An Officer and a Gentleman

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An Officer and a Gentleman”P-please, Lotus…” the older man, said, pleading with Lotus, his eyes brimming with tears. Simone and Sheila stared at the tube around General Vidalia’s quivering, horribly erect penis. “So he can’t go pee-pee until you tell him he can, eh, Lotus?” Simone asked, chuckling. “Well, Norb has a real authority problem, Simone” Lotus said, her eyes sparkling. “For a man who is in charge of 400,000 soldiers at seven Army bases, he really knows quite little about obeying orders. He hasn’t been allowed to pee for s*******n hours, and I think I may make him hold it in for another day if he keeps getting on my nerves.” The ladies could see that the grizzled military veteran was having one helluva time holding his legs together, pushing his knees in contraction with each other.So he wouldn’t go against his will, like a recently potty-trained kindergartner awaiting the bell.The general kept biting his lip and moving his knees together and Lotus occasionally would reach over and flick his right thigh with her long nail,and he would bounce and grit once again.”You see, there’s a catheter in the cock tube he’s wearing” Lotus said amusedly. So he can’t really pee now, but I have him trained so well that if he doesn’t have the tube on…He can also hold it, usually. The last time he fucked up, I made our merry soldier drink up an entire bucket of his urine, my urine and that of our dogs.”Lotus motioned languidly at the two Doberman Pinschers dozing near the fireplace. “I have to meet with Major Thundersley…I have much preparation to do, Lotus, please, oh please let me urinate and wash up, this has been just miserable. Lotus turned to her friends, as if ignoring the General, who looked completely miserable. “Can you listen to him beg, isn’t it revolting?” Lotus breathed in and then repeated in a pathetic falsetto.”I must meet with Major Thundersley…I have much preparation to do…” Then Lotus did the “I’m gagged” motion with her forefinger down her throat, and the other two women laughed.Lotus motioned to General Vidalia, who shuffled miserably over to her. “Hands behind your back dear…”. Lotus unlocked General Vidalia’s cock lock, revealing a bloated penis.”Darling, I am going to play with your peeper a little bit, but if you either cum, which I know you’re dying to do, or let even one drop of urine fall on my fingers.Well it’ll be a bad day for a certain Fort Dix General, do you understand?” General Vidalia nodded miserably. General Norbert Vidalia stared down, biting his lip for the millionth time that day as his wife stroked a long, pale pink fingernail across the tip of his engorged cock.Despite the intense pain in his k**neys from the backed up urine, Norb had to admit that Lotus was still quite as beautiful as she’d been when he’d married her a quarter century ago. He watched with parched lips as her cleavage heaved in the tight bustier top, and heard Mistress Simone chuckle. God Damn Simone! She had been another one who’d hung out at the S&M Club where he’d met Lotus that first night. Norb had to resist letting go, he was on the verge of peeing, and God, did his k**neys hurt from holding back pee for nearly a day and a half. Lotus pulled his foreskin, and a tiny droplet of urine came out, falling on her boot. Lotus immediately arose, and picked up a cane. “Do you like this, girls?” she asked as she held up the ivory cane with the silver dog’s head “Norb got this for me in Argentina, it’s an antique.This fantastic early twentieth century Argentine four-part suitcase cane with ivory extensions measuring 36-1/4 inches overall when in cane mode.However, the cane also doubles as a riding whip when the ivory extensions are removed and the leather whip is screwed in.” Lotus laughed as Norbert shivered, remembering the times the leather whip, screwed in, had lashed his back, buttocks, penis and balls severely. Lotus went on. “It’s also called a “flick stick.The flick stick “flicks” out with a sudden downward thrust of the cane head when the hardwood shaft is held at the middle.Watch me flick it on the General’s penis for allowing urine to leak out of his bad little wee-wee!And remember, Norbert, if you let any urine come out during the whipping, it will go even worse for you.” Norb nodded miserably. Lotus lifted the cane, “flicking” it repeatedly across Norb’s suffering shaft. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK! Norb screamed as the cane came down repeatedly on his poor penis, but his military bearing didn’t quiver, he kept his hands behind his back and did not fall! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Some more urine came out of the penis, and Lotus, enraged, began whacking Norb’s penis harder”Goddamit, I said no pee can come out.” “I can’t help it, Mistress Lotus!” Norbert screamed, and held his urine as best he could.Finally, Lotus noticed that despite the caning, Norb was releasing no more pee. Norb held still, his tongue between his teeth as Mistress Dierdre continued the cruel caning. Finally she tossed the cane down and resumed her gentler attentions on his bruised cock, “Poor baby…”crooned Lotus as her nails played across the penises welted surface.”But you’ll learn, darling.” Norb nodded, trying desperately not to release any more urine. He gritted his teeth as her pretty nails pulled and sc****d his cock. It had been so long since he’d cum, nearly four months, and of course he hadn’t peed since eight o’clock the night before! Lotus smiled as she continued playing her long nails across Norb’s cock. “Are you regretting all those Michelobs you had last night at the Club yet, dearest?” Norb nodded unhappily. What a mistake that had been! Lotus had been enraged when Norb had admitted having had a few beers with Colonel Metcalfe and Major Compton at the Officer’s Club earlier in the evening, and she’d caned him severely on his nipples, and then ordered him to the basement. “You like chugging those beers, hon? When you were expected home to polish the silver in your little French maid’s outfit?” Lotus had screamed this. “Get downstairs!””But darling”begged Norbert, “It’s one Friday night a month we get together, just to joke about and talk about our troops, and maybe the Dallas Cowboys—”Lotus had kicked him violently down the stairs, she’d been so angry. “You are expected here every night at five-thirty, no excuses!”she’d screamed. “Strip and get down those fucking stairs, you little weiner!” Lotus had then bound Norb to the wall of their basement dungeon and removed the cock chastity tube he was forced to wear daily, putting a plastic hose between Norb’s cock and his mouth. Normally, Norbert was not allowed to pee without his wife’s permission, which meant he had to drive home from work at noon to get her to undo his evil tube.The tube that prevented unauthorized urination AND masturbation, and sometimes it was tricky if Lotus was out shopping.Then when Norb got home and he had to cower, holding his k**neys on the front porch until she got home and unlocked him. “I forgot again dear” was her usual excuse..and then once or twice she was in bed with one of her lovers, and refused to let him in…but last night he’d gotten in finally.Norb had gotten Lotus to unlock him to pee before he’d told her where he’d been.”And if I’d known, you would have had to keep all the pee in you from noon on, including all those beers!” she’d screamed. “But there’s still more beer processing in your gut, and you’ll need to pee badly before midnight!” Lotus had adjusted the plastic tube into Norb’s mouth, and then challenged him to hold his water til the next day.Norb had been bound upside down, the tube in the mask on his face, from eight-thirty that evening, no television, nothing…and he had to stay there, holding his miserable bladder. The one time Norb had let loose and peed a few drops, around two in the morning, the little bit of horribly stinging, beer tinged urine that had hit his lips and gone down his throat.It almost destroyed his taste buds for a week and had convinced him to continue the awful self-control. But it was a lesson to General Norbert Vidalia, Mistress Lotus had long forbidden him to hang out at the manly Officer’s Club. “Your duty is to Mommie after you have left the office at five o’clock. Quaffinga few with the boys is a privilege of real men, and after all I’ve slept with all your so-called friends, including Metcalfe and Compton.So why drink and play darts with them, they don’t have much respect for you anyway, dear.” Often Lotus would give Norbert a vicious beating for being late after five thirty, ten strokes for the first minute.Yes, one lash for every minute afterwards…once he’d gotten in at five-forty-five, and nearly died from twenty-five lashes from Lotus’s whip-cane! As Lotus giggled and talked with the other two women, Norb tried to remember when he’d become such a lowly slave-boy. Certainly this had started because he’d gone in search of a dominating woman, and Lotus had been wonderfully satisfying..but a bit more than he bargained for.As Norb played through his memories for the early days with his evil wife…when she was just a girl, Lotus was also telling Sheila and Simone her version of what had happened over the past twenty-four years…it was the tale of A MILITARY WIFE “Oh yes, ma’am” the Gypsy said to Lotus, standing over his table of leatherwork at the market, what Lotus would have called a flea market in her own country. But this was a marketplace in Bamberg, Germany, right near her husband’s Army base. “You’ll like this razor strop, I’ve sold many to barbers. You must be a beautician, right?” Lotus said nothing, and the Gypsy went on.”This genuine leather razor sharpening belt is like the ones you’ve seen in old fashioned barber shops.” Lotus grinned at him. She knew where she’d seen razor strops like that before.In Daddy’s house. She really enjoyed listening to the Gypsy, though she’d already decided to buy the strop. For one thing, he was one of the few non-military personnel she’d met in Bamberg who spoke good English. And what a strop this belt was. Lotus weighed the strop in her hands and examined it carefully. It looked fairly durable. It was two feet long with a brass loop, quite heavy, looked like it could do some damage, eh?She tried to listen to the English-speaking Gypsy as he went on. “The leather and canvas combo is great for sharpening razors.” The Gypsy smiled, seeing the enthusiasm in the young girl’s eyes. Lotus was thinking of her young husband’s gluteal muscles shaking as his butt would withstand blows from this vicious leather monster.Lotus smiled again, running her tongue across her teeth. Her breasts heaved in the halter top, and the Gypsy gasped through his pitch. As Lotus looked at the strop, she thought about what a stropping felt like. She’d gotten one at least once a week for years.The Gypsy continued. “Barbers like to use this strop to put a final finish on beautician shears, you know.” That’s not all they use them for, Lotus thought, remembering her Presbyterian minister father.How Dad was enraged because his willful cheerleader daughter couldn’t remember the text of his sermon one Sunday.The Reverend yanking down the sixteen year old’s panties and pulling up her miniskirt.Then throwing the screaming young Lotus across a hassock and whaling her tender vanilla cheeks, telling the girl the Devil possessed her.But the Rev was surprised that Lotus had taken it that well, not knowing that the girl was already too familiar with the strop because she’d gotten it as well from her older brother, Robert. Robert had been very upset when their mother had left their father to join the Sixties revolution in San Francisco.He’d impressed on his little sister that girls were whoring little things and he wasn’t going to let Lotus become that. Five years Lotus’s senior, Robert had begun taking her over his knee with bared bottom starting in junior high school, every Saturday night. He’d started with his bare hand, and as she’d grown into womanhood, he’d moved on to using a hairbrush, then a discarded riding quirt from the stables where he worked, and finally Daddy’s Razor Strop. But when Robert whipped Lotus, it was different from Daddy’s whippings, Lotus had quite often had an orgasm.Lotus’s pussy grinding against his legs as she’d bounced around on his lap, her faded jeans and pink panties bunched up around her thighs in her junior and senior years of high school…Lotus had left home right after graduation, but she’d returned for Christmas, just once, and both Daddy and Robert had once again taken her over their knees…and the strop was a bitch! Now, listening to the Gypsy, Lotus wondered what the strop would feel like on Norbert’s tender buttocks, he was such a baby. As Lotus thought of Norb screaming under the lashes of the strop, she smiled.A handsome young German, examining antique sunglasses and American rock albums from the 50’s caught the white teeth of the pretty brunette and he smiled back at her.Enjoying the attention, Lotus grinned, and tried to focus on what the Gypsy was babbling about. Jesus, listening to the old bastard going on, trying to sell me this strop that I already decided to buy twenty minutes ago. “The strop can even be used to touch up shears between sharpening.” The Gypsy was saying, and Lotus guessed he still thought she was some sort of barber. The Gypsy himself was wondering why the girl had no questions, and also curious about how much he could get from the girl for the old belt. “This budget priced strop was made by my cousin in Pakistan of smooth tanned leather.The top silver buckle is removable. Are you a beautician, my dear?” Lotus shook her head, wielding the belt, “But I think I’ll take it, if it isn’t too much.” The Gypsy considered, looking at the girl’s nice clothes.She was married to one of the Army officers, and all those bastards had money.”Fifty marks” the Gypsy said. “It is killing me to give you this strop for so little,but I am a generous man.” Lotus laughed, Lotusp in her throat. “I think not, for this rag of leather? I’d say more like ten marks, fifty pfennings.” The Gypsy’s face took on an appearance of sorrowful insult, as Lotus knew he would. “You are a most insensitive young lady.” The Gypsy said. “My cousin made this belt with his own hands. Forty marks.” Lotus’s eyes glittered.She’d seen the “MADE IN JAPAN” label on the side of the belt, and this Gypsy idiot was getting on her nerves.Ah yes. She knew what to do. “I don’t know if I can use it, you know?” Lotus pretended to falter. “I’m not a hairdresser at all. This isn’t for sharpening razors, This strop is for another purpose.” Lotus took the old Gypsy’s arm, looking soulfully in his eyes.”Can I discuss it with you in private?” The old man’s eyes widened “In private?” Lotus looked at the ground, appearing to demur, while her heart raced. “I have to decide whether I can use the belt for why I bought it….you can help. If it’s good enough for what I want, I’ll give you forty marks for it.” The Gypsy stared at little Lotus with his beady, lustful eyes. What did this woman want? What an opportunity to pull her in his caravan and find out!The Gypsy had had many rich white women in the caravan, and had screwed a couple, and ****d a few more…But the group of Gypsies always moved on before there was any retribution. The old dark man gazed at Lotus’s nubile breasts,the curly tufts of her hair touching her shoulders, and stared at her full lips especially.The Gypsy imagining forcing her to take his penis in his mouth, like he’d forcibly skull-fucked that thirteen year old girl in Frankfort.What can I get out of this, he thought. It’s usually such work to seduce them into the caravan.Often I have to lie and say I have jewelry to sell! Could I **** her and take her wallet too? The Gypsy motioned a young Gypsy boy over to the table. “Aram!” he said roughly.”I am taking this lady over to the caravan and I want you to watch the table.” Lotus watched the boy, aged about fifteen argue with his uncle.”Uncle, you shouldn’t take the lady in the caravan. It’s wrong, please don’t–“Lotus winced as the old man’s fist crashed across Aram’s cheek, and the boy fell, and then the old man viciously kicked him.”Shut your mouth! Watch the goddamn table!” Aram, knowing he would pay for this later, turned to the girl. “Miss, don’t go in there with my Uncle Osh.He’s dangerous he–” The old man lunged at Aram again,but Lotus delicately stepped in the way, and the old man turned servile again. “Down boy” she said to Uncle Osh. Turning to Aram, she smiled. “Don’t worry, I just need to see how this strop works, and have a talk with your uncle. I’m sure it’s all right.”Then she whispered. “And if it isn’t, from ages seven to sixteen I studied jujitsu, capiche?” Aram nodded. Aram stood at the table, watching his uncle Osh go with the striking dark haired lady into the wheeled caravan. He saw her gaily waving the razor strop as they went. The door closed.A moment later, Aram heard Uncle Osh howling, then there was a crash, as if someone had hit the wall of the caravan. And a lashing sound WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK Aram listened to the screams,and then saw Uncle Osh open the caravan door as if to escape, but a small manicured hand pulled him back into the cart.And the door shut and there was more whacking and Osh’s screams.Aram thought of rescuing his uncle, but remembered years of beatings and abuse, and considered maybe this was good for Uncle Osh’s empathy. Finally, Uncle Osh fell out of the door of the caravan, and seemed to be pulling up his pants. It appeared to the astonished Aram that there were red streaks on Uncle Osh’s buttocks. Panting, he said to the young lady who followed, “Just take the belt and go! You have it free!” Aram was shocked. Uncle Osh never gave away anything for free. Shit, he charged Aram to buy his school clothes….this was quite unusual.The girl trotted over to Aram, swinging her strop and gave him a Lotusp soul kiss. “You’ve been so helpful.” she crooned. “Here’s forty marks just for you!” Stuffing the bills in the sincan escort astonished boy’s pants pocket, Lotus kissed him again and trotted off to show Norb her new “toy” Second Lieutenant Norbert Vidalia looked up from his table in the pub as his beautiful young wife came in.”Norb, how are you honey?” Lotus smiled and gave him a Lotusp smooch. “I’m great, what have you been up to, Lotus? You’ve not been to the marketplace have you? Those Gypsies are hell on ripping innocent young women off.” Norb supressed a smile as he said this, knowing Lotus wasn’t all that innocent. “No, baby. the Gypsies are incredibly decent if they get to know you.” Lotus smiled. She held up a paper bag.”Look what I got!” Lotus pulled out a leather strop and showed it to Norb. “This is part of your fantasies, right?Don’t you like it? It’ll be great when we ‘play’ you know?”Norb’s dick hardened as he saw the strap, and he looked at his beautiful new wife.God, she’s so sexy, and she really wants to do this stuff with me! After Lotus and Norbert had discussed his passion for S/M while he was still an undergraduate at West Point, it had been inspired.Lotus had tried to instill some of the disciplinary theories in urging him through his studies. Norb, a prep-school pothead who had been bribed with a Maserati XL by an uncle to apply to West Point had not had much going for him as a cadet when he’d met Lotus. Norb had been failing History of Middle Eastern Warfare and Military Communications until she’d taken Norb in hand.Quizzing him on a variety of test answers, and lashing his loins with razor wire if it seemed that he wasn’t paying attention. A slacker of the first order who’d spent a great deal of drilling time slurping Buds in front of the tube, Norbert had begun running and exercising, to avoid the pain of Lotus’s cane! Norbert was always required to bring his college tests and quizzes to Lotus.If Norb got 90 points or more, which was an A, she’d screw him, 80-89 got him a nice blowjob…And anything under this resulted in a vicious hairbrush spanking, his pressed West Point uniform pants bunched up around his knees.Poor Norbert would quiver over Lotus’s lap and the brush would land…endlessly! But Norbert adored Lotus, and she was very loving to him. She was a helluva good looking girl, and loved necking and doing neat stuff. His fantasies were being fulfilled,and he was now an A student..Although he didn’t seem to have time for the poker parties and beer blasts that he’d once done. Norb ended up making Batallion commander of his regiment after three months of dating Lotus.And he served his senior year as the Regimental Personnel Officer for his college regiment. By graduation, with Lotus overseeing athletics, and making him do academics, he graduated with honors. Now, he looked across the table with some trepidation at his beautiful wife as she played her fingers across the heavy leather of the strop. “God, it’s beautiful” he confessed. “Like in the old movies” Lotus laughed girlishly. “I knew you’d like it. It’ll be fun. You-you said something about razor strops and how horny you got watching some old movie.You know,where the k** had to go out to the barn and the mom followed with the strop, right?” “The woodshed” Norb said dreamily. “She took him out to the woodshed.” Norbert, like so many submissive men, had often fantasized about razor strops…He’d grown up in a “permissive” family, and had never had a spanking in his life until he’d gone to his first dominatrix in his freshman year at West Point. But Norb had seen many, many movies, often G-rated where the father or mother took the erring teenager out to the woodshed with the “razor strop” to give them their “medicine”.Of course, the camera didn’t usually go into the shed, you’d just see the c***d coming out later, sobbing..but Norb could always imagine what had gone on. As a c***d he’d been quite obsessed with these old black-and white movies..and once had gotten quite enthralled during a movie about Winston Churchill. Winston had been taken into the headmaster’s office when he was a small boy.Before before the door had closed on Winston and the Head, the audience could see the boy’s pants down, his bare bottom exposed, and a heavy cane touching the bare bottom.It had been a tremendous turn-on, and he’d made his parents take him to see the movie two or three times. But presently, he was unsure…but his wife wasn’t! “It’ll be really cool, I think” Lotus giggled again, and swung the strop away from the table, nearly grazing a busboy.”Bet you’ll dance.” Lotus poked Norb’s belly with her forefinger and he chuckled, and she kissed his ear, still tenderly fingering the razor strop.Norb was pleased that Lotus was so happy. She had not seemed all that thrilled that they’d been assigned to a German military base, away from all their friends. But she was in a cheerful mood now, and he had to admit, he was rather aroused at the sight of the damn razor strop himself. But it was big! Norb was a little frightened, though he’d often jerked off and fantasized about getting a vicious whipping with such a strop. Lotus had already whipped him with canes, hairbrushes, rubber and wooden paddles, and it had all been a tremendous turn-on.But he’d gotten into the power thing of not crying out, and certainly not blubbing or weeping when she’d hit him! It was just that whole soldier thing, he guessed. He had to prove he was a man, even if he was her “slave”. And then recently, he’d been breaking down, Lotus’s canings had been getting harder—two weeks before, he’d forgotten to pick up her dry cleaning on the way home from work.Oh, and Lotus had lashed his bare bottom with a piece of soaking, thick rope as he was bent over the bathtub, and on the fifth lash, he’d heard a howl, and yes, it was Norb’s own voice. Then, just on Monday, they’d gotten in an argument about the brand of coffee she was buying over the breakfast table. Norb had been trying to quit smoking and had been somewhat irritable, and he’d shouted at Lotus, and Lotus had responded with a brisk “Don’t you raise your voice to me young man.” Norb’s fist had hit the table “Are you k**ding? Who the hell do you think you are, Lotus?”Norb had been incredulous, after all wasn’t this S/M thing just a game? He’d jumped when Lotus had grabbed him by the ear, dragging him to the couch Jerking down his pajama bottoms, Lotus had whacked him forty times with a pancake spatula, one of those evil metal ones.Yes, and the stinging had been so painful, that Norbert had begun howling once again, he couldn’t believe that he’d gotten so wimpy.When she’d let him off her lap, she’d seen slight tears in his eyes. “You’re turning into a crybaby.” Lotus had said with some satisfaction as he cowered in front of her, his pajama bottoms still crumpled around his ankles. “I’ll have you sobbing yet, my soldier boy. Go stand in the corner for ten minutes, leave your bottoms down. NOW!”And Norb had done so, not even being allowed to leave the corner when the mailman had come by, Lotus had flirted with the guy,God, and he’d felt the mailman’s eyes on him…on one hand Norb’s shame had been intense at the thought of another man seeing his naked bottom on display.But his cock had never been harder, and when Lotus had let him up, they’d screwed like bunny rabbits. But Norb still remembered Lotus’s desire to make him cry. He thought the whole perv thing might be getting out of hand, but as it was, Norb had been obsessed with being a submissive his whole life. He watched Lotus toying with the strap, and remembered how early the slave thing had come on him, even before Winston Churchhill movies. Certainly, from seventh grade on, Norb had been reading the S/M section of magazines like “Penthouse Variations”, sometimes ripping out that section of the magazine as he cowered in the back of the d**gstore at age thirteen and f******n.For Norb the interest had hit him early….and sneaking the torn bondage sections of the Variations magazine back home to jerk off…And several stories had mentioned the feared “razor strop” Ooooh! He stared at his beautiful Lotus, and wondered if it might not hurt too much… An Hour Later Lotus talked animatedly about all sorts of things as they drove home, but Norbert’s mind never quite left the razor strop in the back seat. They got in the house and Lotus turned to him. “I want you to get upstairs, strip off your clothes, and lie on the bed.” Norb looked at Lotus. What happened to the giggling and all the kissy-face back at the pub? She looked almost venomous now. “We were going to have dinner at the Tomlinson’s tonight, babe maybe we should hold off on playing with…”Norb was hesitant, and Lotus stepped up quite close to him, so that he could stare right down into her heaving, milky white cleavage.”Our dinner plans are my affair, Norbert. I don’t want to have to ask you again to get your butt upstairs and strip and lie on the bed. Do I make myself clear?” Norb stared down at Lotus, his cock stiffening against his zipper.Oh God, what have I created, he thought.They’d started playing very lightly, hell, he’d even spanked her a few times, before he’d finally confessed that he really wanted to be the slave-boy all the time. But she’d been so gentle with him until recently. “Are you going now?” Lotus asked again, and Norb nodded sheepishly. “Yes ma’am.” Norbert went upstairs, his legs shaking as he mounted each step. He entered the bedroom and took off his military uniform and undergarments, folding it neatly and putting it on the bureau.Then Norb looked at himself in the full length mirror. God was he scared. A razor strop! But he could tell that his erection was pulsating, sticking right out there.It seemed as if there might be some precum at the tip as well. Poor Norb, he was a born pervert. He heard Lotus’s light steps on the stairs and lay face down on the bed hurriedly. Norbert heard the door open swiftly. “Well, you did as I told you to, that’s good.”He could smell Lotus’s perfume, and his cock hardened even more.Norb heard the bag that had held the razor strop crumple and fall into the wastebasket. He looked back over his shoulder and there she was, pacing back and forth, doing little practice swings with the strop.She looked so cute, Lotus did, in her tight halter and shorts. Her boobs were almost poking out of the halter, but Norbert felt humiliated as always.Embarrassed by the fact that she was dressed and here he was, naked over a bed. Norbert had learned that there was going to be more and more of that as time went on, it seemed. Often, after Lotus punished him, if neither was leaving the house that evening, she would keep him in a state of nudity.Standing in the corner or kneeling by her couch as she reclined in her sexy outfits. Lotus had also begun going through short phases where she didn’t feel like having sex with poor Norb, usually just two or three weeks at a time. Sometimes during these times, she’d tell Norbert that he couldn’t touch her at all.And she’d parade around him in revealing lingerie, and other times he was allowed to perform oral sex on her,but that was all. Lotus always required Norb sleep naked next to her, and he would move closer and try and kiss her.Of course she’d push his head down, and he’d go down on her until she’d orgasmed a number of times, and she’d fall asleep, with her poor husband frustrated.And then were the worse times when she wouldn’t let him touch her at all…which was worse? Did she have a boyfriend during those periods? Norb didn’t know, but he’d remembered one night, after a few weeks of sexual deprivation, talking to Lotus in the kitchen, she’d suggested he masturbate to relieve his tension. “Could-could I do it here, you can watch, and be kind of involved?” Norb had asked her, and Lotus had nodded, smiling that little cat-smile.Norb had been in his bathrobe, and nothing else; he’d removed it right there in the living room.Then Norb jerked off in front of Lotus, who was kneeling and reclining in her bustier, and quite clearly laughing at him. Norb had fumbled with his penis, and jerked slowly, watching Lotus’s tongue cross her lips as she snickered at him scornfully, and finally he’d cum all over his handkerchief.”Can you get me a glass of water?” Lotus had asked him. “Don’t bother to put your bathrobe on, just go get it as is.” And Norb had walked naked to the bathroom and come back with her water, and the bathrobe had been gone, and he’d knelt by her side as they’d watched the nightly news.This had been happening more and more, though they still had a healthy sex life…But it was when Lotus chose, and for any irritation, it seemed that she’d suspend “num-nums” until Norbert was weeping and begging for sex to resume.He wondered what would happen after the whipping tonight, if they made it to dinner…Would there be sex after? Would he be alive to enjoy it? What a whipping! Now, Norb lay very still as Lotus swished the strop back and forth, and yes, his cock was nearly cement-like.He was so excited. “Now we’re going to see what you’re made of , Norbert.” Lotus said as she walked back and forth behind the bed, swishing the strap back and forth.”I heard you screaming at some poor corporal the other day, telling him he needed to be a man or something..Let’s see if you can practice what you preach.” Norbert’s throat quivered. “Here you go, big boy.” WHACK! WHACK! Norbert’s soft white ass screamed as the strop fell. Lotus looked excitedly at the huge red marks on his soft white skin.His buttocks were a bubble-butt variety, and she was getting a kick out of this.My God, she’d been on the receiving end of the damn thing her whole life, and it was nice being able to dish it out a bit. WHACK! Norb’s buttocks bounced at the third swipe, and Lotus thought she could hear a shuddering moan emitting from her unhappy husband. Lotus lifted the strop again and landed it hard on Norb’s left cheek, smiling.”Oooh!” came a sound from the bed, and she realized the strop had gone between her victim’s legs a bit.Did she just hit the poor bastard’s balls? Lotus was wet with the idea that she was putting poor Norbert through exquisite torture.Norb was inLotusd trying to squeeze his legs together so she couldn’t get her strap between them, but Lotus was thinking…She’d bought another little toy recently, a spreader bar—long wooden pole with cuffs.Cuffs that could keep Norb’s ankles separated if she wanted to whack those nice little nuggets between his legs. Whenever Lotus went over to the base she had to listen ad nauseum to officers telling her what a tough guy her husband was.Oh, how he could go through any battlefield they believed, though in this year 1980 there were no battles.She’d seen Norb screaming at his troops about manhood and toughness.Lotus smiled because she knew Second Lieutenant Vidalia’s “toughness” was really pretty much of a façade.Lotus had gotten the strap lots more as a girl and she’d never made this much fuss.Look at him now, stark naked and quivering on the bed, trembling, really…And those horrible red marks made him look sissified, even if Lotus had put them there. This was ridiculous. Lotus’s project now was to get at the tender underside between Norb’s buttocks and thighs.She remembered this from her own thrashings as a girl,but this little area was truly her husband’s Achilles heel.A few nights before, Lotus had given Norbert a list of chores to do, a long list that would keep him busy until she’d gone to bed.The final thing on the list was to get into bed with Lotus, and masturbate, but not to orgasm. Lotus had been sure that Norb would fuck that one up, and he certainly had, she could hear the gasping and feel the wetness against her back that night.Yes, and she’d gotten up and turned Norb over her nightgowned knee and whipped him with one of her slippers for nearly an hour.God, and the slipper had really scorched the tender crease between his buttocks and thighs. Norb had screamed once, not like he was howling now of course. And Lotus had locked him in the trunk of their car for the rest of the evening, because he was such a “baby” “Norbert, stick your butt up, now.” Norb heard her threatenening voice and moved his buttocks up.Supporting his body on his knees while still burying his face in the bedspread.WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Lotus’s strop found it’s mark in the tender crease between buttocks and thighs.Norbert began crying as he bit into the sheets desperately. “Oh, I can’t take it” he sobbed, as he filled his mouth with the spread and the strop fell again and again. “Oh I can’t take it, Mommie” Lotus’s voice joined him in falsetto, and Norbert wept real tears of fear and misery.Lotus couldn’t believe her good luck, she was finally hearing muffled sobs from Norbert, who seemed absolutely dazed by everything.Lotus wished Colenol Herries, who adored the manly young Second Lieutenant Vidalia, could see this whiny baby now.He would be violently ill watching his favorite young officer whining and weeping through this little punishment. WHACK! Lotus’s strop found once again the tender crevice between his buttocks and thighs, and she could see the strop hitting Norbert’s balls.Hitting them as they hung there, and heard his cry of anguish.”P-please no more, Miss Lotus.” This was hilarious. It had been a point of pride with Norbert that he refused to utter any sounds at all during her whippings.Ah but in the last month she’d gotten some real screams and cries from him…and now she saw a few tears staining the bedspread. Norb had met his Waterloo in Mr. Razor Strop, eh? Lotus smiled grimly and lifted the strop over her head, bringing it viciously down on the small of Norbert’s back. Norb, for his part was a haze of incredible agony, and was biting the bedcover.Norb was trying so desperately not to utter any sounds, but of course now he was openly sobbing. But by God, he wouldn’t cry for mercy. “Mercy” was their ultimate safeword, and Norbert was a Guy guy, and he could keep from uttering it, he thought.But Lotus had heard him beg her escort sincan to stop and completely ignored that.Perhaps a cry for mercy might be ignored too, he had looked behind his shoulder and seen the determination in her lovely eyes, her breasts heaving as she swung the strop. Norbert had to keep quiet now, he couldn’t believe he was “blubbing” as boys called it in his prep school. But the tears were there. Norbert had always been contemptuous of the male slaves crying and whining in various S/M clubs in the U.S. and Europe, and he was no wimp.He just had to hold out as the blows rained on him. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Norbert finally collapsed.Norb brought his ass back down to the bed, thus directly disobeying Lotus’s command that he push it in the air.”What a loser you are—can’t you take it?” Lotus’s voice came as the strap slammed again, just catching him on the back of his scrotum, and Norbert saw stars.Norbert’s bottom felt as if Lotus had been pressing it with an electric iron and he was crying openly now. “Please oh please ma’am” Yes, Norbert was crying for the first time since he was about twelve years old, no, about nine, actually. “This is great….listen to you bawling!” Lotus laughed wildly as her husband’s cries grew louder. “You are such a wimp. I just love this razor strop, honey.” WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK! She’d worked her way from his damaged buttocks down his thighs.Lotus swung five or six lashes on the sensitive spot on the backs of his knees, and been rewarded by more anguished sobbing. Norbert’s teeth were clenched against the pain as he withheld his intense desire to jump out of the window, anything to get away from that horrible razor strop.He broke down and grabbed his buttocks, screaming, but a lash from the buckle end of the strop nearly sprained Norb’s wrist and he re-grabbed the bedspread.”That’s right honey. I want your hands away from your butt. Touch your butt again and I’ll hit your hands with a baseball bat.” Norbert would have given a thousand dollars for an ice pack right now, but the blows kept coming.THWACK WHACK WHACK SMACK! Suddenly Norb couldn’t help it, and he screamed “Mercy! Oh please stop!”Norb’s arms and legs bunched upa nd he went into the fetal position, begging and sobbing “Oh, please, Miss Lotus, please don’t hit me any more with that awful thing, oh it’s too much!” Lotus’s arm was hurting a bit now, and Norbert’s buttocks were a mass of bluish welts, red blood stains and scars.It was really a sight to see, and Lotus loved it. This whole macho military officer thing was revolting, she felt.And it was high time she got to the bottom of the masculine rituals.Yes sir, this was a glory day for American feminism! Lotus felt like calling Gloria Steinem. Lotus laughed. “Don’t be such a fucking queer, Norbert. Get into the pain, give in to it, you pathetic worm!” But every inch of Norb’s shoulders, back, buttocks and legs felt as if he’d been in a fire and was covered with first degree burns.”No, I’ve had enough, mercy oh, please!”Norb’s eyes shut tightly but the tears kept coming, and he was now crying openly.Norb grabbed his knees and bawled like a newborn. “No more, mercy, Miss Lotus, please!”Lotus was quite happy. Mercy. There he’d said it several times the safeword after two and a half years of being her macho slaveboy.Norb finally had broken down after never giving in in twenty-seven months or so.And Lotus knew that two previous girlfriends from their club in the States had dommed him and he’d never broken down for them, or any professional dome. Lotus threw the belt down and knelt on the bed looking Lotusply in Norbert’s eyes. Tenderly she wiped his tears away. “Have you had too much, sweetest?” Lotus leaned in to Norbert’s face and he got a glorious view into her cleavage. It had been so long since she’d allowed him to touch her breasts!Lotus had taken to waving her boobs around in Norbert’s face while they were encased in frilly bras, telling him he just wasn’t man enough to touch them.And she was speculating openly about some of the hot young privates under his care. But she was so cruel…she knew how sexy he felt her boobs were… Lotus rubbed her boobs in Norbert’s face, cooing to her poor husband. “I can stop now if you want, honey.” Lotus said in her sweet voice, as she pressed Norbert’s face into her sweet, soft cleavage.”I can stop whipping you, the session can end, and I can rub some balm on your butt and legs.I can bring you cocoa in front of the TV and pamper you a bit, but I thought you kept telling me what a good slave you wanted to be, honey.” Lotus’s fingers found Norb’s cock, and he began stiffening in her soft fingers.”I thought you wanted to be the ultimate slave—you’re always talking about that, and telling me you want me to set the limits, and that’s so sexy to me!” Lotus’s forefinger rubbed precum into Norb’s rapidly engorging glans as she kissed his ear. “Don’t you want that too?” Norb’s dick was incredibly hard in her soft grasp, and he watched the ruby fingernails toy with his foreskin. Oh, she was so tender to him sometimes.She wasn’t so bad, really, for a dominant wife. He almost forgot the intense pain in his buttocks, back and legs as he watched his wife’s curving bosom tops bounce.”I’m sorry I’m such a sissy, Miss Lotus I really am.” Lotus began pulling Norbert’;s cock faster. “Well, Norb I thought you wanted to prove to me you could take any pain, and honey, I was so proud that you were taking my little whipping so well.That is until you began groping your knees and sniveling like a four year old that skinned her knee, you know that frankly made me a little ill.” Norb looked so sad. “I want you to give me what I need, ma’am, it was just so painful, that’s all. I can’t seem to hold still on my own.” Lotus licked her lips carefully and thought about it. “Babycakes, maybe you could take the rest of your punishment tied up.It might be easier that way. And even gagged. How’s that. It’ll be easier that way for you, and you can make me proud, right?” Norbert was so upset. Sweet Jesus, the rest of his punishment? He had gotten enough whipping for the rest of the decade in his opinion.But Lotus looked so adorable in her tiny little halter top, and she was still nuzzling his face in her breasts while she played enthusiastically with his rapidly stiffening cock. “I get really hot when I see a good slave-boy taking his paces well, and I feel like giving someone a nice blowjob tonight.Do you think it would be all right if I tied you up and finished this off?” Norb, in heaven, said “Whatever you want, my princess.” Lotus tossed her head and smiled down at Norbert lovingly. He looks like a calf about to be slaughtered, she thought, stifling a giggle.The fingers of her left hand caressed his hair and wiped the accumulated sweat from his forehead, while her right hand was busily making trouble down below in his crotch.Norbert gasped and panted as Lotus’s long nails played downt here. He loved it when Lotus played with his genitals, and he was very excited now, he could see pre-cum soaking her red nails.It had actually been a few weeks since he’d came…it seemed that Lotus never had time for sex anymore, unless he was performing it, and that was so heartbreaking.She tended to push Norbert away when it was his turn, it seemed. “I’m glad you want to be a good, obedient slaveboy and you want to take all the pain I can give you without all that jumping and screaming. I mean, they call you Viper, right?” Norb blushed again. That had been his nickname as a tough recruit and a new officer, Norbert “Viper” Vidalia.He was heavy on the enlisted men,screaming and humiliating them for the slightest offense. As a k**, Norbert had read about Frederick William of Prussia beating the crap out of a soldier with a baton if one button was out of place, and it sort of excited him.He knew the troops called him “Viper” and he got quite the kick out of it, though now Miss Lotus was of course making fun of him, as he’d been whining and crying like a little girl. Lotus’s fingers tweaked the glans of Norb’s engorged cock and he gasped. Lotus trailed her fingers across the foreskin.Now Norb lifted up to reach for her, he really wanted to make love now.But Lotus’s right hand casually dropped to his crotch and pulled his balls together in a nasty squeeze, while she still smiled at him, and Norbert fell back on the bed.”That’s better” she said, as her fingers resumed playing with his hardening cock. “As I said, I hate to have to tie you down but you’re such a little sissy and it’s not very attractive to have you dancing about on the bed, sweetheart, not much of a Viper, I think.” Lotus’s tones were like little bells, but Norb winced at her cruel words. Lotus noted his hurt look and pushed his face further into her substantial cleavage.Norb mumbled “And- and you said if I took it well, you might want to give a lucky someone a blowjob, is that right, Miss Lotus?” It had been some time since Norb’s dick had been sucked by Lotus’s incredibly full lips, it seemed. She’d done it less and less ever since they’d begun playing mistress/slave games.The last time she’d given him head, he thought it was about three months previous to their wedding. Certainly on the wedding night she didn’t even screw him!Lotus had pushed Norbert’s head between her legs repeatedly and he’d licked and munched down there.Coming up, they’d have a bit of champagne and talk about their honeymoon, but when Norbert would reach for her again, Lotus would smile and say “can I have that tongue again, honey?” And Norb went back down the next time as well. Lotus kept making jokes that night about the condition of Norb’s blue balls, but she didn’t seem to want to do anything about them.Finally, Lotus had been exhausted and she’d turned over and gone to sleep, and Norb had steamed.The next night, Lotus had been hanging out with the purser of their cruise ship, and she’d dispatched Norb to get some drinks.When he’d come back, the door to her cabin was locked, and he’d heard some very peculiar sounds emanating from inside. Norb had had to pass the night on a folding chair on deck, and had been quite miserable about it.It wasn’t til the fourth or fifth night of the honeymoon that Lotus had deigned to screw him, and it hadn’t been much, even then. She was a tough girl, Norb thought. Since they’d been married, what was it, eight months now? Lotus had screwed Norbert maybe ten times, and he’d gotten maybe two blowjobs, and one had just been a thirty-second one, and she’d gotten “tired”.Certainly that was no excuse for Norb, who was required to stay between Lotus’s legs until she’d cum as many times as she liked! But Norb knew Lotus liked giving blowjobs, before their relationship had changed she’d given him lots of head.And Lotus she was always talking about old boyfriend’s dicks and how she’d loved to slurp them, and now and again she’d make vulgar remarks about men in tight jeans in the street. “I’d like to lick his lolly” and that sort of thing, so she must be wanting to blow Norbert now, as she’d said there would be a blowjob for a “lucky someone” right? He would check yet again. “You did say something about giving a blowjob, Miss Lotus?” Norb was worried that Lotus might get offended, and then there would be nothing. She often gave sentences out like “Three days-no sex!” if he’d forgotten to wash the car or something. But Lotus smiled at him. “You heard my statement right, honey, some lucky guy will get a blowjob if I am horny enough, and I bet you can guess who that is!” Lotus gave Norbert a long, probing kiss while her fingers played along the length of Norbert’s rock hard erection.Norb gasped as Lotus played further as she murmured. “You betcha, Norbert. I’m always horny as hell when a slaveboy is being really obedient and can take lots of pain.” Lotus’s fingers trailed around Norb’s stiff pecker as she blew sweet nothings in his ear. “Oh, thank you, Mistress” Norb murmured as his eyes closed. God, he was married to a passionate woman, Norber thought. It was just finding the key to the passion, right? Norb congratulated himself on a job well done. “I’ve found your secret, honey.” Lotus smiled indulgently. “You can make me happy and I can make you happy, Norbert.” Finally, Lotus told Norb to lie on his back so she could tie him to the bed. “But you’re whipping my behind, right, Miss Lotus?” Norb asked, puzzled. “Well honey, I think I’ve done enough damage back there.” Lotus said reasonably.”It’s time to work on the front now.” Tying Norbert down, on his back, Lotus hummed as she worked, securing each of his limbs to a bed post until he was completely spreadeagled. Then, she took up the razor strop again. Lotus swung it a few times into her fist, humming,and Norb wondered what was going to happen now. She was going to whip his FRONT? What the hell did that mean? Norbert couldn’t understand this being punished on the “front”. Lotus tied him completely, and then, still smiling, she took a swing with the belt, and it landed harshly on his right inner thigh, and he bit his lip. Oh, God, this hurt.”How’s that, darlin’?” Lotus asked in a friendly way. “That hurt too much? No complaints I hope.” Norb knew better than to complain, then there might be no blowjob.Norb had a feeling he had to be careful to not offend, and to keep his little wife’s interest lively in him.Norbert got the impression that she had other friends. He’d come home once in the middle of the day and had run into Lotus and his master sergeant walking through the living room. Lotus was wearing just a dressing gown, and Sergeant Pawson didn’t quite look…buttoned up. Norb thought about it as he felt Lotus’s strap slam on his left inner thigh, and he croaked a bit. “Feeling it, aren’t you?” Lotus said encouragingly. Norb didn’t know how to handle his young wife. When he’d questioned Sergeant Pawson as to why he was in the living room, the man had insisted to Lt. Vidalia that he was just helping “Mrs. Vidalia out with installing yer air conditioner, Loot.” Lotus, lounging behind the Sergeant with a slow smile, had drawled that this was so. Norbert had shook his head. “But it’s February, Pawson, why do we need our air conditioner installed?” Pawson had turned helplessly to Lotus, and she’d said “You’re absolutely right, Norbert, we’ll drop the project then.” And then they’d both laughed. So Norb had to watch this girl. Whack-ack! Lotus’s strop landed right on the tip of Norb’s pot belly, and he whined. “Oh, what’s wrong my honey-baby, my fluffy-duffy bunny rabbit, is it hurting too much?”Lotus’s tone of scron rang harshly in Norbert’s ears as she lifted the evil razor strop again and slammed Norb’s right nipple.Smiling in satisfaction at the renewal of tears in her husband’s eyes, Lotus then lashed the left nipple.She was gratified to see Nobert try in vain to leave the bed, tugging on his arms and legs helplessly. “Oh, please Miss Lotus, it’s way, way too much, that strop is horrible.”Norbert cried, his nipples felt singed by the evil leather strop and his stomach was quite painful now. “Honeycakes, that’s not so bad, just a few pats with my belt.” Lotus crooned as she lifted the thick leather strop again. Norb’s entire front was in incredible pain, and the sting was uncanny. WHACK! WHACK! Lotus’s strop landed in Norb’s right and left armpits next, and her poor husband screamed and cried in desperation. “Norbert, this is great exercise for me, and you’ve got to learn to be a little man.Let’s see if I can get your right nipple again!” Norb screamed loudly “Oh, Miss Lotus, it’s way, way too much, that strop is horrible” Norb’s nipples felt singed by the evil leather strop and his stomach was quite painful now. “Honeycakes, that’s not so bad, just a few pats with my belt” Lotus crooned as she lifted the strop again. Lotus’s boobs were shaking in her halter top, and in spite of the vicious correction Norbert was receiving his penis hardened.Norbert screamed as the strop found its target.”Please oh God, Lotus, I know that I’m the one that’s encouraged and taught you to be my dominant Mistress but it’s gone beyond games, now.It’s way too much honey, I’ve gone through absolute hell tonight, you’ve whipped my ass and m y back and legs and I’m ready for the damn emergency room.Let’s quit now, deaar. Please” Lotus shook her head prettily. “Quit? But darling you’ve asked to quit before, and then insisted we go back to our normal sex life.And then you start getting bored and you cheat on me with professional domes and finally you beg me to take you back as a slaveboy. Lotus’s strop landed on Norb’s left nipple again as she said the word BEG. “I’m really confused dear.” Lotus leaned over, waving her boobs in Norbert’s face.She’d taken a brief bathroom trip to squirt them with Chanel No. 5, and Norb was dazzled with the scent.His face was covered with perspiration, and Lotus could tell that it had been quite an afternoon. Lotus scratched her nails gently on Norbert’s right inner thigh, which had just been singed by the evil razor strop. Norbert sighed. The sensation was incredible, and Norbert felt his penis straining into a full erection. “It’s hot in here” Lotus said casually, almost to herself. Lotus took off her halter top, revealing her shaking boobs in a beige lace demibra, which made Norbert almost go out of his mind.Lately, Norbert had been the naked one around the house, and Lotus had mostly been clothed, though of course in very tight outfits. Not only had Norb always felt somewhat humiliated by this.But also he was continually aroused, as he’d be standing in the living room, dick bobbing.Watching as Lotus would sashay back and forth in her little leather minisuit, or something. It had been a while since he’d seen her quite this undressed, except of course when he was allowed to bathe her. As Norbert scoped out Lotus’s magnificent breasts, he barely noticed it when she resumed operations with the razor strop.She was landing it hard against Norb’s right inner thigh, where she’d been so recently tickling him with sincan escort bayan her long nails. “Is that so bad, darling?” Lotus asked Norbert, her cleavage practically enveloping his face, as she leaned over and played her long nails across the affected inner thigh once more.”N-no, Miss Lotus” Norb mumbled, half in pain, half in ecstasy. Lotus smiled inwardly, knowing that the tops of her areolas were showing just above the lace, and Norbert was enjoying his first sight of them in nearly a week. Lotus rubbed Norb’s shoulder and lightly kissed him on the lips. “You see, a little whack with a strop isn’t such a bad thing is it?” Lotus asked this in a friendly way, tickling and scratching Norb’s right inner thigh again. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The strop landed on Norb’s nipples again, and Lotus saw tears in his eyes, and she felt wet with power. “Mommy—Miss Lotus, my nipples are so sensitive.” Norbert cried, the tears running down his masculine cheeks.”P-please don’t hit them any more.” Norbert’s complaint was halted by Lotus’s tongue, which poked right into his mouth as he was talking. Lotus pulled her head back and licked each of Norb’s nipples extensively, and his cock grew harder. Lotus reached down and played with Norb’s cock more, and he began attempting to hump her hand. Lotus kept her fingers just on the tip of his cock as Norb tried hard to push it in her hand.Lotus leaned over, her boobs right in Norb’s face and earnestly talked to him, her fingers still tickling the tip of his penis.”Darling, I adore you, and I want you to be happy and successful” breathed Lotus as she leaned over the bed, waving her boobs in the tight lingerie bikini top right in Norbert’s sweating face some more. “But you need discipline badly, my sweetheart.” Lotus lifted the strop and landed it hard on the shaft of Norbert’s cock, and he screamed. Lotus calmed Norbert by rubbing the tip of his cock more with her soft fingers. “You know when you get lazy, and you’re feeling arrogant, and no one can possibly stand you that way, dear.” Lotus casually unbuttoned her bra from the front, and Norb got his first look at her soft brown nipples, nipples that hadn’t been in his mouth in some months. Lotus leaned down so the nipples were just out of Norb’s mouth’s reach, and rubbed his cock a bit, and then it became very, very hard. Lotus jumped up and grabbed her razor strop WHACK! The strop landed harshly against Norb’s knob, and he screamed again. WHACK! WHACK! Suddenly Norbert’s penis was no longer a stiff erection,but was wilted and wounded beyond belief as the cruel razor strop landed its punishing strokes. Norb began moaning as Lotus gently rubbing his cock with her soft fingers once more. Norb stared up at her nipples, which seemed erect and pleased, and the blood began slowly re-entering his penis again.”Think of how happy Colonel Herries has been since you’ve been such a good boy.” Lotus breathed.”I think you may get your promotion, and that’s partially due to my work with you, don’t you think, honey?” Norbert knew Lotus was right. Norbert had always been a talented officer, but a notorious slacker all the same. He was hell on his troops, a bit of a bully even.He loved screaming at the men and making them attempt almost impossible tasks.But when it came to paperwork and analytical stuff, Norb spent a lot of time in his office smoking joints, reading “Sports Illustrated” and staring out the window.Important reports would remain undone under a “Penthouse” centerfold. When Norb had been turned down for his promotion to first lieutenant, Lotus had taken Colonel Herries out to lunch.Lotus had asked the Colonel, her adorable little hand on his old bronzed paw, what the problem was.Although it was against regulations to discuss things with the spouse, of course Colonel Herries had told her everything.Lotus had then taken the Colonel to a nearby Motel 6 and managed to create some optimism for her husband’s future in the grizzled old officer. But later, as the Colonel was re-zipping Lotus’s tight little flowered frock up he said, “It’s not just me, my dear. After this glorious hour, I would make him a general if I could,but there are many other officers that will not be satisfied unless Norbert works harder.” The Colonel had said, still panting.”And I know he can do it, he has the intelligence, he needs motivation.”Lotus had given the Colonel a Lotusp kiss and promised him that she would work on this aspect of the problem with Norbert.Lotus realized that motivation was everything, and Norbert had one powerful motive—he wanted her body more than anything. Lotus had become very cold, refusing to let Norbert touch her. The only time she’d touch him, was when he’d forgotten a chore, or something.Then of course she’d bend him over a sofa, dragging his pants down for fifty with the cane. Lotus worked even harder on her already quite satisfactory appearance.The former hippie girl began highlighting her hair, and using very sexy lip gloss, strutting around in front of Norbert.Always in her very snuggest striped sweaters, tight little denim miniskirts or cute short-shorts with pantyhose and high spike heels.Lt. Vidalia’s wife was usually flirting heavily with the lowliest private in Norb’s regiment, or even the grocery boy.”You don’t have to carry the bags, you sweet thing” Lotus would breathe, her chest heaving as she’d stroke the cheek of the pimpled, blushing lad with a long nail. “Dumbo will do it, he’s going to be a seventy year old first lieutenant, since he can’t get promoted. Hell, they may demote him to private, he should get used to carrying grocery bags.” Then Lotus would snap her fingers and Norb would slump out behind her, his arms full of groceries, and his head hung low under the boy’s amused countenance. During this period, Lotus would go to bed quite often in the flimsiest of nightgowns and lingerie underwear, forbidding Norbert to touch her.”I’m not attracted to C minus boys, it’s not exciting screwing someone who can’t get a simple promotion…you should go smoke your pot and leave me alone.”Lotus insisted of course that Norbert come to bed naked, and occasionally while she was still awake, she’d notice his hard cock. Poor suffering Norb, as he was subject to her gorgeous body right next to him in the best that Frederick’s of Hollywood could offer. Lotus would often then slap Norb’s penis, or even scratch it savagely. “How dare you get erect in this bed with me, you no-account, ambitionless pervert?” It was very difficult for Norbert, even when he took several showers before going to bed.Then, one night after Lotus was seemingly asleep, Norb attempted to grope Lotus anyway, and he just couldn’t resist touching one of her adorable breasts. Lotus had awakened suddenly, and grabbed Norb’s penis and twisted it, eliciting a howl from the young lieutenant. Then she had kicked Norbert out of bed, flailing him with a pillow. Norbert had spent the rest of the night handcuffed to the sink in the bathroom, cowering naked on the cold tiles. The next night, Lotus had handcuffed Norbert’s hands to the head of the bed which neatly kept him from touching her, and also prevented him from being able to touch himself.During the night Lotus would, supposedly in her sleep, turn over and rub Norb’s cock all night long, playing with his penis while dozing, or grinding her pantied crotch against his stiff cock. Then she would awaken, four or five times during the night and see Norb erect again, and begin slapping him.Finally he’d sob that he was sorry, and she’d go back to “sleep” and begin grinding against Norbert once more. This had kept Norbert in a state of perpetual horniness, and he couldn’t relieve it, at home he couldn’t jerk off.And at work if an officer had been caught jerking off in a bathroom stall, his career was pretty much over.Once or twice Norbert had jerked off in a gas station bathroom but that was about it.Finally, in tears, he’d begged Lotus to tell him what she wanted, and then, amazingly, his work had become ship-shape.Lotus would call Colonel Herries and ask him how Norb was doing, and as long as Norbert was working hard, it seemed that Lotus was all over him/Lotus was still being a vicious punisher at times, still teasing Norb mercilessly, but also kissing him, hugging him, necking with him, and being very bed-playful.So and thus Norbert had become a good officer. It looked like when he came up for review his promotion would be imminent.And it didn’t hurt that Lotus occasionally met Colonel Herries at the Motel 6 just to keep the old boy cheerful!Now, tied to the bed, Norbert reluctantly admitted that Lotus was right, as she alternately stroked and whacked him with the forbidding belt.”Darling you know I wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t for your own good, right?” Lotus said with a smile as she lifted the belt for punishment once more. Whack! The strop landed again on Norbert’s tender penis, bursting a blister that had been left earlier by the cruel razor strop. Norb bellowed loudly, weeping in protest.”God, honey, you sound like my Baby Alive doll, pull a string and it cries.” Lotus said, but even this insult didn’t seem to get to her traumatized husband. Norb was in agony. It wasn’t as if Lotus had never punished Norb’s penis before.Now and then, when she’d caught him smoking, she’d smoke a few herself, putting out the butts severely on the tip of his agonized penis. Once at Club Scourge, Norb’s dick had been a human target for the Dominatrixe’s Dart’s League, and Lotus and her friends had hit the poor thing with a number of the cruel metal quoits.It had been especially hard for Norbert since all of him, except for his cock and balls were behind a wall, and only his genitals had been poked through the hole. He’d had to stand there, in mystery, and then all of a sudden feel a horrible bit of metal stab into his soft penile skin.Fortunately, Norb’s cock and balls had only been the bullseye, and most of the women had been a little drunk and not great aimers, and they’d just hit the circles that surrounded his unfortunate genitals. It had been unbelievable, because after the stinging tips had hit his penis once or twice, it would be completely limp.And then Lotus or one of the other girls would call for a break and massage his penis into full hardness once again, before bringing on the darts once again!This wasn’t the worst of Norb’s cock and ball torture, but it had certainly been significant. And then recently, Norbert and Lotus had been preparing to attend a ball at the Officer’s Club.Then Lotus, noting Norb’s satisfaction at how completely great he looked dressed up in his full military uniform, complete with medals, had ordered poor Norbert to strip naked and stand with his chest out. Then, in her cocktail dress, Lotus had whacked him across the nipples with a whippy cane, and after Norb had fallen down and held his chest, crying, Lotus had ordered him to arise again. Then Lotus had whacked his cock with the cane about five times, before allowing Norb to wipe away his tears and put his dress greens back on. And then there was that picnic, right after Norb had graduated from West Point. Lotus had hated Norb’s prep-school friends, and thought they were responsible for his alcoholic, pot-addled state. But they were all so devoted to each other, and there were a few adoring ex-girlfriends of Norb’s there. Somehow, Lotus had somehow gotten a hold of a jar filled with honeybees, hornets and wasps, and had coaxed Norbert away from his friends into the forest for some “fun.” There, she’d ordered him to strip naked and she’d stuck his penis in the jar.And then Lotus had whacked it enthusiastically, and the bees, hornets and wasps had stung poor Norbert’s cock until he’d cried and howled. Norb’s friends and ex-girlfriends had run into the wood to see the great Norbert “Viper” Vidalia, rolling around naked on the ground.See him holding his crotch and crying and screaming. Lotus had looked at them puzzled (having tossed the jar and released the bees) and said”I don’t know what it is, it just comes over him sometimes…it’s a weird way of jerking off.” And that had been the end of Norb’s association with his loser friends Now, Norbert was crying wildly as his penis looked quite savaged by the strop, but Lotus was equal to comforting him. Lotus’s soft fingers found his cock and began stroking and tickling, and the sobs became pants and moans. “Honey, you know that you need to be bound and punished and humiliated now and then.” Lotus’s fingers rapidly pulled his foreskin up and down as she waved her breasts at Norbert.”Your parents gave you this bullshit ego that really is way too full.” It was true, Norbert’s parents were good liberals, and they’d given Norb everything any k** could ask for, toys, splendid education, motorcycle by seventh grade.Then a Platinum card his sophomore year of high school, brand-new BMW on his sixteenth birthday, and a continual trust fund. Norbert had rewarded their kindness with addictions to pot and cocaine, pregnant waitresses, several school expulsions, juvenile delinquency and one unfortunate pre-college trip to a reformatory.Lotus had had her hands full in reforming the slacker. Now Lotus leaned over and licked the tip of Norbert’s penis, and he panted wildly. “I have to punish you now and then so you won’t believe that you’re like, the second coming of Christ, you know?” Lotus waved her bare nipples in Norbert’s face, and he gasped “Thank you for disciplining me, Miss Lotus.” That’s more like it, Lotus thought as she looked compassionately in Norb’s eyes. “I know it’s hard, honey.” But then Lotus briskly buttoned up her bra and stepped back.”But you understand about being a good officer, don’t you?” Lotus picked up the strop, waving it in her hand. “I know you’re strict yourself, because Cheryl, Major Antonelli’s wife and I were driving past the base just last week and we saw you pushing some poor boy’s head in the sand…Private Linton.” Lotus landed the strop severely on Norbert’s cock again as she pronounced the “Lin” in “Linton”. “Dear I don’t know how you know the man’s name, but yes, we have to be a little tough on the men to keep them in shape”Norb protested. “I guess I’ve been written up once or twice for being a little excessive, but they need the discipline. Private Linton had behaved badly.” Lotus began massaging Norbert’s cock slowly, as she threw the strap down.Up and down went her forefinger and thumb, the red nails shimmering as Norb’s cock got a full stroking. “Darling” Lotus said in her soft voice.”As Private Linton tells it, you did this to him because he fell asleep in a munitions class or something.”Lotus suddenly grabbed Norb’s scrotal sack and twisted it, scratching his cock savagely with her long nails. “You, who can’t even remember to pick up my dry cleaning.You,who Colonel Herries tells me is known as Lieutenant Marijuana Maintenance, is punishing that poor boy.” “You made him dig his face in the dirt, eyes and mouth open, because he fell asleep, the poor c***d.” Norb was wondering how the hell she knew all this. Had she talked to Private Linton.He was smiling inwardly thinking of her referring to the private as a “c***d”, Linton being nearly a year older than either Norbert or Lotus. Lotus put her right hand around Norbert’s balls and began pulling up and down on his shaft with her left.Norbert breathed in, in ecstasy, as her soft hands manipulated his cock.”Poor Brian told me that you’ve been down on him since his transfer to Germany, dear.” Lotus slowly pulled a long nail down the side of Norb’s shaft as he wondered how his wife had gotten on a first name basis with Private Brian Linton. “He tells me you and the sergeants make fun of him in front of all the other men, dearest, is that true?” How the hell does she know all this? Norbert wondered.Norbert was gasping and panting now, he felt like he might be about to orgasm soon, she was toying so expertly with his severely abused and neglected penis. “Honey, you have to understand” Norb managed to say “In every regiment there is a fuck-up, what whe call the company “goat”.Linton’s the bad example. He’s the one we rag on a little bit. It’s to keep the rest of the men in shape. And Linton will work out, or he’ll wash out of the service, one or the other.” Lotus leaned over and licked the tip of Norbert’s cock and he gasped. ” And Linton’s not doing all that badly, really. Although I didn’t think he deserved a pass out, and I’ve been keeping him on base till he straightens up his act, Herries insisted that I give Linton a complete weekend pass on Friday.” You bet Herries insisted, thought Lotus. Herries had finagled it after Lotus had asked him, the old lech would do anything for her now. Norb continued “The k** is starting to get more confidence, because his love life is getting better!” “I think he went to some little inn in Heidelberg with a mystery girl.” Norb gasped and breathed in, as Lotus’s fingers rapidly played around his scrotum. “He had a better weekend than I did, were at that pottery convention all weekend yourself.” Lotus giggled, remembering Private Brian Linton rolling around in bed with her all weekend long. He looked much better, the poor private did, when she’d sent him back to base Monday morning. The evening went on. At one point, Lotus taped Norbert’s penis to his stomach.Tying Norb’s ankles to the bedposts holding his wrist cuffs, and then the belt buckle began landing on Norb’s exposed balls, to the point that he saw stars. But he held on, biting his lip, because he knew he would eventually be the beneficiary of the promised blowjob…at seven-thirty…Three hours since the razor strop session started, Lotus said to Norb “You’ve got to get up soon, to get ready for going to dinner at our friend’s house, dear.”But what about the blowjob?” Norb asked. “Yes, how right you are!” Lotus remembered. She went into the other room for half an hour and Norbert heard her talking on the telephone. Norbert was startled as Lotus came back into the room.”Remember, I said if you put up with all my punishments, some lucky guy would get a blowjob…and now it’s going to happen!” Norbert closed his eyes and tried not to pay attention as Private Linton came into the room and unzipped his pants.