A Trip To My Favorite Glory Hole

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A Trip To My Favorite Glory HoleWent to my favorite adult bookstore in Atlanta a few weeks back. I got a bunch of tokens and then went to booth 3 which is my favorite booth because it has glory holes on both sides. I put in some tokens and then undressed completely. I started to watch the shadows in the holes and there was one guy in the one on my right. I looked in and he seemed like a middle aged construction worker wanting a bj before he went home. I looked and I caught his eye, then I motioned him that I wanted to suck. He pushed his semi hard dick through the hole and I rubbed it a bit and looked at it, then he said “put it in your mouth”. I did not need to be told twice. I put his hardening dick in my mouth and felt his head get really big. I took it out to look at his sexy cock fully erect. It was 6 “ long average thickness but his head was huge. Quite disproportionate to the shaft. I wrapped my lips around my teeth and pushed his dick back into my warm wet mouth . I was having trouble taking him deep because of his size. I stayed with it and without warning kayseri escort he surprised me by shooting a nice load of juice into my mouth. I swallowed what I could and a bunch dribbled down my chin as he pulled his cock from my mouth. As he pulled back I felt a hand rubbing my cheeks. I spread my legs a little and his hand moved to my nut sack. He lightly caressed me and I was in heaven feeling his nice hands on me. I barely noticed another guy enter the stall next to me on the right. I next saw his dick waving in front of the hole and I realized what he wanted. I reached through and massaged his dick and then led it through to my side. He was already rock had, nice 6” average very straight cock. Great for sucking. I took it into my mouth and started sucking.After a few seconds the guy rubbing my cock and balls traced a line with his finger to my asshole. I felt him rubbing my asshole with his finger then push his finger into me. Since I was not lubed this did feel a bit uncomfortable for a few seconds until he thrust it in and out of me a few escort kayseri times. Then the guy I was sucking pulled back. I believe he was getting close but wanted to make it last. He motioned for me to let him suck my dick and I pulled away from the finger saying “hold on a minute” and stuck my cock through the hole. I felt a very nice warm wet mouth circle my rock hard cock. Just then I heard a knock on the door and I opened it. This great looking professionally dressed black married man was standing there saying “let me in, I want to finger your ass some more”. I let him in and he stuck his finger in my ass as I received a slow great bj. It was feeling way too good and I did not want to blow my load yet, so I backed away from the hole. I bent over and my friend on the other side of the wall put his white hard dick through the hole again. I took him into my mouth. Mean while the black guy in my booth was pushing my head down on the cock in the glory hole making sure I took it deep. Then the black guy moved behind me, unzipped and rubbed his black kayseri escort bayan cock in my crack. Then the black guy said I hope you like it raw, because I have no lube or protection. Then I felt his very thick cock push against my tight opening. Oh shit, he was big I thought as he stretched my opening slowing inserting his entire length. I grunted but it was muffled by the cock that was in my mouth. I was in a bit of discomfort from his dick assaulting my ass, but I was so horny for it. I started rubbing my dick and the sucking the white guys dick hard. I knew the three of us were all not going to last long. The white guy came first filling my mouth with his come. I was breathing so hard I just let it run out of my mouth. Then I stood up just a little and the dick in my ass started hit my prostate directly. I came almost immediately shooting a huge load onto the floor. My black stud grabbed my hips and fucked me for all he was worth and pushed deep with a grunt. He did not move much but I could tell he was having himself one hell of an orgasm. As he pulled out I could feel cum dripping out of my asshole. I reached for a few tissues in my shirt pocket but the black guy took them from me. He wiped off his dick and left me with cum dripping from my face and ass to get dress and leave. What a wonderful experience.