A memorable day on the farm – pt2

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A memorable day on the farm – pt2Saturday 29th February 2020As Ben instructed, we stepped out of the car and walked naked the few steps to the farmhouse porch where we removed boots and left them there, stepping barefoot through the door and into the kitchen. Kim re-stoked the Aga and we were soon toasting warm, sitting around the kitchen table with cakes, biscuits and comforting mugs of steaming hot tea. Neither Jon nor I are natural nudists so we both felt a little exposed and uneasy. Kim noticed the tension “Relax,” she said, “you’ll soon get accustomed. Ben and I spend most of our time here either nude or near-nude, indoors and out. And yes, before you ask it can be a little distracting and difficult to keep our hands off each other!” Ben laughed as they exchanged knowing glances.”Kim and I were talking last night about what to do with our ‘extra day’ this year. It was her idea that we invite you both to try some new experiences. Something unforgettable.” He grinned broadly.”Like what?” asked Jon with a wry smile and mock look of suspicion.Well,” began Kim. There was a pause as she and Ben looked at each other. “Well, given that we’re really good friends…””*Really* good friends!” Ben emphasised with a wide grin.Kim continued, “We thought we could invite you to experience some of the different things that we have fun doing. Unusual things.””Okay,” said Jon, hesitantly, “such as..?”Ben looked seriously at both of us. “What you have to understand is that we’ve never shared any of this with anyone else before. What we’re talking about is very private and, some might say, controversial.””So,” Kim paused again, looking at Ben then each of us in turn, “Ben and I are taking a risk here and putting a huge amount of trust in you both. What happens here today, stays here. None of us will talk about this outside of the farm, okay?””This sounds very serious,” I said, “I’m not sure about this at all.”Ben fixed me with a firm but calm gaze, “Our trust in your discretion is incredibly serious. We have some fun things to try today. Some would describe them as ‘kinky’ or ‘taboo’, but knowing you as we do we think you’ll really enjoy them.”I looked at Jon, uneasily.Ben stood up, picking up our empty tea mugs “To be clear, if there’s anything that you’re not comfortable with or worried about either of you can say ‘Stop’ and we’ll stop straight away. No fuss, no pressure.”Kim reached up and unclipped her hair, letting it fall naturally around her shoulders. She giggled, “Don’t worry, there’s nothing nasty or painful, just some things that people don’t normally do. Kinky stuff. We’re here to have fun. Remember that.” She held my hand gently. “So, düzce escort shall we have an adventure and do some really naughty things together?””Okay,” I sighed, smiling, “I trust you. I’m up for it.” Kim leaned in and kissed me, passionately.Ben looked to Jon, “What do you say?”Jon looked serious for a moment, then burst out laughing. “I have absolutely no idea what you two have been cooking up, but we know you well enough that whatever is in store you’re going to make sure we all have an incredible time together!”Ben clapped and rubbed his hands together gleefully, “Fabulous!” Kim and I were still kissing deeply and her fingers had wandered down to tease my labia. “Steady on, you two. Save your energies. We’ve so much to look forward to! Why don’t you ladies go up to our bedroom? Jon and I will be up in a moment.”Kim broke the embrace, took my hand and, smiling broadly and without a word, led me out of the room toward the stairs.”Something on your mind, Ben?” asked Jon.”Yes,” Ben responded, calmly, “I want to be clear about something. I want you to do something very important for me.””What’s that?””Fuck my wife.” Ben grinned, “Every opportunity you get today, tomorrow, whenever.” Jon feigned a look of shock. “I’m serious!” Ben continued. “She fancies both of you something rotten. It’d make me very happy knowing that she was being treated well by a man that I know and trust. And I’ll get the benefit of her being horny as hell, telling me the sexy details while we play together afterwards, too. So please, don’t wait for any other invitation or approval from me – just fuck her.”Jon grinned, “Thank you Ben, I’d be delighted. And I’m sure you’ll return the favour with Willow, too.” Ben laughed and nodded.Kim and I were wrapped around each other on their marital bed, kissing passionately with hands wandering, mutually caressing naked skin. She sent tingles down my spine with every touch. Then there was another hand, and another. I opened my eyes to see Ben’s warm smile as he leaned over us. Kim gasped, and I looked across to see Jon kneeling on the bed behind her, his hands joining mine, gently and expertly exploring Kim’s body from head to toe. Then he did something that I adore: I watched his arm move as he traced one finger gently, expertly, from the knape of Kim’s neck slowly down her back toward her buttocks. That sets my senses on fire with wave after wave of tingling from the point of his finger and, as happens with me, Kim reflexively arched her back at the sensation, peeling away from me as she made a quiet mewling sound like a kitten.Ben laughed, “My goodness, darling, your nipples are so deliciously aroused! You know, escort düzce we’ll have to do something with those.” He moved toward the bedroom closet and, glancing back to me, said “Willow, I recall that you have wonderfully responsive nipples and enjoy them being teased, too. Would you like to join Kim in a little kinky fun?””Come on my love,” Kim sighed, recovering from Jon’s attentions and moving to kneel up on the bed, “come and kneel next to me. You’re going to love this!” There was a gentle clanking sound of metal on metal and Ben lifted what appeared to be a tangle of flexible plastic pipes and shiny stainless steel out of the closet, resting it on the floor next to Kim. I think Jon recognised what it was as he laughed and, looking at Ben, said with an incredulous tone “You’ve got to be fucking k**ding! Is that…?””Yes, it ‘fucking’ is!” taunted Kim with a mischievous giggle.There was a clunk and a snap as Ben plugged something into a power socket then leaned forward to gather parts of the machine up off the floor and onto the bed. “Do you recognise what this is Willow?” he asked.”It’s a portable milking machine, isn’t it?” asked Jon.”Yep!,” replied Kim, grinning broadly. “It’s from a while back when we used to take prize cattle to the county show for competitions. They still needed to be milked there, so we bought this to take with us. Now we’ve found other uses for it.””The connecting pipes are a little short,” Ben mused. “Ladies, I think you’ll need to be kneeling on all fours facing each other.”Willow was hesitant at first. “Trust me,” Kim said to her quietly, “it feels amazing!”They did as Ben asked and, inevitably as they were face to face, began kissing and giggling. There was a purring sound as Ben switched the machine on and leaned forward to ward Kim “You first, darling.” He eased the long, steel cup shaped like a cow’s teat toward Kim’s right breast. There was a brief suction sound and Kim gasped quietly as the cup fixed itself to her breast, covering her aroused nipple, then again as he did the same for her left breast. The tone of the machine changed to a rhythmic suction sound. Kim broke away from kissing and made an ‘oh’ face, eyes wide, then slowly closing in ecstasy. The suction cups twitched on her breasts alternately.Ben moved toward me and asked “Could you sit up for a moment please?” I did so, wondering what was on his mind. He leaned in and gently took my left breast in his mouth, slowly running his tongue around my nipple. “Oh Ben!” I gasped. He leaned back and smiled, “You have such firm tits that the suction will hold better if you’re a little wet.” he explained. Then he leaned forward and repeated düzce escort bayan to moisten on my right breast. “That’s better,” he said, “you can kneel forward again now.”I closed my eyes, very aware of every sensation my hanging breasts were feeling. There was anticipation, the briefest feeling of moving air on my wet left nipple as the suction cup approached, the tiny moment of sucking sound as it made contact then the rush of intense, almost electric feeling as the suction took hold. Swiftly and expertly Ben added the other cup to my right breast. There was an explosion of colour behind my eyelids, an overwhelming flood of erotic feelings that left me gasping for breath. Somewhere distant I felt comforting arms around my shoulders and Ben’s calm voice, “Relax. Breathe slowly.” Alternately, each breast felt membranes inside the cup suck and pull, drawing my engorged nipples deeper and deeper into the device. This was magnitudes more intense than breastfeeding my c***dren.I had confided in Kim that my nipples appear to be hot-wired to my clitoris and this milking machine was reaching deep and driving me wild. I could feel the orgasm building, bigger than anything I had felt in a long time. It broke over me like wave after wave of ocean surf. I screamed uncontrollably, my arms and legs convulsing and shaking, and felt a gush of wetness stream down my thighs. Somewhere in the distance I heard Jon cry “Wow! I think she’s really enjoying that!” Then Ben, “You know Jon, when the cows are sexually receptive, the bulls are expected to do their duty. Shall we?”I felt a probing and pushing around my pussy then a broad, hard, hot cock slowly sliding in. My inhibitions had evaporated in the heat of orgasm and my primitive brain had taken over. “Fuck me!” I demanded. His dick was moving, gently, firmly. Not enough. “Harder!” He stepped up the pace. Not enough. “FUCK ME HARD! DEEP IN MY CUNT! NOW!” He was banging then, deep and hard, my breasts pulled and nipples drawn deep in rhythm. I found Kims mouth and between gasps and cries we kissed deeply, passionately. I was grunting like an a****l with each hard thrust, each milking pull… Another orgasm building, even more intense than the last… An explosion of core-deep erotic sensation, I was screaming again, bucking back onto his cock. He grunted and groaned loudly thrusting deep and gripping my hips hard, erupting hot cum, twitching and pulsing inside, filling me.Breathless and weak, limbs shaking uncontrollably, I rolled onto the bed on my side. The milking machine ran on. There was a quiet click and it stopped, the cups falling from my breasts to reveal long, engorged and reddened nipples. He lay behind me, wrapping an arm across me. “Thank you Willow,” said Ben, quietly, “that was wonderful.” I opened my eyes. Jon was on the other side of the bed laying with Kim. They both smiled at me.(to be continued…)