Beauty Of A Glory Hole

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Beauty Of A Glory HoleBeauty Of A Glory HoleBy: Londebaaz Chohan Christopher was no geek, nerd or a bore. He was simply too good. He heard his friends and most class mates talk of pussies, cocks, boobs and ass holes. He heard a lots of stories of fucking, sucking, kissing and making out. Though he was sexy and horny more than any other boy in his class and his already adult size cock was always hard; he had not even masturbated as much as he should have. He was really that good a boy.One of his good friend; Scott, had always talked about the adult book stores where they sold the books, videos and other sexy toys and stuff. He was told that they also played the videos. He was also told of glory holes but not even his friend explained much because perhaps Scott knew that Chris was not going to go to one; although the nearest one was not even a mile away. Chris thought that it was something like the video games arcades, he had been to at the mall, many a times. The good boy Chris was a Junior in high school when he had his first exposure of an adult magazine store. Knowing very little and not being a geek but of course a stupid about this new world he was about to explore; he tucked a whole bill of $ 20/= in his pocket, thinking that like the video arcades at the mall, it would get him a ton of fun and joyous activity at the porn video arcade as well with some change to spare.Saturday around noon time; he walked in and was truly bewildered and dazed by all the stuff in there. Magazines, books and videos were kind of secondary. They called it adult books and video shop; but the sex stuff like vibrators and the dildos even larger than his own penis, double dildos, ropes, locks, bondage materials, bondage clothes, artificial pussies, dolls, pumps, sucking machines and so much other paraphernalia was far more than enough to get him go out of his not believing, fucking mind. Then he saw a sign with a big RED arrow that was guiding the visitors towards the video arcade. He happily marched to.Kind of believing that it was not going to be any different than the arcade at the mall, he was surely upset to see a revolving gate and a man behind the make shift counter. He was stopped. “How many, young man”?Not understanding, Chris just answered “One”. “Listen young man, it is a $ 2/= minimum to enter”. The attendant cracked and Chris handed him $ 20/=. The man returned him 18 coins, worth $ 1/= each. “The booths take these coins only”, the man said loudly. Chris also said in loud and sarcastic tone, “Thank you mister”, not liking his attitude. “What does he think, I am going to spend all my money here in the arcade”; Chris spoke sivas escort to himself as he got away from the counter. “All I want is to play some videos”. Yes! that is how little he knew before walking through the heavy curtain that separated the totally different world, he was about to walk into. A dark big area made Chris mumble the choice words, ‘What the fuck’. There were a lot of doors and a dim light on top of each door. ‘Do you want to suck’? came a weak voice from behind him. He quickly turned to look and saw a man in the corner.‘Excuse me, what did you say’? He said much louder than he usually spoke. He was not very angry but really shocked.‘Oh nothing’, said the man and opened the door in front of him and quickly disappeared inside.‘You really scared the fucking shit out of him’. Now this sounded like a very young voice, once again from behind him.Spinning around quickly, once again; Chris saw a much younger black man. ‘Easy man, just be relaxed. The men in here are not used to talk loudly in here. They are used to some nodding with their heads or some tiny gesture with their hands to communicate with others.‘But what is this place; where are the videos. I only came here to play some videos’, Chris asked with a lot of confusion.‘First time in an arcade’; the black guy asked. ‘O shit no. I have been to plenty of them in many malls’. Chris responded with a lot of confidence, watching a man come out of the door behind him and dashed out to the exit. He looked to have taken a bath in there, a sweat bath that is. He was literally dripping off his face.‘Well, this is not a mall. This is a magazine store; an adult magazine store’. The black guy stressed. ‘O fuck man. Where are you from’. Chris quickly reached in his pocket to pull out his ID, to prove that he lived not far from here.‘Stop. Do not ever show anyone, who you are and where are you from’. This black guy was awfully nice to give such good advice. ‘Never ever anyone know, how much money you were carrying. Looks, it is your first time in here’. He said that his name was Ron.‘Yes, it is my first time in here today’. Chris confessed. ‘Why this arcade is not like other arcades’.‘Come with me, I shall show you the place and explain. Notice, those dim lights, above the doors, it tells that someone is already inside. Let us look in here’. He opened the door next to the one, where the first man had entered to disappear. It was empty. There was a small TV set fixed in the cabinet like space in there showing some quick scenes of porno before changing to next. Chris was totally awe struck, his mouth was open and he did not want to believe this. Ron patted sivas escort bayan his shoulder and told him to close the door and bolt it from inside. ‘Enjoy now and do not open, until you are coming out or you want someone to join you, inside’. He laughed softly and walked away. Chris was shocked to his core. Looking around in the little light, he noticed the coin slot, on the side of the TV screen. Carefully, he dropped only one coin. The next thing was simply not believable. The screen showed a close up shot of a colossal sized black cock, thrusting in and out of a dripping pussy. Now his eyes getting familiar with the low light and he could see the numbers written on the penal next to the coin slot and arrows to show for going up and down or for going sideways. Chris tried. Press the up and down buttons and the screen would change but keep showing the videos in the same category, like gay, straight, lesbians, bisexual and more. Pressing the sideways button would change the category of videos all together. Wow, this is cool. Chris thought a bit loud. Slowly, as he could see more, he saw a sign that said, each coin would get a show for 5 minutes and without thinking, he dropped 12 coins in the slot; figuring that he would not leave before one hour and settled on the bench seat by the opposite wall. Soon, he had taken out his raging hard on and started to stroke it while watching a pair of college aged boys, playing fun sex with each other on the screen.As he sat there, for a while; he thought it was the flickering light of the TV screen playing tricks on his vision but then, the movement in the adjacent booth was confirmed by his peripheral vision. Someone was in there; Chris could see through the hole in the wall between the two booths. What was this, soon there were couple of fingers waving at him through that hole as if asking him to come close to the hole. Chris just could not figure out, what was going on and sat there quietly.May be a minute or so of constant waving of those fingers at him from the next booth and then the guy from the next booth spoke, ‘come on, man. You want to suck me or get yourself sucked. Please let me suck that big cock of yours, please, please; let me see those balls also. I bet they are as large, healthy and heavy too’. ‘What’. Chris did not understand the logistic although, he understood the cock and the sucking words very well and he was seeing the cock sucking done on the TV screen. The curiosity took over the best of him and he got up to get close to the hole and look through. The man in there was completely naked. His cock was limp but the length was impressive. His escort sivas cock head was hanging lower than his balls. Chris tried but could not see the face of the man because of the angle of the man’s posture.‘Please put that big cock of yours through the hole to me and I shall suck it for you and also swallow’. The man said in a whispering voice once again. ‘I swear; you will feel great. I promise’. Now Chris was truly thinking. He enjoyed the reputation among his friends but how could he forget, when, one girl put her mouth on his dick for may be only 10 seconds and then got scared of the size and ran away‘What the fuck’. He said to himself, dropped his jeans to the floor. The hole was just large enough for him to send his cock as well as the balls to the other side. O’ fuck! The guy on the other side quickly grabbed his balls in the solid grip and took the entire cock length in his mouth. If you ask Chris even today, he cannot describe in words, how nice it felt. The mouth was wet, warm and soft and the movement of tongue and the lips with varied speed and pressure, really felt mother fucking good, is the best way to say it correctly. Chris glanced at the TV screen to see both guys were painting each other’s face with cum in the 69 position. The scene was hot enough to send him over the edge. The guy on the other side was gagging on the extra ordinary huge cock, squirting with a high pressure but he did not miss a beat and kept swallowing relentlessly. Chris just could not remember shooting this much juice ever before.After the euphoria was over, he hardly crawled back to the bench, drenched in sweat and elation. This reminded Chris of the man, he saw earlier, leaving the room dowsed in sweat. His whole body was feeling very weak but he managed to hide his cock back in the jeans with soft sighs and hard breathing. The man in the next room was constantly speaking to him in whispering tone, telling him that he was delicious and requested Chris to meet him there from 12 noon till 8 PM on weekdays and all day on weekends from 10 until 10. Chris thanked him and told him that he loved it.As he appeared back out of the room, the young black guy met him in the magazine section of the store and asked Chris, if he had a god time and Chris admitted that it was a wonderful experience and asked him, if he knew who was that guy.‘That is the beauty of the glory hole’. Chuckled Ron and said. ‘It is up to your imaginations. It could be your next door guy, you always adored. It could be the mail man; you see every day as he comes to deliver the mail to you or the twin brother of your friend. Yes, once in a blue moon, the glory hole meeting can be dangerous and out right injurious to cock and balls but the fantasies it provides are endless and depend on your heart’s desires. Imagine and enjoy. The End. Your comments are welcome. Londebaaz Chohan October 6, 2019.