Brittany part 4

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Brittany part 4When it became apparent to Brittany that I loved her long, swollen clit, things got a little spicier than I had anticipated. She was no longer shy about getting her needs filled. She flirted more openly, instead of getting dressed before leaving the shower, she’d go from the shower to her room wrapped only in a towel, whether Lisa was home or not. I’d drive her to school ocassionally and get a hand job along the way, or she’d let me finger fuck her. On one of these trips to school, she was wearing a shorter skirt. As the traffic slowed, out of the corner of my eye, I seen her slipping out of her panties and put them in her bag. She fingered herself quickly and then put her three fingers in my mouth so I could taste her honey. In short, the girl was a fucking freak.Anyways, once or twice a week, we’d find time to suck each other until one or both of us would shoot a load. I loved her squirting and it was obvious that she loved it too. One morning, Lisa had left for work, I was in the shower. I had told my partner that I wasn’t going to be in until later in the morning/afternoon as I had to run Britt to an army surplus store as part of her course was taking her to the bush to take pictures of the different types of birds. As I was washing my hair, the bathroom door opened and Brittany walked in wearing nothing as usual. She squatted down on the toilet and I could hear her pissing, she lauged and said “I hope you don’t mind, but I was dying to take a kırklareli escort leak.” I laughed also and said “mind? Do you think I mind listening to you piss?” In fact the only thing I minded is that I could faintly hear it but couldn’t see it.My cock began to swell as I turned off the tap and got out. She waited for me, still seated on the toilet, I casually stuck my cock in her mouth and she ran her tongue over the head and quickly started bobbing and tonguing the head as I stood over her and played with her tits as she did. She was taking half of it in and then she’d fully remove it from her mouth and then she’d force as much of it as she could back into her mouth. She looked fantastic as the slobber started to form on her lips from the rough fucking I was giving her mouth. Her nipples hardened as I removed my cock and started slapping her with it. As I have said, I am quite thick and we could hear the slapping sound it was making. I motioned for her to stand up and move over to the sink area. I helped her hop up on the cabinet and spread her legs. I didn’t have to get right down on my knees so I bent at the waist and took that clit of hers and ran my tongue over it a few times and left a trail of my slobber as lube so I could really rub that button. She moaned as I slid a few fingers into her soaking wet cooch and made a twisting motion inside her. I could feel the spongy pad of her g-spot swell as the combination of the twisting motion of kırklareli escort bayan my fingers and the suction of my mouth had her gasping and bucking within seconds. I really loved the anticipation of her orgasm, but also loved teasing her so that she would beg me to take her over the edge. This morning was one of those times that I was going to take my time a bit and really get her off.I stopped sucking on her clit/cock and continued to roughly finger bang her cunt. The trick to making a girl squirt was to turn your palm up and make like you are tapping the g-spot rapidly. Almost like you are trying to lift the girl up through her pussy. You have to be rough, but not TOO rough. As I increased the pressure on her clit I looked into her eyes. They were rolled back but open. She looked like she had just smoked a joint. She had a slight smile on her lips and every so often she’d ask me to fuck her harder, slower, deeper. I’d get my fingers so deep in her cunt that the palm of my hand would graze against the tip of her clitoris and I’d grind my palm into it for a few seconds and then I’d lick it to get it lubricated again and then I repeated the process. After 20 minutes of the licking and the sucking and the massaging of her spot, I could feel it swell against my fingers. She had increased her begging to the point where all she was really saying was “fuck, fuck, fucking fuck, eat my fucking pussy, make me cum you fucking fucker.” When I got escort kırklareli her to the point where I knew she was ready to blow I started fingering rapidly, so fast that my hand was a blur, pistoning in and out her, she had her hands hooked under legs propping them up so all I had to concern myself with was taking care of this beautiful freshly shaven slice. I slowed my pace a bit and placed my lips over clit and started sucking like I was trying to get a golf ball through garden hose when she made that familiar babbling sound, the first blast caught the back of my throat and I swallowed as much as I could. I pulled back but continued pumping my fingers in and out of her. Three more huge splats of her cum hit the bathroom wall, I was amazed at the velocity, it made a splashing as it hit but I kept fingering. By this time her eyes were wide open and she was telling me how much she loved me fingering her and that she wanted to fuck me. I picked up my pace once again and she shot two more half decent sized loads on to the floor and a bit on the wall again. What a fucking mess. I stopped the finger fucking and knelt in and cleaned up the remaining juices off her inner thighs and inner ass cheeks with my tongue. A little puddle had formed on the cabinet where her ass was placed, I licked and sucked that up too as Brittany got herself together. She giggled a bit and said “now what about the wall?” We both looked at the mess she had made. It was unlike anything I had seen before, the wall was about four feet from where she was positioned and you could clearly see the darkness in the paint where her cum had hit. I had been with squirters before, but never with one that was able to shoot her goo that far. As they say, I had some ‘splainin’ to do.