Break In

4 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Break InI’ve seen this man before…he’s 5.9 has black hair, dark eyes and mouth watering lips…but the only thing that truly matters are his eyes… I remember seeing him throughout the day, in fact everyday of this week… here and there…his penetrating, undressing, intense eyes…almost killer’s eyes minus madness…I can feel his gaze upon me everywhere and anywhere, how it sends goosebumps down my body and forces me to turn and look around, have a feeling that someone is watching me. Then when I am home after a hard day of work, studies and etc…As I remember all this I can’t take it anymore and as I get undressed start playing with myself, penetrating my wet pussy thinking about him, the way he looks at me, like I am the only one that exists in this world, like he can read my mind, so intense, intimidating…I get in the shower and leaving my shower door open, for the steam to get out…I play with myself hardcore until, my cum drips down my legs mixing with water… That is when I get those goosebumps…I look up… and see a shadow disappear…my hear starts pumping like crazy…mostly from fear…fuck I dont even have anything in my bathroom that I could use to protect myself…and besides a towel,I dont kütahya escort even have clothes…I carefully, slowly get out of the bathroom, being careful not to make too much noise, leaving the water on as decoy…but as I make it to the bathroom doorHe walks in and pushes me against a wall, shutting the door behind us… his hand is on my mouth, not allowing me to scream…my heart is beating wildly, my breath is keeping up with it, and my eyes tear from fear… As his hand lays on my mouth, and his eyes stare into me…my body feels hypnotized, I feel my cunt throbbing more heavily than before, my nipples and clit are aroused…I’m fully naked…I didnt even get the chance to get the towel…with the other hand he strokes my cheek and caresses my ear, pushing away my wet hair,it then slides down my neck…and I weep in fear…as he slowly loosens his hand on my mouth…I prepare to scream…but he quickly lands his lips on it and silences me by a firm, powerful, tantalizing kiss…and as I can’t help but give in to the kiss…His fingers find my clit and rub it gently yet persistantly…I moan into his mouth…my knees are weak now, and I lean on him for support…my brain has never been so confused…I’m escort kütahya standing in my bathroom with a stranger who stalked me and now broke into my house and is now satisfying my cravings…I suddenly dont care who he is…where his from…why he does that… the only valid though in my mind is “Don’t stop…don’t stop…more…please more”…my hands are somewhat holding on to his shoulders and are slightly pressed against him for support..I shake and tremble on my legs in front of him…he sees I can’t take it anymore…so he spreads my legs and lifts me up, his hands supporting my ass, my legs wrapping around him, my breasts slightly sliding from his shoulders to his chest…as he carries me like that to my bedroom one of his fingers is misbehaving …as he grabs some of my wetness he makes his finger slippery and stimulates my anus. My cunt contracts like crazy…mhhhmmmm…shiiit he knows what he’s doing I push myself up against him, wrapping my legs around him even tighter. I feel his zipper on the pants upon his swallen cock rub against my clit…I have never felt hornier before…as my nipples rub against him and my cunt overflows with cum…I moan quietly…my moans only interrupted kütahya escort bayan by my breathing…Soon enough, he lays me on my bed allowing me to slide off of him and to drop back onto my sheets. He then bends on his knees and pulls my cunt up to his mouth, his finger still penetrating my butthole. His tongue caresses my folds…penetrates my pussy and then drives my clit wild…I feel I am close to orgasm…but he withdraws, pulls out his finger, gets his pants down and fucks me hard all while playing with my clit…My cunt wraps around his thick pulsating cock, and throbs as his jerking his way into me over and over again… His body muscles all tense everytime he reaches my G-spot and I start to see sweat appear on his forehead…sliding down his face…as some drips on my face I stick my tongue out and lick it off…I pull on him and lick the sweat of his face…only to find him kissing me again…and as his tongue penetrates my mouth in sync with his cock, I climax hard… My hands in a tight grip holding on to his shoulders and my muscles tensing throughout my body.. Before I am realizing what’s going on… and as my orgasm calms down, he pulls on my head and pushes his cock into it…and as he thrusts into my mouth he shoots a load of cum…that half is leaking down my throat and the other is leaking out on my lips…down my chin… while my mouth enjoyes the intense pulsations in his cock, as his cum keeps coming and coming… until he finally gets soft