A night on the town

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A night on the townWhen I text you before I arrive, I want you to wear a dress, with holdups and a lacy thong underneath. I pick you up in a taxi and we head out to dinner, the taxi driver smiles at you when you get in and you think he can see straight through your dress. You sit beside me in the back and I place my hand on your thigh. You can feel the heat from my fingers as I absentmindedly stroke your inner thigh, I didn’t notice the taxi driver looking at you. But, you did and you want to spread your legs so I can stroke higher up and deep down you want the driver to notice. Too soon, we get to the restaurant and we get out of the car. As we walk in, I place my hand on the small of your back and slowly stroke down over your arse, I can feel the thong and smack your bum gently as the head waiter looks at us wondering how someone so young and sexy is with me. I squeeze your arse harder in a possessive way, so he knows you’re mine. You can feel your thong getting wet and its making you squirm. As we make our way to sit down, the waiter is staring at your erect nipples and you feel incredibly vulnerable, so you move closer to me for protection.As we sit, your dress rides above your thigh and your hold ups come into view. You can feel the waiter’s eyes glance down at your thighs and you’re torn between closing your legs tighter and opening them. You’re shaking with excitement and know something is going to happen tonight, just not when. You can barely read the menu and you can feel your thong is soaking wet, you wiggle a little bit, but you suddenly become aware I’m watching you.You look up and meet my eyes, I’ve been watching you and you know I know what you were thinking, I know why you were wiggling sakarya escort in your seat, I know your nipples are rock hard and you know, that I know, that you’re soaking wet. You wait, patiently, silently, expectantly for an instruction. When it comes, your heart skips a beat. “take your thong off” I say it loud enough that the waiter hears me, your breathing stops, time stands still, you look down at the table, your face is red, and your nipples are hard as rock. You’re worried about standing up and walking to the loo to take your thong off as everyone will watch you. You move to stand, still looking down, when you hear me say. “No, take it off here” you look up sharply and see I’m serious, you feel a new rush of blood to your nipples and your cunt is on fire. Anything will make you cum, any touch right now and you’ll explode in the restaurant in front of everyone.You realise you’re going to need to lift your dress to take off your thong, people will see. You try to do it as discretely as possible, but waiters are making a point of walking past the table. When you finally take it off and rearrange your dress your breath is ragged and your neck and chest are bright red.You’re now holding your soaking wet thong in your hand and as you look at me, you see me pointing at the table. Confused, you look at the table to try and work out what I’m pointing at, it then dawns on you, I’m instructing you to put your thong on the table. It’s clear, it’s unequivocal, I’m declaring ownership tonight. Tonight, you realise, that I’m making you my slut.You’re crimson and breathing heavily because now there’s no doubt to the staff what you are. You’re my slut. My dirty little slut.Dinner passes in a blur, you escort sakarya don’t remember what you ordered or indeed what or if you ate, but you do remember drinking more than you should, just to cope with the embarrassment and the shame of everyone knowing what you are.You also couldn’t help looking at the table all the way through the meal at your wet thong just sat there in open view. When the bill came, I placed the thong in the waiter’s hand, and he looked at you with lust in his eyes.A short wait outside and we’re in the taxi, the same driver that dropped us off, but this time, I notice him. I wait until we’ve settled into the back seat and pulled away. I reach across the seat and put my hand on your leg, pushing your dress up, my hand is on your bare thigh and you can feel the heat. I can feel that your pussy is on fire and I know that you will be soaking the taxi seat. I lift your dress, and spread your legs, you spread them as wide as you can, ignoring the driver as he adjusts his mirror to look down. I put my hand next to your cunt and slide my fingers over your clit. You moan loudly and the driver looks over his shoulder at you with your dress around your waist and my fingers circling your clit.The moans get louder and louder, you try to force my fingers into you and that’s when you feel me undo your seatbelt, take a firm grip of your hair and force your face down toward my cock. I undo my zipper with one hand and my cock springs free. You look at it and want to take it all in, I say “What do you want?” no response, just breathing as you try to take my cock in your mouth, I repeat myself louder “What do you want, slut?”You take a deep breath and realise you’d not even spoken; you whisper sakarya escort bayan something quietly, but I can’t hear you. I say, “what did you say slut?” You reply with “can I suck your cock…” and you take a deep breath and then very quietly say looking up at me “can I suck your cock…..daddy”I groan deeply and push your head down over my cock and you take me all the way in. The driver has stopped and is no longer pretending not to look. From your position kneeling across the seat with my hand wrapped around your hair he reaches around and places his hand on your bare arse. You stop sucking and hold the tip of my cock in your mouth and then you feel his hand slide off your arse, over your thigh, between your legs and without warning he plunges his fingers into your cunt roughly. You groan and then plunge your mouth over my throbbing cock feeling the heat of it in your throat.Your gagging on my cock, being finger fucked by a stranger in a taxi on the side of the road. You start Cumming all over his fingers and I pull your face off my cock so he can hear you moaning. You moan like a complete slut and when you’ve finished Cumming on his fingers I pull your hair back so your now back In your seat, wet cunt exposed, your tits have fallen out and you look like you’d fuck anyone who opened the door of the taxi. I say to the driver, let’s go. He reluctantly drives off toward my house and a few minutes later he pulls up with you still sprawled in the back seat. You move to get out of the car, and I stop you. You look at me expectantly, I hand you the key to the front door and tell you to take off your dress. The driver is going to see you naked and so will anyone who is passing by. You quickly strip off and leave the vehicle, key in hand, you consider running, but stop turn and wait for me to pay the driver. I get out of the vehicle, pull you close, tell you what a good girl you’ve been and with my hand on your arse, guide you toward the house.