A wild night at Barbados

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A wild night at BarbadosDuring spring time, Anita convinced me to take a quick trip to Barbados. We rented a very comfortable room at a very nice resort.During the second evening, after dinner, we made a stop at a bar near our resort. The bartender was a very handsome young black man, in his early thirties, very friendly. After some tequila shots, Ana leaned on me and whispered in my ear if I would give her permission to drag this black guy to our bed.I smiled at her, saying she knew I would be happy to watch her being fucked by a younger black man.After flirting with this guy, Ana finally asked him if he could join us at our resort for a last drink. The young man, whose name was Bertrand, gladly accepted the invite and I then knew he actually wanted to fuck my sensual wife…But he said his working schedule was beyond midnight…We discussed it and I finally encouraged Ana to accept it.She told me she was very horny; but she could wait another couple hours to feel a good hard black cock up her hot cunt…Bertrand and Ana finally arranged the time; so my wife and me came back to the resort. Once in our room, Anita went to have a warm shower and she then asked me for help to shave her nice trimmed mound.Once it was smoothly shaven, Ana begged me to lick and suck her.I knelt between her spread thighs and my sensual wife moaned wildly as I licked her atakum escort swollen clit. I added two fingers to provide her full pleasure. She soon came on my naughty fingers.I quickly got naked, trying to get my hard cock in her warm cunt; but Ana told me her body was now reserved for this lucky handsome nigger… She said I could jerk myself off in the bathroom…A couple hours later we heard a knock at the door.Bertrand was there, smiling as he stared at Ana’s curves…My sexy wife had chosen a see through black nightgown. Her erect dark nipples and her nicely shaven mound could be seen clearly…As Bertrand came inside, I got a glass of red wine and went outside to the balcony, to enjoy the nice sea breeze. I left the curtains open, so I could see in through the sliding glass door. The door was slightly cracked so I could hear what was going on. Ana and Bertrand sat down on the couch together and had a little chat in a soft voice. I could not hear them clearly, but my wife giggled from time to time… Soon both of them were kissing passionately, as the black guy’s arms were around Anita’s body…After a while, they moved to the king size bed. Ana said she first needed to use the bathroom. My wife went in, but seconds later, the black guy followed her into the bathroom.I saw him stripping his clothes and, to my amazement, he let out a giant escort atakum black thick snake; it was at least eleven inches’ long.I saw Anita gasping as she saw this tremendous black cock…They came back to the bedroom and I took out my own hard cock, as Ana knelt in front of Bertrand and started licking and sucking his huge black rod.Anita could barely get her mouth around it. But soon the black guy made her stand up, saying he needed some of that married white pussy. So he made Ana lay on her back onto the bed and spread wide her smooth thighs for him.Bertrand climbed between my wife’s legs and he turned around to look at me. I was still jerking off my own dick there outside.“Are you sure you want me to fuck your slutty wife, man…?”Bertrand asked me politely, as he massaged his huge black cock.“Just go ahead… fuck her as she deserves it…” I hissed quietly.He asked Ana if she had felt a black cock in her before and she told a little lie, answering she had never done it. Bertrand smiled and asked my wife to guide it in for him…The guy looked at me again; the bastard wanted me to see my own wife guiding his black cock into her tight married white pussy. Anita reached down and guided the thick cockhead between her open pussy lips, sliding it up and down a couple of times. She then lifted her hips to take him. Bertrand moaned and atakum escort bayan he pushed his own hips a bit forward and I then watched as he shoved more and more of his huge black in my wife’s cunt. Ana was moaning loud, screaming it felt so good…I knew she needed it and needed to be properly fucked. That made the nigger bastard fuck her even harder and faster.He was a rough guy; he was not showing any mercy at all…Now I could see he was fully buried up her cunt. Ana was screaming in both pain and pleasure, as she had all it in her now…The black guy soon asked if she wanted him to cum inside of her.She cried loud, begging him to give it harder and cum inside…I saw her spread her legs as wide, to take him as deep as possible. Ana started to buck her hips in orgasm and I watched as this lucky nigger shot his potent black sperm deep into my wife’s womb.They felt onto the bed, both looked exhausted.I went to make my own cock finish its ache into the bathroom.I shot my load into the toilet and I came back to the bedroom.Ana was again on all fours and her brand new black lover was kneeling behind her. I saw he was again buried to the hilt into my sexy wife’s body. But this time, looking at Ana contorted face in pain, I knew he was fucking her in the ass…I poured myself another glass of red wine; while Ana screamed in pain, but begging him to fuck her ass even harder.I then moved to the balcony again, closing the sliding window behind me. I did not want to hear Ana’s cries in pain. I looked into the empty darkness of the sea, thinking it would be a very long night for the three of us…