A good night,turned bad,turned GREAT!

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A good night,turned bad,turned GREAT!In october 2008 I had just got out of jail after about six months,and was released on probation.I obviously was in hunt mode for some tail after being stuck with a bunch of dudes in limbo waitng to get out,Sigh…So anyhow i was out for about two weeks and my buddy dustin asked me if i wanted to go up to mt lemmon here in tucson to this girl mollies cabin that she was house sitting with him,my boy trevor and dustin’s cousin derick.”I’m like hell yeah a cabin in the woods(I love mt lemmon and would’ve been happy jus going up there)with girls and drinks”So we end up meeting up with this girl delaney,her sisters and a couple of their friends and hop in their van at the bottom of catalina highway at a mc donalds.We drive up their and there is literally Me,trev,derick,dusty,and two other guys that were already up there,with 14 or 15 girls.It was a lot of fun we jus took shots drank beer danced n shit like that.Well it was a single cabin with a ladder that went up to an open type bedroom with a railing that was like near the ceiling.Idk how to explain it really.But anyways i was down bellow jus bull shitting buca escort with a buddy and delaney told me molly wanted to dance with me an blah blah blah.I’m like alright she’s fine as hell…So were still bull shitting and my boy is like malcolm “look up there”.This girl is on the railing in the splits,like moving up and down real seductive looking at me an shit like that.So at this point I’m like i’m gonna pipe down this girl from the u of a,this night can’t get no better.WRONG!my boy and me go around the corner towards the lil kitchen and a fucking sheriff is standing there telling us to put down our beers and step outside and sit on the porch from the screen door.At this point my fuckin stomach pits up and i start tripping out.cuz as i’m sitting there were all talking and we find out after being questioned etc..only five of us guys are 21 every other person is 20.So the cops are basically like were charging u five with contributing to minors cuz not one of us would take the blame.Remember I jus got out of jail for felony charges,and was pretty pissed and bummed out.Anyways,there was a lil out house and the cops were letting us use it escort buca one by one.Some how by the grace of God i was the only one who didn’t get breathalized,but was still arrested.So the cops make us dump all the beer and liquor out,and they leave.We’ll delaney and the girls we came up with started arguing about dumb shit with the other girls so we had to leave,Now i’m kinda raging on the inside..That was our ride to the bottom of the mountain so we had to leave.Well when we get to the bottom me and my buddy derick ride with the girls from mc donalds and trev and dustin take his vehicle.We head back to delaneys studio at the u of a well while were driving they remember they have a bottle of scotch.me and derick jus start swigging the bottle,i get totally shit faced by the time we get to girls house.Her studio was like a T shape a strait kitchen with a bedroom off it and a bed in the living room with two couches.So I call the bed in the living room.But am outside drunk calling everybody saying i’m going back to jail,etc,etc,etc…Well derick and adair hit it off and jacked the bed from me.so i go in and they’re like into some savage sex.I buca escort bayan lay on the couch and there was this other chick on the other couch who i hadn’t talked to once the entire night at all!I’m sitting their jus in some grey dickie pants listening to my boy literally choke this girl out she wanted him to punch her all kinds of crazy shit that i still havent done to this day with a girl.So i’m sitting there like fuck this!This night cannot end like this so i go up and sit along the side of this girl and just asked her,Would u get mad if i kissed u?She said no so we started making out and she started stroking me and i ended up banging this chick even after the sun was up…But funny thing later that morning me n my boy go walk to wendys and are bullshitin about what happened.My boy said he looked over when it was still dark and saw me getting head in the moon light from this girl and was like fuckin malcolm cuz he knew i hadn’t talked to her once.I still to this day don’t know the girls name.And she even gave us a ride to my boys off river and cambell and had her phone out to get my number and i jus said bye and dipped out…Plus the charges got dismissed and everyone vouged for me at court sayin I had nothin to do with it,so i didn’t get in trouble…Not to much of crazy erotic sexual story but it was one hell of a night i’ll never forget!!!!