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AUNT EVAIt had been nearly a year since my high school graduation when I’d last seen my Aunt Eva, though in truth, I “saw” her nearly every day of my life. My Aunt, and my mother were identical twins. Even living hundreds of miles apart had never changed their near identical appearance. They’d worn their light brown hair in the same style for years, and neither had gained enough weight to look any different from one another. Though my mother always contributed her ability to maintain her “girlish-figure” as she called it, to having a high metabolism.Still living at home while working part-time and attending College, I’d come downstairs to fix myself breakfast before heading off to a late morning class. Though mom had been in the kitchen when I came downstairs, waving to me and blowing me a morning kiss, I had noticed immediately she was on the phone. Taking the receiver with her, she stretched the long dangling cord, slipping around the door into the laundry room. Mom had a habit of doing this whenever she wanted some privacy, disappearing from the kitchen in order to speak more candidly. What I always got a kick out of however, her voice tended to echo whenever she entered the laundry room, making it even easier to hear what she was saying than had she simply remained in the kitchen.”So when did this happen s*s?” I heard mom asking. Ever since I was a small boy, mom had called Aunt Eva “s*s”, rarely if ever by her first name. Because of that, I had grown accustomed to calling her “Aunt sissy”. She’d always laughed whenever I had called her that, and eventually the nickname stuck. When I grew older, I’d quit calling her “Aunt Sissy”, cutting the name slightly sometimes calling her “Aunt s*s”, or simply “s*s” as mother had always done.Knowing that mom was talking to my Aunt, I began listening more attentively. I had learned weeks ago when overhearing my mother and father talking, that my Aunt and her husband had been having marital problems. By the sounds of it, things had gotten worse.”What did you do when you saw them?” Mom asked in lower tones, though I was still easily able to make out every word of their one-sided conversation. “You’re k**ding me!” Mom exclaimed, her voice raising a full octave in surprise as Aunt s*s told her something that must have been fairly shocking. “And then what did Bob do?” Mother pressed.I felt really bad for my Aunt. I really liked her. The one thing I had always appreciated as a k** was that my Aunt, “s*s” had always been easy to talk to. Sometimes it felt a little weird speaking to her about things I would never have dared mention to my mother, especially with her looking like her and all. But s*s had always maintained our confidentiality in whatever we’d spoken about, never divulging anything, as far as I knew, to my mother.”Oh s*s, don’t worry about it. No…of course you’re welcome to stay here, you know that!” Mother stated excitedly. “No…I don’t need to check with Steven first, you know he’ll be ok with your staying here for a few months. And of course, you know Mark will be more than happy to give up his room. Hell, he hardly spends the night here anymore anyway. To tell you the truth s*s, I think he’s been spending the night with one of his girlfriends!”I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. I hadn’t been staying that many nights away from the house for one thing. And for the other, though I had a girlfriend of sorts, it was far more “platonic” than anything else. We’d gone out a few times together yes. Usually with several of our mutual friends, but what neither mother nor “s*s” knew for that matter, was that I was still a virgin in every respect of the word. I’d never so much as even laid a hand on a bare breast yet. Not that I didn’t want to, or have those urges. I did. Masturbating almost daily in fact, while wondering, thinking about what it would actually feel like. But so far, my shyness, and low self-esteem had kept me from really attempting to do anything, with anyone. And it wasn’t as though I wasn’t reasonably attractive either. I’d come late into my so-called growing spurt, which had left me awkward, ungainly, as I’d suddenly began growing. Though I loved most sports, I was almost too skinny for football, especially as I’d managed to grow a full three inches in less than a years time, and my weight hadn’t kept up with my height.There was a long momentary pause while mom stood there listening to whatever it was that s*s had to say. “No. I admit I’m not really aware of anything…” Mother said once again having lowered her tone of voice, totally unaware that I could still clearly hear her. “You know Mark, he’s never been comfortable sharing things like that with me, but I know the two of you have had discussions like that before, maybe he’ll feel better talking to you about it.” I heard her saying. They chatted briefly for a few minutes more, and then mom walked back into the kitchen preparing to end her call. I feigned ignorance of course; appearing far more interested in reading the morning paper than in listening to whatever it was she’d been talking to her sister about. Seconds later, I heard her hanging up the phone.”That was s*s on the line.” She began. “She told me to tell you she said hi. And, she’s coming to stay with us for a few months.” She said simply without giving any explanation.”She’s welcome to stay in my room.” I offered innocently, pretending I hadn’t already heard that. “I prefer sleeping downstairs in the den anyway. Or, if it’s nice out, I actually enjoy blowing up the air-mattress and sleeping outside on the patio.””Thank you Mark.” Mother said coming over to give me a hug, wrapping her arms around my neck as I sat, hugging me from behind. “I appreciate your doing that honey. Aunt s*s needs some time away for a while.” She finally gave up by way of a reason for my sleeping elsewhere. “No problem.” I said easily reaching up to give mom a backwards pat on the shoulder. “Well, guess I’d better get going, or I’ll be late for my first class. By the way, when’s s*s going to be here?””She’s flying in tomorrow evening. Which reminds me. Your father and I have that business dinner to attend, so I’d appreciate it if you’d plan on staying home tomorrow night and keep your Aunt company. I think she’d enjoy spending some time with you anyway, it has been a year since she’s last seen you. And boy…won’t she be surprised! She’ll never recognize you Mark!”Which was true, I had changed significantly in a fairly short period of time. “Ok, nothing going on anyway. And I don’t work tomorrow night either, so being home won’t be any problem for me.” Giving mom a quick kiss on the cheek, I headed out the door off to my first class. Surprisingly, I was excited, anxious to see my Aunt. Fact was, I was looking forward to the possibility of having another one of our intimate, private conversations together. The fact that mom had already given her an earful, even though there wasn’t any truth to it, promised that whatever we talked about could end up being very interesting. #The next day, I arrived home late in the afternoon after my last class and headed immediately upstairs to my bedroom. Though I knew s*s was expected in, she’d never made it much before early to late evening whenever she’d flown in before. Without thinking, I simply barged into my room without even considering she might already be there. As I did, I saw two suitcases open, lying on the bed. A second after that, s*s came walking out of my bathroom. She was wrapping her hair up in a towel as she entered, and…she was naked!”Oh God! s*s! I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were even here yet!” I stammered, already backing towards the door. My being there did startle her, briefly. But if I’d expected her to suddenly turn and run from the room, I had another surprise coming. Taking the towel she’d been using to dry her hair with, she merely held it up in front of herself. But even in her doing this, she was barely able to conceal much of what I had already seen.”Don’t be embarrassed Mark.” She said easily. “We’re all grownups here.” s*s finished wrapping the towel around her self, giving me one more quick, brief glimpse at her full, dark nippled breasts before hiding them from my view. “I managed to catch an earlier flight than normal.” s*s walked over to the dresser standing in front of it and began brushing out her wet hair. “I understand your mom and dad will be out this evening.” She ventured. “Any plans?””No…no plans.” I said, feeling my face still flushed with embarrassment at having walked in on her. “Maybe we can order in pizza later or something…” I stammered in offering. I saw her reflection in the mirror as she looked at me, smiling.”Sounds like a good idea. And from what your mother’s told me, you and I have a lot of catching up to do anyway.” Suddenly her smile turned into one of obvious surprise. Turning away from the mirror, s*s quickly closed the distance between us.”Good God Mark! You’ve grown!” She said stepping up next to me. “Last time I checked, you were barely taller than either I or your mother is. Now look at you!” She exclaimed. “You’re a good three inches taller than I am now!””Just over six feet.” I said proudly, feeling manly for some reason. Though my Aunt standing tippy-toe, pressing against me in nothing more than a white fluffy towel might have had something to do with that. s*s gave me a quick kiss in greeting, once again stepping away. “Well, I really should get dressed.” s*s paused, looking at me. For a split second I thought she was going to take off the towel.”Oh yeah, right. I was going to jump in and take a quick shower.” I announced lamely, finally remembering why I’d barged in here in the first place.”Well, go ahead. It’s still your room Mark. I’m not in that big a hurry. Go head, have your shower. I’ll finish getting dressed in here while you do.” Seeing nothing wrong with that at all, I made my way into the bathroom, undressed, and stepped into the shower. Taking a rather hot one, the room soon filled up with steam. Shampooing my hair, I heard the sound of the bathroom door opening.”Don’t mind me.” s*s said. “I just need to pee,” she announced. “And don’t worry…I won’t flush until after you’re out.” Seconds later I could hear the sound of her “tinkling” in the toilet. Stunned that she would even do that in front of me for one thing, and even more surprised that she’d come into the bathroom where I was showering for another. As I turned to begin rinsing the soap from my hair, I caught her reflection in the tiles. She’d removed her towel, sitting on the toilet once again naked. The fact that I could easily see her bare breasts as she sat there, totally unaware that I was looking made me feel like a voyeur, which I guess in a sense, I was.I continued to watch as she reached over unrolling a few strips of toilet paper before wiping herself. Standing up, I stared at her as she did. The dark patch of her pubic hair between her legs beckoned to me like a beacon. Closing the lid, she flushed. “Oh shit! Sorry Mark!” She said giggling. The sudden change in water temperature had me dancing backwards in a hurry.”Fuck!” I shouted out, slipping as I did, landing hard down inside the tub.”Oh Mark! Are you ok?” s*s yelled. Suddenly the shower curtains parted, and there she was looking down at me as I lay there in the bottom of the tub looking up at her.”Yeah, I’m fine,” I told her, subconsciously taking my hand covering my exposed prick with it as she stood there, the affects of doing so, automatically drawing her attention down between my legs as she followed the movement. Aunt “s*s” was grinning.”Guess this makes us even,” she said laughing.”What? Oh…yeah. Guess we are!” I replied, laughing with her now though I still hadn’t removed my hand.”Sure you don’t need any help getting up?” She asked again, leaning into the tub even further offering her hand to me. Looking up towards her, my eyes focused completely on her exposed breasts. Those dark tantalizing nipples of hers were erect, puckered, her full sized breasts hanging there just inches away from my face.”Ah no. I’m fine, really.” Obviously s*s wasn’t about to go anywhere until she was absolutely sure I was ok. Which meant, I was going to have to sit up at the very least, once again exposing my penis to her. I certainly wasn’t ashamed of the way I looked or anything, even as flaccid as I was. But it did feel just a little weird sitting there like this with my Aunt looking in and down at me. Steeling myself, I allowed my hand to fall free, bracing myself, sitting up as I did. “See? I’m fine.” I saw her briefly glance at my groin before looking back into my eyes.”I’m sure you’re girlfriend will be happy to hear that too,” she said teasingly. Then she turned away, disappearing from the bathroom before I could say anything to her.#By the time I stepped out of the shower, dressed, and gone into my room, s*s had dressed and gone down stairs. I quickly headed down to the family room myself, spotting my Aunt and father talking. Dad looked “spiffy” as I heard my aunt saying, brushing a few flecks of ‘whatever’ off of his shoulders as she stood there admiring him in his tuxedo.”Where’s mom?” I asked upon entering.”She’ll be down in a second.” Dad said. “God, I hate these business dinners,” he said looking about as uncomfortable as I still felt myself. s*s gave me a knowing wink, then turned just as mom entered the room.”Jackie! You look fabulous!” Eva stated appreciatively. And she did too. It had been a long time since I’d seen mom dressed up this nicely. And I found myself doing a double take when I also realized just how plunging the neckline of her evening dress really was.”I can’t believe I let you talk me into buying this, let alone wearing it,” she said to my father. But even I had to admit she looked damn good in it as Eva confirmed an instant later by saying so herself.”You’d best keep an eye on her Steven.” s*s warned him. “She’ll have guys following her around all night anxious to get a peek down the front of her dress!” Dad was beaming however, enjoying the attention mom would be receiving. “Well, I guess we’d better give them something else to look at too then,” he said as he reached inside his jacket pocket, removing çorum escort some sort of velvet-covered box. Handing it to my mother he was still grinning. “Here, put this on.” Mother opened the long slim box and withdrew a single diamond pendant hanging on a tiny gold chain. The diamond was enormous however, certainly eye catching.”Well you’ve got that right Steven!” Aunt s*s stated. “Though now you’ll have both the men and the women staring at her enviously. The men at her tits…and the women at her diamond.” Everyone got a good laugh out of that, except for me. I continued to stand there quietly surprised at what I was hearing.”What you need though…is a different pair of earrings,” s*s said. “Here, take these.” She reached up and began undoing the one’s she was wearing. I noticed as she did, that they too were diamonds.”Oh s*s! Are you sure? Really? You’ll let me borrow them for this evening?” Mom questioned excitedly.”Sure…and as far as I’m concerned, you can have them. Bob gave them to me.” I watched as my aunt finished removing them from her ears and began putting them on my mothers.”No, I won’t keep them. But thank you for letting me borrow them for this evening at least,” she said happily. She quickly checked herself in the mirror, liking the way she looked, and certainly liking the rather provocative way her breasts accentuated the perfectly cut diamond my father had just given her. “Well. Now I’m ready! Let’s go Steven!” She said slipping into her coat. I watched as she leaned over whispering something to my aunt. She in turn glanced in my direction briefly, and then whispered something back to her.”Ok, have fun you two. And if you get too drunk, just get a room and stay in town for the night.” s*s told my parents.”We just might do that!” Dad said, grinning wickedly. “Though we might not even be drunk if we decide to do that!” He said conspiratorially. Mom gave him a playful punch in the side.”Ok Steven, behave yourself. Or you really won’t be getting any. Diamond or no Diamond!” Mom added suggestively.I stood there beside my aunt as we watched my parents walk outside and get into the car. “Well now, how about that pizza?” Eva asked.#After dinner we had gone outside to sit by the pool. I’d already had a couple of beers with the pizza and had a light buzz going. Aunt s*s preferred a bit stiffer drink and had been having something called “Sex on the beach”. After three of those, she was acting like she’d been doing just that.”What say we go for a swim?” She said suddenly. I thought that sounded like a pretty good idea, standing up in preparation for heading inside the house to change. “Where are you going?” s*s asked.”To put on my suit!” I said simply, not even thinking in terms of anything else.”Why? There’s no one else here. And I certainly won’t tell, if you don’t.” Before I could even begin to respond to that, s*s slipped the tank top she’d been wearing up and over her head. I was already very well aware of the fact she hadn’t been wearing a bra. Something I’d been secretly enjoying all evening long. But secretly knowing and enjoying was one thing, especially when she was your aunt. Actually seeing her breasts suddenly appear was something else all together.”s*s! What the hell are you doing?” I exclaimed worriedly. “What if someone comes home, or somebody comes over?””Who? Your girlfriend maybe?” s*s teased. “And you know damn good and well your folks are gone for the evening. I’d be surprised in fact if they even come home tonight!” s*s didn’t even hesitate, she tossed her top into a nearby chair, and struggled out of the shorts she was wearing, doing the exact same thing to those. Now she stood before me in nothing more than a very skimpy pair of blue bikini panties. “Well? You going to join me or not?””What girlfriend?” I replied long after the fact. s*s sashayed by me, lifting a finger tickling my chin as she passed. “The one who’s been sucking your dick,” she said somewhat drunkenly.”Eva!” I yelled. I rarely if ever called her by name, usually only when I was frustrated, angry or surprised. She’d managed to accomplish all three in one fell swoop.”Well? Doesn’t she?” s*s didn’t wait for an answer, diving almost immediately into the pool. She surfaced a moment later, holding up her soaked panties, tossing them towards me. Absentmindedly, I actually caught them when she did. Realizing what I was standing there holding in my hands, I quickly flipped them over onto the patio table. Eva was laughing at me as she treaded water. Suddenly she was choking, a second later she was floundering and I watched as she dipped beneath the surface. I waited a split-second longer, but she hadn’t surfaced. In a panic, I ran, diving into the pool clothes on and all. I could see her floating half way down in the deep end, making for her in quick purposeful strokes. The second I grabbed her, she turned, smiling at me eyes wide open and shot towards the surface.”What the fuck was that?” I screamed at her the moment I broke the surface of the water. “You scared the shit out of me!” I continued to yell angrily.”Well, I had to do something to get you into the pool,” she said, pushing off lazily floating on her back. The sight of those incredible boobs bobbing on the surface of the water caught my attention. It was damn hard trying to stay angry with my aunt, especially with her looking like that.”What was that crack about my girlfriend anyway?” I finally asked, pulling my self out of the water. Drenched, I finally began stripping off my wet clothing. Eva swam by me, still on her back, letting me have a perfectly good look at her naked self as she did. Pulling up next to the bank where I was sitting, I could still see those incredible tits of hers bobbing beneath the surface of the water.”Your mother mentioned something to me about where you’ve been spending most of your nights lately.” s*s winked, smiled diving below the surface. Once again I had to wait for her as she resurfaced on the other side of the pool. By then, I’d managed to strip out of my clothing, slipping down into the water without any fan-fare, purposely doing so, so as not to attract any attention. s*s spotted me however and immediately began swimming over towards me. “Nice to see you finally got over any inhibitions.” Eva reached my side so that we were treading water together.”Well, regardless of what she thinks, April and I aren’t doing anything,” I admitted. s*s shot me an accusing look, but I held firm. “I’m not k**ding. And if I could tell anyone, it would be you.” Eva actually accepted that at face value.”Nothing?””Nothing!””Why not?” She asked catching me off guard. I felt my face flushing, dipped beneath the surface of the water for a moment intending to clear my head. But all that did was give me a spectacular view of Eva’s nude form as she floated there in the water next to me. Immediately I resurfaced.”My turn!” She announced, sinking below the surface. For a moment I had no idea what she had meant. Then when I did, I kicked off, heading back towards the shallow end of the pool and the steps. I was becoming aroused, and the last thing I needed was for my Aunt to see me getting like that. Hurriedly I made my way towards the house, but was stopped cold when Eva called out to me.”Mark. Please, stay. I promise, no more teasing. I really would like to talk to you,” she told me.”I’ll get us a couple of towels first.” I stated, ensuring that I wasn’t facing her directly. “I’ll be right back!””Ok…but Mark?””Yeah?” “Don’t dress. I don’t feel like it, and if you do…then I guess I’ll have to.” I shook my head in wonder, literally, and headed into the house for the towels. When I returned, still naked, though I had wrapped one of them around myself, Eva was standing completely out of the pool waiting for me. For a brief moment, I regretted handing her the towel. To my surprise however, she didn’t use it to cover herself with, immediately using it to towel-dry her hair instead. I stood there watching her, watched her breasts gently swaying back and forth, and watched droplets of water as they ran down between her breasts, her legs. Caught myself staring at the thick wet patch of hair glistening softly between them. “Why don’t we sit down and talk?” She said. I realized she’d seen me staring at her, and though I knew I’d been caught doing so, she merely held out her hand, leading me still naked over towards the patio.”Now…tell me, everything,” she began. For well over an hour we sat talking. I had another couple of beers, retaining that same buzz I’d had going earlier. s*s had two more of those “beach things” as she was now calling them and was feeling just as silly as I was.”I can’t believe you’re still a virgin,” she said a short time later.”Well it’s not like I haven’t tried.” I said defensively, suddenly feeling like a failure but surprised that I didn’t feel uncomfortable having admitted that to her.”Sort of like old times isn’t it?” She said, reaching over clasping my hand in hers when she did. “Been a long time since we’ve shared things like this with one another.””Well s*s, so far…I’ve done all the sharing. You haven’t told me anything about what’s happening with you.” I know it had to be the booze talking. I was feeling a little bold, perhaps a little bit too uninhibited. And, my candidness had taken Eva by surprise.”You really want to hear this?” She told me. I nodded my head yes, though wondering now if I really wanted to.”I caught Bob fucking another woman,” she began. “Apparently, he’s been having an affair with her for several months, only I was too stupid to see it or realize it.””Why would he do that?” I questioned, wishing I’d thought the words rather than having actually asked them of her. She looked like she was about to cry. “Because she’s half my age, perky tits and looks like a teenager,” she told me. And then I realized, she was crying.”Oh shit s*s…I’m sorry, really.” I didn’t know what else to say, once again allowing my inebriated emotions and thoughts to become vocal without thinking them through first. “Bob’s a fuck!” I said. Eva looked up into my face.”Yes…Bob is a fuck!” She said laughing. We were both laughing then, laughing so hard it hurt and I fell back holding onto my sides. Eva collapsed beside me where we’d been sitting on the edge of the pool dangling our feel in the water while talking. Suddenly she was next to me, beside me. Our bodies touched, I thought perhaps that I should move away, I felt her breast brush my arm, pressing against it. But I purposely held it there, allowing myself to enjoy the erotic sensation as her nipple stiffened, hardening pressing against my flesh. I began to feel a series of emotions, excited, certainly aroused once again, nervous, giddy, and definitely scared.Eva pushed up leaning on one side facing towards me. I looked towards her, watched her as though in slow motion she moved towards me. Her lips opened invitingly, mesmerized, I watched her as she inched closer to me, my lips suddenly opening, anticipating, accepting hers as they pressed against me, finding mine.”I want you Mark.” Eva said. And at that very moment, there wasn’t anything I wanted more than her either.”Me too.” Was all I could manage to come up with. But it was enough. Eva reached over taking my towel in her hands and ripped it off me, tossing it into the pool. I wasn’t worried about it however, that towel was the last thing on my mind. Eva had taken hold of my cock.”She’s seriously never sucked you huh?” Eva asked. It took me a moment to realize s*s was still talking about April.”Ah no, never.” I barely managed to get those words out when I felt Eva’s mouth engulf my hot throbbing member. “Oh…fuck! s*s!” I had come up with a hundred ways to stimulate and pleasure my cock. Masturbation for me at least had developed into a whole new art form. But the sensation of Eva’s mouth lovingly kissing, sucking and nibbling my prick was unlike anything I had self-experienced before. “Oh, please…s*s, you’d better stop!” I warned her. I’d certainly never had any difficulties with cumming too soon before, often jerking off for extended, pleasurable periods of time. Now however, I felt my balls tighten with glorious anticipation, having a mind of their own, and me having nothing to say in the matter. “s*s…s*s! Stop! Stop! I’m gonna…cum!” I groaned, feeling the first hard-felt eruption as it tore off the head of my prick, filling my aunts mouth with a copious discharge that she hungrily began vacuuming from my penis. I saw stars, and I honestly think I had an out-of-body experience. Looking down as I floated somewhere above us, I could see my aunts beautiful prone body lying next to me. The exquisitely molded, perfect heart-shaped ass of hers as she lay there, still licking, sucking my prick, ensuring that she had managed to capture every trace of my cream with her tongue. I opened my eyes. Eva was still gently licking my prick like an ice-cream cone.”Never experienced that before huh?” She said smiling with a smoldering look that said there was still a raging fire going on inside her. I couldn’t speak however. Mixed emotions were swirling around inside my head. The fact my aunt had just sucked me off was the least of which that seized me. The fact that I wanted to fuck her was another.”Maybe…maybe we should go inside.” I finally managed to get out. Eva was grinning…wickedly.”Sounds like a good idea. Lets go upstairs to your bedroom,” she suggested lustily as she headed towards the house. “And I take it…you’ve never eaten pussy before either then have you?” She asked, turning around to face me as I’d begun to follow her inside. I stopped dead in my tracks. “No…I don’t even know what to do.” I said honestly, innocently suddenly feeling very foolish, extremely inadequate. Eva hadn’t quit grinning either.”Don’t worry, I’ll teach you. And then won’t that girlfriend of yours be really surprised!” She added. Eva made for the house. I’d just finished having an orgasm, but already my prick was hardening with a sudden hunger that amazed me. Watching that tight firm ass slinking away as s*s passed from view had been honestly breath taking. Pointing the way, I followed my penis into the house.#By the time I had reached escort çorum my bedroom Eva was already spread-eagled lying on my bed waiting for me. I stood there in the doorway frozen in place watching her playing with herself. “God….Eva!” It was all I could think of to say.”Come here,” she said. “Have you ever even seen a woman’s pussy?” I could only shake my head “no”. My mouth suddenly having gone dry, my senses whirling. “Then it’s time you learned,” she added as she lifted her legs, spreading them apart even more widely. I sat down on the edge of the bed facing her, staring actually at the pink glistening slit between her legs. Eva spread her labia apart exposing even more clearly the shiny pink nodule of flesh resting comfortably, safely near the top of that moist wet split. “I call it my clit-nipple,” she said playfully, stroking it as she did. “When I touch my nipples, I feel it here,” she said running the tip of her finger over the head of her clit. “And when I touch my clit, like this…I can feel it in my nipples!” She said almost dreamily. “And what feels even better, is when someone licks it with their tongue. Remember what it felt like when I was sucking you? Far better than when you touch yourself right?” Once again I could only sit there nodding my head in agreement. “Well, that’s exactly the way I feel whenever someone does that to me. So Mark, would you like to learn how?””Oh yes!” I breathed. “Show me s*s, show me!” I urged her. I positioned myself comfortably between her legs. Her pussy was only inches away from my face as I stared at it, taking everything in, including her scent, that lusty, fragrant scent of her sex, which was intoxicating, making me drunk with passion and desire for her.”Just do what I tell you,” she said softly. “I’ll teach you to have the girls eating out of your hand, while you’re eating out of their pussies.”I felt a light pressure of her hand on top of my head as she slowly guided me towards her heated place. Automatically, I flicked the tip of my tongue against that tiny pearl of flesh. “Lightly,” Eva instructed. “Think of your tongue as a feather Mark. Brush it against me as though you were purposely trying to tickle me with a feather.” I did so, purposely refraining from applying too much pressure or friction at all.”Oh God yes! That’s good Mark. Very, very good. Just keep doing it like that sweetheart, just…like…that!” I tickled her clitoris lightly, barely even touching it in fact for several long minutes. “Can you curl your tongue?” She asked. I nodded my head effectively lapping her pussy as I did that. She giggled. “Good. You know how it felt when I licked the soft sensitive underside of your prick?” I nodded again, still lapping at her, enjoying the additional contact with my tongue. She giggled again. “Whoa boy…I like that, but save that for later,” she admonished me. “I want you to curl your tongue, wrap it around the stem of my clit and just slither it up and down a little…again, lightly.”I did so, tongue-fucking her stem of sensitized flesh. She gasped loudly as I did, sucking in a deep breath of sweet agonizing pleasure. “Oh fuck yes! Yes Mark. Perfect baby, perfect!” She moaned sweetly. “Now, I want you to reach up and begin playing with my nipples while you’re doing that.” Slipping both hands upwards, I cupped those magnificent breasts of hers and began delighting myself with the soft fleshy firmness of them, kneading them like a contented kitten, letting my fingers flitter over the taut hard nubbins of her nipples as I felt them rise in eager anticipation.Eva’s breathing was much harder now, coming in deep raspy gasps as I continued to vibrate her clit with the tip of my tongue. “Ok baby…now, suck it honey. Draw my clit into your mouth and gently begin to suck it.” Doing as she asked, I drew her clit between my lips, imagining it as she’d already described it for me, her “clit-nipple” sucking it in the exact same way I imagined sucking upon her breasts. My face, mashed wonderfully against her cunt, her juices free-flowing bathing me in her aroma. I sucked. I sucked, licked, and twisted her clit between my lips. Eva groaned, no longer giving verbal instruction, but instruct me she did. Her pleasured moans, gasps told me what she liked, what she needed. I alternated, going back to gentle quick flickering snakes of my tongue on the tip of her clit, long lavish tongue strokes, excavating the furrow of her femininity, depositing rich creamy amounts of her juice upon her clitoris then licking them off her, licking her clean before starting the entire process all over again. I felt her hands against my head, her fingers digging into my scalp, pressing my face so fully against her quim that I feared for a moment I would suffocate. Eva groaned, even more deeply this time. Groaned again…panting between quick, rapid intakes of breath.”Now Mark! Now! Fuck me with your tongue! Suck my clit! Fuck! Fuck, suck it baby, suck it! Make me cum!” Eva screamed. It caught me by surprise somewhat. The ear-piercing cry of pleasure was unlike anything I could have expected. Eva tore at my hair, yanking it painfully; I felt her knees suddenly gripping me vice-like as they came together, trapping my face, my head between her legs. What I hadn’t expected, didn’t know about, was the sudden splurge of female cum-cream that exploded against my face. I was drowning then…drowning, and enjoying every fucking precious moment of it.#Having rolled me over onto my back, Eva straddled my torso. Kissing me, she first licked the residue of her spendings from my lips, nose and even from my eyes. I was awash in her muskiness, her scent smeared across my face in deep rich slivers of her feminine cream. “How’d you do that?” I eventually asked, still unsure of what it was I had actually experienced. s*s laughed…hard, loud. “God Mark, it’s been so long since I’ve cum like that. I’d almost forgotten,” she said collapsing against me. I could feel the pressure of her breasts as they fell against my chest. I could feel the beating of her heart as she lay against me, my arms reaching around, clasping her ass, squeezing it, and digging into it. Sliding back somewhat, I felt the head of my prick nuzzle contentedly within the confines of her split. Still soaked with her orgasm, I felt her moisture sticking to my penis, as I thrust upwards, not in her, but allowing the sensation of my cock to slide expectantly within the folds of her pussy.”Not yet,” Eva whispered, though she in turn moved her pelvis, rotating her cunt against me, cunt-kissing my dick, sucking at it with her nether lips. “Suck my tits Mark. Suck my nipples honey,” she begged. Holding on to them, I again massaged, caressed, and toyed with her erect firm nipples. Pressing her breast against my lips, I captured one of her long fat nubbins between my lips, sucking it, drawing the teat between my teeth gently chewing and rolling it around inside my mouth. Captivated by such pleasure, such magnificence, I concentrated solely on what her tit felt like in my mouth. Unprepared, unaware as she moved once more against me. I felt the head of my prick suddenly bent at an angle. Felt the opening of her sex split, capturing the head, a millisecond of ecstasy passed before she plunged, driving my cock deeply, fully inside of her.”Holy shit!” I wailed. “Holy fucking shit!”I forgot all about her tits. I forgot everything, including my existence. My entire being at that moment was centered deep within her womb. In a way, I had returned from where I had once come from. My prick buried deep within the hot moist cavern of her soul, Eva claimed me, nurtured me and took me prisoner all at once. “Fuck me hard Mark! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me…now!” She screamed.Slamming into her from below, s*s met my thrusts taking them in, clasping the shaft of my prick with each upwards stroke, clenching it with the muscles of her cunt, grasping it tightly fighting against it even as I pulled out only to thrust inside her once again.”Fuck me!” She screamed over and over again. My cock became a piston, ramming myself inside of her as she bounced wildly above me, gyrating from side to side, up and down, back and forth. I was going nuts with the sensation of unimaginable delights, desires and thrills as her pussy sucked my prick, sheathed it in a slippery satin softness that urged the fluids within my balls to begin their rapturous ascent. “Yes…cum Mark…cum!” Eva screamed, knowing the approach of my pleasure, sensing it even before I did. “Fill my pussy with your spunk, shoot that fuck cream in my cunt baby, fill me…fill me…fill me!” I felt my ejaculation leap from the head of my prick. One, two, three rapid powerful squirts of my cream as I throbbed my orgasm, spilling into her, bathing the insides of her womb with my fuck juice.”Oh yes…yes! YES!” Eva cried out. I felt her cunt contract, squeezing, holding my prick as I buried myself deep inside of her. I could feel my ejaculations, felt the torrent of sperm as it leapt from my prick, and once again felt the explosion of her own liquid nectar as the dam of her pussy broke, engulfing my member mingling her juices with mine, cascading like a waterfall, pushing past the opening of her cunt, spraying out in a foamy thick shower of hot sticky orgasmic pleasure.Once again s*s collapsed. But I was barely aware of her weight, her body toppling against me. Blackness surrounded me, the cries of her pleasure lingering briefly at the surface of my consciousness before fading away.#I woke. It was late morning. And, it was Saturday. “Thank God I don’t have school today,” I thought, but I did have to go to work that afternoon. Eva had stayed with me most of the night. Somehow I remembered that. When she had left, I didn’t know. Only now, upon wakening did I realize she wasn’t there. Slowly, I willed myself to sit up, glancing at my prick in wonder. It didn’t look the worse for wear, no more so at least than when I’d given it a vigorous workout with my hand. It tingled though, as though remembering the experience. It stiffened, growing erect as it did, as I did. “Where is she?” I thought, finally climbing out of bed. Padding on bare feet into the bathroom, I lifted the lid, remembering the day before when Eva had sat here to pee. Even that thought aroused me, standing there with a hard on made it difficult, I struggled but eventually managed to relieve myself of the building pressure. Returning to the bedroom I fished a clean pair of walking shorts out of the drawer, not even bothering to put on any underwear or even a shirt. Quickly I headed downstairs towards the kitchen where I finally did hear sounds emanating from somewhere inside the room. The smell of cooking bacon, fresh hot coffee assailed my nostrils. Suddenly I was hungry, famished and I stepped into the kitchen. Her back was turned towards me; I snuck up from behind her slipping my hands around the front of her cupping her breasts kissing her neck simultaneously.”Mark? What on earth are you doing?” Mother said in surprise.I staggered back nearly falling as I did. Bewildered, shocked…stunned. I nearly fled the room in abject horror. Then she laughed, not my mother’s laugh…but Eva’s. I had learned to hear and tell the subtle differences in their speech. But both mother as well as Eva could emulate one another perfectly. It was bad enough they could make themselves look even more identical than they were, worse still when they purposely took on their mannerisms and inflection of tone of voice, as Eva had just done when I had snuck up behind her.”Don’t fucking do that!” I exclaimed, feeling my legs give out just as I managed to locate one of the kitchen chairs, sitting down hard in it. My heart was beating wildly, pounding against my chest. My face flushed crimson, burning awareness into my mind as Eva simply stood there laughing at me.”Well that should teach you to at least be a little more careful,” she told me warningly. “What if I really had been your mother? What then?” She asked. She was right of course, and her harsh lesson had just reminded me of that fact.”I’m sorry, you’re right Eva. I shouldn’t have done that.” Her smile eased my fear however.”Not that I minded it,” she began. “But as long as I’m staying here Mark, we can’t let things get out of hand. I’m having problems enough as it is. The last thing I want is to do anything to cause problems between your mother and I. As much as I enjoyed everything we did, IF in fact we continue to do anything, we’ll need to be careful. Very, very careful.””Again…I’m sorry s*s. It won’t happen again.” I watched as s*s began unbuttoning the long sleeved dress shirt she’d been wearing. It was all she was wearing in fact.”As a safety precaution, in the future, let me be the one to approach you,” she offered. “That way, there won’t be any risk…any danger of you doing something like this by accident. Agreed?” Pulling her shirt off, I watched as it fell to the floor once again revealing her nakedness.”Agreed,” I said still feeling a little sheepish.”Now…you hungry?” She asked. “Want something to eat?” Pulling out another of the kitchen chairs, Eva placed one leg upon it bent at the knee, spreading herself.”Famished!” I said, leaning over to lick her. Breakfast could wait.#I arrived home from work early that evening. My parent’s car parked in the driveway as I pulled in next to them. “Well at least I know they’re home,” I thought, getting out heading down the walk towards the front door. The door opened suddenly, unexpectedly. As it did, dad stepped out carrying a suitcase. “Where are you going?” I asked.”I got that promotion. They made the announcement last night at the dinner,” he said proudly. “Unfortunately, it also means I have to fly out this evening in order to be at the new plant tomorrow and address the employee’s. I’ll be gone for a few days. So behave yourself while I’m gone.” He smiled at me. “You get to be the man of the house for a few days.””Well, congratulations dad!” I took his hand, shaking it. We’d never been exactly close, not like a lot of family’s. He shook it, smiling. Still taller than I was he reached over and ruffled my hair. “Take care of your mother and aunt Eva while I’m gone.” çorum escort bayan Images of Eva nude suddenly swam through my head.”I…I will,” I said a little uneasily. Turning, I bounded into the house, hearing almost immediately the sound of mom and Aunt s*s conversing in the living room. The moment I entered they quit talking. I hated that; it meant they were discussing things they didn’t want me to hear. I glanced briefly at them both, focusing my attention primarily towards my aunt, but her expression gave nothing away.”Hi Mark, how was work?” Mom asked. And I noticed that she had a slight blush in her cheeks when she’d spoken to me. Suddenly I got the distinct feeling they’d been talking about me. But once again, looking towards my aunt, she merely smiled in the same friendly way that she always did.”Work was fine. I need to shower though. Ok if I use my bedroom?” I glanced towards my aunt, feeling a little irritated at the moment without any real reason for being so. I saw her “look” almost the same one she’d given me in the kitchen when I’d nearly mistaken her for my mother.”Go ahead, we’re just sitting here talking,” she emphasized, speaking volumes to me in a simple sentence.”By the way, Mark? I need to go out and pick a few things up for dinner. Is there anything in particular you’d like?” Mother asked. “Ah, no thanks. I’m really not very hungry. I ate a lot earlier…this morning.” Once again I shot a quick glance towards my aunt. She in turn shot an almost angry look my way making me wish I hadn’t spoken a single word. Suddenly sorry that I had taken out my anger and frustration against her, once again treading on thin ice though the likelihood of mother’s knowing what I had just referred to was an impossibility.”Oh…before I forget, here’s your earrings back,” Mother said already reaching up to remove them. “Thanks for letting me borrow them.”I turned, heading down the hallway towards the stairs, taking them two at a time up to my room. I quickly undressed, angrily, “stupidly” I thought, tossing everything I had worn into the corner. I stepped into the bathroom, locking the door, turning on the shower. Sitting down on the toilet, I began masturbating.#When eventually I did come out, I had taken my shower. Stepping out of the bathroom, naked, I saw Eva sitting on the edge of my bed waiting for me. I quickly slipped the towel I’d been using to dry off with around my waste. “Where’s mom?” I asked innocently.”Shopping. Now, you want to explain to me what the fuck that was all about?” Eva said pointedly. I lowered my head, embarrassed.”I’m sorry. I guess I just don’t like being talked about, especially behind my back,” I said lamely.”What the hell do you think we were discussing? How I sucked you off yesterday? How I took your virginity? Is that what you’re worried about?” s*s pressed.”Well…no. Of course not. That’s stupid!” I said, realizing that it was, realizing as I said it that in a small way, I was worried about how much Eva had been telling mom about things I had shared with her.”Listen Mark. Like any mother, she’s simply worried about you. She loves you…you know that. And you also know that all she wants is the best for you.””Yeah, I know that.” I said looking at my feet, unable to raise my head and look her straight in the eye. “So…what did you tell her?” I questioned, still curious as to what they had discussed. I heard Eva laugh.”Well, I will tell you that she’s curious if you ever have been with a woman before. She did ask me that.””You’re k**ding? She did? Why?””Because she knows you’re not really comfortable around women. She’s known that for a very long time Mark. And she also knows, that until recently anyway, that you haven’t gone out on a lot of dates. So she was hoping that since you and I have had our intimate little conversations in the past, that maybe you would have told me something.””What did you tell her?” I asked. Eva grinned mischievously. “Only what I think she wanted to hear. That I didn’t think you were a virgin any more for one thing.””What? You told her that?””Oh…nothing concrete mind you. Only that I “suspected” you weren’t. I didn’t tell her that you had specifically told me anything regarding it. But that I was fairly confident that you wouldn’t have any problems in that particular area.” “Why would she be so worried about my love life anyway?” “Because she doesn’t want to see you ending up getting hurt like everyone else,” Eva stated. There was a long pause. I could tell there was more. A lot more.”What else did you talk about?” I asked.”You already know about my situation Mark. And I don’t know if I should really be the one telling you this, but the truth of the matter is, your father’s no saint!””What do you mean?””What I mean…your mother’s known for well over a year now about Steven’s little affair.””Dad?” Eva nodded her head sadly.”It’s because of that that I came to her Mark. Not because I simply had to get away. True, I needed some time to do some thinking, figure out how I was going to handle this. And because of the way your mother’s been doing it, obviously, I wanted to talk to her about it as well.””But they’ve always been happy together, especially last night. Don’t you remember the way they were acting? All flirty, all amorous?””Yes…but according to your mother Mark, it’s the first time in nearly a year that they’ve really been like that. And the first time in recent memory that your father’s actually given her something as nice as he did. Your mom thinks that diamond was something of an “I’m sorry” present. Maybe it was. Maybe they’ll find the romance and love in their marriage again Mark. But keep in mind. Maybe they won’t either. Nobody’s perfect, not even your parents. Not you…not me. Not anyone!””I realize that,” I told her. “But you’re telling me that mom and dad haven’t even been having sex in nearly a year?””That’s what she said Mark. And something else too. You also need to remember that your mother is a very sensual, sexy woman. I should know, after all I am her twin sister. We think a lot alike. More than you know, trust me. Your mom has the same needs, wants and desires that I do. She’s just put them on hold for a hell of a lot longer than I would have done is all. But I also know…that day is over with. If something happens, if your mother ends up having an affair with someone else, you need to cut her some slack. You hear what I’m telling you?”I did. But I still couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I couldn’t envision my mother having an affair with anyone. It just wasn’t in her nature, or her character to do that. And I told Eva that. She listened, but reminded me just the same that mom still had unfulfilled wants and desires just like any normal woman had.”Now, we’re wasting a lot of precious time here Mark. Your mother’s gone shopping, and I don’t have any idea how long she’ll be gone. But rather than waste any more time talking, why don’t you come over here and let me suck you.” s*s was like taking viagara. I might have just finished jerking off in the bathroom a short while ago, but as she bared those magnificent breasts of hers, I sprang up as though I had been taking the “blue wood” as I’d heard dad call it. Something else of which I filed away for future thought.As s*s sat on the edge of the bed, already running that wonderful erotic tongue of hers over and around the head of my dick, I noticed she was once again wearing her diamond earrings. “Hey…that’s something else I can use as a failsafe,” I told her.”What? What are you talking about?” She said with a mouth full of my prick. “Your earrings. As long as you’re wearing them, I’ll know for certain that its you.” Eva laughed around my dick, which felt pretty interesting by the way.”Got you spooked huh? Well don’t worry. I’ll be sure to wear them, and you just make sure you don’t inadvertently run up and grab your mom’s boobs from behind.””Trust me, I won’t,” I said confidently. “I certainly won’t make that same mistake again.””Well see that you don’t. Now…enough talking. Or don’t you want me to finish getting you off?” She asked seductively. I zippered my mouth, reaching down to fondle s*s’s tits instead. “Oh yeah”, I thought to myself. “Much better than talking. Much, much better!”#Over the course of the next several weeks, Eva and I got together nearly every chance that we got. I might have been inexperienced, but I was an avid, quick learner. Even April my “occasional” girlfriend had taken notice of the change in me. She’d even started to become more “friendly” even flirtatious. And though I still continued to spend a little time with my friends, whenever the situation presented itself, I stayed home just so that Eva and I could spend some quality time together.I’d gotten home a little later than usual from work. When I did, I noticed the car was gone. Hurriedly I dashed into the house. Hearing no one, I assumed momentarily that they had all perhaps gone out to dinner together or something. Being hungry myself, I headed into the kitchen. I nearly crashed into what I thought was once again my mother as I came in, and as she was heading out. I glanced quickly at her ears. “Eva!” You know where mom and dad are?” I asked. She smiled at me wickedly. “Your dad had another business trip,” she said. “Your mom’s taking him to the airport. You just missed them.””How long do you think they’ll be gone?” I asked her playfully.”Long enough,” Eva said with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. “Come on, lets go outside to the patio.” I followed her out doors. It was dark, only the pool lights were on. “Where’ we going?” I asked.”Someplace special. I’ve been thinking about this all day.” Eva quickly led me over to a rarely used corner of the yard. It was dark; she had already laid out a large soft comforter on the grass. I noticed there were two wine glasses and a bottle of red wine chilling in a bucket. “I didn’t know you really cared much for wine,” I said, pulling out the bottle, beginning to uncork it.”Not often, except for special occasions,” she told me.”I take it this is a special one?” “In a way yes. I’m going back in the morning,” she told me sadly. “I’ve agreed to talk to Bob, see if we can work things out.””Shit.” I said aloud, not really meaning to have spoken my real feelings. “I’m going to miss you,” I said, pulling out the cork simultaneously. “Guess this really is a special occasion then isn’t it?” Eva smiled, but I could see by the expression in her face that she appeared worried, nervous too. “Don’t worry Mark. Things will be ok, for all of us. And I won’t stay away as long this time either. You’re growing fast enough as it is. Before I know it, you’ll be married to someone, have babies. Then they’ll be calling me “Aunt sissy” the way you used to do.””Well then…to us. To this very special night together!” I said holding my wine glass up to hers. We toasted, drank. Then she began undoing the dress she had worn. I wasn’t surprised to see she hadn’t worn anything beneath it. I quickly removed my own clothing and then joined her down on the blanket.”Make love to me Mark…long, slow…for a long, long time. I’m going to need it to hold me over for a while,” she told me. “Probably a really long while.” I knew what she meant; it was going to be difficult enough for her to work through all this. I knew that. “Well, then lets see if I can show you just how much I’ve truly learned from you while you’ve been here,” I told her. “Let me eat you for a while,” I said lustily. “Oh Mark…I’d love that,” Eva said. “Yes, please…do!” I snuggled up between her legs, and just as though it had been the very first time she’d taught me how to do it, I repeated that moment, remembering the way she’d instructed me to pleasure her pussy. Eva was moaning, groaning with wild abandon. Hotter than even I remembered her being, I quickly brought her to two swift hard-felt orgasms. Switching places, she then proceeded to give me a world-class blowjob. Even better than she had given me before. I was swimming in continuous ecstasy, driven to unimaginable heights of pleasure. When I finally rolled over on top of her, slipping my prick inside her, we moved together as though we’d been doing so for years. Together, we made love in that dark corner of the yard for well over two hours. The appearance of headlights pulling into the drive, and the sound of the garage door opening alerted us both to the fact that our magical time together had ended. We quickly scrambled into our clothing.”You grab the blanket and the wine. I’ll head off your mother and detain her. That should give you plenty of time to head up to your room and pretend that you’ve been upstairs sleeping all this time,” she told me. We did that. After a time, I did come downstairs; Mom and Eva were sitting in the kitchen having a fair-well chat over a cup of coffee.”s*s has to leave in the morning,” Mom said.”I know, she told me,” I said feigning a yawn. “What time are you leaving anyway?” I asked. I had an early class, and reluctantly knew I wouldn’t be able to go with her to the airport.”Early. I’m having a cab pick me up, but if your up. We can say our good-byes then.” I walked over, giving s*s an innocent kiss on the cheek. “I’ll miss you,” I told her honestly.”I’ll miss you too,” she said, and I saw a tear form in the corner of her eye. “But don’t worry Mark, I’ll be back to visit with you and your mom soon. Real soon,” she promised.Kissing them both good night one last time, I headed upstairs to bed.#In the morning, I woke up in plenty of time to see my aunt off to the airport. We enjoyed one last early morning cup of coffee together before the sound of a car honking in the driveway alerted us to the fact that her cab was there. Mom and I walked her outside, where I helped her with her luggage and getting into the cab.”Thank you for everything,” I whispered. Giving her a bit longer of a kiss than I probably should have before closing the door, standing back. Mom walked over to my side, putting her arm around my waist as we saw the cab back down the drive into the street before pulling away. Turning to face her I saw that she was wearing Eva’s diamond earrings.”Why are you wearing those?” I asked her curiously.”Oh. Eva wanted me to have them. She said she wanted to give me something special before she left.””Boy…I’ll say. That really was special for her to have given you something like that.””More than you’ll ever know Mark. More than you’ll ever know.”