Aunt Chloe

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Aunt ChloeI had been turned on by my Aunt Chloe for a long time now, ever since I started to notice girls really. She was about 60 now, but was she a stunner.She has shoulder length blond hair that was almost white, and framed her soft, light face perfectly. Blue eyes, a small nose and gorgeous lips, she was beautiful. Her large chest, somewhat sagging in her older age was still amazing. Large and full 36C’s with big luscious nipples, just begging to spill out of her bra. Her legs were big and thick and stood her at a full, plump 5’4 while perfectly accentuating her huge ass. Once when we were at the beach, her one piece bathing suit rode up a bit tight in her crotch and I saw some of what was a large blond bush of hair around her plump vulva. Also, once when she had slept at our house, she had an old camisole on, revealing her gorgeous dark pink nipples that I struggled not to look at. These were my only semi-nude encounters with her so far, the only other time I saw anything sexual about her was the times I borrowed her panties, some of them used, to masturbate to. They always smelled so sweet with a bit of perfume and the delectable aroma of a woman’s vagina on the crotch area. She was coming to stay soon, and I think both of us anticipated that we would get a bit closer this time…When she showed up at the airport, she looked gorgeous. She had on a tight black sweater and a black skirt on with matching black pantyhose and pumps. Coming from California on a hot plane must have made her a bit hot and sweaty, and I was already getting turned on just looking at her. She came over to us with her luggage and set it down to greet us.”Hey darlin, how are ya?” she said brightly as she embraced me in a hug, her breasts mashing into me, the sweet scent of her perfume and sweat pushed up my nose by the gust of air created when her boobs hit me.I felt like saying “Much better now!”, but I just said I was good and smiled. We all got in the car and she sat in the back with me, which was great as it was dark and I could sneak a glance at her gorgeous body and take in the scent of her perfume mixed with a bit of sweat. I was imagining what the smell would be like if she peeled off her skirt, sweater, pumps, pantyhose, bra and panties right there in the back of the car, the aroma of her sweet perfume and pussy juices coming from her plump crotch and her large, smooth, slightly sagging buttermilk butt. I got a huge erection and had to adjust myself so it wouldn’t look like a tent. They were all talking as I fantasized about Aunt Chloe, but then I got brought right out of my daydreaming into reality.Chloe put her warm hand on my leg and said “So, how have you been darlin’?””Uh, I’ve been really good, Aunt Chloe, how about you?” I managed to say.”I’ve been really swell!” she said brightly with that twinkle in her eyes as she rubbed my leg.”We’re going to have lots of fun, OK?””OK, sounds good to me!”We just smiled at each other for a second and she finally stopped rubbing my leg and began talking to my parents again. I was disappointed, but relieved, because my cock was rock hard now. I glanced down to see if it was noticeable because I was nervous about the way she said ‘swell’. Sure enough, I thought I had hid it enough, but my head was somewhat visible next to my leg. When she rubbed my leg, she must have noticed! Damn, not even home yet, and I get a huge erection in the car because of her hand. On the way home we just glanced at each other a couple times and I smiled nervously, just wanting to get home.We finally got home and I helped Aunt Chloe with her bags as we settled into the house and she sat down in our main chair in the living room. She smiled at me and crossed her sexy, pantyhose clad legs slowly, leaving her legs open for a second. We talked for a minute and then she asked me to get her a glass of water. I got her the water, and on the way back, I noticed that she had undone three buttons on her blouse, revealing the top of her cleavage. I sat down on the couch next to the chair, making sure I was sitting so that if I got an erection, it wouldn’t be very noticeable.”So, do you have a girlfriend?” she asked.”No, not at the moment”, I said as I just blushed.”Well, that’s no fun, if you know what I mean…””Um, yeah”, I said as I kind of laughed it off.”Well, we’re going to have lots of fun while I’m here, OK?””Ok, sounds good”We just smiled at each other a second and then she said “Well, I’m prettytired, I should probably get into my nightgown.””Oh yeah, and uh, I should probably leave””Hah yeah, I’m just your aunt, but I’ve got to pee anyway” adana escort bayan she said as she got up.”I’ll see you in a minute!” she waved a cute little wave and went into the bathroom.I quietly tiptoed over to the door and put my ear up close to see if I could hear anything. I heard the sound of pants unbuckling and the sound of fabric moving as she pulled her pantyhose down, followed by her skirt and underwear. As soon as she sat down I could hear a loud stream of pee going into the toilet. I longed to see the sight of her plump pussy, even if she was peeing I didn’t even care, I just wanted a glimpse. My cock began to get hard as I heard her wiping and then pulling up her pants. I moved away from the door slowly and went to the living room to sit down as she washed her hands so she wouldn’t see me or my hard-on.She opened the door and went to the stairs up to her room, and saw me in the chair,”Hey darlin, I’ve gotta change into my pajamas, but after that do you wanna watch a movie with me?””Sure, that sounds great!” I said, looking forward to the opportunity to sit near my aunt for an hour or two.”K, be right back sweetie”, her eyes twinkling, and she went up the stairs to change.I put in some popcorn, and came back to see her coming down the stairs, which almost gave me an instant hard-on. All she had on was a mid-thigh length negligee and white panties, the waistband of them visible. Her milky white, plump legs and feet were gorgeous and I could see she had just put moisturizer on them, and I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, as her sagging, but still firm and large breasts were hanging down a bit more than usual. Her face was gorgeous and radiant and she had let her hair down which was framing her face perfectly.”Is this OK that I only have these skimpy pajamas on? It’s so hot, and I’m your aunt, so I figured why not?””Yeah, I don’t mind at all, make yourself comfortable, I’ll get the popcorn”, I said.”K, I’ll find a movie for us” and she went to the couch to sit down, her huge ass jiggling all the way.As I was getting the popcorn I thought about just burying my face in her gorgeous plump butt, panties on and all, I didn’t care, just to get a taste. I started to get a hard-on and wanted to ‘make some more popcorn and be right out in a second’, in other words, quickly jack off in the kitchen, but I told myself to just wait until later that night.I came back out and saw that she had put in a movie and had it all ready to go.”Is this something you’d like?” she said.It was a romantic comedy that looked OK to me, plus if she wanted to watch it, then I definitely wanted to watch it.”Sure, this looks good” I said, sitting down on the other end of the couch on the right side, putting the popcorn in the middle. She smiled at me, and we started watching the movie. We were about halfway through the movie, when a sex scene came on, and while it was nice, I looked over at Aunt Chloe to see her reaction and couldn’t believe what I saw. Her nipples were rock hard and poking through her top and she was squirming a bit, her thighs shifting around, she was really turned on! I struggled not to get a hard-on, but I got a slight one anyway. I shifted trying to hide it and knocked some of the popcorn over. Aunt Chloe looked over and laughed,”A bit uncomfortable she said?” smiling and helping me pick up the popcorn. My hard-on was fading, but I noticed that she had looked at my groin area a few times as she picked up the popcorn.”Here, why don’t you come a bit closer and sit next to me, and we can put the popcorn on the table” as she placed the bowl on the coffee table. I moved to the left side of the couch next to her and she inched up next to me, so that we were touching now and she put her arm around me.”There, that’s better, since were watching a romantic movie, I figure we should be a little closer!” she smiled. I just smiled back and put my arm around her, moving even closer so we were pressing against each other. She smelled amazing, the scent of her perfume and lotion mixing with a bit of her natural female scent as she hadn’t showered since her flight. I looked down at her breasts and could see her nipples poking through her negligee again. As I watched she started rubbing my shoulder and I started getting a hard-on but tried to focus on the movie. This didn’t work though and my cock was fairly visible through my pants, which Aunt Chloe noticed.”Hey darlin, you like this movie?”, she said, looking down at my cock.”Uhh, yeah,” I blushed, trying to hide it.”Don’t worry about it, it’s pretty natural to get excited like that.” adana escort she said, smiling at me.”As a matter of fact, I’ve been excited a few times by this movie myself!” she said.”So it’s ok?” I said.”Yes, it’s perfectly fine, don’t try to hold it back”, she said while rubbing my shoulder.”Ok, cool!” I said, not quite believing what she was saying.We continued watching the movie and I just let my cock stay hard, leaving it to make a bulge in my pants, proudly showing her I had a pretty big cock. She glanced down a couple times eyeing it a bit, and I knew she realized how big it was. We were about 75% of the way through the movie, and it was getting a bit chilly, so she grabbed a blanket and put it over our laps, and then did something amazing.”Hey darlin’, mind if I bring my legs up here so I’m a bit more cozy?” she said.”Sure, that’s fine with me!” I said, wanting to say that I would absolutely love it if she did!She moved the blanket and swung her legs up and rested them on my lap, her smooth milky white, thick thighs right over my hard cock, which I tried to stop from getting even harder or twitching in my pants.”Darlin’, have you ever massaged a woman?” she said sweetly, “cause my legs are certainly sore from all the walking I’ve done today.””Uh, I never have, but I could try!” I said, trying to form actual words instead of just moaning or grunting, which I felt like doing.”Ok, have at em’ darlin!” she said brightly, her eyes twinkling.I just started in the middle, squeezing and pressing gently on her thick calfs, moving down towards her ankles and feet. I got to her feet and began massaging the bottoms of them, and my cock by this time, was rock hard and dripping with pre cum. I looked over and Aunt Chloe was watching the movie, so I kept massaging one of her feet with one hand and rubbed my cock with the other, occasionally rubbing her leg so she wouldn’t look over. I was so close to orgasm that I was starting to move a bit, almost causing her to look over at me. I felt my balls tightening as I began rubbing her foot a bit harder and rubbing my cock faster, and my cock just began spasming in my pants as I shot ropes of cum down my leg.I moved my leg up, pushing her legs, so she wouldn’t feel my cock moving as I cummed in my pants. I gasped when I was done, and she looked over at me, her eyes twinkling and said,”What’s the matter sweetie’?””Uh, it’s just your legs are gorgeous!” I said, that being the only thing I could think of.”Aw, thanks sweetie, you really think so? ’cause I always thought they were a little too plump.”No, they’re just, uh perfect” I stammered.”You’re just the sweetest!”, she beamed, “here, let me give you a little more access so youwork on my thighs a little!”, and with that she pulled her negligee up above her knees, showing the back of her even plumper, buttermilk thighs. I couldn’t believe it, she was nearly giving me access to her ass!”Alright then, I better get to work!”, and she smiled and went back to watching the movie. My cock was about as hard as it could get at this point, and I began massaging her thighs, with my thumb pressing into the back and my fingers rubbing the front. As I rubbed her thighs, I noticed that she was breathing a little more heavy and moved her legs a couple times, her thighs mashing together. She must have been turned on from me rubbing her, because there were no hot scenes in the movie at the moment!She looked over, her face a bit red and stammered “Um, you know darlin’, we’re family and all, so is it ok if I show my butt to you so that you can really massage my legs? I am wearin’ panties of course!””Uh, sure!,” I said, trying to hide my excitement. With that, she smiled and lifted the rest of her nightgown up. I almost gasped out loud as her huge ass came into view, her thin, almost transparent white panties tight around her ass, barely holding in her large ass cheeks that were sandwiched on top of each other. I looked in between her legs in her crotch area and poking out of the sides of fabric were some thick, whitish blonde pubic hairs!She noticed me staring at her ass and sweetly said “Darlin, it’s ok, I’ve got a pretty nice bum if I do say so myself!” beaming at me proudly.”Yeah, I mean, um..,” I started.”It’s ok sweetie, you’re a teenage boy, pretty horny I’d imagine too!”I couldn’t believe it, a few hours before I was just dreaming about catching a glimpse of her thighs or some extra cleavage and now she was next to me half naked, her legs up on me and her huge, barely covered ass in front of my face. To top it off, she was saying it was ok for me to have a hard escort adana on and to look at her ass!”Well, it is nice..,” I stammered and then I went for it, “Aunt Chloe, can I, ask you something?””Sure darlin!” she said brightly.”Well, I know you’re my aunt and all and I hope you don’t get mad, but, I uh, was just wondering if I could see your bum..” I managed to say.”Aw, well darlin’, I have shown you a lot and got you interested, and it wouldn’t be fair for me to not give you a treat…”, she said, her eyes twinkling with a wide, devilish grin. I couldn’t believe my eyes as she went for the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down, and for a second, lifted her hips off me to pull down the the other side. Her huge buttermilk colored bum was right there, her butt cheeks stacked on top of each other beautifully and a bush of light blonde pubic hair sticking out, thinning out as it got closer to her bum.”There you go darlin’, you can look at it and touch it if you want, it’s very soft!””Wow..,” I started to say as I slowly put my hand on her right butt cheek, which was on top, and lightly rubbed it, trying to keep catching glimpses of the bush between her legs. My hard-on was raging and while I was nervous, I got a bit bolder and began squeezing her butt cheek.”Aunt Chloe, this is amazing, you’re so beautiful”, I said quietly.”Aw, thanks sweetie, now be honest, I think I’ve always had a nice bum, but I’ve gotten a bit older, do you think guys will still like it?” she said innocently.”Yes, I know I do!” I beamed, touching both of her butt cheeks now.”Aw, babe, maybe I should go out with you and forget the other guys I go out with, you know how to treat a girl!” she exclaimed, smiling at me, and then came the line that made my cock twitchin my pants. “Honey, you must be pretty excited by now, being a horny guy and all. First you see that exciting movie (she didn’t know I had already came in my pants during the movie and massage), then you get to see my bum and touch it, so your penis must be ready to explode!””Well, I do admit, I am very excited!,” I stammered, still rubbing her butt cheeks, my full, hard cock ready to spring out of my pants.”Here, sweetie, take your pants off,” she said as she swung her legs off me, “Go on, it’s ok”, she said, noticing my shock. I began to take my pants down, not believing this was really happening, and my cock sprung up, straining to get out of my boxers. She took one side of my boxers and we took them off together, letting my 7.5 inch cock spring out into plain view, pre cum oozing out of the head.”Ooh!” she started to say when she saw the cum in my boxers, “looks like you already blew your load tonight, but I bet you’ve got a lot more where that came from!” she said proudly (she had no idea just how much cum I could pump out!). She got back on the couch and put her legs up on me again, and said “Darlin, I want you to get yourself off proper now and cum all over your auntie’s bum, can you do that?””Yes Aunt Chloe!” I said nervously but obediently. I started squeezing her butt cheek with my right hand and took my cock in my left and began jacking off, imagining the engorged, purple head of my cock sliding into her asshole! I grew bolder and began lifting up her ass cheek as I squeezed it so I could see her tight asshole, surrounded by little blonde hairs. The sight of her ass and her gorgeous face occasionally smiling back at me was just too much for my cock to take and I felt my balls tightening. I sped up on jacking my cock and squeezed her ass hard as my cock began to shoot pearly ropes of cum onto her butt, one shot hitting her bush and another hitting her directly on her asshole, the rest dripping down her butt cheeks.”Mmm, that’s a lot of cum darlin!”, she said, beaming back at me. I just smiled back, breathing heavy, my hard cock sticking up like a pole, very slowly getting softer as a couple drops of cum dripped off.”I better get to bed sweetie, but this was fun! Maybe tomorrow we can have some more fun now that we’ve gone this far..”, she said mischievously as she got off my lap.”Aunt Chloe, this was amazing, I don’t know what to say..” I started.”You don’t need to say anything, I know you’ve been into me for awhile, and truth be told, I’ve been into you and have just been aching to see your young cock!” she said as she pulled her panties back up, over the cum and all.I got off the couch and got dressed along with her and said “Wow, I’ve been into you for so long, this is just, wow..”, I began to say as she walked up close to me, kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “Wow is a good word for it…goodnight sweetie” and walked to the bathroom to clean up.I just smiled as I watched her walk to the bathroom, her ass jiggling all the way, and wondered to myself what she had planned for us tomorrow.Part 2 coming soon!