A very big family secret.

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A very big family secret.Let me start by giving some family background. I have a mother and father and one sister, Virginia, who is almost f******n years older than I am. When I was three, going on four years old, my sister ran off with her high school boy friend to get married. Over the next 20 years I saw her from time to time at family holidays and of course funerals. Her and her husband let the family know that they had two daughters over those 20 years.I’m now in my twenty’s and this happened just last week!The weather has been very wet and cold, so I went over to dad’s place to check on how they were doing. When I pulled into the drive way I notice that they had company, I didn’t know the car and it was from out of state. As I walked up the front porch I noticed that some of the bricks had come loose, from water freezing between them and forcing them to fall out.I let myself in the front door, with the key that my parents let me keep incase of emergencies or just so they would not have to get up to open the door. As I walked into the living room I found my mom was sitting in the chair next to the TV and talking to her my sister Virginia sitting on the couch. It had been so long since I had seen my sister that went right over and gave her a hug and kiss, something I don’t do very often. I noticed she was looking very well and was in a very nice flowered dress. It kind of looked a bit old fashion, but it looked real nice on Virginia.I sat down on the couch, near, iskenderun escort but not to close to Virginia and joined in the conversation. She and mom were talking about her girls and how they were doing in school and what her husband was doing these days. She was saying how bad the weather was on her way up the coast. I asked her and mom if they wanted anything to drink the kitchen and they both said yes to some hot coffee.As I got up to head for the kitchen to put the pot of coffee on, I notice something strange about the way Virginia was sitting. I said to myself, you’re seeing things, and just went in to set the pot up. While I was getting things together I noticed that the voices from the living room had dropped, and I wondered what they were talking about.When I walked back into the room with their hot cups of coffee, I just knew they changed the subject that they were talking about. I had to go back to the kitchen and get my cup and again the voices went down. Now I knew something was up.I came back with my cup and put it down on the end table on top of a coaster. I sat back down on the couch, this time more to the center, which put me closer to Virginia. Again my mind just said to me, did you see that, there, right there under the edge of her flowered dress. No! No fucking way did you see that!So I sat there, only half the time knowing what they were talking about. I kept looking down between my sisters legs, at the edge of her flowered escort iskenderun dress. Then I know I saw it! It was there, it looked like, but just could not be, but it was the head of a penis! I just kept my eyes on the spot and it just kept peaking out from time to time.I have no idea what was going on inside my head but after sometime had past, seeing what I was seeing, I reached over and just lifted her dress up and grabbed hold of a perfectly shaved, semi-hard penis. It looked beautiful; it felt so smooth, soft and warm in my hand. I was in a state of some kind of shock and wonder and had no idea what to say or do!I remember my mom saying something like, “well what did you expect your brother to do with that thing poking out the bottom of your dress.” Virginia just kind of looked up at me with a shocked and embarrassed look on her face, and didn’t make any moves to make me let go or pull her dress back down.When reality came back to me, I let go or her beautiful penis and just took a good long hard look at her perfectly bare private parts. I looked so long that I burned the image into my brain. When I finally let her dress go back down, I looked up at my mom for some kind of answer. When she couldn’t say anything I just got up and left and went home.While I drove home, I could not believe what I had discovered. The image of Virginia’s perfect penis was stuck in my head. It was turning me on the more I thought about what I saw and felt in my hand. iskenderun escort bayan Things went through my head like, did she have a sex change, she must have, and why the hell was I so hot from touching her penis.Later that day I got a call from mom, she was worried about what I was feeling and thinking about what I had found. She told me Virginia was very upset that I might hate her now or something like that.I came straight out and asked my mom how my sister now has a penis and not a pussy! Mom said, “Your sister Virginia, is not your sister, she’s your brother! Virginia has been living her life as a woman since she was little. She wanted to be a girl and I wanted a little girl so I let her. Your father was away in the Army for two tours so I had four years to let her be what she wanted.”What about her husband and her daughters?Her husband is real and they did get married. I don’t know if it’s legal, being that she is not a real girl. Virginia’s daughters are adopted and could not have two better parents. Virginia wants to know if you’re alright with all this.Yes mom, I love my sister, she’s the only one I got and if she’s happy that’s the best thing.Your sister will be in town for a few weeks, she going to be staying here with us. I think you should come back over and talk with her.OK! Mom, I will do that in a few days, when I get some time.——————————————————————-Now I have to figure out what I want to do. When I think about Virginia and what I saw and felt, I get so tuned on. I don’t know what to do! I want to touch her again; I want to make love to her. I want to feel that soft hot cock again, I see myself taking it in my mouth. I can feel it in my mouth; I want to taste her cum!