Ass or Mouth Wife wanted to Watch Gay

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Ass or Mouth Wife wanted to Watch GayAlicia and I had been enjoying a quiet evening at home in our apartment when there was a knock at the door. We live in a secure building so we assumed it was one of our neighbors. She answered the door and four well built men pushed their way into the apartment. We were led to the bedroom and that’s when their intentions became clear.”Get on your knees bitch,” he said loudly and I quickly obeyed. I am a big guy, 6’3″ 225lbs, and I ain’t a bitch but there were four of them and only one of me. My beautiful wife stood in the corner with a look of shear terror plastered on her pretty face. If push came to shove I was prepared to die fighting to protect her but they had shown little interest in her. It was me they wanted.They say **** isn’t about sex it is about power but I think it was about both.The leader was as big as me but several years younger. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi erect dick.”Ass or mouth?” He asked slowly. My eyes widened and I glanced at my wife. “She won’t help you bitch,” he said sternly. “She’ll probably enjoy the show.” He smirked knowingly.I looked at Alicia as he spoke and I saw something in her eyes. He was right. She did want to watch.”Well what will it be?” he asked playfully as he rubbed the head of his hard cock across my lips.”Mouth,” I said softly.”Open wide bitch,” he ordered.I stretched my mouth wide and his cockhead slid past my lips. I could taste the briny flavor of his precum as it drooled onto my tongue and it was surprisingly not unpleasant.”That’s a good bitch using your tongue. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” He chided. I hadn’t realized I was doing it but he was right. My tongue pressed against the underside of his shaft as his cock slid deeper into my virginal mouth. The feeling was not unpleasant.”Hey guys I think he likes it,” he said proudly. I instinctively moaned around his thick cock and brought my hand up to his smooth shaved balls. I could feel my own cock stiffen in my pants.The three bystanders watched and heckled me as they waited their turn. “Dude is getting into it,” one of them said as I sucked enthusiastically on the hard hunk of flesh.”This may be his first time with a dick in his mouth but Cuz has thought about doing it before,” another countered. He was wrong though. I had never thought about giving a blow job. I had never had a conscious homosexual though before but at that moment I wondered why I had not. There was something raw and primal about it. The feeling of the soft spongy head juxtaposed with the hard granite shaft as it slid in and out of my mouth was wildly erotic. His fresh musky scent as my nose pressed against his pelvis while his cock slid down my throat was intoxicating.”How ordu escort about you Honey, did you ever suspect your husband was a closet cock sucker.”I couldn’t see Alicia anymore but I heard her moan loudly and it made my cock twitch.”I told you she wanted to watch you suck my cock. In case you are wondering your pretty wife has her fingers buried in her cunt while she watches you give head,” he teased.I moaned loudly at the visual and wrapped my hand around his saliva slickened shaft as my head continued to bob over the thick bulbous head. I could hear Alicia moaning louder as she worked herself into a frenzy and her reaction excited me more than I imagined possible. I pumped his cock faster and faster as I noisily slurped and sucked on his drooling cock head.”That’s it bitch. Just like that and you are going to get a nice treat. You want it too don’t you? You want to drink my cum?” He teased. His words tore through me. He was right I did want it. I wanted the whole experience. I had never imagined touching a cock much less sucking one but at that moment I had an epiphany.”Mmm,” I moaned around the thick head of his hard cock as I continued to furiously pump his thick rod. The world around me disappeared. All that mattered was his cock.”I’m gonna cum bitch get ready to swallow my cream,” he said as he let out a primal grunt.His cock started to spit. The first blast hit the back of my throat and slid down my throat like a salty raw oyster. I swallowed his entire load and sucked hard on his semi-erect cock drawing every last drop from his spent tool.He stepped away from me and I looked over at Alicia. Her eyes were glazed over as her fingers continued to work her sloppy wet pussy. She was already several climaxes deep but showed no signs of letting up as another of my tormentors took his place in front of me.His cock and balls were not neatly groomed like the first guy was and as such it was less pleasant as he eased his dick into my mouth. His cock was smaller than the last and it easily fit in my mouth. I could feel the soft ridges and veins in contrast with the rigid stiffness of his shaft. His cock sank deep into my mouth and tickled my uvula as he began to fuck my mouth.I opened my throat and took his entire 5 inches into my mouth. Tears streamed down my cheeks and I fought my gag reflex as I deep throated him. Saliva spilled from the corner of my mouth as my head started to bob over his turgid shaft.I sucked and slurped on his stiff cock as I wrapped my hand around his shaft. I squeezed it tight and he moaned softly. I stroked the thick vein on the underside of his cock as I slurped noisily on the spongy head.His cock was rock hard and I pressed my thumb against its base as I sucked the shaft escort ordu deep into my mouth. His breathing became labored and I knew he was close.I stroked the base of his cock as I fucked his cock with my mouth. It slid down my throat repeatedly and my nose bounced off his pelvis with each thrust.He groaned and forced his dick down my throat as he started to cum. His thick warm seed slid down my throat and I swallowed it quickly. His cum was sweeter than the last load and I sucked every drop from his hose. I was a wanton slut overcome with lust. I wanted more. More cock. More cum. I didn’t have to wait long.The remaining guys pulled me to my feet and pulled my clothes off. My hard cock jutted out from my body removing any doubt that I was a willing participant in the gangbang. They pushed me back onto my knees once I was naked and stood facing each other with their hard cocks just and inch apart. They looked delicious. They were both six inches long and neatly groomed. One was circumcised and the other was uncut. I had never seen an uncircumcised dick and I looked on in awe as they docked their cocks together using the foreskin to join the shaft as one.”Lick it bitch,” one of them said as he wrapped his fist around the shared foreskin.I leaned forward and ran my tongue over the soft smooth skin of their joined cocks. It was smooth like silk and slightly salty from sweat. The sensation was highly erotic and I closed my eyes and lost myself in the act of pleasing them. I sucked on the balls of one and I gently fondled the others as he continued to stroke their foreskin covered cock heads.They both moaned softly and precum drooled from the union of their docked cocks. I greedily licked their juices but it only fueled my desire. Their cocks parted and I took the uncut dick into my mouth as I slowly stroked the other.Saliva covered the uncut cock as I reluctantly took it from my mouth and replaced it with the spongy defined head of the circumcised stick. Back and forth I alternated sucking the two hard throbbing cocks until they pulled back.”Ass or mouth?” they teased.”Both,” I answered breathlessly.They positioned me on my hands and knees a few feet away from my pretty overheated wife. Alicia was still lasciviously rubbing her wet pussy and the room filled with the fragrant scent of her arousal as the uncut guy stepped in front of me. I ran my hands up his tight rippled abs to his broad muscular chest then back down to his hard throbbing manhood. My lips parted and I took him into my mouth. I felt the cool wetness of lube squirted onto my asshole and I moaned around the delicious uncut cock. A finger penetrated me, and then two and finally three fingers pumped into my virgin asshole.”Are you ready,” ordu escort bayan he asked as he rubbed the slick wet head of his cock over my asshole.”Yes,” I hissed as I momentarily pulled my mouth away from the delicious hard cock.He continued to rub his slick cock over my asshole teasing me mercilessly as I sucked on his partner’s hot cock.”Beg for it bitch,” he demanded. “I know you want it.””Please fuck me,” I pleaded between licks of his partner cock. “I need your big cock inside me.””Oh god,” Alicia moaned as her body shuddered from another climax.I held the uncircumcised cock in my hand and sucked the foreskin into my mouth as the other cock slowly penetrated my ass. The sensation was incredible. I groaned loudly from the delicious combination of pleasure and pain as six inches of hot flesh filled my ass.He pulled back slowly then pushed forward and I moaned like the bitch I had become. I pulled the foreskin back on the cock in front of me and ran my tongue over the soft ridges of his cock. It was delicious. I opened my mouth wide and took his hard rod into my mouth. His hips began to pump, thrusting his dick into my mouth as his partner fucked my ass with increasing vigor.I could hear Alicia moaning beside me as the two men thrust their hard cocks into me from opposite ends.The guy behind me was thrusting his hard cock into my ass hard and fast. It stroked my prostate with each thrust and the sensation was amazing. Tears streamed down my cheeks as the hard uncut cock repeatedly tickled my tonsils.”I’m gonna cum,” the guy in front of me grunted. I moaned around his beautiful cock. I was ready.He buried his dick down my throat as it started to spit. His warm creamy cum filled my mouth and I swallowed quickly but it just kept coming. It overflowed my mouth and spilled down my chin. The guy behind me held my hips and continued to fuck me hard. My cock felt like it was ready to explode when he suddenly stopped.”Get down here,” he said to Alicia and watch. She slithered beneath and positioned herself so she could watch as he fucked me but also my own cock was rock hard. He thrust hard and deep into my ass and my dick was leaking precum in a stream. The two of us locked in a rhythm fast and hard with him setting the pace. Alicia could not believe how her husband seemed to enjoy getting fucked. As my body shook from wave after pleasurable wave rolled through my body. His relentless stroking of my prostate made me cum hard. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before and I collapsed as he continued to fuck my ass.He pulled his cock from my ass and tore the condom off it as he stroked it furiously. Before he plunged balls deep into my open ass once again , I could feel his hot seed full my hole with his warm baby batter.Alicia and I lay silently on the floor as they gathered their things. We were both to tired to move. We cleaned up and talked about calling the police to report the **** but is it really **** when you beg for a cock?