BBQ toilet fuck

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BBQ toilet fuckSo my friend decided to take advantage of the good weather and have a bbq and a few drinks yesterday.So we all had our food and wer drinkin away and it was about 2am and i was fairly drunk.My girlfriend was there and she was pissed of with me cause she thought i was flirting with another girl(which i was ha)so she got up and stormed into the house.I continued to talk out the back garden for a few mins and my friend came out and suggested i go in to talk to her that she was upset.When i went into the house i couldnt find her.I checked the toilet and sure enough she was in there.I knocked on the door and she told me to go away.After a few mins kaş escort she opened the door and went in.The toilet was pretty small it was under the stairs in the house so we wer pretty close.She was crying so i had to reassure her i wasnt flirting.She was drunk and it wasnt gettin in to her head so i stood her up off the toilet and started kissing her.She was reluctant at first but got into it pretty quick.So i slipped my hand down her jeans and her pussy was so wet my finger slipped in straight away and she let out a moan.I couldnt get another finger in cause her jeans wer so tight so she pulled open the buttons and pulled them down.I was able to get another escort kaş finger in and within seconds she was groaning and squirting all over my hand.I was so turned onshe was pulling at my bottoms and pulled out my cock.She got on her knees and started sucking me off i could feel her tongue flicking the tip of of my cock the she suddenly stopped and pushed me onto the toilet.She straddled me on the toilet and sat on my cock.Her pussy was still wet and soo tight it took her a few mins for my whole cock to get in.She was humpin my cock so good and i was trying my best not to come after the amazing head she had just gave me.We wer makin alot of noise i was scared kaş escort bayan someone wud hear us.I stood up off the toilet and spun her around and started fucking her from behind.She was bucking and moaning and i was pretty close to cuming so i stuck a finger in her ass.She let out a moan and started to orgasm.She was screaming so i had to cover her mouth her pussy was so tight around my cock now i exploded inside her it felt amazing filling up her pussy with my seed.She stood up and started kissing me then started freaking out cause she isnt on the pill i told her it wud be ok and we straightened up and left the toilet.As we walked out she went out the back and the girl i was flirting with came up behind me and whispered in my ear that she heard us fucking and she was wet and wanted a piece of me sometime.Im gonna work on that and if it happens will post it here