A fantasy of mine

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A fantasy of mineI have a fantasy. My future wife and I are at our bull’s house. He’s sitting in a chair, my wife’s face is buried his lap, sucking his cock. The doorbell rings. He tells her not to stop, and for me to answer the door. We didn’t know he had invited over some friends to watch the football game. When I open the door I greet 3 large black men. By the expressions on their faces, I know they see my wife sucking away at our bull’s cock. They walk in and our bull tells his friends my wife’s name. He then looks at me and tells them, “that’s her husband, but you can just call him bitch.” Then he tells me, “get my friends a beer bitch.” I do as I’m told and hand them all a beer. They all says “thanks, bitch” and they all laugh. About that time our bull unloads in my wife’s mouth. He tells her not to spill a drop. He knows he doesn’t to tell her, she always swallows for him. He’s putting on a show for his friends.The game starts and our bull spends the whole first half fondling my wife. Showing his friends he has free rein to do what he pleases with my wife. At one point he exposes her breast, asking his friends, “doesn’t she have great tits.” They all agree. I feel a real sense of pride. At halftime he tells her to stand up and take her clothes off, he knows his friends want to see the rest. She does as she’s told and strips. The friends tekirdağ escort make a lot of suggestive comments. Then I hear, “bitch, you got a fine ass wife, to bad she’s addicted to black cock now.” I speak for the first time that afternoon, and tell them “her being addicted to black cock is not a bad thing. I’ve a small dick, and she’s finally getting satisfied sexually.” They all laugh. Our bull told me to show them. So I stood up and dropped my pants, revealing a pair of pink panties my wife had bought me, which got a chuckle. Then when the panties went down I revealed an even brighter pink, small chastity cage around my tiny dick. This brought laughter all around. My face turned red with embarrassment. At the same time I can’t remember ever being so turned on.Our bull is now making out and fingering my naked wife, as his friends and I watch intently. Then out of no where he tells her to get and go sit on one of his friends laps for a while. He nor anyone else had ever shared her. She wasn’t sure about this but he gave her a look, and she did as she was told. She rotated sitting on laps. Each man feeling up her ass and tits, and making out her. On the second trip around, they became a little more forward and began fingering her. She was soaking wet. She was loving all the attention. At one point admitting to all of us, she wished tekirdağ escort bayan she would have started doing this a long time ago. About halfway through the third quarter, she was instructed to get all his friends blowjobs. She eagerly jumped on the first cock out. The other two slowly stroked as they watched. Three swallowed loads later, you could tell she was getting frustrated. She given 4 blowjobs and been fondled and finger repeatedly. She was more than ready to cum herself. When the game ended, our bull didn’t say a word, he just grabbed her hand and walked her to the bedroom. In just a few moments, she she moaning and crying out. Repeatedly saying how much she loves black cock, and how much better black men than white guys. The friends sitting there listening with me burst into laughter when they hear her scream out, “my husband has such a tiny little dick, I could never fuck him again. Not after I’ve been with real men.” I know she was doing it for effect. But I would have been hard as a rock if it weren’t for my cage.After my wife had several orgasms and our bull came in her, she lie there catching her breath. Our bull got up and walked into the livingroom, his thick 9” cock swinging from side to side. He said nothing, but gave his friends a nod. They all got up and followed him into the bedroom. I knew now, she was escort tekirdağ about to experience her first gangbang. I got up and started for the bedroom. As I got close to the bedroom our bull was standing in the hallway blocking my entry. He looked at me and said I could watch as long as I don’t say anything. He told me he didn’t want me to miss my wife’s first gangbang. Then he said, “the first of many, I’m sure.”I see the look in her eyes, as the friends manhandle her body, it’s a look of sheer lust. She wants be fucked so badly. Soon she has dicks in her mouth, pussy, and ass. They continually switch places. They love the fact she’ll suck a cock that just came out of her ass. She is in heaven. Orgasm after orgasm. She’s riding wave after wave of ecstasy. After about 45min all have filled her with their black baby batter. At which point our bull tells me I’m up. I don’t to be told twice. I dive between my wife’s legs, trying to get every last drop of cum I can. So far she’s gotten 2 loads in her pussy and another 2 in her ass. Now it’s my turn to be in heaven. We roll over, her squatting over my face. They can see their cum dripping from her holes and into my hungry mouth. There’s some laughter along with disgust. Finally one of the friend asks, “where the fuck did you find these guys? I got get me some.”When the cum stops flowing, my wife gets up off my face. Everyone is dressed but my wife and I. We pick up our clothes and follow the men into the livingroom. The friends tell our bull they have to go. My wife gives each of them a big kiss. And as they open the door, I say, “thank you for cumming”