Backyard Fun PT1

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Backyard Fun PT1Backyard Play TimeThe Weather had been spectacular the last few days. Fall was just around the corner, the trees where beginning to change color into all those brilliant fall colors. Tom loved this time of year, not too hot, not too cold. Friday had arrived and Tom had made plans to get home early. Tom got off a little early this afternoon to finish up some work on his secret project. He had been working on it when Annie wasn’t looking. As he thought to himself, I hope she hasn’t discovered his anniversary surprise. Tom went into the house, got a cold beer from the fridge and went back out by the pool.Annie got home, took off her shoes, slipped out of her bra letting her big full breasts free. She went into the kitchen to see if Tom had started dinner yet. Nope, no dinner going. She looking into the fridge and she discovered that Tom had put her favorite bottle of wine into the wine chiller. She poured herself a glass of wine, took a sip and headed off to the bedroom. It didn’t take her long to get out of her work clothes. Standing naked before the floor length mirror Annie had to admit she had kept herself in good shape. Her breasts did sag just a bit but being DD’s it was hard to tell. The darker circles around her protruding nipples were something she was proud of. She loved the way her nipples would poke out just a bit in anything she wore. When she played and tugged on them they would stick out about an inch. She loved it when Tom would suck hard on them, making them stand out. Right now though she was moving her fingers around her nipples, tugging and squeezing them just a bit. Feeling her juices begin to flow, her pussy responding to her touch. Annie marveled at how soft her skin felt. Still tight from all those hours at the gym Annie got out some skin lotion. Her hand rubbed the lotion over her protruding mound with that little crack that made it’s way all the way to her ass. She moved her fingers back and forth over her clit and mound. Soft and pliable, each movement sending waves of pleasure thru her body. She was looking at her reflection and loved the sight of her pussy. Tom loved her pussy as well. she liked the way her pussy stuck out, her fat labia, her clit showing itself as it topped off her pussy. She was one of those women who’s mound stood out, rolling her finger gently down between her thighs, up and down that slit, parting her large labia. Her lips had been all pressed together from her day of work. Wiggling back and forth between her lips she opened her pussy up and put a finger up inside her cunt. She was already wet. But then she never had a problem getting wet. Matter of fact her pussy was almost always wet. She almost always left a little damp spot on her panties. Teasing her clit, freeing it from its hiding, back and forth her finger massaged her clit. Annie thought to herself , I better wait a bit, and go feed my pussy to Tom. It would be fun to get naked in the back yard. She was thinking about what she wanted to do to him this afternoon. One last look into the mirror made Annie feel very good about her body. She spread her lips and took a good look at her pussy. Tom loved the way her pussy looked. It seemed that he could never get enough of her. This too made her feel good as she could never get enough of Tom. Annie then got out silky rob from the closet and wrapped it around herself, picked up her glass of wine and headed out to the backyard to join Tom. The $10,000 they had spent on their backyard improvements was well worth it. Not only did it give them several different sitting area’s, it also gave them total privacy from any of their neighbors. Not that their neighbors where a problem. They had them over often for the pool-BBQ parties through the summer months.Annie decided to sneak up on Tom. She quietly opened the screen door and slipped out into the back yard. It appeared that güngören escort Tom had dozed off as he was laying back on the lounge. Annie moved next to Tom and put down her wine. She then took off her robe. Going down on her knees next to Tom, she giggled a bit as she carefully proceeded to tug down the zipper on Tom’s pants. Carefully opening his pants, she could see the outline of his cock. Annie traced his cock with her finger. Annie fished her hand inside Toms boxers, wrapping her fingers around the shaft. Annie loved playing with Tom’s cock. She pulled his cock out of his pants. The head of his cock now visible. Bending over, she began licking ever so slowly around the head of his cock. Teased his pee hole with her tongue, tasting a little pee. then Annie took all of his cock into her mouth working her way down the shaft as she engulfed his cock till she had it all down her throat.Tom could be heard moaning out loud as he woke. Tom looked down into Annie’s eyes seeing his cock buried up to the hilt in her mouth. She smiled back at him as she took his cock out of her mouth. Annie laughed as their eyes met, smiling, loving.Tom spoke up “Annie you little cock hungry slut You did it again didn’t you?”Annie responded with a giggle and said, I can’t help myself. When I see a chance to suck on your cock you know I’m going to try. Besides I love waking you up by sucking on your cock. Now stand up and get those pants off.Tom got up, got undressed till he was as naked as Annie. Tom said “You know Annie, the money we spent on this yard last year was well worth it. I have enjoyed spending more time outside where we can do what we please. There are no worries abut anyone looking in on them, The 6 foot hedges they planted had all filled in, allowing to total privacy. This last summer they had spent many naked days and nights outside in their backyard.Both standing there naked, they laughed a moment enjoying each other once again. Now lay back down, I want to play with your cock and balls. I want to get that cock nice and hard. Tom stretched out on the lounge, sitting up just enough to be able to watch Annie suck his cock. She was the first woman that really enjoyed sucking his cock. She could make him cum better than any other ever had, and he wanted to watch as his cock would slide down her throat, her hand playing with his balls. half sitting up, so he could watch as Annie grabbed his cock. Tom loved the way Annie’s tits swayed back and forth with her every movement. She had big beautiful breasts. Tom reached out and started to play with her breasts, pinching and tugging at her big nipples, as she slid his cock into her mouth. As Annie wrapped her fingers around Toms shaft, she could feel her pussy getting very wet. That is what usually happened when Tom played with her tits. He knew just how she liked to have them played with. He loved the way her nipples would stick out so far. As he began to suck on them, they got even bigger and harder. Tom knew that when he sucked on her tits and massaged her big mounds, her cunt would get dripping wet. He couldn’t wait to taste her.He loved the taste of Annie’s juices. Tom took his hand and rubbed it over Annie’s mound, feeling her swelling clit. He parted her fat lips, and slid a finger up inside Annie. And yes she was dripping wet. He took his fingers out of her pussy and tasted them. Her juices tasted like honey, sweet and creamy. Annie always seems to have an abundance of juices flowing out of that hole. She got wetter than any women he had ever know. The juices coming out of her hole would run down her thighs. Annie took Tom’s now semi-soft cock in her hand, took her other hand and stuck it up her hole, getting a gob of her wet slippy juice, then rubbed it over Toms cock till her hand slid up and down his cock with ease. She knew that Tom loves a wet slippery stroking. Looking into Toms escort güngören eyes, Annie giggled then smiled, knowing that she was about to make Tom’s cock burst with a gusher of cum. She couldn’t wait till Tom was thrashing about, his moaning so loud.Annie wanted his cock to ooze precum. It was clear and slippery, Annie was working her hand up and down the shaft of Toms now hard cock. Annie was thinking about how high she could make his cum shoot but that was only when she didn’t make him cum in her mouth, which was her favorite place to get his cum.Wrapping her hand just under the head of his cock, Annie could then lick at the head roughly. She attacked his cock as if it was a delicious ice cream cone. The ever louder moans of approval encouraged her to lick it harder. This earned her a gob of precum, that she licked up, enjoying the taste of Tom. How she did love the taste and feel of Toms cock and what she could get out of it. She was that cock hungry, cum loving slut for this man who’s cock she sucked on almost every day.Feeling in control of Tom and his cock, and she was, Annie giggled c***dishly as she thought of something fun and silly to do. She rose up a bit her big tits hanging down, Annie sat up on her knees, and pressed his hard wet juicy cock between her ample cleavage. Sitting up pressing her body up against Toms, pressing her big tits around his cock, fucking him with her tits. She enjoyed the feeling of him wrapped between her bosom. Turning her head looking at Tom with those bright green eyes, chin pressed against his tummy. “Mmmm, I missed the feeling of your cock against my skin.”Tom reached down and ran his fingers over her silky smooth, bright red hair. Then with a laugh, he lightly patted her head, “You are so good to me you nasty little girl. You always know just how to take care of my needs.” Then Tom began to thrust his hard cock between her breasts, fucking her chest. Annie was watching as his cock would appear then disappear, then his swollen cock would rise up just close enough for her tongue to reach his pee hole. “Good little slut.” Annie was in heaven. Her body trembled with a building passion growing deep inside her. She quivered when hearing the adorable name calling and petting. She was enjoying the titty fucking she was getting from Tom.Annie told Tom, I love it when you call me a slut. and talk dirty to me. It makes my cunt get so wet and juicy. Still fucking Annie’s big breasts, Annie was holding them wrapped about Toms hard cock. “How would my nasty little slut like to be rewarded? Tom asked with a smile. Annie spoke teasing Tom saying. “I bet your balls would erupt on the spot if I told you that I had to pee while you have your cock between my tits.She laughed out loud, then grabbed Toms butt cheeks with both hands, squeezing tightly at his butt then looked Tom in the eye and said, “Would you like me to be your nasty little girl? I do know what you love you nasty man, That is why I love being your special nasty cum drinking slut.” Annie was beaming with a huge smile, her eyes sparking with her own building passion that was on fire inside her. Annie had to have that hard cock in her mouth. She needed to taste a little of Tom’s cum that had started to ooze out and flow down the shaft of his cock. Annie suddenly grabbed Toms cock, and slammed it all the way down her throat, taking all of his swollen hard cock into her mouth.Annie suddenly twisted around on top of Tom, holding his cock in her hands as she moved her pussy over Toms face. “Grab my ass Tom, spread me open. Take a good look at my wet pussy. Taste it, lick me. Let me feed you my ass and my pussy. Yes lick my ass hole you nasty man. That is what I like. It is so hot and nasty. You know I love being your nasty slut, wanting to please you, you wanting to please me. Make me cum all over your face. Stick you tongue in my hole, I need güngören escort bayan to give you a gusher of my pussy juice. There is so much, I can feel it dripping out. Oh ya that’s what I love eat me. Oh yes, stick your fingers up inside me. Find that G spot. Help me squirt all over your face. I want to feel my body explode. I want you to get a mouth fun of my girl cum.Oh yes Annie, I love when you talk nasty to me like that. Tell me what will help you cum so good.Annie could not hold back any longer. She had to have Tom’s cock in her mouth. Her hand wrapped around his swollen rock hard shaft, sliding up and down his cock. She loved playing with his cock. Making it get so hard like this. She loved the way it felt when she had his cock in her mouth. Fucking her throat. She was ready to make Tom cum. She had been wanting his cum. She loved the taste of it. The sticky feel of cum as is slowly slid over her tongue. She loved having a mouth full of cum to show Tom his own cum. She loved sharing his cum with him. It made her feel like such a nasty wanton slut. Nothing was forbidden. She could be as nasty and slutty as she wanted. The feeling of being totally sexually free was exhilarating. Annie was loving the way Tom was eating and playing with her pussy. She loved it when he spread her cunt wide open. Seeing her juices flow from her hot pink hole. The feel of his fingers going in and out, her G spot swollen, Every little touch on her clit and G spot was bringing her closer and closer to such a massive orgasm. There was nothing that was going to stop them now. Both of them where beyond even being aware of anything else but the feelings of pleasure they where feeling.Annie then knew what would make Tom cum. OK my nasty man, I want you to cum in my mouth. Give me that load of hot cum. I want to taste you. To enjoy every drop that your heavy balls can give me. At that Annie shoved Tom’s cock deep down her throat, swallowing his cock. Knowing her throat was wrapping and tugging on his cock. She could feel his cum trying to work it’s way up the shaft of his cock. Tom was thrashing about. His hips thrusting his cock even deeper down Annie’s throat. His balls where bouncing off her chin. Annie was shoving her cunt down on to Toms face. Her hips also moving together with Toms as she fucked his face. She was ready to let her cunt burst. Oh Gawd they both screamed.. Here it cums!!Annie could feel her pussy open up as she squirted into Tom’s mouth, Sending her girl cum down his throat. At about the same time, Tom’s cock spewed forth with a huge load of cum. Again and again his balls where dumping hot cum down Annie’s throat.Annie’s body was shaking and trembling. She could feel her pussy let loose of her built up cum, that liquid that came out of her pee hole. Her hips where thrusting uncontrollable. She was lost totally in cumming. It was all she could think of, all she could feel. Nothing else mattered at that moment.Both Tom and Annie where spewing their cum. Giving their lover all that they had to give. Their whole body and soul was open and sharing all they had to give. Nothing else mattered at this moment. They where not aware of anyone or anything but enjoying the orgasm that was consuming them both.Annie kept sucking on Tom’s spent cock, She got a couple more smaller spurts of cum that she kept on her tongue. When she rose up off Toms face she could see it covered with her cum. Some of the clear fluid from squirting, some her own creamy cum that slowly was flowing from her hot hole. She was enjoying coming back down from their mutual orgasm. It wasn’t very often that they both would cum at the same instant. Annie slid off Toms chest, her head resting now on his shoulder. She slid a finger to her cunt wanting to taste her own cum. Tom moved over Annie, rising up and holding her head as his lips met hers. They could both taste their own cum as well as each others, mixed together. Their own special cum cocktail. It was fantastic. Their breathing was starting to get back to normal.As they looked into each others eyes, Annie asked “When can we do that again? I never came so hard ever.