Big brother

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Big brotherIt was 2AM and I was sneaking in the house. I was supposed to be home by midnight and if my dad caught me he would beat me with the belt for sure. I was sneaking down the hall when my brother caught me and pulled me in his room. He whispered to me “little late aren’t you s*s?” I told him I just lost track of the time and not to tell dad. He said “Well maybe I shall have to punish you.” Then he laughed quietly. “Strip naked for me right now. I want to see those tits and that young pussy. I have been waiting to get you naked. Wait till I sink my cock in that sweet pussy.”I got scared and stared at him as he began to remove my sweater then my bra. His big hands grabbed my tits and squeezed them then took my nipples between his fingers and rolled it around. “Nice tits baby sister.” He then unzipped my skirt and pulled it down to my feet then jerked down my panties. He rubbed his hands over my ass and said “Nice ass. Now set your ass down on my bed while I remove my boxers and we can have some adult fun. Don’t make a sound or I will gag you.” He then removed his boxers and his cock was hard and huge. He laughed as he saw my face look shocked. He told me “Do you like your brothers big cock? Wait till I let you suck it then fuck you all night with this big stick.”He then stood in front of me and pushed his cock to my mouth. “Open wide and begin to lick. Lick that cum off the tip. I am going to show you what a good cocksucker you can be.” As I licked his cock I could taste the cum leaking out the tip. He moaned and iskenderun escort whispered “now suck my balls then I will ram this cock deep in your mouth and let you taste how good my cum is before I fuck your sweet pussy.” I licked and sucked his balls and then he pushed his cock into my mouth. He had me by my hair and pushed his long cock deep as I gagged and tried to pull free. “Suck that rod or I shall whip your ass. Take it all little sister” he told me. I had no choice so I began to suck his cock as he pushed it in and out of my mouth giving me every inch till he then filled me with his cum. Next he pushed me back onto the bed and spread my legs. His fingers began to run over my pussy as his mouth covered my tits. He sucked each tit as his fingers covered every inch of my pussy. He then grabbed a nipple in his mouth and sucked it hard as he could as his finger pushed inside my fuck hole. I could feel the roof of his mouth on my nipple as he sucked me and then his finger rammed in and out as I covered him with my cum. He grabbed my nipple with his teeth and pulled as he added another finger in my pussy. As he finger fucked me he moaned against my tit “You have a great body. Nice big tits to suck and a tight wet pussy. My big cock will love that tight pussy of yours.” Then he ran his wet fingers down to my ass. He found my round bud and pushed a finger in it. As his finger went deeper he told me “Yes, I want to fuck that ass. I am going to fuck pussy and ass and let you suck my cock all night. escort iskenderun I promise you won’t be able to walk in the morning but you will love being fucked by your big brother.”He left his finger in my ass and kissed down my body till he got to my pussy and then began to lick and suck me as his finger fucked my ass. He licked my clit till he felt me cum then he poked his tongue into my fuck hole and tongue fucked me and sucked my cum into his mouth. He kept me cumming as he tongued my hole. Then he layed on top of me and pushed his cock to my pussy. “Are you ready for a cock fuck? Lets see how my big cock fits in that tight pussy baby sister.” He pushed his cock in me and began to fuck me hard and deep. The pain was sharp as my pussy stretched for his monster shaft but when he got inside it felt so good. He would pull almost out then push back in and did this over and over as my pussy spasmed for him. He fucked my hole for almost an hour and the bed was wet with my cum. Then he filled me with a huge load of his cum. He moaned to me “Oh your cunt is so tight. You felt so good around my cock. I am going to fuck you again and again.” Then his hips began to move as he rammed his cock in me for another fuck session. His stamina was great and each time he filled me with cum he would stay in me then when his cock was hard again he would fuck me more. Even tho my pussy was raw and on fire it still felt good.After his last long fuck he told me to get on my hands and knees and raise my ass in the air. With iskenderun escort bayan my asss high in the air he rubbed my ass cheeks then spread them and kissed my pucker and inserted his tongue and spit in my hole. He then would push the spit in me to get me very wet. He poked his cock to my ass and shoved it just an inch. My ass was so tight and he was so big I did not think it would fit but it sure did. He got every inch of cock buried in my ass and began to go in and out. Then he grabbed my hips and pulled me tight to him with his cock buried deep. He said to me “Your ass is as good as your tight cunt. I am going to fuck your ass till you can not sit. Now enjoy my cock in that sweet ass as my fingers fuck that cunt of yours. I bet your cunt is so sore from all the fucking my big cock gave it tonight. But I am not done with you yet.” He then pushed three fingers into my pussy as he rammed his cock in and out of my ass. This time he fucked and fingered me for two hours. My ass and pussy was raw when he finally pulled out. I had cum running down my legs.With me still on my hands and knees he got in front of me on his knees and shoved his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my hair and pushed my face tight to him with his cock buried in my mouth and throat. “yes, now suck my cock hard. I made you the best cocksucker and show me how good your are. Swallow that cock for me. Make me cum.” With his cock buried deep I sucked him hard till I heard him moan and felt the cum run down my throat. “Now kiss my cock and run your tongue over the tip. Kiss my balls and then back to my cock.”When it was almost dawn when he let me go to my room. He told me that I was going to be his regular fuck buddy. About three times a week I spent the night in his bedroom. I got so I loved our all night fuck sessions.