A Sense of Adventure

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A Sense of Adventure”Come to this new club!” they said. “It’ll be fun!” they said. As she and her girlfriends approached the tiny building, Lena remembered why she hated places like this. Too loud, too crowded, too…much. Her head was already pounding and they were still more than 50 feet from the door. She groaned.”Why did I let you guys talk me into this?””Because,” her friend Ali answered, “you’re 25, you’re single and you deserve it. Anyone does after a 70-hour work week.”Lena couldn’t really argue with that. She had just begun her new job at a major advertising agency not even three weeks ago. She was still in the “I MUST PLEASE EVERYONE I MEET” mindset, and it was exhausting. She couldn’t remember the last time she had slept for more than an hour. So when one of her coworkers approached her that afternoon and invited her to go out, she couldn’t really say no.She was, however, starting to wish that she had said no to the clothes they had shoved her into. When the women she worked with found out that Lena basically only had business wear and jeans, they took it upon themselves to “slutify” her. Mika had donated the ridiculously short, tight black skirt that Lena was sure was actually a belt. Robin had thrown in her favorite top, a royal blue tank with a plunging neckline and some silver embellishments. Ali lent her a pair of strappy silver 5-inch heels. Lena was well over 6 feet tall in the shoes, and it was taking all of her concentration to not fall over in the damn things.They had, at least, let her use some of her own accessories. Simple silver bangles on her wrists and a matching chain around her neck that dipped down between her breasts. Small diamond and sapphire hoops in her ears. A black clutch that she thought she would never have a use for. In the clutch was her phone, half a pack of gum and a lone condom, courtesy of Robin. In case the blonde was feeling adventurous, she’d said Lena had also let the girls take over her hair and makeup. Her normally lank, shoulder-length blonde hair had been pinned up and sprayed to within an inch of its life. It didn’t look bad, but Lena was pretty sure it would break off if she touched it. Her makeup was simple, thankfully. A lightly smoky eye done in deep purples, a little blush and some pale pink lip gloss were all she had to deal with. When she looked in the mirror after her friends were done, Lena could almost see herself. Bright blue eyes, high cheekbones, slightly upturned nose, full lips and pale skin. She wasn’t a fan of the outfit, but she thought she looked great from the neck up.But none of that mattered as she stumbled up to the entrance of the club. A small sign reading “TrancE” was the only thing that hinted at this being a business. Robin opened the door, and a wave of sound washed over them. The band on stage was loud enough to burst eardrums, and they were being drowned out by the crowd. The place was dimly lit, the stage lights the only thing bright enough to see by. That made Lena a little less self-conscious, at least. A bouncer stopped them just inside the door, checking their IDs and giving them little date-stamped tickets to get back in if they left.As they walked further in, Lena let go of her steadying grip on Mika’s arm and took in her surroundings. There were fewer people here than she had expected. Maybe 150 or 200. The place was split into two levels, the walls and floor done in polished concrete. The first floor was a large, open room that housed an impressive bar, as well as the small stage where the band was. There were several cushy-looking chairs s**ttered around, and a massive couch that could hold at least 30 people along the left hand wall. They were all done in a rich crimson-and-black print that Lena thought was probably very good for disguising stains. The second floor was mostly a series of short stairways and long metal catwalks. They branched off from a relatively large balcony, which held a smaller couch and two more sets of chairs. There were about 20 people up there, most of them dancing. Lena wondered casino siteleri if the girls up there in dresses and skirts realized that their panties (or lack thereof, in one case) were on full view to everyone down below. She figured they probably wouldn’t care, given how they were moving against their partners. She moved her gaze around the room, and her eyes finally settled on that small stage. The band playing was actually quite good, she realized. A rock group with a slight punk edge. There were five of them up there, all dressed in what mostly looked like black leather. She glanced at each of them in turn, taking in their appearances. The singer was in nothing but a pair of too-tight pants. The rest of him, including his feet, was mostly covered in tattoos. His nipple piercings reflected the stage lights. His hair was black streaked with peroxide blond, coming just to his jawline. His voice was nice. A little rough, but in a pleasantly gravelly way. Next up was the bassist. He was slightly more dressed than the singer, but only slightly. Combat boots on his feet, similar (though far less tight) pants that rode almost dangerously low on his hips, and a simple black tank top. He had a leather cuff on each wrist and a few rings on each hand. Lena could see a tattoo of what looked to be some sort of bird on his left shoulder, but that was his only visible ink. She brought her eyes up to his face, and her breath caught in her throat.He was gorgeous. His face was long and angular, his jaw sharp enough to cut diamond. His hair was longer than that of the singer, coming down to just below his shoulders. It was choppy and fire engine red, which worked very well with his pale skin. His lips were parted slightly, his tongue occasionally flicking over the ring in the center of the bottom one. She followed the line of his nose up to and inhaled sharply. His eyes were a brilliant, sparkling shade of emerald, and they were fixated on her. Lena sucked some air in through her teeth and turned away, balancing herself on the bar. Her legs were shaking, her heart racing. Mika walked up to her, placing a hand on Lena’s quivering shoulder.”Lena?” she asked with concern in her voice. “Lena, what’s wrong? You’ve been just standing there for five minutes. Are you okay?” Lena shook her head and flagged down one of the bartenders. She ordered a drink and turned to face her friend.”I’m fine.” she said. “Just had a little bit of a dizzy spell is all.” She smiled, and Mika seemed convinced. She wandered back down the bar to where the other women from Lena’s work were, leaving the blonde to collect her thoughts and sip on her Cosmo. She took a deep breath, still trying to slow the pounding in her chest. Lena had no idea why that man’s eyes had such an effect on her. She didn’t even know if he was actually even looking at her, or just at someone nearby. She didn’t even know if he could’ve seen her, given how dark the club was. She turned on her stool and looked back up at the stage. And there, once again were those eyes. No doubt this time that they were on her. No one else was around. She met his gaze, and everything seemed to fall out of focus. The music softened and the corners of Lena’s vision dulled. A rush of heat went from the top of the head straight to the apex of her thighs, and she let out a soft groan. She squeezed her legs together and felt a firm throb pass through her lower belly. She closed her eyes and shook her head, turning back to her drink. “The hell is wrong with me?” Lena mumbled to herself. She had never felt like this before. She’d had boyfriends in the past, but she had never experienced pure, raw sexual attraction like this. Especially given the fact that she didn’t even know the guy’s name. Despite that, though, that heat between her legs wouldn’t dissipate. She whimpered and bit her lip, becoming increasingly frustrated with this whole situation. Then, suddenly, the lights in the main room came up and the music stopped. “Alright guys,” said a DJ who was up the balcony, “intermission canlı casino time! Let’s have a big hand for STARK! They’ll be back in a bit, but you’ll have to deal with me ’til then!”The crowd erupted into applause and cheers before the DJ started up some sort of generic techno song. Lena watched as the band filed offstage, waving, amidst the screams and clapping and disappeared into what she assumed was a dressing room. She turned around in her seat and sighed, thunking her head against the bar counter. The persistent throbbing in her panties was getting to her. She grabbed her purse and hurried towards the restroom, determined to remedy this situation. She was ten feet from the bathroom when those damn eyes found her again.He was just to the right of the hallway leading to the restrooms, watching her as she walked closer. She stopped dead when she saw him. She felt her mouth open slightly as she stared into his eyes, and she just hoped she wasn’t drooling. He smirked at her, the corner of his mouth lifting just a little, and he crooked a finger at her in a beckoning motion. Lena heard herself moan and hoped that her knees would support her. She didn’t know what it was about this guy that she found irresistible. She was never this weak, regardless of who she was around. But she found herself caring less and less the closer she got to the redhead.He held out one long-fingered hand towards her, and Lena grasped it. His fingers were rough, callused from playing his instrument. He pulled her back towards the bathrooms and off to the side, into a surprisingly roomy janitor’s closet. He flicked on the light, locked the door and pressed Lena up against it. She was a couple of inches taller than him in her heels, and he began attacking her neck and chest with his lips and teeth. The blonde gasped and grabbed at his shoulders, digging into them with her nails. He groaned and bit at her collarbone. She nearly fell over, but managed to compose herself long enough to get out one breathless sentence.”W-wait. I…I don’t even know your name…”He pulled back a little and smirked at her again. “It’s Jake.” “‘Kay…’m Lena.””Nice to meet you.” Jake wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her down, smashing their lips together. Lena groaned into his mouth as their teeth clicked and their tongues met. One of those rough hands made its way under the blonde’s top, tracing soft curves and settling on her breast. She felt her nipples stiffen as his fingers ran over the lacy fabric of her bra. His thumb brushed over one of the hardened peaks, and Lena moaned at the rush of heat that went right to her pussy. She reached down to the redhead’s belt and yanked him forward, right up against her. She could feel his rapidly hardening length through the leather, pressing against her thigh. She snaked one hand down between their bodies and gave him a squeeze, enjoying the gasp it produced. Jake brought his unoccupied hand down, underneath Lena’s tiny skirt, and pressed his fingers against the damp fabric of her panties. She gasped and moaned as he slid one long finger around the garment, dragging it along her slick folds. Her hips bucked ever-so-slightly when he found her clit, and he grinned. His thumb joined the finger and he began rubbing slow circles around the sensitive nub, delighting in the little noises pouring from Lena’s mouth. His mouth was back at her neck, nipping, sucking, licking. Her felt her hands shake as she rubbed him through his pants, and he let out a groan of his own. He slid his hand back from its position at Lena’s clit and pressed two of those long, callused fingers deep inside her. She made a choking noise that turned into a loud moan which went straight to Jake’s gut. She was tight and smooth and hot and so fucking wet. “Don’t suppose you have a condom?” he asked, voiced rough and deep. He slowly pumped his fingers in and out of her tight passage as she nodded, fumbling for her purse. Lena found the little foil packet and stuck it between her teeth. She reached kaçak casino down and unzipped the redhead, fishing his erection out from the confines of the now-tight leather. He groaned deep in his throat as she gave him a few slow strokes. He felt precum rolling down his shaft and onto her soft fingers. She clenched around his fingers then, making them both gasp. Lena ripped the condom packet open with her teeth and quickly slid the sheath down over Jake’s cock, giving him a tug on the way back up. He grinned savagely and pulled his fingers from her. He lifted the blonde by the waist and sat her on a nearby workbench. She scooted forward, until her ass was even with the edge of the table. Jake stepped forward and pressed their lips together again. He pushed her panties to the side, lined himself up and surged forward until skin met skin.Lena’s entire body seized up and she lurched forward, screaming into the redhead’s shoulder. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held herself there, waiting for the waves of her first real orgasm to pass through her. Her body began to shake and she felt Jake’s dick throb inside her. She groaned and pulled back, smiling at him.”Go.” With a growl, he began thrusting into her hard and fast, the sound of skin on skin matching up with the pounding beat of the music in the club. The pace was quick. Frantic. Lena clawed at Jake’s back and he dug his fingers into her hips. Through the rhythmic grunting and moaning, they could both feel their ends quickly creeping up on them. Lena wrapped her legs tighter around the redhead’s waist, changing the angle of his thrusts. Her vision went white and she threw her head back, mouth open in a silent scream. Her body shook and spasmed in pleasure. Jake gave a choked groan her walls gripped him like a vice. He clung to her as he came hard, his face pressed against her neck.They stayed like that for a few minutes, letting themselves come back down. Jake slipped himself from inside Lena with a little grunt. He removed the condom, tied it off and tossed it into a nearby trash bin with a pleased sigh. Lena watched him, a blissed-out smile on her face. “So,” she said, her voice slightly slurred. “That was fun.”He chuckled. “I get the sense that you don’t usually do this kind of thing.””Nope. Haven’t done any sort of thing in about five years, actually.””Five years!?” the redhead said, surprised. “Damn. Well you have way better self-control than I do.””Nah,” Lena said with a grin. “I just needed someone to reawaken my sense of adventure.”The redhead chuckled again, tucking himself back into his pants. “Well, just how adventurous are you feeling?” Lena raised an eyebrow at him. “Why do you ask?””The band is playing here every night for the next week. We could…test your adventurous side.””Hmmm…I suppose I could consider that.” the blonde said with a mischievous little smirk. She adjusted her panties, straightened her top and unlocked the door to the closet. They walked out together, Lena heading back to her friends and Jake to the dressing room. The band’s next set would be starting in a few minutes. Before he had gone more than two steps, though, he was being spun around. The blonde pressed her lips against his, tugging at his lip ring with her teeth as she pulled back. She gave him a devilish smile and turned away, leaving him standing there, grinning.~*~*~*~As Lena walked towards the bar her friends rushed toward her, looking concerned.”Where did you disappear to?” Mika demanded. “We haven’t been able to find you anywhere for half an hour. We thought you’d left!””And why are you grinning like that?” Ali added. “I’ve barely seen you smile these past few weeks.” She squinted at the blonde. “What’s different?”Lena kept grinning. “I guess I just found my sense of adventure.” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Robin’s eyes widen. The blonde laughed. “Come on, let’s go dance!” Her friends stared at her as she swayed onto the dance floor, moving in time with the band that had just re-taken the stage. Mika shrugged.”Well whatever she did, I’m glad it got the stick out of her ass.” The other women laughed and shook their heads in agreement, following their friend into the crowd.”So,” Lena yelled over the music, eyes locked on Jake, “who wants to come back tomorrow?”