best sex experience

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best sex experiencehello everyone this happened to me one night when i was out to club.i was busy dancing wen two girls approached me. one was blond and the other brunette.both were sisters. but i didnt know about that. when they approached me both of them started caressing by hips and chest while dancing with me. the blond started kissing me while the brunette slipped her fingers in my pants playing with my dick. i could not even go because they were turning me on sooo hard that i started to have precum on my dick. they kırıkkale escort continued the fore play while dancing with me. it was evident that people around noticed and some were even looking at me.i asked them if they wanted to fuck and both said yes. this was the best moment of my life and i could not believe it.they had a bungalow and we went there.arriving there both of them started to undress me,sucking my dick while the other one kissed me. then they changed. the one kissing me went down on me and escort kırıkkale sucked my dick soo hard that i cum in her mouth. she loved it and she shared the cum with her sister.after 15 mins pause they started all over again kissing me while masturbating themselves and me at the same time. it went on for 30 hot mins of foreplay again.they ade me cum twice.then i started fingering the brunette while sucking the blond’s hairy pussy. i am usually good with my tongue and fingers and the way they were turned on kırıkkale escort bayan this time i knew i would have to be drained tonite,loli prepared myself.then i started fucking the brunette and while the blond was licking her clitorisi fucked her for 15mins then i came in her ass. she let the blond lick the cum off then they played with it,something that can really turn me on.i kissed both of them then took the blond in 69 before fucking her cowgirl style. i fucked her tight pussy so hard then i changed to her ass. in between while my cock was going out the brunette was sucking it. i lasted for 20 mins this time and i could not bear it anymore. i moved the blond and i came on their faces. they enjoyed it i can say and this was my best sex experience ever and ever.what a night