An Evolutionary Tale Of my brother and I.

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An Evolutionary Tale Of my brother and I.’Can you suck a cock without holding it’? We always spoke to each other like that, ever since we made a pact, always to be honest with each other and help each other.OK, you might think, all boys and girls do this ritual thing with promises when they first get into a relationship, but you would be wrong in this instance, we were brother and sister, perhaps a little stranger than some, as we had carnal knowledge with each other, in the fact we enjoy mutual masturbation sessions, facing each other and doing it, each of us studying the other and learning how it should be done.I thought for a moment before answering, ‘I’m confused, what do you mean’?He got off the bed we sat together on and stood up and in front of me, his erection appearing too large for his short demeanor, and my eyes were locked onto it, as it swayed and bobbed, tantalizing close.I was older by two years, but still in my mid teens, my interest in men’s cocks stretching back further to the night I caught him jacking off, in the bed next to mine.Even then he was a big boy, in fact my mother used to call him that, ‘My Big Boy’, little did either I, my dad, or him for that matter, know what she really meant, I mean a boy with an eight inch cock, would make any mother proud.I lay in the darkness of our bedroom pretending to sleep. It was a hot Summer that year, and at 03:00 hours in the morning it was humid, so we antalya escort bayan both lay with the covers down, my brother was nude, so I could see him as my eyes were accustomed to the dark, and there was no mistaking what he was doing.I remained very still, enjoying the little show my brother put on. Only minutes earlier he had spoken to me to see if I was awake, but I remained silent, call it a third sense, but somehow I knew he was going to do something, and minutes later he did, and I was not disappointed.I ached and wanted to join in, so I sat up and whispered, ‘What are you doing’, and before he could answer, I got up and went across to him and got in beside him.As his older sister I took command and held him in my hand and started to jerk on his cock, loving the softness and the firmness in the same measure, and within minutes his body shook in convulsions, it seemed to me this must have been the best one he had ever had.I sat up and pulled my t-shirt off, exposing my bare chest, then slipped my panties off, and took hold of his hand and placed his fingers onto my swollen pussy, ‘Rub it’, I whispered into his ear, then I lay back with my hands behind my head, and enjoyed the sensation of having someone else rubbing me down there, I also came quickly, and could honestly say it was also the best I had experienced.But as time passed, our playing needed a little more impetus, we were now at the escort antalya stage where we now enjoyed the feel of our bodies pressing together, and we would entangle our legs, as we took turns in pleasuring each other, we had now developed our masturbating skills to a fine art, thanks mainly to our openness, in guiding each other to get the best from our experiences.Then one night something changed, well I changed, or I should say my body changed, I started menstruating, and my body started wanting more, especially the week before my periods, I truly was in heat.We had been sharing the same bed each night, both of us in love with the need for each other sexually, and this night I lay down beside him and I felt a surge of heat from my loins, and I reached down in the darkness and brought his cock between my legs, and wrapped my thighs around it.’Mariel’, he breathed into my ear, between tonguing it, which also drove me passionate with lust. I ignored him and stuck my own tongue into his ear, threshing my hips up and down the length of his cock, tying to make clitoral contact with his shaft.He was enjoying the new approach, this was more like the real thing, as I rolled him onto his back and forced my weight down on him, then I slid my hand between our bodies and grabbed his cock with a super strength, holding him firm, as my hips rose until he was poised between my wet labia.I brought me mouth onto his and antalya escort kissed him passionately, as never before, sealing his lips, as I relaxed and slid down, feeling the pressure on my clitoris, then my labia parting and finally glide into my silken purse, and close around him, driving deeper until he was fully inserted.I stopped and remained still, we both did, and experienced the wonderful feeling of being as one, I could feel him throbbing and he could feel my contractions, we were at last fucking and we did with renewed passion, I came again and again, at one point, frightening my brother with my aggression and desire, we remained connected to each other, for over an hour, each of us refusing to break the sacred bonding.After another moment, I looked up at him, ‘You mean like this’, and I bent towards him and took his cock in my mouth, and began, ‘Began blowing him’, keeping my hand firmly by my side, as he slid in and out and my head bobbed between his cock and balls, licking and sucking, until he put both his hands behind my head, and then I knew that both his question and desire were on the verge of being answered, take a deep breath, relax the throat muscles, and push forward.The warm sensation at the back of my throat, and his thrusting accompanied with his vocal approval, I swallowed my brothers semen, which had acquired a bitter and acrid taste of late, from the sweet seminal fluid giving way to the sperm he now injected in the loosening fluid of his youth, sweet or acrid, it makes no difference to me as I like to swallow, only just dont expect me to swish it around in my mouth, no, let me take my deep breath and just push it down my throat.