Bare Foot to Bare BALLS!

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Bare Foot to Bare BALLS!This happened to me and I would like to say I would like it to happen many more times, but as with many things in life, the good moments come from nowhere and are seldom. On my way home from work on a back road I always take to avoid traffic, I saw a car pulled to the side of the road. I normally don’t stop to assist people due to all the bad stories that I have heard. This situation was different. I saw a young woman, maybe 20, brunette, 5’6 and maybe 115 pounds. She was really pissed off, hitting her car with her hand and looking like she was ready to break down and cry. There was no place for anyone else to hide, just an open field behind her car. I pulled over in front of her car and had to back up to her location. I approached carefully and she just stared at me to come over to her. I did not know what to say except, “What seems to be the problem?”She replied, “My stupid boyfriend didn’t put the jack in the trunk.” I saw she had a flat on the passenger’s side, the rear tire. I said, “Well, no problem. I have a jack in the truck I’ll get it.”She then said, “Thanks.”I went over to the flat tire and started to put the jack under the car. She said, “No I can do that. I know how to change a tire.”I looked at her and said, “Look, I normally don’t pull over for people on the side of the road for safety reasons, but in this case a young nice-looking girl like you I had to stop to help you here. If my girlfriend was stuck like this, I would be worried with all the scum out here. Let me do this. It just feels right.”She said, Alright then. Want a smoke?”I said, “Sure.”She leaned in her car as I started changing her tire. I saw her nice ass as she bent over and just imagined what she would be like in bed. I looked down her legs in tight jeans and thought she must have great legs under there. I looked down at her feet and saw her wearing white socks and tennis shoes and as she slightly arched her right foot leaning in the car, I thought she must have great feet as well. Too bad she was not in high heels so I could see more. She came out with two lit cigarettes and handed me one. I took a couple of drags and set it down while I changed the tire. Five or so minutes later I was done and pulled the jack out.She asked me if I wanted another cigarette and I said sure. She gave me the cigarette and said, “Thank you for your help. Sorry I don’t have much money as you can see by the car I drive or I would give you some.”I said, “Don’t worry about it. I would get a new set of tires though. Yours are worn pretty well.”She said, “I know. Before you go, can I ask you something?”I said, “Sure.”She said, “I know this is weird, but I will probably never see you again and well, I want an honest opinion because I’m thinking of having something done.”I said, what might that be?She asked me if I thought she was good looking. I told her that I would go out with her and that she was eryaman escort great in my eyes. She said, “No. Look at my chest. I have no tits. I’m not even close to a size C. Do you think that if I had a breast enlargement, I would look much better?” I started to speak when she stopped me and said, “Look. I want the truth. I won’t let you fuck me or give you head because I have a boyfriend, but I will jack you off if you tell me what you really think of me.”I was stunned at what she said and just replyed, “Well, as for your tits, yes, you would be more appealing to most men if you had larger tits, but there’s more to looking good than that, myself, I like you the way you are.”She said, “I know I have a pretty face if that’s what you’re talking about. I’m talking about sexual attraction.”I said, “I figured that.” Then I decided to say something I always wanted to say to a girl with great legs but never had the courage. I said, “Look I like looking at women’s legs and feet as well as tits and ass, though I can’t really see yours since you are in pants and shoes, I bet they’re great and that’s just from looking at woman’s legs and feet for a long time.”She just looked at me and said, “Feet? What do you mean feet?”I said, “Well, I like nice women’s feet. I am not the type to kiss and lick a woman’s foot, but I like looking at them and have them do certain things to me. They get me excited.”She said, “I don’t understand. You would rather see my feet rather than my tits?”I said yes, ” I like tits, ass and everything else. I just like feet, too. I would bare all to you if you took your shoes and socks off, just because I’m willing to bet you have nice feet. I wouldn’t even be telling you this, but you wanted the truth and you started speaking openly and we will probably never see one another again.”She looked at me and said, “I told you I would jack you off, but if I didn’t, would you let me see your dick if I took off my shoes and then just left?”I said, “Yes. And you can keep your shirt and everything else on.”She said, “This is weird, but I’ll take off my shoes and socks to see your dick and balls. Do you want to take my shoes off?I said, “No. You can.”She started and I was rock hard from just thinking about it. She took her shoes off and was in white socks. She said, “Can I see you in your underwear with my socks on?”I said, “Sure, but I would like to open the door of your car to cover me from other cars if any come by and have you stand blocking the other direction.”She agreed and stood in the dirt in nice bright socks. I could see that her toes were aligned perfectly and her feet were not real wide or narrow and had medium arches, not high arches like I like, but very nice. I finally got my pants down after my shoes were off. I was wearing normal white briefs. She stared at my hard-on under my underwear and said, “Wow, my feet did that! I can’t wait to see it!”I said, “Now you escort eryaman tell me the truth.” She looked at me funny, I said, “Tell me if it is big enough or if you would prefer bigger, I want the truth.”She laughed and said, “I can already tell it’s big enough for me, guys more than 6 inches hurt to much.” She than raised up her foot and said, “Well, here goes.” Then she took off her socks. Now standing barefoot, she just looked at my rod under my underwear and didn’t say a word. I then started pulling my underwear off as she watched. I was then standing with my hard dick sticking out toward her. She then said, “I can’t believe my feet gave you that hard-on while laughing.” She then asked if I wanted to hold her feet cause she wanted to feel my dick in her hand. I said sure, “Go ahead and hold it for a few, I wont complain.”She grabbed it and started stroking it. She then said, “I told you I would jack you off and I will.”I then asked, “How about rubbing the top of your foot on my balls instead?” She said, “I guess I could do that, while grabbing both my balls with one hand and giving a nice squeeze. Will that get you off, or would you like me to step on this hard cock with my feet you seem to like?”That sounded better to me but there was no place for me to lay it out, so I said, “That would be nice, but not here. There’s no place to lay it out that you could stand on.”I pulled her hand from my balls she still had a grip on and dropped to my knees. She knew what to do and put her right foot between my legs and with surprising force began rubbing my balls back and forth with the top of her foot while holding on to the car to balance herself. I was going to explode when she stopped and put her foot on my dick and pushed down. I looked down and saw her foot on my dick and wished there was a table or something under it so I could feel all her weight through her foot on my dick. That not being possible, she just rubbed the length of my dick with her foot and then pushed down until my dick slipped out and flung up slapping me in the abdomen. She smiled and then kicked my dick making it slap my abdomen a few times.She then asked me if I liked little kicks in the balls, she said she always wanted to do that to a guys naked balls. I said, “Sure!” So she gave me a little hard kick right in the balls. She laughed and said, “This is great!” She continued to rub my balls and every few seconds kick me, the kicking slowed my need to cum. I noticed her kicks getting a bit harder and when I looked up at her and saw a huge smile, I just let it happen.After a few minutes and several kicks I said, “Wait a minute.” I was feeling an orgasm coming and, not wanting this to stop, I said, “When I have a …”But before I could finish my sentence, she finished it for me by saying, “Shoot a load!”I said, “Yeah!” Continue kicking and rubbing until I can’t take anymore. She said, “I planned on it how escort eryaman often does a girl get the chance to kick a guy in the balls while he’s Cumming, but I’m not sure how hard to kick you, I want to kick you harder but I don’t want to hurt you.”I said, “Then let us find out. Start kicking me very lightly and get harder each kick and I will tell you when it feels right.”She said, “Okay,” and started kicking. The first few were very light and then a good solid kick came. It felt good, so good, that I felt my load coming, and before I said anything more, she kicked again. This felt better but my balls started yelling at me. I didn’t care though, and told her, “Just like that! Do it again.” She did and I said, “Again and again!” I then just told her to keep doing it. She kicked maybe three more times and my load was firing! She then just kept kicking as I asked, “Only faster and yes even harder, the last was very hard, it felt liked she pan-caked my left nut!” It was hard to tell, but I think she got maybe three kicks in before the final hard kick that sounded like a loud slap; I grabbed her foot and held it to my aching balls. As I was now feeling like I got planted by a hard kick in the balls, which is exactly what happened, she was giggling and saying, “This is great! I can’t believe I got a guy off kicking him in the balls!” After a few minutes I let her foot go and she said she wanted to see my balls. My sack was red and my balls hanging and aching, my whole body was shaking. She handed me a smoke and said, “I think you need this.” At this point I felt so embarrassed, getting off getting kicked in the balls, the world looks different after you get off, all I could think was, oh boy this was stupid! She knew something about me that I too just found out. While being kicked in the balls, I would cum! If any of my friends found out I would be through. As it is nobody even knows about my liking of girls feet, except her. She looked at me and said she couldn’t wait to tell her friends of this. I told her how I felt and she said she would never point me out and besides, as she said, “We don’t know each others names anyway.” She then noticed my cum on her feet, jeans and shirt. She cussed and said, “Kicking you flung it all over the place!” She cleaned herself up and put her shoes on. She then wanted to examine my balls, my dick was now limp so she held it out of the way while she felt both of my aching balls. She said they felt and looked fine, not much swelling, you should be ok. She then gave my soft dick a grip strength test and said she would really love to step on it but she would have to be going and if by chance we should ever run into each other again she would take off her shoes on one condition.I asked, “What would that be?”She said, “We would figure out a way for me to step on your dick until you cum.”I said, “Sure. I don’t think it would as painful as this is.”She then laughed and said, “But I thought it hurt so good!”I said, “It did until it was over.” Then I got dressed and we went our separate ways. To this day I have not seen her and I keep looking for her to be broken down along the road.