Babymaking age gaps from web

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Babymaking age gaps from webWhen I was 22 I slept with a “Cougar” that was 38. It was a one night stand and we did it twice that night. She ended up pregnant from that night. She never told me about it. I heard it from a friend that knew her.She ended up telling her husband (she was splitting up with him when we did it) that it was his. Supposedly he ended up paying c***d support for the c***d. I still wonder when the day is going to come that the c***d will show up at my door. My wife was 27 when she got pregnant with our last son. The guy that got her pregnant was 45. They did it one time maraş escort on that one fateful night!////My hubby and I were having a 4 some and my head was lying close to my hubby and gf while he was talking into her ear. I heard him telling her how he wanted to cum deep in her fertile womb and knock her up so he could watch her belly and breasts swell. and how he would suck on her milk filled breasts and fuck her everyday while holding her growing belly.Then what turned her really on and made her take his condom off was … when the baby is born, she will breast feed both of them while escort maraş she sits on his cock and rides him! she lost all control at that point and wanted his cum up in her!I had already cum three times from him telling that! BTW bf took his condom off and came in my fertile cunny too! ////This is a petty good story. I have a brother 2 years older than me — and he was 18 dating a girl 19. They had been dating a couple of yrs and I remember mom and dad sitting at the kitchen table discussing what they were going to do.I walked in and they immediately to me to stay out and as I was leaving maraş escort bayan I saw my brother sitting with them. Well, i waited and later that evening I asked my brother if he was in trouble and he said sort of? I kept probing and probing until he finally told me, he was going to be a daddy!The problem was, his girlfriends dad kicked her out of their house and mom and dad were contemplating moving her in with us, which they ended up doing. here’s the kicker, gf’s mom moved out a month later and comes to find out that my brother was keeping it in the family. He knocked up his gf’s mom also who was 40 and hubby kicked her out to. Hubby had the bug V done five years previous.I didn’t think anything about this until some yrs later and now i think it is hot as ever!!! Wish i had kept in contact with the old gf and mom!?!