Bike Path

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Bike PathWell, Tiffany was doing something on the computer and ran across a folder that I keep my tripple x videos and pictures in and started to take a look at some of them and liked them too. A few of them really get her turned on and left me a note that told me which ones they were. One of them was where a girl was tied up in the wood and taken advantage of. Well, I told her to get ready to do just that. She asked what to wear. I said a skirt, no panties and a top with no bra. After we got everything in place we drove to a park and walked back into the woods just off a bike path. I put down a blanket and had her sit on it with her back against a tree and I told her to put her hands over her head and tied them to a tree. I covered her eyes with a blindfold so she couldn’t see anything. Then started to walk went back a little ways off. She asked where are you going? I said just wait a minute. And hid behind a tree. A couple minutes passed and it wasn’t uşak escort busy on the path at all until I heard the sound of a bike coming. It was a k** when he spotted her tied to the tree, I heard him say, What the fuck. He had to have been 18 years old and never seen a women tied to a tree before except maybe online. He put his bike down and walked over to her and looking around for a minute. He asked, What are you doing here? She didn’t reply and just opened her mouth. The k** was first scared and never had a blowjob before, Heck he never did anything with a girl at all till now. She started licking her lips and opening her mouth wanting his young dick in it. He looks around for a few seconds hoping nobody would see them and walked over and touched her tits. Playing with them and pulled up her shirt to expose them fully. He then leaned in and licked her nipples and started sucking on them. My cock was so fucking hard I had to pull it out and escort uşak start jacking off. She sighed feeling his mouth sucking on her. Then he stood up and unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick and put it up to her lips. She felt it and stuck out her tongue to start licking the end of it. He pushed it closer to her mouth and she took it in and started sucking slowly. He started moaning feeling her tongue work it’s was around it as she sucked lightly. By this time they were both so turned on she started sucking harder and his dick wasn’t so big she took it all the way in her mouth to the base and sucked it deep sticking out her tongue licking his young balls. Then she opened wider and took both balls in and sucked hard pumping it in and out of her mouth. I was so turned on by what I was seeing I shot my load but was still hard and wanted more. The k** started to breath heavy and deeper as she sucked then he started to cum in her mouth. She uşak escort bayan started to say MMMMMMMMM as he filled her mouth with his hot virgin cum. She sucked him dry. After he was finished he pulled it out of her mouth and was still hard and then she told him to fuck her wet pussy as she spread her legs for him. He picked up her legs and slid into her sopping wet hole and started thrusting it in and out. She moaned feeling his hard dick sliding in her. He grabbed her legs and started pumping harder and faster shaking her with every slam into her. She couldn’t hold back feeling his young dick as her pussy gripped him and unleashed a gushing orgasm all over him. He started to moan while he was slamming into her and unloaded another huge wad right into her. She felt it spurting in her filling her up and oozing out of her as he milked it all out. Then breathless he slows down and pulled out of her cum drenched pussy and pulls up his pants and got on his bike and rode off. I still haven’t cum yet and walked over stroking myself and unloaded the biggest cumshot all over her. I didn’t think I was going to stop cumming. Eventually I did and we got all cleaned up and went on our way.