Becoming a true pervert…

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Becoming a true pervert…I have been trying to figure out what to share with you today. I have so many experiences, that are all true mind you, that I have a tough time choosing which one to share. This is the fourth post to my blog. I will try to make it exciting for you to read. By the time that I had been jacking off in public in front of girls for a few years I was kinda getting bored. Not to say that I wasnt getting excited anymore but I had been using the same places and ways of being caught that I thought it was time for a change. To this point I had probably stroked and cum in front of nearly 500 women and girls. When I wasnt in public and was at home, I was always naked. Or at least as much as I could be anyway. If someone came to the door I would answer it wearing a towel that would happen to fall away, oops, yeah right. Or would be wearing a very small sexy thong that just could not contain my cock. Especially when I was getting hard, it would be more than obvious to whomever was standing in front of me. I would play at home all the time. I would jack off thinking about how I could have made some session, as I called them, hotter for the girls and for me. I would sneak the video rentals from my parents room and watch them while I jacked off. I thought why not try doing the things I was watching. Well that experimentation went on for years. The first time I saw a woman with a shaved pussy, I shaved my cock. All of you on this site know what is in today’s porn, the more I saw in porn the more I did. Thanks to iskenderun escort the stars like Ginger Lynn, Ashlyn Gere, Peter North, Celeste, Jill Kelly, Jenna Jameson, Keisha, they brought about the new age of porn. I found that I loved anal play, the taste of my own cum and being totally shaved. I started thinking that I would try this for the girls I would stroke for in public. Not that stroking for girls in public wasnt enough, but I was really becoming a true pervert. Now mind you I didnt do all of this at once. I tried it first with a shaved cock. The look I got, well lets just say that it tended to linger longer on my cock than it had previously. The smile the was on her face as I stood naked under a street light, stroking my hard cock for her made my orgasm bigger than I think I had ever felt. It may have only seemed that way, but it reminded me of the first time I came in front of a complete stranger. (You can read that story on my blog page) The sensations screaming through my balls and body were incredible. She watched my cum, staring at my bald cock the whole time. After I finished cumming she looked up at me with a big smile that matched my own. I said “Thank you, see you tomorrow night.” At which point I turned around and went back into my apartment.I had been enjoying anal play for some time. I had gotten a fake ID. Common here in California. I didnt go buy beer or cigarettes, I went to the “Adult Store” and bought a vibrator, and a dildo. I really got into using the vibrator. I was trying escort iskenderun it out and came so hard that my cum shot went 6-7 feet! It went straight over my head, yes into my mouth and about my face. Cum in the eyes does not feel good, might as well just squirt lemon juice it hurts that bad. I knew that I could use this when I had an audience during one of my sessions. That night, I was really horny, I didnt jerk off all day, knowing I was going to use my vibrator. I made just shaved my cock again, and loved to cum just after shaving. I stuck the vibrator in my ass and turned it on. For me on hi speed is the only way to go. As my ladies began to walk down my street, I walked out my backdoor and positioned myself under the streetlight. It was directly in front of my apartment walkway. Pure perfection. The first of these ladies was a beautiful woman. Busty, probably 36DD’s curly brunette hair, and parked in front of my place every night. She was the start of the parade of women that would walk down my street every night. She drove an old shitbox of a car that she let warm up for several minutes before leaving. I like to think that she was just doing that as an excuse to watch me. This night I was waiting for her as she approached. As usual, I was already hard, stroking slowly until she came into view. The vibrations I felt through my ass went throughout my entire body. I knew I was going to cum hard. I didnt want to stroke to fast, tonite there would be no need to jack hard to cum. My cock was already iskenderun escort bayan throbbing as she approached. I was squeezing my cock hard and felt that sensation of cumming. Tonite this was going to be a HUGE and very loud orgasm. I remember uttering an “Oh Shit, I cumming” in some language that resembled broken english due to my impending orgasm. Whatever I said drew her gaze toward me and my nakedness. My balls tightened up and the first shot erupted from my cock. It flew easily 6 feet. The power of my orgasm caught her by surprise, as she stuttered stepped to a halt. Her eyes bulged with every pulsing shot of cum from my cock. I think she thought it might hit her as she walked by. I was far enough away that it wouldnt, and once she saw that I think she felt safe. I came for what felt like minutes. She watched me cum the entire time. She was smiling, and I was feeling more than incredible. She approached her car door and got in. I was surprised that she just didnt leave immediately. To my amazement, I was still totally hard. I could tell that some more women were coming down the street. I walked to the front of the car as the other women approached. I had never cum twice this quickly, but figured I would just jerk for the women as per usual. By this point, there was the one in the car, and a group of three others approaching me. I was stroking with renewed vigor. This time much faster. I was still enjoying the mighty orgasm I just had when surprisingly felt a second one rushing through my body. While there was not as much cum I still shot pretty hard. Wow 2 orgasms in about 2 minutes! Fuck I was hooked on anal forever! My group of ladies passed by and I enjoyed 2 more orgasms that night. Without the vibrator, but still was incredibly fun. Hope you enjoyed, subscribe to my blog.