A trip to myself – The Vacation (Chapter One

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A trip to myself – The Vacation (Chapter OneA trip to myself – The Vacation (Chapter One)It’s a sunny Friday in march as the phone rings. I take a look at the display and to my surprise I see that it’s you who’s calling me. I answer the phone with some thoughts about what’s going to happen as I hear your voice right before I can greet you. „Hello my beloved pet! Don’t say something just listen. Today you’ll finish work immediately and get home. At home you’ll prepare your flat to leave it alone for 2 weeks. I’ll pick you up in 2 hours. Don’t prepare any luggage I take care of anything.“ Before I really realize what’s happening you hang up. Dazzled by what happened I need 1-2 minutes to gain my logical thinking back. I finish my work as much as possible and leave. At home I bring out the trash, turn of everything and make sure there isn’t anything in the refrigerator that can go bad. Before I realize or even think about what’s going to happen I hear the doorbell. I open up and you stand right in front of me. You’re wearing the blue jersey dress I’ve given you at our first meeting and you’re wearing some wonderful blue high heel peep toes. You smile at me and hold your hand into my direction forming a fist. I take a look at it and you open it, in your hand i can see a necklace with a nautical steering wheel. „I want you to wear it. It’s the symbol of our trip and a symbol for your journey to yourself. I talked to your best friend and she told me your holiday starts today and you haven’t planned anything because of a lack of money. So I decided we’ll go on a journey together.“ I smile at you and couldn’t believe that surprise was really happening to me. I took the necklace and put it right on. It’s quite long and so it hangs right in front of my chest. I make no attempt to hide it under the shirt or something because I simply am to proud to wear your symbols when I ain’t working. I step aside as you enter my flat. As I close the door I kneel down in front of you, reaching for your left Hand where you wear that black ring of O like I wear it at the right hand side. I kiss the ring while I look up to your eyes. „Welcome to my place Reyna. I’m very happy to see you.“ I bow down farer to kiss your feet. I start with your right food and then the left one follows, after kissing your feet I kiss the ground between your feet, below your body. „I worship and adore you Reyna. I want to serve you, care for you and love you. Please accept my submission to your power and dominance. Please accept me as your beloved sissy, pet and property.“ I straighten up as you look down at me smiling. „Yes I accept you my beloved sissy pet.“ You bow towards me as you continue „Please let me protect you, train you, breed you, improve you, let me use you and most important please let me love you. I’m asking you to accept me as yours, as part of your world and of your life, let me be both your Reyna and your little girl.“ I smile at you kneeling in front of you while you gently hold my face between your hands as you’re speaking. With a tremble in my voice I say „Yes I accept you to own my life and to take care of me like I’ll care for you.“ You gently kiss my forehead and afterwards you gently kiss my lips while I feel some tears of you running down my face. It’s not the first time for it to happen like this but each time I’m overwhelmed by this greeting ritual, this ritualistic giving and receiving. I get back on my feet and I’m speechless, I take you by the hand and guide you to my living room. You avoid choosing the couch and decide to pick the leather SEAT. I regain my voice: „Can I bring you something. Some water or maybe a tea?“ „I want tea, slut. To be precise I want green tea and I expect you to serve it properly.“ I go to the kitchen preparing everything for that tea ceremony like I’ve learned and I apply great care to avoid any mistake. So I perform that ceremony in front of you and serve you the tea. During that I tell me about your plans. We are going to spend our holidays with a mobile home driving and exploring Denmark and Sweden. „On this journey I’ll show you another side of yourself and another side of me as well. I guess this is a very daring experiment because either it will bring us even closer together or it’s going to split us apart. I want to try some transformation. You know we both are switcher in a way so we’ll explore that as a constant transformation. In the first half of the journey you’re going to become more and more feminine until you spend all day long as girl and nobody could tell the difference. In the second half of our journey you’ll transform back into being a real man. In the first half you’ll be submissive and in the second part you’ll be dominant. I’ll start with being dominant and end up being your submissive. All the time I’ll be fluent between a masculine role and a feminine. I guess you’ll be surprised sometimes. But in my case there isn’t a clear alignment to a role or a time schedule for those switchings. Do you understand me?“ „Yes Reyna and it makes my heart beat very fast to imagine becoming such a good sissy that people would take güvenilir bahis şirketleri me for a girl. And it isn’t less fascinating to think of finally dominating you.“ You smile while drinking your tea and listening to my thoughts. As I’ve learned I sit right next to your SEAT on the floor, looking up, submitting but being able to avoid pain and damage in my week knee. We spent some time chatting on the last days and then the pot of tea is empty. You get up and lift your dress, revealing your pussy that isn’t covered with fabric and is completely shaved. „Your tea was good and I liked it but now it’s time for you to learn to live with the consequences of making good tea for your Reyna. After a few attempts and try outs the time of mercy is over now. Come over her and open your filthy mouth. I need to pee and I expect you to drink every single drop of it.“ Then you start a countdown from 5 and I realize you’ll be peeing right here no matter if I make it to drink anything or I am refusing your command. There’s no choice left for me then to put my mouth into your crotch, open up wide and expect your warm salty fluids. I close my eyes and focus on my duty as I can feel you letting go of the control. In a hot and constant flow you relief your bladder and I can hear that it’s feeling good after drinking that hole pot of tea. The taste isn’t very strong because of the amount of liquid and probably you’ve been drinking a lot all day long to make it easier for me. I drink your urine and swallow it as good as I can but sometimes there are some drops running down my chin dripping on my shirt. I push my lips closer to your body and I enjoy the extreme humiliation to be degraded to be your toilet. Degraded to drink something most people would refuse to touch. But at the same time I feel incredibly close to you. I feel that it’s something very intimate. It’s an act of love to me to show you that I accept anything from you, that I love everything that’s part of you. And at the same time I can feel how much you respect and love me for that act of submission, of accepting you as yourself, as an act of saying „You don’t need to be ashamed of anything, there’s nothing bad or disgusting with you but your adorable with all your weaknesses and human sides, no matter what it is.“ Then you’re done and I lick over my lips to get the rest of drops from my lips before using my tongue on your lips and your crotch to clean you from any remaining resins and leave you perfectly clean. I look up to you: „Thank you for pushing me and not leaving me any choice. I guess without that help of yours I wouldn’t have managed to do this.“ With a diabolic expression on your face you smile down on me: „You’re welcome. I guess I don’t need to worry anymore about finding a toilet during our vacation anymore. And now get your work done and clean and dry those dishes. I’ll wait for you in front of the house.“ You leave and I do as I’m told. When I leave the house I see you there standing in front of an impressive mobile home and I can’t really believe it. „Looks like you like what I’ve prepared for our trip.“ All I can do is nod while I worry about how we’ll get along with this huge vehicle and like you´ re able to read thoughts you say to me „Don’t worry my sissy. I’ll handle it, I’m used to play with huge toys.“ You see the look in my eyes and come closer to me, whispering in my ear. „And I don’t only know how to handle big vehicles and toys. To be honest I’ll confess you some stories tonight that I’m very sure you’re going to like.“ You open that door and I go inside, you follow me and close the door. „There is a kind of wall to the front where I’ll sit and drive. You’ll stay in the back. Nobody will see you and you will of course be naked until told otherwise.“ Showing me around you keep explaining: „I guess I don’t need to explain you little sissy what a kitchen is good for and I’m very sure you won’t need to be told that it’s your duty to keep the mobile home completely clean.“ Bringing me to the bedroom you open up and show me all the clothings. „This side is mine clothes and this is your’s. I’ve only brought a few male clothings because you’ll be living as a sissy girl most of the time.“ You turn around looking at me, your eyes flash for a second with anger as you slap my face. „When I say naked I mean naked immediately. You should know this by now.“ „I’m sorry Reyna.“ is my reaction as i start undressing right away. You keep a skeptic eye on me as i do so and you comment on me: „Looks like somebody was a little sleazy with taking care of her body. But that’s good with me so i don’t need to wait a few days in order to be able to give you a full body waxing.“ My eyes widen with fear as I realize what’s expecting me but I can’t complain because even when you wouldn’t have planned it anyway it would be appropriate in relation to me letting go of my duties and forget to remove my hair for 4 or even 5 days. I only can nod as I finish undressing by removing my boxers.„I’ll get that chastity belt. I simply can’t stand the look of your pathetic little sissy clit hanging canlı bahis around freely. Maybe it might even get to grow because it believes it might be fucking me.“ You laugh as you walk away to get that chastity belt. To my surprise you’ve brought a new one, that’s going to make it even more humiliating. You’ve got the one I’ve been dreaming about when I have gathered enough money. In contrast to my current CB it has got a shape and a size that’s more fitting to my sissy clit and my balls. With great you for both of us you put it on my body all by yourself, locking me up, hanging that key at the necklace back around your neck dangling right between your wonderful breasts. „I want you to get to know that mobile home and everything that’s in it. I won’t accept any excuses for delay in following orders and fulfilling tasks. I’ll start and get us away from here.“ You approach me and hug me. „It’s great to spend that vacation with you, I’m very excited and can’t wait for it to really start.“ „Me neither“ is everything I can answer due to my overwhelming feelings as I wrap my arms around you while feeling your lips on mine, smelling your cologne, feeling your warmth, feeling your soft skin, tasting your lips and then feeling your tongue in my mouth moving, playing with mine. I can’t stand but release a soft sigh into our kiss. And with tears of joy in my eyes my view follows you as you leave the living area to get into the cabin for driving. We start shortly after you’ve left me and so I start to discover all parts of the mobile home. I begin with the bedroom and look what things we’ve got there. I find that WARDROBE with your and my clothings in it and in the next door I find a incredible bouquet of toys. There’s almost anything that I can think of. From insert able toys of any size and shape to ropes and bondage restraints, instruments for flogging, for giving pain in any kind and collars, leashes in different colors and shapes. I am stunned by the variety of items and it’s sexy placement that bring up a stream of thoughts in my head. I sit down on the bed looking at those things for a while and I start to smile because slowly I realize what a wonderful surprise you’ve prepared and what an incredible vacation is going to expect me. Standing up from the bed I feel something hard at it’s corner and I reveal that bedcover as I see a solid ring at the edge of the bed. Looking around the bed I see there are several possibilities for fixation and bondage. I bring everything back to a decorative and clean look and leave that bedroom as I feel the acceleration due to arriving at the highway. The next room is the bathroom and I’m quite impressed by it’s size. It has a shower of regular size, a normal toilet and plenty of storage possibilities. As I open that mirrored bathroom cabinet I see a letter from you: „Don’t worry my beloved sissy maid you won’t need to miss your precious beauty products but you’ll experience a new privilege. You’ll share all of the hygiene and beauty products with me so maybe people will notice that we’re a couple simply by smelling that same shampoo and perfume etc. It’s not only for saving weight and space in our mobile home but as well from now on you’ll use the same products as I do, every single day even after this vacation.“ I smile as I think about sharing such intimate items with you and I’m very proud you consider me that much of a girl that I’ll be allowed to use your personal products without feeling disgusted about it.I continue to the living room and find great opportunities to spend some wonderful time together, listening to music, watching movies, talking or cuddling. I inspect the kitchen next and I see you’ve chosen wisely and took care of having a great kitchen for me to pamper you with desserts and meals. I take my time to get to know that kitchen and find everything, remembering it’s place. After discovering everything and checking the places I realize that the vehicle stops and I’m on my way to the wall to ask if something is wrong as you open the door. You smile at me saying: “It’s time for that first pee break.” I’m looking at you with some insecurity in my eyes before I realize why you’re telling me about it. So I get on my knees and crawl towards you but you look at me with strictness in your eyes. “No, I’ve planned something special. Go get me that pink funnel.” I think for a second where I’ve seen it, get on my feet and go into the bathroom. I return and hand you that funnel. “Now my sissy slut get on your knees, put your ass up in the air, spread your legs, all those things that make a good sissy position and spread your cheeks.” With some flurry I do as I’m told and assume that position for you. I try to relax my sissy cunt as I already feel your saliva dripping on my greedy sissy cunt. I prepare for the funnel as you slide it right up my cunt. I take a deep breath and to show you my submission and adoration I say: “Would you please use my dirty sissy cunt as your toilet letting me feel your warm and delicious pee filling me and warming me?” I hear your laughter as you answer: “That’s my submissive güvenilir bahis little sissy slut.” And before I get to enjoy your compliment I hear it plash behind me and a few seconds later I feel your warm juices runing down the funnel filling my hole with your pee. Imagining the look of this act, feeling it, thinking of it and even enjoying it I have to moan slightly. This makes me realize that I indeed like it and your treatment is pure you to me. “Now get out that funnel and clean and worship your goddess’s divine crotch so I can continue driving.” I turn around and immediately I put my head under your dress. I kiss your clit gently to greet your divine pussy. Slowly and gentle I lick your pussylips from the bottom to the top performing a few circles around your clit with the tip of my tongue before shoving my tongue deep inside you to clean you properly. After having you clean I worship your pussy by smelling it, by simply pushing my face to it gently, by kissing it with respect and love. Then you’re done with me and leave to get back behind the steering wheel without saying anything more leaving me with my guts filled with your warm urine and the feeling of needing to use the toilet soon.I walk up and down in the mobile home trying to distract myself from my well filled guts and the need for a bathroom. But I remember that you’ve stated to rule that I’m only allowed to relief myself in any way when you are there to control me. So some minutes pass by as the vehicle stops and the door opens up again. With a desperate look in my eyes I turn to you as you look at me: “It isn’t like I’m a sadistic person. So get down my little sissy slut and bring your leash.” I do as I’m told and fetch that leash and bring it to you, naked with my pink chastity belt, and my collar. I smile at you knowing that you’ll grant me some relief. You put that leash to my collar and start leading me outside. I’m happy that there aren’t any people and you lead me to the gras, taking me for a walk. After a while I start to whimper as we walk and the time goes by. You smile down at me and release me from the leash. “Go for it my little boy.” I start running on the grass, happily and barking, looking forward to empty my guts on the loan. I jump around a little bit before I assume the position and look at you barking while the liqued shots out of my sissy cunt. I smile for a second before reassuming my role, running back at you, barking and jumping around you. Full of excitement I bark as you grab a stick and throw it away. I go for it and after a while I reach where it landet. I pick it up and carry it back at you. This happens several times and I don’t even realize that you get me working quite a bit. And after several minutes of crawling around, playing “fetch the stick” and being crawled I’m all sweaty and gasping for air. “Looks like we’ve had a good workout without even noticing it, didn’t we?” I gasp and gasp looking at you. “Yes Reyna, looks like you’ve made me work out good.” You kiss my sweaty forhead: “Get up and shower yourself.” I’m nodding and get into that shower.You’re driving again and I clean my sweaty body. After toweling and creaming my skin I’ m ready and I call you. “Hello Reyna! Would you like me to prepare dinner?” “Of course. I thought you wouldn’t even think of my needs. So get going. I expect Dinner to be ready in half an hour. Then we’ll have arrived our first stop.” “Yes Reyna, I’ll go for it.” after hanging up I start to prepare the table decorate. I arrange a candlelight setting and start cooking. After 30 minutes in total the vehicle stops and you enter the room. “I hope you’re ready my beloved maid.” I nod and come to the door and lead you to the table setting you down. I get the food and serve. We eat together and enjoy the mood, talking about that surprise, the upcoming vacation and what you want to try. I get away the dishes and clean them right away while we start talking about the news.After I’ m done cleaning up everything I’m allowed to join you outside. So I step outside and see you sitting there at a dune, looking at the sea and your hair moves in the wind. It looks a little like in a romantic novel until I realize that I’m standing there naked with a collar and a chastity belt. I go up to you and as you hear me approach you stand up turning towards me, lifting your dress: “Time for your duty my toilet.” And with a smile, showing you how much a love serving you in any way and loving everything you grant me I kneel down, expecting your warm juice to fill my stomache,. After you’re done I sit next to you as you reach for my hand. “I want to hold hands. And I need to tell you something. I want you to listen carefully and remain silent. Please respect my wish before you say anything and please keep looking at the sea. I don’t want you to stop me from confessing because this would change everything.” you turn to me looking in my eyes with a serious expression and I simply nod and turn my view on the sea and the lowering sun. And in that night you tell me your story and reveal your very soul and feelings to me. I listen as you talk, I hold your hand, I remain silent. I’m simply there and nothing can destroy what we’ve got so there is no need for you to worry about what you’re telling and what might be the reaction. All I want to do is make you feel home and loved, regardless of what’s been before.