A New Experience

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A New Experience(lead in to something old, something new) A New ExperienceAfter some exploring in the bedroom with About every position a man and woman could possibly have sex in, exploring with sex toys as well, I thought to take this to the next level. Taking it a step further. I went to a bisexual internet site and reached out a little, feeling things out. Somehow knowing it was the right time to. “ Watcha doin’, baby?” Marie asked, having walked into the man cave where I was on the site at the moment. Seeing it, she said, “ We need to talk. I have something I really need to say to you.” Oh boy, here we go! I was sure I was in for a royal chewing out! I mean, the way she spoke in such a deadpan manner? I was sure that was it.But no. Not exactly. “ I was thinking, while we were making love the other day, how I almost let slip, while you were talking about me sucking you off all over my lips, so we could share your cum…I almost slipped!” “ Slipped? How so?…” I queried. “ I almost said that I wanted to try licking it off another woman instead! Does that make me weird or something? I’ll never stop loving you, Mel. But I’d like to share love with other women. And guys too. Would you like that too, baby?” She cautiously queried. “ Oh, Marie, I’ve been waiting to here you say that! Of course we can share love with others. But we always share together, okay? I think I was wrong to dub you a, social butterfly. You’re more of a free spirit, like me. You can be totally in love with me, wanting to stay with me…but share your love with others? That’s groovy, babe! Just so long as we share together, for the good of our relationship?” I inquired, going out on a very small limb.“ Oh, baby, I always knew you were a good man! I love you so much!” she said, hugging me tight & kissing me with a renewed passion! Almost a hunger. “ When we share another woman, I wanna try licking her pussy and sucking her tits. It’d make me feel so free!…Oops, sorry baby, I didn’t mean it like that!” blushing, taken aback at her own revelation.  “ That’s okay. I know you meant that you’d feel free spirited, sexually. But, since we’re married, you can share love with others, but still love me and want us to be together…right so far?” I postulated.“ You mean, I can really do that? I don’t become a lezzy or anything? I can still be me and you…us?” She exclaimed in amazement.“ Well, geez, baby…of course we can. Why wouldn’t we still be you & me? I love you too much to ever give you up! You know that from past events in our lives, right?” I shot back.“ Well, yeah. I thought, if you had sex with a person the same sex as you, that you’d automatically fall in love with them and not need the other anymore? That’s how I always thought of it…like you’d be either one or the other? Not both? How do you do that, Mel? How do you like sex with other men, but still love me?” She said with a quizzical look.“ Because of you! I love you baby. We’d just be sharing love, not looking for someone else to fall in love with. Just sharing & caring. Enjoying making love with like-minded people, but always together. Always me and you against the world sorta thing” I attempted to explain.“ Okay baby, I get it now. What a relief! I love you, Melvin. I don’t wanna loose you to someone else. But I want to try sex with other women too. I still like men, but I think my desires are changing, what with the things we’ve tried so far. They turned me on, ever since we watched those bisexual porno’s. And using those sex toys on each other. Let’s have a look at that site you were looking at?”  What a relief that Marie realized she can keep what we have together, but share love with others. It was always simple to me. But, I guess, she had to learn that for herself. What a special lady she is! These sort of moments make me love her even more. It does indeed make the heart grow fonder. I’m so glad that she felt we were strong enough for her to finally deal with the conflict she’s been carrying around inside for so long. Maybe now she’ll relax and be more like the girl I fell in love with and married all those years ago? That would be the greatest gift of all to me as a couple.I clicked on the browser tab for the bisexual forum I’d already signed up on. Clicking on one of the tabs at the top of the screen, I showed her the profile I’d put together, explaining to her how I expressed the feelings I had about me, her, and us. To put into a paragraph who we were without getting into a novella. Reading it, as it’s set up like an add, only on-site. She remarked, “ Hm, pretty close, Mel honey. But we’ll have to change a couple things” she stated calmly.“ Sure darlin’! Just name it!” I replied with renewed enthusiasm. “ Change mine from straight to mostly straight, incidentally homosexual, since that’s the closest choice? Why do they only have different levels of homosexual?” She wondered aloud. “ I guess we’re all homosexuals to them? Those psychologists are lumping us all together” I explained as best I could while I changed her status.  “ Next, say that I want to be included with hook ups, as they call them. I want it known that we’ll be doing these things as a couple!” she insists.“ You got that right, baby! Always me and you, the way it was meant to be” I reply in complete agreement. I proceeded to change our personal descriptions, likes, looking fore’s, etc to more accurately reflect our desires. This is so wonderful, coming together this way!Within a week, we got a reply from a couple further south of us. Bringing her tablet down, she showed me the pics and message. They looked to be near our age. Looking at the pics, he was of average build, graying brown hair, with sparse body hair, like me. Thick cock with big balls and a nice butt. She looked about Marie’s height, with long blonde hair and oblong face. Full round tits nearly the size of Marie’s. A shaved pussy with a heart-shaped butt. Blue eyes completing a petite, curvy figure.“ She’s got nice tits, Mel! She says they’re samsun escort both bi-curious, like us! I like his big, smooth cock! So,what do you think? Wanna meet them?” she asks hopefully.“ Does it say anything else about them? I see he has a big, thick cock, and she’s got a curvy figure.” I query further.“ It just says they’re bi-curious, looking for a safe couple to have sex with. Possibly more, but no strings. Sound pretty good so far? Want me to send them a message? We’ll need some pics to send, too.” Marie replied.“ Yeah, go ahead and tell them we’re interested in them as a bi couple. Let’s go upstairs and take some pics!” With that, we took my camera and went upstairs. Locking the door, I set up the camera on a tripod. Quickly taking off all our cloths, Marie got my cock pretty hard, then pulled the foreskin back over the head, showing that I’m uncut.  I programmed the camera to snap the pic in 10 seconds. We stood at the edge of the bed, next to each other, with an arm behind each other’s butts. Marie at a slight angle toward me, showing her womanly curves to their fullest, her other hand just above my strawberry blonde cock fur. Then I set it for another shot, but this time, we bent over slightly and spread our legs a bit. Just enough to show my dangling cock and balls, her butt cheeks and pussy curves from behind. Her large, dangling breasts could also be seen a bit in that second pic. We got dressed again, going back downstairs to upload the pics to my file, then to the return message we were sending that hot couple.The message completed, Marie hit “ SEND”. “ Now we wait. I have to admit I’m scared…but anxious at the same time, baby! I hope they’re okay?” She worried a little.“ If when we meet them, they turn out alright, then we’ll get a room or something and go for it! Okay, baby? Ready to lick some pussy and suck a big cock with me? Both of us getting sucked, licked and fucked?” I replied hopefully, with an inner excitement“ Oh yeah! But I’m gonna suck and fuck you too, honey! We need to fuck too! Not just swapping or something!?” Marie insisted.“ Yes, my love, I agree! Together all the time, with them and each other. That’s what I intended from the start.” I reassure her.“ Good! That’s all I needed to hear. I love you and want to share with you, baby!” She says with a big smile.“ Don’t worry baby…I love you too much to ever give up on us! Just sharing love, not swapping it!” I recant.  “ That’s what I want too! Sharing, but not giving all my love to them, replacing you. My heart is still yours!” She insists once more, as if needing to drive home the point.“ I understand, babe. I need to be with you too” I reply in a reassuring tone.By the next day, Friday, we got a message back from them. “ Hey babe! They sent a message back. They liked our pics, and wanna meet at this restaurant near their house outside Grafton. They haven’t any k**s, so it’s all good there. Shall I tell them okay?” She queries, ready to click on send.“ Yeah baby, tell’em we’ll be there. What time?” I ask quickly.“ It says 3PM”“ Okay, that’ll do!” I reply happily.She sent the message, so we went right to getting ready. Showering, dressing and getting a small weekend bag together. It contained another set of cloths, a bottle of lube, a box of condoms and our toys. Gotta be ready for anything, I thought to myself? Giving the boys some money for supper, we set off to drive over to the restaurant where we’d meet them. It was on the other side of the small town of Grafton, a little place with American country style food. We walked in, looking around for their faces. They spotted us first, and waved to us to join them.  “ Hi! We’re Mel and Marie you messaged with?”“ Hello there! I’m Joe and this is my wife, Peggy. Please, sit down!”We sat down and ordered some supper. While we waited, we spoke quietly about ourselves, just to break the ice and get acquainted. We got along better than either of us imagined. That, in itself, was a relief! They seemed a lot like us, easy going, sort of laid back. But it was obvious they were very much in love with each other, merely looking to share sex with us. But not looking to change partners or anything like that. Possibly, to become friends and lovers. The more we talked, the more we realized we had a lot in common with our married lives. That we loved each other, but wanted to share love with other like-minded couples. After dinner, we paid up, following them to their place. It turned out to be a little further outside of town, with a secluded-looking, fenced in yard. And a nice front with trees, patches of flowers and such. Very neatly done.They invited us inside, where they led us to a room they used for such events. It had a big, flat screen HD monitor, a DVD player, and a couple couches with a small table. It also had a small fridge and bar to complete the necessaries.“ Have a seat. You two want something to drink?” Joe inquired. “ I’ll have a purple rain. That was good one.” Marie piped up.“ Ditto for me” I replied.We all sat down, sipping our drinks. Joe put on a DVD of bisexual porno’s. They were with people our age, engaging in all manner of positions we so far expected.  “ I can’t believe we found a couple like you two! We really wanted to find a bi-curious couple as nice and laid back as you guys. If you don’t mind my saying, I’d like to see what it’s like to suck your cock. Even what it’d be like making you cum in my mouth! I’d like to try anal too. That thick cock of yours looks like it’ll feel good. Is that OK with you two?” Joe asked with hopeful enthusiasm.“ Oh yeah! I wanna see what it’s like to make love to you, Peggy. I want to see if I really do like licking pussy? I also wanna suck your big tits! I like swallowing my man’s cum, and even sucking my tits with his sweet cum all over them! I wanna see what your pussy juice tastes like when I lick your pussy. In other words, I really want to find out just how much I’ll like this kind of thing, Okay?” Marie extols.“ It escort samsun sounds like we’re both okay with what we all want. This should be great” Joe agrees in general.Walking over to me, he set his drink down. Peggy doing likewise with Marie. She undid Marie’s pants, while Joe undid mine. They pulled our pants and undies down and off, having removed our shoes upon entering the house. They then took all their cloths off right there. Peggy spread Marie’s legs, looking at her smooth pussy & soft, inner butt cheeks.“ You have a cute little pussy, Marie” Peggy said.  “ Nice, thick cock, Mel. I like your big balls too” Joe replied hungrily. Joe lowers his head down and took my cock head in his mouth. Licking and sucking the head, getting me hard surprisingly fast. Peggy began by kissing Marie’s pussy lips, then licking her wet tongue up Marie’s pussy slit. Then flicking her tongue over Marie’s little clit, making her moan and coo as she licks it. Joe was really sucking my cock hard. He really seems to enjoy having my thick cock in his mouth?“ Oooh…Joe, you’re sucking me so good! Please don’t stop!” I moan and beg.Marie had her head back, moaning and cooing as Peggy sucks and licks her little clit, sticking two fingers in her already wet little pussy, finger fucking her slowly.“ Oooh baby, that’s good! Suck me honey! Fuck my little pussy!” Marie begs in unison with me.They seem thoroughly relaxed as they enjoy sucking and licking us. Peggy was stroking her pussy while licking and sucking Marie’s clit. Joe kept on sucking my oozing cock harder and thicker, taking it down his throat once“ Oooh, Joe…you’re…gonna make me…cum! Oohhhhuuughhnnnn! Oh oh oh oooohhhhhhh” I moan and groaned as I started spurting in his mouth!He sucks the head while my spasming cock spews load after warm load of thick, creamy cum in his eager mouth! He happily swallows load after load of my cum, smiling up at me while licking the last of it from my still erect cock.“ OMG, that was wonderful! that was fantastic the way you let me blow my load in your mouth! Did you like the taste of my thick cum? I like the way you gently sucked my big balls too!” I panted to Joe.  “ You came a lot more than I expected, Mel. You must really have wanted me, another man, sucking you off? It tasted sweeter than I expected, too! I’m glad that I sucked your thick cock so well that you came like that for me!” Joe admits proudly.About then Marie lays her head back, moaning hard and long. She makes such pretty faces when she moans and cums. Peggy’s really making her cum hard. She’s even squirting her lady cum for Peggy to lap up. Peggy smiles at Marie, then came up to kiss her passionately, her face full of Marie’s cum and pussy juice. Marie kisses her back! Wow! Joe seeing that, came up and kisses me cautiously. I kiss him back, finding that it wasn’t so bad after all. He really did want my cock in his mouth after all, my cum as well, that first time.“ Okay folks…wanna give us some head now? I really wanna see how it feels to have my big cock in your mouth, Mel!” Joe says excitedly, in the heat of the moment.“ Your turn to lick my pussy, honey! You still wanna try licking pussy? Huh, Marie? I love your pretty, full lips. Please wrap them around my juicing little clit.” Peggy asked, squirming a little and smiling.We look at each other, hope and lust in our eyes, at that moment, saying yes without a word.  “ C’mon, Mel honey. This is it. I’ll eat her pretty little pussy if you’ll suck him off!” Marie said, wild-eyed.“ OK babe. I hope you enjoy this as much as me? Just relax and enjoy licking her pussy. I’m going to enjoy sucking his big, smooth cock hard. I hope you like watching me suck him off, babe?” I add as we all switch positions. I spread Joe’s legs wide, as Marie does with Peggy, right there next to me. Marie looks at Peggy’s smooth, spread-eagled pussy for a bit, admiring how it looks, I guess? Maybe a little anxiety or excitement, being her first time?At that same moment, I took Joe’s knobby cock head into my mouth, sucking and licking on that wet, knobby head. It feels great to have a big, smooth cock in my mouth finally. So this is what sucking a real cock feels like? I start sucking it into my mouth, at a medium sorta pressure, then sucking it really hard and slow, pulling back out to the rim of the knobby head. Continuing to suck my first, real cock that way. I wanted to please him as much as I could, since he sucked me so well his first time?I keep sucking him that way, while taking his big balls in my hand to massage them as I continue sucking that big, thick cock of his. Marie manages to get two fingers in Peggy’s tight little pussy, finger fucking her as she continues sucking and flicking her tongue on Peggy’s excited, swollen clit. Peggy moans her pleasure at my sweetie’s efforts to lick and suck her to orgasm. Marie seems to be really enjoying that cute, wet pussy in her pretty face! I’m glad that she seems to like licking and sucking another woman’s pussy?!“Ooh oooh ooh ooh oooohuuuuhhh! God baby, you’re gonna…make…me ..cuooooohhhuuughnnn!” Peggy moans suddenly, as Marie made her squirt and cum hard! Marie keeps on licking her for a couple more minutes, I guess getting off on how well she’s making Peggy cum? “ OOHH! OOHH! OOHHUUUUHHNN! OH OHH OH, god Marie!” Peggy moans in orgasmic glee.“ Wow, baby, you really ate her good to make Peg cum so hard?! I’m proud of you for trying! That’s my sweet little love! Good job baby!” I proudly congratulate her.“ Thanks Mel, baby! I think I really wanted to this time? You have a lovely pussy, honey! It tasted so sweet as I licked you wet! I hope it felt good, the way I licked and sucked you?” Marie asked hopefully.“ You wanna know something? You two are such great lovers! Being gentle with us, yet still making us feel so good and cum like that! I’m glad we chose you two to have hot sex with!” Peggy admits, love and lust in her eyes.“ Ditto with me, Mel. You’ve been great so far! Sucking my samsun escort bayan big cock till I came in your mouth! Time for another drink. Then, maybe…you ladies would like some double-dicking?” Joe suggests, mixing another round of drinks.“ I’d love that! If that’s OK, dear? Mind if Joe fucks me too?” Marie asked, eyeing his big cock.“ Not at all, since I’ll be fucking you too. Besides, I wanna feel our dicks rubbing against each other’s, while we make you moan and groan!” I reply in a sultry tone.. “ Mel, I want you in my pussy when it’s my turn, baby! Joe’s big cock will fit just right in my tight little butt!” Marie exclaimed, excited at the thought.  Joe passes around another drink as we all look each other over once more. Seeing each other naked is Hot. Feeling relaxed once more, I think we’re all finally ready for another round of love making. Marie takes my thick cock in her mouth, sucking it hard to get me up and ready for her. Peggy sucks Joe’s big thick cock just as hard. The girls put condoms on both of us, Peg lubing Marie’s tight butt hole to take all of Joe’s big cock. Marie gets on top of me, taking all 7” of my fat dick in her soaking little pussy, and lays down against me. Joe gets behind her, pushing the knobby head of his big cock in Marie’s tight ass. Finally getting it in, he gently pushes until Marie takes every thick inch of that big cock in her ass. Moaning hard at the last inch!“ Ooooh god, Joey! Your cock is so huge! Be gentle fucking me with that huge cock baby! Fuck me Mel honey! Fuck me! Oh god yes, fuck me you big-dicked studs! Fuck-me-harder!” Marie begs and moans.It’s so darn cute, watching the pretty faces she makes as we fuck her deeply! Peggy starts feeding Marie her full tits, one at a time, while we double-dick her steadily. Marie’s squirting and moaning as she sucks Peggy’s full round breasts. She really seems to be enjoying herself! Good for her, I think, feeling so much love for my soulmate as she gets some fantastic love made to her. She deserves this so much…I always told her I’d suck a big cock for her to enjoy…which I finally made good on!We fuck her steadily like that for quite some time, then pull out.“ OK, Peg, it’s your turn for some cock in your holes!” I exclaim.With that, Peggy and Marie switch positions, Marie guiding our cocks into her holes. As we begin fucking Peggy, I feel just how tight her wet love hole is! “ I told you she’s got a tight pussy, baby!? You like fucking her? I hope her tight little pussy feels good? It’s my gift to you, Mel honey!” Marie says lovingly, as she feeds her big, full tits to Peggy to suck and lick.Peggy sucks I licks Marie’s tits so well, she starts moaning as she holds her large breasts to Peggy’s face, one at a time. We all moan together for some time, enjoying what’s being done and what we’re doing to each other. This bisexual kind of sex really does feel great! We both fuck Peggy for nearly as long as Marie, Peggy still sucking Marie’s big tits greedily. I get in a few sucks on those nipples myself. I love sucking some big, full tits! Then, Peggy starts cumming.“ OOHHHHH UUUHH OOOOHH UUUHHHNNNNOOHHHHH god, fuck me fuck me fuck me! Fuck me hard, dammit!”We slam her tight holes harder than ever as she orgasms like mad, bucking against our two big, rock hard cocks! We pull out, take off the condoms, making both girls suck and jerk us all over their pretty faces, in their mouths, and on their big, full tits. We just keep cumming, watching what each other looks like, our spasming cocks blowing big, long loads of thick cum on their pretty faces. The girls begin kissing and licking up all our sweet cum off themselves. So Joe and I do a 69, licking and sucking each other, cleaning up the cum dripping from our spent cocks.  “ Joe, still wanna try fucking me? Wanna slide your big, thick cock up my ass?” I hope aloud. “ If you don’t mind? Yeah, I’d love to try fucking you, Mel. I’ll go easy, I promise!” he insists, putting on a fresh condom.He lubes it and my tight, virgin hole, then pushes that big, knobby head against my puckered hole. It pops in finally. Then he begins sliding every big, thick inch up my ass.“ huhuuuughnnn!” I groan, taking ever thick inch of that wonderful big cock! He begins fucking me slowly, letting my tight ass get used to all that cock meat buried in it.“ That’s it, lover! Take all of his big cock up your ass! Just relax, baby…let him fuck you! “ Marie instructs me lustfully.She obviously loves watching me finally get a real, thick cock up my ass. It feels surprisingly good, getting fucked in the ass by a man with such a big thick cock! But he isn’t rough with me at all. He fucks me deeply, but steadily, wanting me to enjoy how his big cock feels going in and out of my tight ass. It seems like forever, that deliciously huge cock deeply, steadily pumping my tight wet ass, till I moan and groan while cumming from such a thoughtful, wonderful fucking. I fuck him back till he feels he’s going to cum, pulling all that meat outta my now opened up ass. I turned around, ripped off the condom, taking his big, throbbing manhood in my mouth & sucking him hard and fast.“ That’s it baby, suck him off! Swallow all that sweet cum, baby!” Marie insists excitedly once again.I suck and suck harder, till Joe groans, shooting a long, hard load in my mouth! I swallow as fast as I can, getting darn near all of it. I lick the rest off him, sitting up.“ That actually felt good! You got a nice ass, Mel. Fucking you felt great!” Joe says at last, sitting on the floor.We sit and watch porno’s for a bit, resting. He then lets me fuck him, enjoying my thick cock, a sort of little smile on his face. After cumming in his mouth, we all kiss passionately, one last time. Then Marie and I have to get dressed and head home. Driving home on the dark, sparsely traveled road, “ That was wonderful, babe! Did you like it?” I inquire of Marie, wonderingly. “ Yeah, babe! That was so hot the way we all clicked so well! It really turned me on, watching suck your first cock. The way you made him cum in your mouth. Let’s go home and fuck some more, I want your big, thick cock!” Marie said to me. My heart soars like a hawk, thinking, what more could any mortal man desire or deserve?