said. ”Me? What about you?” ”Mike is my friend. Who do you even know here?” Through all of our conversation, I still couldn’t believe I was naked with my sister. ”Well, actually…” Ren pointed to one of the performing girls, a lovely little cat-painted girl with a mouthful of dick. Did my little innocent sister really hang with a crowd like this? I didn’t believe it. But here we were. ”I see you have quite the friend,” I said sarcastically. Ren hauled off and slapped my arm. ”I bet you’d just love to be that guy right now.” ”Maybe I would…” Ren looked down at my cock when I said that, and then back up at me. After a moment of silence, we started laughing. I felt the tension start to ease, and wasn’t so worried about my erection anymore. I took a sip out of my plastic cup and watched the show again. One couple was moving into position now, with the guy laying the girl on her back and holding her legs open. ”Does this kinda stuff happen often at these parties?” Ren said slyly. ”I’ve been missing out.” The girl moaned out loud just then as the guy sunk his dick into her pussy. I watched Ren slide her hand down below her breast towards her navel. She was getting turned on by this, not like it surprised me. But even with her brother right here! I guess I didn’t feel so bad now. People from other rooms were starting to wander towards the den to see the sex show. The couples were starting to really go at it. It looked to me like the guy getting his dick sucked was gonna cum soon, and the couple fucking were starting to get a nice rhythm going. I watched Ren’s hand start traveling south, and my head and my cock started fighting against each other. “What are you staring at?” she said, not taking her eyes off the show. “Nothing,” I said, looking away. This was so surreal… Only a few of the couples were brave enough to participate in the fun. Most people were just watching, like Ren and I. But I noticed that guys and girls were starting to pair up, touching each other and stuff. I didn’t know how I felt about watching Ren do that with some guy, so I started to walk away. “Wait!” Ren’s hand on my arm stopped me. “Don’t leave me here.” I honestly thought she would want me to leave, but I guess the idea of being alone with all these horny guys was intimidating. Still, I was starting to feel really weird about being naked with Ren. But despite my discomfort, she huddled next to me, our naked hips touching. My dick jumped at the contact. “I don’t want one of these guys touching me,” she whispered. “What if someone sees us?” I said quietly. “So what?” she replied, trying elazığ escort to get a good look at the couples fooling around. “We’re not doing anything.” I glanced around, seeing the look in the eyes of all the guys. They looked ready to pounce on the closest moving thing. “If you stay here, you’re gonna have another problem pretty soon.” Ren seemed to get my point. She huddled a bit closer to me, and seemed nervous. “Tommy, I don’t want these guys all over me…” Her quiet voice was pleading with me. I sighed, feeling awkward but also very much like the protective older brother. I grabbed her arm and stepped behind her. “Sorry about this, but it’s your only choice if you want to stay here.” It didn’t take her long to understand what I meant. She jumped in surprise when my inflated penis pushed up against her naked ass, and I pulled at her shoulders until she was pressing fully up against me. “Tommy…” Ren was a bit confused, but didn’t resist me. “No one will try anything if they think you’re with me,” I said, so no one else could hear. She didn’t say anything, but I heard her breathing heavy. The guy from one of the couples climaxed just then, pulling out of the girl and shooting off all over her stomach. Ren gasped at the sight, and I wondered if she had ever seen that before. People around the show were applauding the scene, and the two other couples still fucking seemed renewed by this. Part of me felt like I was shielding my sister from any guys who got the wrong idea. But another part of me, admittedly the lower part, was really turned on by the situation. My hot little sister was naked right in front of me, and I was pressing my erect self right up against her tight ass. Her hand had resumed it’s route from her stomach to her pelvis, and from above I could see her fingers snaking down to the small trail of hair that led to her pussy. Would she really touch herself right here with me? “You’re getting me wet,” she said, tilting her head back but keeping her eyes focused on the remaining two couples humping. Man, hearing that really turned me on! I felt my dick twitch between her ass cheeks, and then I realized she was talking about the pre-cum I was leaking onto her lower back. My dick was nestled very comfortably at the cleft of her cheeks, and the tip was poking right into her back. I had smeared a bit of her body paint with my semen. “Uh, sorry,” I stumbled. What was I going to say? “It’s fine,” she said matter-of-factly. The movement of her hand didn’t miss a beat as she spoke. She seemed to be in a bit of a trance, and I wondered if she even appreciated that it was her own brother she was hot-dogging it with. I had a strong inclination to start sliding my dick up and down that spectacular ass of hers, but I figured someone would see us and possibly recognize who we were. I had to get out of there no matter what Ren wanted to do. “Let’s go,” I said, and I pulled her with me. “The fuck…” Ren put up little resistance but I could tell she didn’t want to leave the scene. “I’m gonna get me clothes and leave,” I said, as she trailed behind me. “If you wanna stay then you’re on your own.” I only said that to get her to come with me. I wasn’t about to leave my little sister at a party like this, but I wanted to make her decide to leave on her own. But I think she knew if she was alone at a place like this, something bad might happen. “Fine, but you have to take me home. I came with someone.” My naked sister followed me to Mike’s room where our clothes were supposed to be. On the way we passed by a bathroom, where an attractive girl was looking in the mirror. She smiled at us when we passed, and I was thankful it wasn’t someone I knew. She had long hair like Ren, but hers was jet black. Ren’s hair was a lighter brown. Her tits were swaying as she turned to face us. I guess I couldn’t help myself so I stared at them for a second. “Like what you see?” the girl said in a sexy tone, sticking her chest out to show her boobs off. “Hehe…” I just mumbled. “Wow, you look great!” she said to Ren, who had stopped when she heard someone speaking. “Uh, thanks,” Ren said shyly, apparently not knowing this girl either. “How come you two aren’t downstairs watching the action?” the girl asked with a big smile. I shrugged. “We just, uh…have to go.” The girl’s smile turned devilish, as if she thought we were sneaking off to mess around. “Oh, I see how it is. You couldn’t stand just watching so you had to find yourself a corner to go fuck.” Her blatant language made me wonder why she was feeling so comfortable around two complete strangers. This body paint really did something to people. I expected Ren to protest but instead she seemed to be playing along. “We’re not brave enough to do it in front of everyone,” she said, trying to sound serious. The girl laughed. “Me either. But it can be exciting if just a few watch, or maybe even just one person.” Was this girl serious? I chanced a quick look down at her crotch, and noticed the paint of her cheetah design was a bit smeared around her shaved pussy lips. “Are you checking out my goods, boy?” she said, her tone playfully scornful. “Sorry, I just love good art.” That was the best I could come up with. “I’ll let you get as close a look as you want,” she replied, sauntering up to me very sexily. I glanced over at Ren, who seemed amused by what was going on. The girl saw me look at Ren. “You want your girl to get in on it, too?” she asked. My dick twitched. “I just love a nice hard dick to play with,” she continued, tugging at my cock. I was frozen in place. “We were just going to the bedroom to get our clothes,” Ren said, a strange tone in her voice. “Maybe we could play around there.” “Ooh, I like her,” the cheetah girl said to me. What the hell was Ren doing? She must be messing with me. This girl was hot, there was no doubt. But was Ren setting me up or something? We followed her to my friend Mike’s room, and saw that everyone’s clothes were piled on the floor next to his bed. That made me wonder if someone had already gotten busy in here. “How should we do this?” the girl said. “Let me watch for a bit,” Ren said, that strange tone still in her voice. I really couldn’t tell what she was doing. The girl looked up at me with the sexiest look in her eyes. “That girl of yours is something.” I only nodded as she pushed me onto the bed. She made me scoot up to the headboard and I sat back against a bunch of pillows. She moved my legs so they were spread, and I felt funny suddenly with my dick springing up for this strange girl to see. I looked up to see Ren just smiling, probably laughing to herself. She winked at me and gave me a thumbs-up. The cheetah girl touching my wang brought my attention back around. She stroked it softly, moaning to herself. “How about I give you a nice soothing headjob, and then your girlfriend can come over and do her thing?” I didn’t know what to say, and Ren’s smile began to fade as she realized she was going to watch her brother getting sucked off. Whatever she had been thinking, it was starting to click that this wasn’t just a joke. Then her fading amused smile was replaced by a more sinister one. “I wanna see you cum, baby,” she said to me, the emphasis in her voice for the sake of the girl. “Cum all over her!” “Oh my!” the cheetah girl said, her fingers tightening on my shaft. “She’s kinky.” “Yeah, I know,” I said, my breath becoming more labored as her hand began working me. “You ready, hon?” she asked me, lowering her head to my crotch. I gave one last glance to Ren, who just nodded her head as if to give her approval. “Oh yeah!” I said, and reached down to grab cheetah girl’s head. With no abandon in the presence of my sister, I proceeded to fuck cheetah girl’s mouth as she sucked me. Her tongue was very experienced, and I wondered how many lucky guys had experienced this before me. Her lips were nice and plump, sliding wetly up and down my cock. She licked and kissed and licked and sucked endlessly, never stopping. I kept a hold on her long black hair, guiding her up and down while she worked her magic. I loved watching a girl give me a blowjob, but I couldn’t stop looking up at Ren, standing not far off, escort elazığ perhaps enjoying this as much as I was. Our relationship had never been this open before, and again I blamed it on the body paint. Cheetah girl started playing with my balls, and I felt the warning signs that I was going to cum very soon. I watched Ren, who seemed to observe this as well. I was waiting for her to interrupt or chicken out or something. But she didn’t. She was going to let this girl suck the cum right out of me. And I was going to let it happen. In fact, seeing Ren’s naked body all painted up and sexy was really helping hurry me along. Was I getting off on my own sister? Whatever was happening, Ren was playing right along. “I’m gonna cum,” I said, to cheetah girl but for Ren’s ears too. Cheetah girl stopped blowing me, and sat up. “I want you to cum on her.” I froze, even though my balls were boiling like mad. Ren’s eyes went wide, and I could tell she was just as terrified as I was. I really needed to cum, and I’m sure Ren wanted to see me cum, and this girl was more than happy to make it happen. But how could we say no without ruining the whole thing? “What?” Ren said, trying to hide her shock. “I’ll stroke him off onto your tits,” cheetah girl replied. “It’ll be sexy!” She stood and motioned for me to follow. I did so without really thinking, walking around the bed to where she was kneeling on the floor. She grabbed my slick penis and began jerking it off. She took Ren’s hand and pulled her down to kneel next to her. Ren was too dumbfounded to object, and she complied without saying anything. “You wanna cum on her, baby?” cheetah girl said to me, beating me off just right. She was very skilled. “Oh yeah,” I said, trying to sound sexy to play along. Ren seemed just as surprised at my answer as she was to the idea itself. Cheetah girl gestured for her to stick her chest out big, and my sister’s wonderful breasts were displayed perfectly for me to spray. “Oh god,” I grunted, feeling the cum rising in me. “Yes, baby, that’s it,” cheetah girl coaxed me. Her hand kept steady, she didn’t speed up or slow down. It was a kind of heavenly torture. My eyes met Ren’s just before I could hold out no more, and I saw that her look of shock was now a look of lust. Maybe not for me, but for the fact that a guy was gonna cum on her. It was that look that made me finally boil over, and my balls tightened underneath me. “Oh yes! Yes, baby, do it!” Cheetah girl kept jacking me, but aimed my dick at Ren. I could barely keep my eyes open as the pleasure overtook me, but I managed to squint down as my eruptions began. I saw a jet of semen fly out and arc over Ren’s chest, splattering onto her leopard spots just as another jet sprang forth and flew right up to her neck. I grimaced and grunted as I began squirting my load onto my sister, firing off ropes or sperm in spasms as I felt the ecstasy of my orgasm in cheetah girl’s hand. Ren watched in fascination, but kept her chest sticking out for me to cum on. I lost track of how many spurts I had fired off, but after a few moments it started to ease up, and I trickled the last of my cum down cheetah girl’s arm. She slowed her gentle jacking motion, and squeezed the last of my sperm out. “Wow! Good job, baby,” she said, smiling up at me. I wasn’t paying attention to her. My eyes were locked with Ren’s again, until she finally glanced down to see the cum staining her painted chest. Her leopard spots were smudged and running now. “Oh my god, that felt good,” I sighed. Cheetah girl put my dick back in her mouth and sucked on me for a bit more, making me shiver in the aftershock of my orgasm. She popped her mouth off my dick and then offered it to Ren. “How selfish of me!” she joked. “Here, I’ll let you suck the rest out.” Ren’s eyes went even wider than before, and I thought for sure she would run out of the room. The tension had come to a peak right then, because it meant more than just watching me getting a blowjob. It meant touching me, in a very intimate way. I watched Ren’s face, waiting for her to do something. Before cheetah girl could say anything, Ren reached out with a confident boldness and grabbed my dick in her hand. Even though I had just cum, it felt electric when she touched me. Without missing a beat, she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. I was shocked to say the least. My own sister was blowing me! “Mmm, tastes good huh?” cheetah girl moaned, watching Ren suck on me. “Mmm hmm!” Ren muffled around my dick, exaggerating her response almost laughably. I just smiled, but inside my brain was doing somersaults. Was she just doing this for a laugh? Would she really suck her own brother’s dick just for amusement? Or was she trying to appease cheetah girl to keep her from finding out we were related? I had no idea, but the feel of her tongue sliding up and down my shaft made my knees quiver. She wasn’t just doing this for show, she was actually trying to pleasure me. “Now that got me all horny!” cheetah girl exclaimed, running a hand over her pussy. “I’m gonna go find myself another guy to fuck. That ok, hon?” Was she asking me if she could go fuck someone else? That was odd. “No problem,” I said, Ren’s mouth still around my cock. “And thanks, by the way.” Cheetah girl winked at me and licked her lips before turning and leaving the room. I watched her go, and when she was gone down the hall, I looked back down to Ren. Ren’s beautiful eyes were looking back up at me, and I noticed how sexy she looked with my cum all over her body. Just another coat of paint, I thought to myself. “She’s gone now,” I said. For some reason, Ren didn’t stop sucking on me. Her tongue was beginning to make my balls tingle as it ran along the underside of my shaft. Her hands were clutching at my thighs. God, my sister could really give head! But why was she still doing it? “Ren?” I touched her soft brown hair. She stopped sucking me for a moment, but just to catch her breath. “God, that was exciting!” she breathed. I didn’t know what to say. She jerked me for a second, spreading her saliva over all over my cock. Was she going to suck me off again right here? This was my sister, for god’s sake! “Why…?” I couldn’t finish my sentence as her oral skills took my breath away. She was really working it, rubbing my dickhead against the inside of her cheeks and purposely gagging on it. After a few minutes, she began touching herself, and something in me snapped. “Ren, wait!” I backed away, much to her disappointment. “What?” she asked, as if truly wondering what was wrong. “You don’t want me to?” “Do I want you to? Do you realize you’re my sister?” She wiped her mouth where she had drooled a bit, and stood up. Again, I was overwhelmed by the sight of her gorgeous naked body stained with my cum. I suppose my objections were a bit late. “You already came on me,” she replied. “I was just catching up on the part I missed.” I blushed, again a bit late for such a reaction. “I…I won’t be able to cum again,” I said, which might have been a lie. “So what?” she said, stepping towards me. “I’ll still suck you.” I took another step back. “Why? What happened to you tonight? What happened to both of us?” “I dunno,” she shrugged. “I guess I just got caught up in the excitement. People are downstairs fucking right now.” “Not their sisters.” “God, Tommy!” She threw up her hands, and then turned away to find her clothes in the pile on the floor. She was getting mad that I kept bringing that up. Maybe she was starting to feel ashamed about it, and I was just making it worse. I watched her rummage through the different items, including everyone’s underwear, until she found her t-shirt and jeans. She held up another shirt. “Is this yours?” she asked, not looking me in the eye. “No, it’s not.” “Good.” She used the strange shirt to wipe the cum from her body, and then threw it back into the pile. She threw her clothes on, without any panties or a bra, and stood with her arms crossed. “Well?” she said, irritated. “Aren’t you gonna get dressed? I wanna go home.” I just stood there for a second, but decided not to argue. This was getting weird, but I don’t know what I was expecting to happen elazığ escort bayan after I practically had sex with my sister. I found my pants and shirt and boxers, and quickly dressed. Our shoes were downstairs. Without another word, we both left. The drive home was uncomfortable. But Ren was calming down. I think she was disappointed that the night didn’t go further, as strange as that sounded. The atmosphere of that party had dropped a lot of inhibitions, including some of my own. I never let a stranger give me head before, and I sure as hell had never even seen my sister naked before tonight. It felt like something changed between us, and I could let it be uncomfortable or I could try to salvage our relationship. Maybe something good could even come out of this. “I’m sorry, Tommy,” Ren blurted before I could say anything. “I shouldn’t have taken it so far.” I glanced over at her while I was driving, seeing how sad she looked. The paint on her arms was still visible, and I still thought it looked sexy on her. She saw me looking at it. “This damn body paint,” she smiled. “It made me do it.” I laughed a bit. “I still can’t believe I saw you naked.” She raised an eyebrow, still smiling. “I saw you too, you know.” “And?” “And what?” “What was your first reaction?” She turned away, embarrassed. “I don’t want to tell you that.” “Come on,” I said, but she didn’t turn back. “Fine, I’ll tell you my first reaction.” “Your first reaction was the same reaction you had all night,” she said mockingly. “Are you ever not hard?” I chuckled a bit, but wasn’t embarrassed. “Not often.” “Ok.” Ren turned back to face me. “My first reaction was…I was surprised at how hung you were. Happy?” Actually I was surprised. I figured she had been with a fair amount of guys before. Surely one of them had to be bigger than me. “You’ve seen bigger, right?” She didn’t answer, she just stared straight ahead. “Ren?” She sighed. “I haven’t…been with a lot of guys before. Only a couple, as a matter of fact.” “Wow, really?” I was genuinely stunned. She was absolutely gorgeous, and I knew she had a lot of boyfriends. “Really.” I decided not to ask anymore questions. As silly as it sounded, my sister’s sexual past wasn’t something I was interested in. “So…why did you want to suck me so bad?” I could tell I caught her off guard, but she didn’t back down. “I like doing that. I guess I forgot you were my brother.” I realized I was hard, thinking about what we had done. I shifted in my seat, but then realized how stupid it was since Ren had already seen me in every way. “I really liked it.” Ren was smiling again, but looking straight ahead at the road. “Yeah?” “Yeah. I was lying when I said I couldn’t cum again. I think I could have.” She gave me a weird look. “Then why didn’t you let me?” “I wasn’t sure it was right. And I didn’t want to take advantage of you.” “Hey, I didn’t have anything to drink. What I did, I did because I wanted to. Fuck what’s right.” Yeah, that was generally her attitude. She was very stubborn. “Are you…uh…on the…” I couldn’t bring myself to ask her what I really wanted to know. The implications of just the question itself would reveal what I was hoping. Ren was quiet for a moment, but she caught my drift. “On the pill?” “Uh, yeah.” “Uh, yeah,” she repeated in a ‘duh’ kinda voice. “What do you think?” “I was just wondering, that’s all.” “Just wondering?” She sounded disappointed. I didn’t say anything. We pulled up to the house right after, and I was feeling really confused. This was the kind of thing you had to work out. Sex with your sister was just too heavy for an impulse decision. When we walked in the front door and I headed for my room, I know she just stood there at the door for a few seconds, shocked that I didn’t say anything to her. I regretted it, but all I wanted to do was go to bed and think about what happened. I heard her door shut later. I thought maybe she showered and went to bed as usual. I was still painted up, but I didn’t want to chance seeing her in the hall so I decided to shower in the morning. Not long after there was silence in the house, I drifted off to sleep. Part of me was genuinely worried about what would happen the next day. Would we avoid each other? Would we never be the same again? Would we ever come together in an intimate way? What must have been hours later, I heard my door open and shut. I blinked my eyes open and looked up to see Ren standing there. My vision was blurry but I could see that she was not wearing anything. My heart leaped. “Ren?” I said groggily. She just stood there for a moment, her dark hair hanging down around her face. She almost looked possessed the way she was standing there silent, but I could see that she was still painted up. She hadn’t washed any of it off. “I decided I didn’t want to wonder,” came her eventual reply. She walked toward me, her hips swaying just a bit. God, she looked sexy. When she came over to my bed and pulled the sheet aside, my heart skipped a beat. “Me neither,” I said, as she slid into bed with me. The feeling of her naked skin touching mine was like fire. She closed her legs around mine and lowered herself onto me, our stomachs touching. Her hands were on either side of my head, and her face closed in on mine. Without saying another word, her tongue snaked out and caught the tip of my nose. Her movements were almost cat-like, like a leopard I suppose. This paint was powerful stuff. I reached up and cupped her wonderful breasts in my hands, eliciting a moan from her. Her nipples poked into my palms as I groped her. She writhed on top of me, dragging her hips upward and then back down in a gentle thrusting movement. My dick was jabbing into her ass, harder than it had ever been. I felt her pubic strip graze my navel. I could feel a trail of heat where her pussy had touched me. She kissed me full on the lips, sucking my tongue into her mouth. It felt deliciously naughty to be acting so obscenely with my own sister. Our naked bodies were finding their rhythm, and we weren’t even fucking yet. She broke free from our kiss long enough to position her hips over mine, and I pointed my cock straight up into her. Slowly, ever so gently, she sat down onto me, accepting me inside of her. It was really happening, I was fucking my sister! She kept sliding down me until I was all the way inside of her, and then our kissing seemed to go into a frenzy. I pawed at her body, her breasts and her ass and her arms, keeping her locked in place. When we started moving together, our kissing became too much and we had to catch our breath. I was amazed at how this beautiful creature had escaped my notice all of these years. To my amusement, I realized I still hadn’t seen her completely naked, naturally with no body paint. The thought left me soon as sensual pleasure became ecstasy. The sheets were crumpled around us as Ren rose and fell on me. She was so graceful, rising and falling, rising and falling over and over. Her pussy was undulating in an exquisite wet motion, sucking at my dick and groping at it. To say our sex was passionate was an understatement. “I’m coming,” she whispered finally, holding my face so she could look me in the eyes. I grabbed her hips and firmly directed her movements, my thrusts bringing groans and cries from her. Her breathing became sharper and sharper until her legs began to quiver, and then her hips came forward in a violent thrust. Her hands locked onto my neck and her head tilted back while she whimpered, her pussy contracting over and over. I was already ejaculating by the time her muscles had relaxed and her climax had finished. I kept myself buried deeply inside of her while I let the semen pour out of me. “Oh yes! Yes!” Ren purred into my ear, holding my face against hers. It was a gut wrenching experience, nearly violent as her climax had apparently been. Every little movement was electric, like liquid fire. We fell back onto the bed, and Ren stayed on top of me. She didn’t let me pull out, she wanted to keep me inside of her. We both breathed deeply for a while, letting the feeling wash over us. “Tomorrow,” she said finally, her voice very sensual, “I get to suck you off.” My dick twitched inside of her. “Is that you or the leopard talking?” She gripped me tightly just then with her cunt. God, her pussy felt so good! “You fucked us both. Just wait till the leopard comes off.” I’ll miss that leopard. Or maybe I won’t…