A funny thing happened on the way to the …

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A funny thing happened on the way to the …I was walking along the side of my local river the other day, looking at the water for signs of any fish. It was one of those days that the weather was very changeable, but at that time fairly sunny but big dark clouds looming. Its been like that for a few days. At one stage there is a stretch where the overgrowth is so bad I had to climb over a barbed wire fence to avoid all the trees and bushes. I noticed a gap in the trees and thinking it could be a decent place to fish if there was a peg so I decided to have a look However I was smoking a bloody good joint and as I threw my leg over the wire, you can guess what happened next, I got the arse of my jeand caught. I tried to pull clear but no I was stuck. I thought fuck it, they were only old jeans and so I pulled hard,. I ripped the buggers right down to my knee, the back of my leg and inner thigh visible to all as the cloth was destroyed.After I went through every swear word that I know I decided that bodrum escort it was easier to go through the bushes than trying to climb over the fence as I was well stoned by then.I was like an amazon tracker trying to get through the morass and my jeans just got ripped down the full length of my leg. Now I was in the shit I go commando at all times and my dick and balls wre loose, enjoying the wonderful fresh air. I couldnt give a fuck any more so I set off home.I got to the country lane leading back to civilisation and I was looking all over for anything like string to wrap round my leg to hide my embaresment. I noticed a plastic bag in the hedge so I thought I would use that. I wasdreaching in to it ,cock and balls in one hand as I didnt want to nettle them.A fucking car comes down just as I was elbow deep in the hedge almost reaching the bag.expecting some smart arse comment from the driver I turned, totally stoned and faced the car.Just my luck its a woman who lives in my next escort bodrum street. A bloody good looking woman who I have dream fucked millions of times, but never had the bottle to talk to.She stopped the car right in front of me and leaning out of the car window she looked directly at my cock. a long lingering look it was too.`hello there ` she said I replied hello back but she looked at me and said `Im talking to your dick not you`.hearing this my cock started to stand up`MMMM Come here` she said and I walked over to her windowwith a swift movement of her hand she gripped my cock hard and leant over and started to swallow it down her throat.with the effects of the weed and th lovely woman throating me I was hard as hell. I could feel her tongue rolling round my shaft as she must have held her breath for a minute.I knew I wouldnt last long and so did she. Her head boobing up and down fast.I tried to touch her but she pushed my hand away. she was rubbing her pussy through her knickers bodrum escort bayan hard as she gobbled me. She was as close to cumming as I was if the moans from her full throat was anything to go by, so I did what any respectble gent would do . I give her a load, but I couldnt stop cumming. She gagged and my cock came out of her mouth and spunk flew all over her face and body.she came like a screaming banshee. I could see her pussy juice soaking her knickers, skirt and seat. She looked so good with my spunk all over her. I offered her my joint but she shook her head, bits of cum flying all over.She got her breath back and smiled at me. Thinking I was in for a ride home I started to walk round her car but she drove off.There I was stood there with my slowly receeding cock as I watched her dissappear round the bend. I managed to get the bag from the hedge and hid my modesty as best I could, and trudged home with a fucking smug smile on my face.On my arrival at home I found a little parcel had been posted. Opening it up I found a pair of soaking wet knickers ans a bra , with a note saying `Ring me Sunday afternoon Hubby at pub` and her mobile number.Its now Sunday, and waiting for a suitable time to ring her. Ill let you know what happens.