Becoming Alanna – Part 2

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Becoming Alanna – Part 2Walking into room number one, she told me kindly to strip nude and climb into the chair. I did as I was told and hopped in to the chair. I fit my feet and legs into the stirrups and she spread them apart exposing my cock balls and asshole. She looked me up and down and smiled “not much work with is there” she laughed looking at my small cock “but also not much to work with in the way of hair”. She applied the preheated wax and then the strips to the areas around my cock and my asshole, the area connecting them and lastly my balls. She gently tugged them off and I cried with pain. “Oh shut up sissy” she laughed at me. Maybe I was drunk with lust and didn’t even realize when it was happening, but somehow I was shocked each time she ripped off a patch. With my body freshly hairless she held up the metal devices I had seen before. “What is that I asked?” she explained that they are called speculums and that doctors use them to inspect both the anal and vaginal passages. She then joked about they can also be used to opening the anal and vaginal passages so that they can be urinated into, and that then a person can drink the piss with a long tube out of the anus or vagina. I looked shocked and she smiled, “don’t worry baby girl, all in good time”. She winked at me and then looked up with surprise, “you know what, I’m a fucking tard, I totally forgot to give you a name. Well, what do you want?” “I don’t know” I said shyly “how about Alison” she asked, “no” I said. “Alanna” said suggested, I smiled, I know that was it “yeah, I like Alanna” I said a wide smile pealing across my face, my cheeks turning red. “Alanna it is” she smiled. “Ok it’s time to cleanse you” she said plainly as if I understood. “What exactly is that” I questioned feeling stupid. “Ohh well I guess I should have explained it’s an internal cleansing system. It’s for cleaning a girl’s insides” she explained. “Oh ok” I said still not understanding. She instructed me to get down on all fours. I did what she told me and settled in the doggie position she went behind me and I couldn’t see what was going on. I felt her clearly lubed fingers pushing into my asshole. I gasped with pleasure at this new sensation and pushed back on her hand. The next thing I knew she slid a 5 inch inflatable anal plug into my asshole. It was lubed and I felt nothing but pleasure. She started to inflate it and I felt it lodge inside the gripping ring of my asshole. There was a tube coming out of it which she connected to a longer tube which she then elazığ escort attached to what I had thought were shower extensions. She started the flow slowly and I felt the cool water start to seep into my guts, filling me up slowly and with authority. When I felt full I moaned in confusion, “ohhhh fuck I think I’m going to burst!!!” I yelled as she stepped back, pulled the plug out, and watched an eruption or brown water pour out of my asshole. “Unhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” I moaned ecstatically. My insides felt like they were pouring out of my asshole like molten lava. I felt as though I may pass out from the pleasure but I maintained my grasp on reality and held on for the ride. As my anus sputtered the last squirts of water out Samantha squatted down and started to lick my asshole clean. She smacked her lips “yummy” she giggled, “want to taste?” she said with an apprehensive face, trying to judge just how dirty her new little project would be. I hesitated for a second but trying to force myself to think as Alanna, the new girl inside wanted to please the role model in front of her and I gave an enthusiastic “yeahhhh”. She sucked up my ass-juice and gave my asshole one last burrowing lick. She moved to me and gave me my first kiss. It was soft and gentle, she pushed her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it, nibbling ever so slightly. I tasted my ass-juice on her tongue and my cock gave a shudder, I winced in pleasure as I savored my own taste. “You like that don’t you slut” she said with a seductive smile. “Yes ma’am” I replied with the femmiest voice I could muster. She reached into a cupboard and pulled out a box of “heavy” tampons. “now come on Alanna” she started “you don’t wanna leak your period in your panties, it’s not very ladylike” “yes ma’am” I stammered as I watched her unwrap the tampon, insert it into my asshole and push the applicator lodging its tightly wound knob in my dripping hole. “It feels good Samantha” I moaned. “I know baby girl, it’s because you like being a sissy, don’t you?” “I do” I said again in a femmy voice. “Good girl” she said authoritatively. Now we moved on to the next room down the hall. The next room was the body augmentation room. Here she attached the pumps to both my chest and my nipples. She pumped them up and set a timer. it felt like I was gonna be sucked into he machines, but after 20 or so minutes of continuous pumping, I had very appropriately sized 13 year old tits and big plump pink nipples. My areola were dark and had that fresh pink hue of teenage tits. escort elazığ I smiled wide as I admired my new tits. “These are really supper Samantha” I cooed in a feminine voice. “Thanks babe” she giggled back girlishly. “I’m really happy with my decision to do this” I said quietly, slouching for a moment with my head bowed in a combination of elation and shame. “Hey baby girl, its ok, don’t cry sweetie” Samantha said in her most accepting and motherly voice. She kissed my cheeks and then somehow moved to my lips. We embraced in a tight and passionate bond. I kissed her deeply and nibbled again at her tongue as she purred softly and accepted her tongue job.We moved on down the hall and Samantha showed me into the next room on my journey. This was the tanning room. Two large beds lay side by side. The newest versions and state of the art they took a quarter the time or a normal tanning bed. I went to climb into one and Samantha gently took my arm, “no no that’s not for you baby girl” she said smiling. “We actually have a different machine for you. One that makes the skin creamlike and pale, more like that of a 12 year old girl who lives in a place where she doesn’t get a lot of sun”. I looked at her confused. “What do you mean Samantha? Why would I want that?” She looked at me and petting my hair said “well princess, it’s because that’s what boys like, they want a fresh tight little virgin just like you, and the more pure and untainted you are, the more they will like you” she had a stern look in her eyes as she finished up saying this. I didn’t want to upset her and so I agreed willingly, quickly climbing into the machine and letting her turn it on. It whirred and wiggled light up and sparkled, when I got out, my skin was deeper, creamier, richer, but pale and peach colored, like a demure pink shade of lipstick. We quickly hurried out and moved on down the hall.The next room was makeup; she gave me a real teen skank look. Like the girls I lusted after at school. Dark elongated eyeshaddow and eyeliner with fake oversized lashes, brushed with dark deep black mascara. She put cover-up and foundation and blush, she put lip liner and lipstick, gloss and more. I lost track. When she spun me around however I was shocked. I didn’t look like me, I mean I did, I was me, but not me Alex, it was me Alanna. I could feel her in my blood, coursing through my veins, filling every nook and crevice of my creamy hairless boi’s body. She was in control now and I knew that I must do whatever Samantha told me.We moved on elazığ escort bayan down the hall and stopped in to paint my fingernails and toes. She gave me French tips which I loved and put little decals on them, a few stars and some hearts, they shimmered in the light and I could feel the electricity in my body raising with one level each time we moved on, slowly working my way up the chain. She combed and braided my hair into nice perfect pigtails with straight cut bangs over the front of my face. Moving on to the clothing room I hurried to catch up trying to get a glimpse of myself every chance I got. She opened a wardrobe and allowed me to look around. Everything you could think of. There were dresses and skirts, shirts and tank top and blouses and pants and shorts. Panties and thongs and garters and stockings and bras and corsets and more. There were shoes and boots, flats and pumps, knee socks galore, and that’s when I got to the uniforms. Samantha had gotten a copy of every uniform from the surrounding schools. The area had mostly catholic schools and so girl’s uniforms were the traditional pre-skank style training look. I could see the familiar colors of maroon and white. I could see the plaid and pleats; I could see the knee socks and the shirt and blazer, the tie. I could see my schools uniform right there in front of me, on a hanger in Samantha’s hands. “Here you go little girl” she said, “figured you may as well look as true to Alanna as you can, so here you go” she pushed the uniform into my hands and snapped her fingers to hurry me up. I quickly started to dress. First I pulled on a small pink and black checkered pair of panties, as I would have expected a size or two too small so it hugged my bubbled chubby sissy ass and hairless pink cock just right. I pulled on the knee socks and the bra, feeling my tits fill it out to a 36 B, pleased with their heft. I pulled on the skirt, letting it sit just right, pulling the blouse tie and jacket on. Straightening everything out and making sure it looked just right. Samantha pierced my ears and put a bull hoop in my nose, something ironic and out of place with my pure look. She puffed me with some vanilla smelling Victoria’s secret body spray and pushed me in front of a mirror. I saw myself again, at this late stage of transformation. It was stunning. I was blown away. I could hardly breathe. “Wow” I said, in my fem voice, “omg Samantha this is incredible, I look so different”! “I know” she said, “don’t you love it”? I nodded my head eagerly with a huge smile on my face. “Let’s go up stairs” she said, “its actually getting late and I invited a few… friends over tonight, hope you won’t mind” she said with an evil grin. I didn’t know what to make of it but I just passed it off as nothing.