A nice reception part 1

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A nice reception part 1″Jeez, this whole thing has gotten boring…” Mandy commented as she sat down in an empty seat near the back of the reception hall. The reception had been going on for only a half hour, and already she was ready to go home. The 5’10” brunette shuffled in her seat, and her breasts heaved a sigh against the constraining confines of the pink taffeta dress she wore. The wedding ceremony itself had been the usual, customary boring length, with the exchanging of vows and the sermon from the pastor. Mandy sighed as she looked around the crowd, a bit of a smile to her face as scanned the faces of the men…their faces and their bulges. She slowly, almost thoughtfully, stroked her straight auburn hair back from her face, and leaned back against the soft cushioned back of the chair. A quiet chuckle slipped to herself as she crossed her legs, left over right, and felt her pussy become slightly damp within the sheer to the waist suntan pantyhose as she remembered which ones were worth the time, and which ones were not.She bit her lip teasingly as her hazel eyes fell on one of her girlfriend’s husband, whose long, thick black cock had been very adequate one drunk night after girls night out and having a brief rendezvous atop the hood of his car in a dark parking lot.A soft, almost inaudible moan slipped from clenched lips as she remembered riding the same girlfriend’s 20 year old son’s cock, taking it from behind bent over her own leather couch. She sighed as she remembered how it felt to be that wet, where it dripped down across her lace stocking tops.A bit of a smile played out across her red-painted lips as she noticed another man she used to date in college, a mutual friend of the family. While his cock size was nothing to brag about, his tongue more than adequately made up for his ‘shortcomings’. Mandy reached down and tugged the hem of her pink taffeta bridesmaid dress down over her knees, aware that such a show of skin at her friend’s wedding might not be wise. However, she decided to keep dangling the pink-dyed satin high heel from her left foot, suggestive and teasing itself. Her thoughtful glances across the crowd by the sight of her new brother in law, Michael, walking across the room towards a group of his friends.”Now there might be something a girl could be interested in,” she mumbled to herself as she crossed her legs, a quick tightening of her thigh muscles squeezing her pussy. “Mmm, yes. I think a girl might be interested in that.” It had been several days since her husband last made love to her, and almost a full two weeks since he had really given her what she loved: a hard fucking, a mix of slowed, deep strokes and hurried, slammed thrusts into her. That was what she really loved, she half thought to herself as she felt her eyes descend down Derek’s tux jacket, and fall on the crotch of his black dress slacks. What had it been? A month? No, almost a month and a half, since she had strayed away from the bonds of matrimony for a different man’s cock inside her. That day she had stayed after work, and helped her supervisor take a pressing problem “in hand”. She grinned broadly, as she remembered she had taken it in hand, in mouth as well as bent over his desk and that cock in her pussy!Her thoughts were shaken to the present as she heard a voice to her left.”I wouldn’t think the maid of honor would just be sitting back here all alone. I’d thought you’d be over with Gina and her friends.”Mandy gazed up into Michael’s blue eyes as she smiled up to him.”No, not really. This is your new wife’s day, and I really don’t have anything in common with her other friends.” She smiled broadly shuffled and recrossed her legs, and teasingly allowed the hem of her taffeta dress to rise up to her knee again. “I had thought of going to get another drink, though.”It was Michael’s turn to smile as he offered out the napkin wrapped long-neck beer, as he sat down next to his new sister in law. “Well lucky for you I remember your brand from the times we went out.”Mandy gladly took the offered drink, and sipped deeply as she kept eye contact with her very handsome brother in law. Standing 6’3″, probably 195 pounds or so, she thought, as her eyes broke contact with his and dropped down to his crotch momentarily before relocking their gaze upon his. Seven years younger than her own 45 years, she had always thought he was extremely good looking, and her younger sister had often told Mandy about the size of the man’s cock. ‘May as well have some fun I suppose,’ she thought to herself as she let her tongue slip across her top lip,’flirting never hurt anyone.'”Well, I suppose that brings up a question that I’ve been dying to ask you since that first time we went out as a group last year,” she let her gaze slip from his as she recrossed her legs, and allowed the hem of her gown to slid to her lower thigh.”Alright then,” he shrugged as he finished sipping from his own drink,” what might that be?”Mandy leaned over and allowed her bare shoulder to contact his, as her voice dropped down to what she hoped was sensuous level, ‘ Why on earth haven’t you never asked me to dance? I know you can dance very well, I’ve watched you and Gina dance many times.” She leaned closer as she pressed her now bare, nylon-clad leg against his thigh, “as a matter of fact, I’ve watched you dance so dirty a few times, I was disappointed that you never asked me.” She grinned broadly as she let her upper lip slip between her teeth, then licked it as she chuckled at his obvious embarrassment.Michael güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri grew rosy cheeked, before he hurriedly sipped at his beer and looked across the crowd. Mandy was pleased by his reaction, the obvious embarrassment and the quick look about as if he was about to be caught by his mother with his hand in the cookie jar. She shrugged and sipped at her own beer, as she looked around the huge reception hall herself. She noted where all the people were that she would least like to be caught by flirting with her new brother in law: her husband and father were discussing this or that with a group of other men, her mother was with a group of relatives and her sister the bride was dancing with a group of her friends, both male and female.”Well,” he finally whispered,” I cannot say that the thought of doing some ‘dirty dancing’ with you didn’t cross my mind. You always went out with us in those damned skirts with the long slits showing your legs! ” he laughed before whispering again. ” But, ” he pressed his leg back against hers, and shrugged, ” I’d hate to do anything to piss off your husband.””Oh, baby, “she whispered as her hand fell to his knee and gave a quick, flirtatious tease, “it’s not like you were going to be out there fucking me on the dance floor now is it?” She waited a moment before her hand slid to his thigh and patted,” Besides, if I fuck around behind Joe’s back, it’s usually with married men. You were not married then.” Mandy went back to sipping on her beer, asking herself if her flirting had gone perhaps a step too far. Her heart thumped in her chest beneath her breasts, and she could feel her nipples harden beneath the sheer white strapless bra she wore beneath her gown. Mandy recrossed her legs, and the hem of the pink taffeta dress arose to mid thigh, showing a leg encased in shimmering sheer nylon to her new brother in law.Michael looked about the reception hall again, and noted that there was not anyone even near to where they sat. Satisfied with that fact, and the fact that the table they sat at, with it’s long white table cloth would what he was about to do, he let his hand slide over and lightly caress his sister in law’s thigh.”So, Mandy, does that mean you’d fuck me now, since I’m a married man?”Green eyes beneath long, lush lashes scanned the room, and Mandy was careful not to make eye contact this time with Michael. She nodded lightly, as her breath escaped in a quiet whisper as she spoke. “Yes, MIchael. I think since now you’re a married man, I think I would fuck you.” A slow uncrossing of legs caused Michael’s caressing hand to slide up between her thighs, and a soft gasp escaped her lips as she felt his hand slide between her pantyhose clad thighs, almost to the sheer nylon covering her rapidly dampening pussy. She slowly reached over, and daringly cupped the crotch of his dress slacks, realizing quickly that her sister had been modest concerning Derek’s cock size. “Do you want that? Do you want to fuck me?”A sly grin crept across his face as Michael’s hand stroked back and forth between his sister in law’s silky thighs as he nodded slightly. “I’ve wanted to fuck you, Manedy, since I met you four years ago.” His fingers splayed out, and slid against her clit, slightly pushing the nylon crotch of her pantyhose between the wet lips of her shaved pussy. “Damn, …you shave your pussy?!”A nod was offered due to clenched teeth keeping her from speaking, before she exhaled deeply and whispered,” Yes, baby, I’ve shaved my pussy since high school.” She offered a playful hurt look as she looked to him. “Don’t you like it? I’ve never had a complaint yet.” She grinned broadly, as she slowly ground her hips, causing her pussy to rub against the stroking fingers of his hand.”Yeah, I like it. I like it a lot. Gina always leaves a little strip over her pussy.” His finger thrust a tad deeper into his new sister in law’s pussy, beneath the white table cloth of the wedding reception table. “Your sister doesn’t let me touch her when she’s dressed up either. I always loved how you wore nylons or heels when we went out.” MIchael’s index finger started to strum the hard, wet clit of Mandy’s pussy, as he felt her legs spread slightly from his actions.”Mmmmm if you keep that up, you’ll have to fuck me soon.” Her eyes fluttered open quickly as she looked around quickly. “Do you want to fuck me like this?” She asked in a husky voice as she stroked his cock through his slacks.” Do you want to fuck me all dressed up in nylons and heels? I love to fuck like that,…mmmmmmm I love that.”The groom gave a quick glance around the reception hall, then looked over to his new sister in law. “I don’t know. I mean, what if we..? God I want to you’re so fucking wet..” he mumbled as Mandy squeezed her thighs together, then slid his hand from beneath the folds of her taffeta skirt.”I will be upstairs, near the top of the stairs at the entrance, ok? “She smiled and winked. “If you come up, then we’ll find a quiet place.”With that, Mandy stood and walked as steady as she could on shaky legs and quivering thighs. She could feel her pussy dampen the sheer crotch of her pantyhose as her pink-dyed heels clipped on the waxed tiled floor of the reception hall. It had been a very long time since she had been fucked during a wedding, and she could hardly wait to get upstairs.As she got to the top of the stairs, the 45 year old mother of two looked about the top floor of the reception hall, in reality just an extension tipobet güvenilir mi of the church where her sister’s wedding was held. The floor held mostly what looked to be classrooms or meeting rooms, all of which were locked except one. She peered into the dim light, and observed a long table along with half a dozen folding chairs spread out the small room. She grasped the doorknob tight and leaned against the door and rubbed her forehead. Was this going to far? A little harmless flirting was one thing, but it was entirely another to let her new brother in law rub her pussy beneath the pink taffeta folds of her gown, and another yet to dare him to follow her upstairs. Perhaps she had gone too far….An arm encircled her thin waist and snapped her roughly from her worries.”So you are serious, aren’t you?” Michael whispered in her ear as he thrust his hips against her and literally drove her into the room. The door shut with a barely audible click, as Derek shut it and started kissing on Mandy’s long, supple neck, and his left hand snaked down and beneath the hem of her gown.”Oh, god, ” Mandy moaned as she felt his hand slid up the sheer nylons covering her thighs to firmly cup her shaved pussy, ” God, baby I guess you do want to fuck me, don’t you?”Her brother in law’s lips slid up her neck and nuzzled her ear as he half growled, ” You’re fucking right I want to fuck you. You’re so fucking wet!” Michael emphasized this by thrusting his index finger between the folds of her pussy, dragging a nylon-covered finger against her clit. Mandy’s legs spread as she leaned over with palms outstretched on the table, and thrust her hips out against her brother in law’s groin. “Oh fuck yeah,” he hissed as his hand slipped from her waist, and tugged her skirt up to her hip. As his index finger rocked back and forth from wet pussy lips to her clit, he allowed his right hand to slide up and down her legs, from knee to thigh, across her nylon-clad ass then back.Mandy’s legs quivered, as she began a slow rotation against Derek’s roaming hands. The rocking of his finger caused her to catch her breath and take her top lip between her teeth. Between the massaging of his finger, and the silky roughness of the sheer pantyhose against her clit, she could feel the beginning of an orgasm coming over her as he continued licking and kissing her neck.”Michael, fuck baby, ” Laurie half turned her head and moaned, as she bore more of her weight against outstretched palms and raised on the toes of her high heeled pink satin pumps, ” Michael, baby, please…oooo mmmm…. please we don’t have much time before we are missed, baby. Please fuck me..please…”Without answering, she felt his hands leave her hips and grasp her shoulders. She moaned a sigh of regret even as she spun her around, and pressed his mouth to hers. Immediately she opened her mouth, and allowed his tongue to probe against her own as she dropped her hands down and tugged at the belt that encircled his formal slacks. They worked quickly, even as they kissed and tasted each other’s lips. Her long, red-painted nails danced on the slacks button and zipper, and the sound of metal releasing metal could be heard even as his hands coaxed her atop the table behind her. A groan emitted from deep in Michael’s throat as he felt his sister in law’s hand slid inside his slacks and grasp his cock firmly just before his hands slid up the silky material covering her legs and pushed the hem of her pink formal dress up to her hips. Derek broke the embrace of Mandy’s kiss as he gazed down in the dim light of the room. His eyes roamed hungrily over the size seven pink-dyed pumps, and slid slowly up her long, sheer suntan pantyhose encased calves and thighs. “I just fucking love a long-legged woman in nylons, Jeez ” he muttered as he ran his hand up the inside of her leg. ” Oh, yeah. Look at that pussy.” Michael slid a hand against the sheer wisp of nylon that covered the glistening dampness of her shaved pussy. “I’ve never seen any without that cotton right here.” He emphasized his statement by sliding his thumb from clit to lips to butt as he whispered.Mandy moaned long and slow; before she opened her eyes and slid a long leg over his shoulder, and rubbed her calve against her brother in law’s neck. “$48 a pair baby, I don’t buy my nylons from Wal-Mart.” She smiled as she dropped her hand over her pussy, and rubbed a red-painted nail against her clit. “Should we just talk fashion, or am I going to get to feel that cock inside me?”With two hands, her brother in law grasped the nylon covering her, and forcibly tugged. The sound of ripping cloth reverberated through the small room as Mandy’s eyes snapped wide. The open mouth shocked went away as quickly as it happened, and she leaned forward and licked his lips. “Mmmmm now you have hit upon something I like, haven’t you,” she grasped his cock and guided the head to her very wet, shaved pussy, “God, you’re thick. Gina is a lucky girl.”The thick head of her brother in law’s cock felt hot against the puffy pink of her pussy as she rubbed it up and down slowly with her hand. She moaned and exhaled, as she kept eye contact with his. Michael returned her gaze as he half turned his head and licked her ankle and calf, reaching up and roughly cupping her breast through her gown. With a thrust of his hips, Michael’s cock slid between the damp lips of her pussy, and Mandy moaned loudly before biting down on her lip, as her eyes again grew wide at Derek’s smile. He started tipobet giriş slow, long thrusts, his cock sliding out to the tip, before the return thrust that brought his pelvis against his sister in law’s.”Oh, fuck yes!” shehissed as she felt that first thrust, then a nod of her head as she slid her other leg over Michael’s shoulders. “Oh fuck yes, baby, yes..god yes. That feels so good. I love how your cock feels…”moaned whispers were hissed from clenched teeth as she reached down and slid her long-nailed finger against her clit. She light strummed, as she watched him lick each ankle in turn through eyes half-shaded by drooped long lashes. “That’s it, baby, fuck me like you’re going to fuck my sister tonight.”Michael’s thrusts picked up in speed, matched in pace by the rubbing of Mandy’s finger against her clit. “I fucking love how you talk like a slut,” he muttered as he grasped his sister in law’s hips and thrust hard forward once, ” you look so good in heels, Mandy, you’ve always make me hard as a rock when I would see your legs in high heels,” he said, then started to fuck the long legged brunette a bit faster as he looked over her.Legs outstretched over his shoulders, her pink taffeta formal gown bunched up at her hips with her breasts tugged over her sheer bra cups, Mandy felt so sexy and dirty as her brother in law began to fuck her faster. His flattering words made her feel all the more sexy, and she began whispering even as his cock began fucking her faster.”Do you like that, baby? You like it when your sister in law talks like some cheap slut? Mmmmmm it’s easy when a hot stud like you starts to fuck me. Oh god, baby, “she drew in a deep breath as he thrust deep, ” that’s it, fuck me baby. Give me that hot load in my wet pussy. Oh god yeeesss! Fuck me like a slut, baby”. They had been gone just several long minutes, but it had been enough time someone may have missed them and began to look for them. Mandy felt her pussy spasm, the way it does right before an orgasm. Much as she hated to, she decided they needed to finish quickly and get back to the reception. “God your cock feels so good, lover. I love when someone tears my pantyhose and fucks me with my skirt up. Mmmm I feel like such a slut when they do that.” That did the trick, she found out as Michael began to piston his cock in and out of her slick, shaved pussy quickly and with force. “Oh FUCK yes, YES, fuck me, yes fuck me! Oh, god yes we have to hurry, baby!Michael took the cue, and began to slam his hips into Mandy. He leaned his weight over, her calves sliding down his shoulders to his upper arms, and her legs and high heels shaking high in the air as he began to pump and fuck his sister in law in a frenzied fashion.”Yes, baby, yes..Oh god I’m going to cum, fuck yes i’m coming, I’m going to cum on your cock….”Mandymuttered as she lifted her head and ground her hips against his thrusts. “Yesssss..!Michael gritted his teeth and clenched his eyes shut. “I’m close, Mandy, I’m close. ….I’m going to….”She could feel his cock stiffen even more than the last few minutes, and heard him grunt and thrust once hard and deep, then again, even as she felt his cock spasm and begin shooting his cum deep inside her wet pussy. Even as he did so, her hands left her clit and slid up his chest to cup his neck as she tightened the muscles in her pussy and thighs, and shuddered as her own orgasm gripped her from her head to her toes.”Oh fuck yes…YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” She moaned just before biting her lip and lying back on the table. “Mmmm oh god, yes mmmmm. That was great, baby.” Mandy whispered as she let her nylon-clad legs slide down his muscular arms.Michael smiled, and appeared to blush, as he gave several long, slow strokes into Mandy’s wet, cum-drenched pussy with his softening cock. As his cock softened and slid out of her pussy, Mandy took it in hand and gave it a squeeze, then cleaned off their mingled fluids off it by rubbing it softly against her pantyhose thighs.”Damn, Mandy. I don’t know what to say, I’m sorry I…”She stopped his apology by leaning up and kissing him full on the lips, slipping her tongue between his lips as she tucked his cock back inside his slacks, and fumbled with the zipper. She broke the kiss and smiled.”Nothing to apologize for, ok?” she smiled as she rebuckled his belt, smiling softely. ” I wanted it more than you did I think. But we really should get back to the reception. You first, then I’ll follow behind after I tidy up.”Her brother in law nodded, and stammered, but she shushed him again with a quick kiss.”I think you should give me a call when your honeymoon is over. I still haven’t gotten the chance to feel what the huge cock is like in my mouth.” She smiled and patted his crotch, then snaked a leg around his waist and pulled him close for one last, long, lingering tongue entwined kiss.”Besides, you’ll like what Gina has on under her wedding dress. I talked her into wearing a garter belt!” Mandy winked and patted his behind as he turned, smiled and nodded, flushed cheeks giving him a decided glow as he left the room and closed the door behind him.Mandy slid off the table, and stretched her legs. She tugged down the back of her silk gown, and checked for any guilty stains or spots that would telegraph what she had been up to. She reached for the tissue she had in her hand when she gotten up stairs and cleaned up just a bit, taking the time to slide her index finger into her tingling pussy and taste the cum that came out upon it. She gave a smile and licked her lips, tossing the tissue into the wastebasket by the room’s door.”Well, I suppose I can bear with the party for a bit longer now,” she muttered with a smile as she left for downstairs.She turned and peered at the door her new brother in law just left through. Was that a noise she had just heard?